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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Ιούλιος, 2006

playlist for club rodon

islands - swans(life after death)
johnny cash - like the 309
ed harcourt -i am the drug
lost bodies - τσιμπουκια
dirty pretty things - deadwood
sonic youth - helen lundeberg
helios - bless this morning years
dj krush - stormy cloud(raindrop mix)
hot chip - colours
jel - all around
telefon tel aviv - ttv
joan as policewoman - christobel
professor skank - electric party
barry adamson - the long way back again
pretty girls make graves - pearls on a plate
basement freaks - 114
sigur ros - saeglopur
thom yorke - black swan

μιχαλης εμμανουηλιδης...mihalis@rodonfm.net

playlist for nik belane show 24/07/2006

beck - que onda guero
buck 65 - bandits
can - vitamin c
anima sound system - world at war
gnarls barkley - smiley faces
aloha - brace your face
franz ferdinand & the fire engines - get up and use me
william shatner - common people
the concretes - fiction
architecture in helsinki - do the whirlwind
ben lee - catch my disease
manu chao - rumba de barchelona
supergrass - kiss of life
the libertines - can't stand me now
the dears - c'etait pour la passion
siouxsie and the banshees - cities in dust
the ditty bops - there's a girl
james - getting away
belle and sebastian - funny little frog
primal scream - nitty gritty
morrissey - the youngest was the most loved
clinic - the second line
the futureheads - skip to the end
the clash - i fought the law
the raconteurs - steady as she goes
doves - here it comes
small hours society - leave and let live
solo - come back to me
band of horses - our swords
aloha - big morning
ambulance ltd - sugar pill


Part 1

Robin Guthrie - Monument
Vitamin for you - So long pleasant boy
Paavoharju - Uskalian
Tara King Theory - Five light feelings
Melk - Rockies on tracks
Nick Cave - Im your man
Pipettes - It hurts to see yoy dance so well

Part 2

Dj Shadow - Broken leere blues
Various Production - Lost
Lilly Allen - Smile
Bearback - Disko tits
Css - Meeting paris hilton
Kool Keith - A gorilla driving a pick up track
Voltnoi - California uber alles
Ciccone Youth - Into the groove
Junior Boys - Equalizer

οι επιλογές της σημερινής εκπομπής απο τον άγγελο κ.

spyweirdos @ guest mixes

Η εκπομπή "guest mixes" αυτήν την Τετάρτη 26/07 στις 19:00 υποδέχεται ένα απο τα σημαντικότερα ονόματα της ελληνικής electronica,τον spyweirdos(www.myspace.com/spyweirdos).
Στο αποκλειστικό 2ωρο mixtape o spyweirdos ή Σπύρος Πολυχρονόπουλος διαλέγει μεταξύ άλλων και tracks απο την νέα του δισκογραφική δουλειά που θα κυκλοφορήσει τον Σεπτεμβριο απο την Poeta Negra με τίτλο Spyweirdos Wetsound Orchestra.Eνα διπλό cd στο οποίο συμμετέχουν οι Alva Noto, Peekay Tayloh, Panacea, Ollie Olsen, Γύρω Γύρω σε αποκλειστικά remixes, ενώ την παραγωγή την έχει αναλάβει ο Murcof.

To Tracklist της εκπομπής :


spyweirdos-desert people (unreleased, will be out on creative space 3" cd with Larvae ad noiseam)
nacht plank-vire
alva noto-04.34 am
tetsu inoue & taylor deupree-interior tone
spyweirdos-already happened tomorrow (alva noto remix) (unreleased, will be out on poetanegra on spyweirdos album "wetsound orchestra)
julien neto-v (rivers)
max richter-arboretum

