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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Ιανουάριος, 2007

Με Άρωμα Βανίλια - best of 2006

Με Άρωμα Βανίλια
Δημητρης Λεμονης(jimlem) & Δημητρης Γεωργουσης
Κάθε Πεμπτη 14:00-16:00

Best Of 2006


Part 1:
1. Dj Shadow-This Time
2. Bonobo – Noctuary
3. Nebula3-so different
4. Lucky Pierre-Angels On Your Body
5. The Album Leaf-The Outer Banks
6. Serafim Tsotsonis-On/Off
7. Death In Vegas-Scorpio Rising
8. Sunset Blvd.-Battery Calm
9. Fat John & Styrofoam- Runnin' Circle
10. Grand National- Peanut Dreams

Part 2:
1. Lawrence-Along The wire(Superpitcher remix)
2. Djuma Soundsystem-Les Djinns(Trentemoller mix)
3. Jonas Bering-Melanie
4. Scsi9-Railway One
5. AFX- pwsteal.ldpinch.d
6. Marc Marzenit-Trozitos De Navidad(Primavera Remix)
7. Fairmont-Gazebo
8. Francesco Tristano-Strings Of Life(Apparat mix)
9. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Freiflug
10. Undo - Believe Me (Sistema Mix)

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 27/01/2007

01. Guilemots - Annie, Let's Not Wait
02. Brookville - Slow Emotion Replay
03. Tracy Thorn - Get Around To It
04. Radio Citizen feat Bajka - The Hop
05. Husky Rescue - Nightless Night
06. Klaxons - Forgotten Works
07. Golden Smog - 5-22-02
08. The Icicles - Sugar Sweet
09. Keane - She Sells Sanctuary
10. Bloc Party - I Still Remember
11. The Cinematics - Race To The City
12. Infidelity - Secret Spell
13. The Lodger - Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion
14. Klee - This Is For Everyone
15. Veils - Advice For Young Mothers To Be
16. Lily Allen - Everybody's Changing
17. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs That We Sing
18. The Dark Romantics - Another Song For Another Night
19. The Wombats - Moving To New York
20. Film - Red Song
21. Elf Power - An Old Familiar Scene
22. The Go Find - Dictionary
23. Bittersweet - Dirty Laundry
24. Torpedo Boys - Hablas Con Migo Senior???
25. Sicknote - Phone In Sick
26. LCD Soundsystem - Time To Get Away
27. CSS - This Month, Day 10
28. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch


μικρή συνομιλία με τον παύλο παυλίδη..

...και τον τζάκ μπαλέτα (σταμάτη τσίτο) στην εκπομπή ''ο ανθός της ακακίας"(κάθε μέρα 13:00-14:00)

ακουστε τους(τρίτη 30/01/2007)......{αρχείο}

spinalonga records @ guest mixes

Αγαπημένα τραγούδια και καλλιτέχνες ,ηχογραφήσεις συγκροτημάτων για την εταιρεία και άλλες ενδιαφέρουσες επιλογές μπορείτε ν’ ακούσετε στο mixtape του ανεξάρτητου αθηναϊκού label Spinalonga records (www.spinalonga.net),
που φτιάχτηκε αποκλειστικά για την εκπομπή guest mixes (31/01/2007,19:00-21:00) του Ρόδον Fm.

Medications – surprise! //your favorite people all in one place(dischord – 2005)
Sonic youth – bull in the heather//experimental jet set,trash and no star(Geffen -1994)
Expert medicine – joy//swimming lessons(dna lab – 2006)
Semen of the sun – cats on the roof//in the junkyard 2(spinalonga – 2005)
The earthbound – the chase(live)//in the junkyard 2(spinalonga – 2005)
Team sleep – ever//team sleep(maverick – 2005)

Nirvana – sliver//incesticide(Geffen – 1992)
The dive – Fabio,Fabio..// //in the junkyard 1(spinalonga – 2005)
Sugah galore – demons////in the junkyard 2(spinalonga – 2005)
Cinematic orchestra – flite//everyday(ninja tune-2002)
Kayo dot – wayfarer//choirs of the eye(…


ΠΕΜΠΤΗ 1 Φεβρουαρίου, ώρα έναρξης: 21.30

Είναι γεγονός: το θρυλικό ντουέτο από τη Στοκχόλμη
έρχεται στην Θεσσαλονίκη για μια εμφάνιση στο Principal Club Theatre!

Παίζουν την τζαζ του σήμερα, ντυμένη με πανέμορφες μελωδίες που θέλεις να ακούς ξανά και ξανά. Το συγκρότημα των Koop έρχεται στην Ελλάδα με μια πλήρη ορχήστρα εννέα ατόμων, για να παρουσιάσουν ζωντανά την ονειρική και αιθέρια μουσική τους και να εγκαινιάσουν τη νέα συναυλιακή χρονιά στο Principal Club Theatre με τον καλύτερο τρόπο την Πέμπτη 1 Φεβρουαρίου (Σάββατο 3 Φεβρουαρίου παίζουν στο Fuzz Club στην Αθήνα).

Έχει περάσει σχεδόν μια δεκαετία από τότε που εμφανίστηκαν στο μουσικό στερέωμα οι Σουηδοί Oscar Simonsson και Magnus Zingmark. Τους γνωρίσαμε με τους δύο πρώτους δίσκους τους το “Sons of Koop” και το “Walz for Koop” και αγαπήσαμε με μιας τοv τρόπο με τον οποίο πατάνε στην τζαζ για να κάνουν χορευτικό σουίνγκ, συνδυάζοντάς την με ηλεκτρονική μουσική trip-hop και ταγκό!

Η επίσκεψή τους στην Ελλάδα έρχεται με την ευκαιρία τ…

this week dj nova presents WEEK 05

17:00 – 19:00 nova planet radio show SCHEMA/KOOP GUEST MIX
23:00 – 00:00 easymoods.com # radio show Emee Grant
00:00 – 02:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn
02:00 - 04:00 migrations #156 Marko Stojovic
04:00 - 06:00 nova planet radio show re:broadcasting SCHEMA/KOOP GUEST MIX
06:00 - 08:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
08:00 - 09:00 soilsound chronicles 03 radio show Joseph Murray re:broadcasting

00:00 - 02:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
02:00 – 04:00 Urban Landscapes Velance Steward /Dj Nova's Night & day Guest Mix
04:00 – 06:00 Urban Landscapes 20.04.06 Velance Steward /Dj Nova's Guest Mixre:broadcasting
06:00 – 08:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn re:broadcasting
08:00 – 09:00 soilsound chronicles 04 radio show Joseph Murray re:broadcasting

Dj Nova's Night & Day Compilation Review @ basicsoul.co.uk

Compiled by DJ Nova, this fifteen track selection focuses on some of the top picks from his weekly Nova Planet radio show (www.rodonfm.net ). Nu-jazz is the order of the day ...

by Andy Allen


15000 Views In My Page : THANKS


i opened my pc in the morning and saw this :
Jan 29, 2007
Your Network: 151,763,998
Profile Views: 15036
Last Login: 1/29/2007

10 months in myspace community and just touch 15000 views in my page, thank u everybody. Keep in touch and visit my page. Don’t forget that this page is promoting officially music, labels and artists. Dig, listen and then buy the music that you can find here. Also this page dedicated 2 all the artists and the labels that supports Nova Planet Radio Show. Think different, think easy, think nova.
Use my fave webshop to buy your music:www.soulseduction.com

So, to celebrate this, i uploaded on the net the Berlin’s techno headman’s Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt) LIVE interview @ RODON FM 95 by dj nova.

don't forget: www.myspace.com/djnovaprominence

Thabo - Take Root | DPC 005-1 | 12"

Welcome along to the fifth release of the drumpoet.comMUNITY recordlabel out of Zurich. After the great response to the latest releases we would like to introduce you to Thabo. Thabo is also a member of the massive Soultourist Collective.

For his first record on DPC he digged deep into the crates of dance-music and delievers with „Take root“ a bootybouncing Detroit groove which is indeed irresistable and euphoric. Dark rhythms meet cinematic strings for an ecstatic feel. Take root has already created a buzz on various dancefloors and left no one stand around. With Barcelona he provides another solid track and makes clear that the sound of Thabo is fuelled for the future!