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 22/07/2006

01. Aim - Walking Home Throught The Park
02. Sofa Surfers - Can I Get A Witness? (Thievery Corporation mix)
03. Sven Van Hees - Sun Goes Down
04. Linus Loves - Waterfall
05. Thom Yorke - Black Swan
06. Max Sedgely - Slowly
07. Film - Alarm
08. The Cinematics - Break
09. Infadels - Girl That Speaks No Words
10. The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
11. Razorlight - In The Morning
12. Belle And Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
13. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
14. Phoenix - Consolation Prizes
15. Radio 4 - This Is Not A Test
16. Primal Scream - Dolls (Sweet Rock N' Roll)
17. Vertebrats - Left In The Dark
18. The Pipettes - Dirty Mind
19. The Church - Unified Field
20. Isobell Cambell And MArk Lanegan - Honey Child What Can I Do?
21. The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
22. Snow Patrol - In My Arms
23. Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School
24. Killers - When You Were Young
25. The Sterns - Lie
26. Howling Bells - Blessed Night
27. Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead
28. Infidelity …

club rodon..selections for the week 17-23/07

low frequency in stereo - man don't walk
peaches - you love it
peaches - slippery dick
esg - insane(tambourine mix)
mary and the boy - wrinkled old lady
richard youngs - life on a beam
simon bloom - just can't see
tv on the radio - blues from down here
couch - gegn alles bereit
lost bodies - οι εμποροι των εθνων
divine comedy - a lady of a certain age
neil diamond - delirious love
kris kristoffrson - thank you for a life
the moe greene specials - malibu rendezvous
calexico - cruel
peekay tayloh - a lake of coffee and a mountain of biscuits
baement freaks - streets assasin
dj krush - final home(piano mix)
booka shade - night falls

μιχαλης εμμανουηλιδης...mihalis@rodonfm.net

tonight @ 22:00...tranzistor.gr


Pajo - who's that knocking
Limousines - lost in space
Grizzly Bears - the knfie
Youth Group - cathcing and killing
Pipas - mental
Sleepy Jackson - devin was in my yard
Fratellis - henrieta

Matmos - semen song for james bidgood
Junior Boys - count souvenirs
Limousines - pleasant band
Isobella - carboard igloo
Architecture in Helsinki - wishbone
Jack - a bachelor in london

selected & blended by aggelos.k

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 15/07/2006

01. The Januaries - The Girl's Insane
02. Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School
03. Linus Loves - Waterfall
04. The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
05. Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Reconds On
06. Yukijobo - Supernova Sky
07. Mojave 3 - Breaking The Ice
08. Royksopp - Go With The Flow
09. Film - Red Song
10. Howling Bells - Blessed Night
11. The Cinematics - Break
12. She Wants Revenge - Out Of Control
13. Radio 4 - Enemies Like This
14. The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
15. Belle And Sebastian - Funny Little Frog
16. Peter, Bjorn and John - Young Folks
17. Razorlight - In The Morning
18. The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way
19. Helene - Beat Dream
20. Archive - Sane
21. Massive Attack - False Flags (Unkle Surrender Sounds Session)
22. Mikael Delta - Forget Me Not
23. Insignificant Others - Me & Silver T
24. The Crystal Method - Smoked

Saturdays 17:00 - 19:00

club rodon...playlist 12/07/2006

club rodon...12/07/2006

afrika bambaataa & the soul sonic force feat.melle mel - who do u think you're funkin'with ?(hip-hop mix)
islands - swans(life after death)
cayetano - mathematical sorrow
tv on the radio - province
serpentine - a song for ur ghost
peekay tayloh - izi
tuxedomoon - triptych
carla bley - utviklingssang
divine comedy - a lady of a certain age
junior boys - so this is goodbye


a new episode...tranzistor.gr

tonite(12/07/2006) 60 minutes from m_hulot....track list coming soon

Prominence Radio Show 006

13.07.06 @ rodon fm 00:00-01:00 Selected By Dj Nova

Mettle Music is distributing in Greece by Prominence Recordings

01. monodeluxe - blue part 1 (mettle music) jazz:vibes lounge selection
02. duran y garcia - jazz expression (mettle music) jazz:vibes lounge selection
03. jiro - fyuta funk (mettle music) jazz:vibes club selection
04. alex valentin - brazil nuts (mettle music) latin:vibes club selection
05. jafrosax - hi tech jazz (mettle music) jazz:vibes club selection
06. rhythm slaves - break my bite (mettle music) jazz:vibes club selection
07. mettle music collective – glider (mettle music) jazz:vibes lounge selection
08. renovation unlimited - stella by starlight (mettle music) jazz:vibes lounge selection
09. jersy street – nightingale (mettle music) jazz:vibes lounge selection