"Take root" is a poem, emotionally groovy and perfect to run(and dance) in the mountains or close to the sea. i love drumpoet community.

Stefano Ghittoni

For sure the best electronic label of our times Congatulations once more

Dj Nova

Compost’s partner from Zurich, Drumpoet Community introduces us to anothe…


SONIC YOUTH: rather ripped (για το incinerate και γιατί είχαν να βγάλουν καλό άλμπουμ από το????)



BAND OF HORSES: everything all the time (γιατί έχουν συναίσθημα, και δεν θα κάνουν ποτέ όνομα σαν τους arcade fire)

BUILT TO SPILL: you in reverse (γιατί έκαναν το δίσκο που δεν έκαναν οι modest mouse-good news for people who love bad news)

DEADBOYS & THE ELEPHANTMEN : we are night sky (για την αλλά iggy pop αισθητική τους)

ENCRE : common chord (γιατί κάτι παθαίνω όταν ακούω γαλλικά σε post rock τραγούδια)

FILM SCHOOL : film school (γιατί είναι ‘80s)

MOTORPSYCHO : black hole/blank canvas (γιατί επιτέλους ξαναROCKάρουν)

VICTORY AT SEA : all your things are gone (γιατί μετά από 5 αξιόλογα άλμπουμ παραμένουν ακόμα στην αφάνια)

WOVEN HAND : mosaic (για τον Ευγένιο φυσικά)

YEAH YEAH YEAH : show your bones (γιατί συνεχίζουν να έχουν ενδιαφέρων) Κλέφτες του χρόνου : Καθε Τρίτη στ…

Nova Tunes 1.5 Radio Show Playlist @ 24.01.07

part 1: www.sendspace.com/file/kdm122

giamarco liguori stolen moments (sarang bang)
lou rhodes each moment new (jazz ‘n’ arts/prominence)
herman dune your name, my game (nova records)
peter von poehl going where the tea trees are (nova records)
solal/haakman & haaksman psycho girls, psycho boys (nova records)
koop/tiger stripes let’s elope (compost)
bonobo nightlife (nova records)
archie whitewater cross country (hitop)
was a bee on a clear day (schema/prominence) NIGHT & DAY
jumbonics you are the one(tru thoughts promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
freddie cruger running for love (nova records/tru thoughts)
jakob miller I’m in love (nova records)
flox what’…

"Με Άρωμα Βανίλια" - 01/2007

"Με Άρωμα Βανίλια"
Δημήτρης Λεμονής & Δημήτρης Γεωργούσης
Κάθε Πέμπτη 14:00-16:00



1. Force Of Nature-Transmute
2. Grand National-Peanut Dreams
3. Scissor Sisters-The Other Side
4. Piano Magic-Incurable
5. 4t4 And Mauro Pawlowski-One Foot In Life
6. The Knife- Silent Shout
7. K-BHTA-Funky Beep
8. Massive Attack-False Flags(Unkle Re-mix)
9. Sebastien Tellier-La Ritournelle
10.Radiohead - Street Spirit (funkagenda mix)


1.Maximilian Skiba-The Fog
2.Aril Brikha-Winter
3.4t4 And Mauro Pawlowski- One Foot In Life(Mugwump Instrumental)
4.Minilogue- The Leopard(Extrawelt Remix)
5.Roel H-The Dancing Bears
6.Misstress Barbara-Barcelona
8.Sunset Blvd.-Highway
9.Julian Jeweil-Air Conditionne
10.Martin Buttrich-Meeting Dave Dish

tanzistor.gr 24/01/2007

Τετάρτη 24/01/2007,22:00-23:00.
Στην επιλογή των τραγουδιών ο Άγγελος Κ.

tracklist :

bellerophone - library
my wet calvin - sweet sour
asobi seksu - thursday
stevenson ranch davidians - subniminalover
imitation electric piano - tension
manhattan love suicides - crush whatever
infidelity - is the emotion never
airfields - nowhere left to go
long blondes - madame ray
the horror the horror - all i can do
howling bells - velvet girl
the gossip - jealous girl
automatic - raoul
au pais - were so cool
black angels - prodical sun
dread astaire - hipbeat

marios boubis @ guest mixes

Για μία ακόμη φορά,φιλοξενούμενος στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes o Μάριος Μπουμπής (mic.gr).
Στην εκπομπή,που μπορείτε ν'ακούσετε ''ζωντανά'' απο την ιστοσελίδα του Ρόδον Fm , ακούγονται τα παρακάτω τραγούδια :