BUY IT : www.discobole.gr


http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm +2

οι film στην εκπομπή ''guest mixes''

Με πολύ χαρά το Ρόδον fm φιλοξενεί αυτήν την Τετάρτη 12 Ιουλίου(19:00-21:00) στην εκπομπή ''guest mixes'' το συγκρότημα των Film.Τα μέλη του γκρούπ διάλεξαν αποκλειστικά για το δίωρο αυτό , τ'αγαπημένα τους τραγούδια.Ακούστε τις επιλογές τους ''ζωντανά'' απο ΕΔΩ ή διαβάστε το track list :

Favorite songs track list for Rodon Fm / Serres

Kostas Borsis
Achiles Last Stand – Led Zeppelin
Without you I’m nothing – Placebo
Bachelorette – Bjork
Familiar Felling – Moloko
Sweat Dreams – Marilyn Manson (cover)
Hoist that rag – Tom Waits (last lp)

Dimitris Borsis "film"

Eleni Tzavara ''film''
Visage - Fade to grey

Kent - 400 Slang

Cocteau Twins - wax and wane

Sonic Youth - tunic (song for karen)

Tori Amos - pr…

club rodon...playlist 10/07/2006

laurie anderson - strange angels
tindersticks - jism(live from bloomsbury theater)
woven hand - swedish purshe
moby - god movin over the face of the waters
alias & tarser - dr.c
jel - all around
bjork - pagan poetry
biologic - crystal violet
στερεο νοβα - δεν αλλαζω τα ηχεια μου
ed harcourt - i am the drug
lcd soundsystem - disco infiltrator
hot chip - over and over
belarus - here,there and eveywhere
clientele - the violet hour
olvis - time capsule
el perro del mar - god knows(you gotta give to get)
aim - northwest
gnarls barkley - just a thought
zebra tracks - silicone valley
παυλος παυλιδης - super star
the chap - i am oozing emotion
peaches - downtown
pet shop boys - minimal

mihalis emmanouilidis.....mihalis@rodonfm.net

Malena Perez Radio Show Playlist @ 05.07.06

part 1 : www.sendspace.com/file/t1dabb

malena perez untitled (cubanita groove)
malena perez nshala (cubanita groove)
malena perez gracias a la vida (cubanita groove)

dalida historia d’un amour
mimis plessas i’ve got you under my skin
soulstance moon vision (schema)
malena perez stars (cubanita groove)
sade i’d never thought i’d see the day
low budget soul she won’t let the summer in
malena perez what do i do (cubanita groove)
riovolt se ele (irma)
demetrio de ccs madri sin ti (demo)
malena perez praise the day (cubanita groove)
jazztronik/yoruba dentro mi alma
dj rain immanuel’s reigh (prominence)

part 2 : www.sendspace.com/file/6ud13d

malena perez surrender (cubanita groove)
square one when the lights are low (freerange/prominence)
doccu metropolis (dnm)
felix laband whistling in tongues (compost cd-r)
malena perez cubanita groove (cubanita groove)
malena perez confession (cubanita groove) TRACK OF THE MONTH
ian friday pacifica
niall retrograde (promo 12’’)
gianluca pighi/moonlight unreleased demo mix op…

Yorgos Vakoufis playlist 01/07/2006

01. Snow Patrol - In My Arms
02. Kaiser Chiefs - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
03. Mellodrone - Oh My
04. The Pipettes - Why Did You Stay
05. Rody Frame - Day Of Reckoning
06. 10000 Maniacs - What's The Matter Here
07. Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do
08. Shack - Working Family
09. The Sterns - Just A Stain
10. The Kooks - She Move In Her Own Way
11. The Rakes - All Too Human
12. Massive Attack - False Flags (Unkle Surrender Sounds Session)
13. Sven Van Hees - Sun Goes Down
14. The Divine Comedy - Diva Lady
15. Howling Bells - Broken Bones
16. Belle And Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
17. Primal Scream - Nitty Gritty
18. Film - Stop Stop
19. Radio 4 - Too Much To Ask For
20. The Wombats - Lost In The Post
21. The Wedding Present - Interstate 5
22. Parov Stelar Feat Gabriella Haenninen - Charleston Butterfly
23. Linus Loves - Night Music

Saturdays 17:00 - 19:00

club rodon...playlist 04/07/2006

Fovea Hex – Huge
The Late Cord – My Most Meaningful relationships Are With Dead People
Snow Patrol – Headlights On Dark Roads
Expert Medicine – Moments Like These
Divine Comedy – A Lady Of A Certain Age
Hot Chip – Colours
Παύλος Παυλίδης + B-Movies – Κοραλένιος Βυθός
Palyrria – Akasha
Devendra Banhart – Heard Somebody Say
Cassandra Wilson – The Weight
Mojave 3 – Breaking The Ice
Film – Painkiller
Zebra Tracks – Silicone Valley

mixalis emmanouilidis....mihalis@rodonfm.net

Nik Belame....playlist for 03/07/2006

Monday 03/07/2006..17:00-19:00

Charlatans - muddy ground
Depeche mode – the darkest star
Amandine – heart tremor
Absentee – more troubles
Mark lanegan + isobel campbell – saturday’s gone
Black heart procession – places
Placebo – follow the cops back home
Why – early whitney
2L8 – kind criminal part 1.
Stone roses – made of stone
Editors – fingers in the factories
Yeah yeah yeahs – cheated hearts
Gnarls barkley – gone daddy gone
Γ.Αγγελάκας + Επισκέπτες – σιγά μην κλάψω
Wilderness – end of freedom
Mannfred mann – I put a spell on you
The earlies – morning wonder
Dizzy gillespie – manteca
Dylan + mavin staple – gonna change my way of thinking
Three more shallows – 2 A.M.
Adem – launch yourself
Devendra banhart – chinese childern
Beck – got it alone
Momus – good morning world
Compay segundo – una rosa de francia

easymoods radio show 004 by Emee Grant

EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT @ 23:00 - 00:00.
for more check@ www.easymoods.com

playlist / easymoods radioshow 004 / rodon 95 fm / 28.06.06

SABO feat Nappy G. – Sixtro / Sol Selectas
Dutch Rhythm Combo – Curaçao / Pulver Records
Megablast – Safari (Tribute E.P.) / Luv Lite Recordings
Spiritual South – Stars (Qaf Beach Remix) / Afroart
Liftoff – Kool it man / Fort Knox Recordings
Sonoluce – Luce Divino / ecco.chamber
Marc Rae – Medicine (Heavy Deviance Remix) / Grand Central Recordings
Thunderball – Vai Vai (Low Rider Remix) / Eighteen Street Lounge
Richard E. feat Jennifer Moore – The Call (Chamade Beat Mix) / Further Out Recordings



Nova Planet Radio Show Wednesdays 17:00-19:00

Prominence Radio Show 005 Freerange Selection

Prominence Radio Show 005
05.07.06 @ rodon fm 00:00-01:00
Selected By Dj Nova

Freerange Records is distributing in Greece by Prominence Recordings

01. square one - when lights are low (freerange records/mettle music) jazz:vibes lounge selection
02. kirk degoirgio - armchair thriller (freerange records) colour series red 003
03. king kooba - kin ki utsuri (freerange records) colour series red 003
04. troydon - close your eyes (freerange records) colour series red 003
05. subject/at jazz - be my chicago (freerange records) colour series red 002
06. only freak/solid groove - can't get away from your love (freerange records) colour series red 003
07. shur-i-kan - everytime (freerange records) colour series red 003
08. audiomontage - vision 2 vision (freerange records) colour series red 003

BUY IT : www.discobole.gr

prominence www.prominence-recordings.com

this week dj nova support WEEK 27

WEDNESDAY 05.07.06
17:00 – 19:00 nova planet radio show MALENA PEREZ
23:00 – 00:00 easymoods.com 004 radio show Emee Grant
00:00 – 01:00 prominence 005 radio show Dj Nova
01:00 – 03:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn
03:00 - 05:00 migrations #130 Marko Stojovic
05:00 - 07:00 nova planet radio show re:broadcasting MALENA PEREZ
07:00 - 08:00 soilsound chronicles 15 radio show Joseph Murray