.the post LATERNATIVE session. 24.1.2007


album leaf – window + thule
[ in a safe place / 2004 ]

2 by bukowski – solution:sarrus
[ what a long, strange journey this has been / 2001 ]

blue states – leaning in
[ the soundings / 2004 ]

interstellar overdrive – instrumental idea #1
[ surface b / 2003 ]


sigur ros – agaetis byrjun
[ agaetis byrjun / 2000 ]

giardini di miro – too much static for a beguine + the swimming season
[ punk…not diet / 2003 ]

explosions in the sky – six days at the bottom of the ocean
[ the earth is not a cold dead place / 2003 ]

aarktica – the mimicry all women use
[ pure tone audiometry / 2003 ]


tortoise – cornpone brunch
[ tortoise / 1994 ]

berg sans nipple – flapping
[ form of… / 2003 ]

do make say think – horns of a rabbit
[ win…

Dj Nova's Night & Day Guest Mix @ Urban Landscapes/Los Angeles Radio Show 18.01.07

This week's broadcast features, as always, some of the coolest music on planet Earth. But if that's not enough for you, then how about a brand spanking new Urban Landscapes Guestmix from DJ Nova? Yes, DJ Nova is at it again with a new mix--this time, to coincide with his first compilation on Prominence called Night & Day. As some of you may know, he holds down some dope late-night programming on Rodon FM 95 out of Serres, Greece on Wednesdays and Fridays during the wee hours. He's also a very busy DJ who's built a solid reputation for his own approach to showcasing quality music.

The other news that I'm really excited about is to give big thanks to the newest carrier of Urban Landscapes, the Giant Step web site. Shouts to the New York crew that includes Mehmet, Jay, and Maurice...and I gotta give shouts to Adam, also part of the crew but making his home out-of-state. Of course, a big welcome to those of you picking up the show via the Jukebox. With that, it'…

Dance Venezuela + Demetrio De Ccs Radio Show Playlist @ 17.01.07

download part 1:http://www.sendspace.com/file/b6tq5w

malene monten i’ve got a date with a dream (jazz ‘n’ arts/prominence)
fridge people winter sun (rondenion/prominence)
giamarco liguori alpine bossa (sarangbang)
demetrio de ccs vallumbrosia (demo cd-r)
idemetrio de ccs reserva (demo cd-r)
thomas shifflin trio/jelly jam the energy of a small woman (jazz ‘n’ arts/prominence)
invisible sesion/inverse cinematics ‘til the end (schema)
martin buscalia/sumo celebro,orgasmo,envidia & sofia (lovemonk)
erik rug/l’aloye & ky tribute (nova records)
chulious & philarmonicus power freak (gozadera)
jean paul bondy/robag wruhme something is not right (compost)
move d your rolling hills (compost)
koop/marcus enochson i see a different you (compost)
visions of tomorrow/francois a galaxy (pass duo cd-r)
dj beat you happy me happy (gozadera)
le pico a vida para (gozadera)

rodrigo sangez/bahia mix como siepre sueno (soulplay cd-r)

download part 2:www.sendspace.com/file/969rw8

coldcut/lisa standfiled people hol…

tranzistor.gr - 17/01/2007

Τετάρτη 17/01/2007,22¨00-23¨00
Στην επιλογή των τραγουδιών η Μαρία Παππά.

six organs of admittance - torn by wolves
comets on fire - lucifer's memory
bardo pond - fc ii
astral social club - untitled
beach house - apple orchard
feathers - tone poem
bibio - the cranking house
the owl service - fine horseman
kadura - inner trance
james blackshaw - o true believers