FRIDAY 07.06.06

00:00 - 02:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
02:00 – 04:00 urban landscapes radio show Velance Steward
04:00 – 06:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn re:broadcasting
06:00 – 07:00 soilsound chronicles 15 radio show Joseph Murray re:broadcasting
07:00 – 08:00 Dj Nova pres. MoRNing Sun:TouCH 009 radio show

Η sadie στην εκπομπή ''guest mixes"

Απο τον χώρο της ελληνικής blog-όσφαιρα η καλεσμένη μας στην εκπομπή ''guest mixes''. Η Sadie (www.sadien.blogspot.com & www.myspace.com/sadien) με αφορμή μία playlist που ''ανέβασε" στο blog της και ύστερα απο πρόσκληση δικία μας αναλαμβάνει αυtήν την Τετάρτη 05/07 στις 19¨00 και για 2 ώρες τα πλατώ στο Ρόδον fm.

Tracklisting :

1. The Shins - New slang
2. Rilo Kiley - It's a hit
3. Buffseeds - Who stole the weekend
4. The Stills - Changes are no good
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts
6. Tilly and the Wall - Nights of the living dead
7. Pixies - Gigantic
8. Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
9. Delays - Valentine
10. Editors – French Disco
11. My Morning Jacket - It Beats For You
12. Infadels - Murder that sound
13. Placebo – Post blue
14. Film – Angel B
15. Lush – Demystification
16. Morrissey – First of the gang to die
17. The Dears – Death of all the romance
18. Richard Ashcroft - Break the night wi…

Malena Perez/Cubanita Groove Radio Show 05.07.06

enjoy in my weekely radio show tomorrow 05.07.06
Malena's Perez deput album ''Stars'' by Cubanita Groove Records.

dj nova says :
''the best debut of the year ...
the perfect balance between latin deep house - downtempo & traditional cuban music ...
i'm in love with miss Perez and her album,
a summer must have release''


Cubanita Groove Records, LLC is a Latina-owned record label founded in April 2004 in Atlanta, GA by independent artist/singer/songwriter Malena Pérez with a mission to establish and promote first class, quality music and art created by women. The Malena Pérez project is the first to be associated with the label and will fuse downtempo, progressive jazz with the organic, live sounds of Cuban & Brazilian inspired percussion. Read below for info on all upcoming releases by Cubanita Groove!

BUY IT : @
virgin megastores worldwide,
moods music,
earwax music,
vibes music in ATL

rodon goes synch !


Την δευτέρα 03/07 στις 09¨00 μ.μ. στην εκπομπή club rodon ακούστε ένα αφιέρωμα στο φετινό synch festival. Ο δημήτρης παπαιωάννου,υπεύθυνος για το μουσικό τμήμα του φεστιβάλ, ''μίλησε'' στον μιχάλη εμμανουηλίδη για τις φετινές εκδηλώσεις και διάλεξε τραγούδια και μουσικές απο τους καλλιτέχνες που θα εμφανιστούν στο synch.

ole ola futebol bonito Club Brasil Vs Far Out Radio Show Playlist @ 28.06.06

download part 1 :www.sendspace.com/file/za3ov7

finn peters aldeia de ogum (club brasil)
rodrigo sangez go deep (soulplay cd-r)
sound species brazilya
azymuth/jazzanova amazon adventure (far out/prominence)
tominaga funny the way things go (location cd-r)
grupo batuque/osulande na batida do agoro (far out/prominence)
ian friday/west end mix carib’s leap
mariana feo batucada (club brasil)
sabrina malheiros/venom passa (far out/prominence)
guida de palma casa forte (club brasil)

azymuth carambola (far out/prominence)
grupo batuque brasileiros e ingles (far out/prominence)

soulpatrol qualified (compost) TRACK OF THE MONTH

download part 2 :www.sendspace.com/file/mkx9c4

grupo batuque na cadencia do samba (far out/prominence)
wilson das neves pick up the pieces (nova records)
grupo batuque torcida do flamengo (far out/prominence)
riovolt sambarama (irma)
airto moreira celebration suite
navis marie-paule’s garden
rosalia de souza/gerardo frisina que bandiera (schema)
victoria newton the real thing (club brasil)