Nova Planet Radio Show: Dance Venezuela Compilation + Demetrio De Ccs Demo Album

17.01.2007 05:00 PM Nova Planet Radio Show www.rodonfm.net gtm + 2
THE hottest dance compilation from latin america (house latin & deep beats) & the incredible UNRELEASED album of Demetrio De Ccs on the air !!! check:www.myspace.com/djdemetriodeccs Plus lost of cd-rs that loved in 2006 and new xclusive music from around the globe ... stay tuned !!!
SOON : Nova Tunes 1.5 show Schema LABEL OF 2006 + Koop INCL. Guest Mix by Koop's Magnus Zingmark show Jumbonics Talk To The Animals NEW ALBUM (Tru Thoughts) and more TBA

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 13/01/2007

01. Dustin - Love Is
02. Film - Alarm (Last Chance remix)
03. Klee - A Thousand Ways
04. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Song That We Sing
05. Amy Winehouse - Rehab
06. Vega4 - Traffic Jam
07. Closer - Singles
08. Nada Surf - Concrete Bed
09. Caiser Chiefs - Ruby
10. The Cinematics - Break
11. The Icicles - Rock N' Roll Girl
12. Peter, Bjorn And John - Young Folks
13. The Sterns - Twenty Three Hours
14. Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
15. Kristin Hersh - In Shock
16. Starflower - Rock Around The Clock
17. David And The Citizens - Until The Sadness Is Gone
18. Zebra Tracks - Silicone Valley
19. Elf Power - An Old Familiar Scene
20. The Wombats - Moving To New York
21. The Subways - 1AM
22. The Majestic Twelve - Condoleezza, Check My Posse
23. Albert Hammond Jr. - Back To The 101
24. Beck - Think I'm In Love
25. CSS - This Month, Day 10
26. Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song

Saturdays 19:00 - 21:00

this week dj nova presents WEEK 03

well, i did some changes this week ... first of all 2 basic soul radio show this week ... the 2nd on friday supports my compilation Night & Day @ Prominence Recordings - THANK U SIMON. G Stone's Stereotyp Live Mix early in the morning and finally anothe one classic radio show with ex rodon fm 95 radio producer Dimos Elenis
about dance breakbeat jungle culture of 1990-1994. Download link excist as an offer about my 3rd year anniversary. lately don't lose s.o.s xclusive guest mix for my show @ rodon fm 95 guest mixes radio show ... until next week stay tuned to the best quality one radio station in Greece ... People said that not and we are proud about it . dj nova

17:00 – 19:00 nova planet radio show DEMETRIO DE CCS/DANCE VENEZUELA
19:00 – 21:00 rodon fm guest mixes radio show S.O.S/Vienna
23:00 – 00:00 easymoods.com # radio show Emee Grant
00:00 – 02:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn
02:00 - 04:00 migrations #154Marko St…

S.O.S Guest Mix @ Rodon FM 95 (17.01.07)

S.O.S. Guestmix
Our lovely friend from Austria diggin' her vinyls and offers us a nova style guest mix 1000 thank you ... i love your selection ...
dj nova
Wayne Martin+Pete Hope – Life Ain’t Easy
Moca – Latin
Dean Martin – Mambo Italiano (Club Des Belugas Rmx)
Batterie Du Verre – Jitterbug
Kevin Yost – What Is Cool
Jazz Invaders – Up And Out
Urban Soul ft. Roland Clark – Brown James
Trüby Trio - High Jazz (Nicola Conte Rmx)
Gerardo Frisina – African Seeds

Diesler – A Little Something
Club Des Belugas ft. Brenda Boykin – Skip To The Bip
Layo+Bushwacka ft. Ella Fitzgerald+Luis Armstrong – Isn’t It A Lovely Day Outro
meet, check 7 talk her here : www.myspace.com/s_o_s_vienna
Wednesday 17.01.07 after 19:00 gtm + 2 www.rodonfm.net

μουσικό μακροβούτι - πρωτη για το 07 !


ΡΟΔΟΝ FM (κάθε Τρίτη 7-9 το απόγευμα)

Αυτή ουσιαστικά ήταν η πρώτη εκπομπή του 2007, αφού στις προηγούμενες ασχοληθήκαμε με ανασκοπήσεις, κλπ. Παράλληλα όμως ο ακατανόητος εγωισμός είχε βγάλει από την 30άδα με τα best του 2006.
Σε αυτό λοιπόν το δίωρο σχολιάσθηκαν και ακούστηκαν τα εξής τραγούδια:

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE – major label debut
OK GO – let it rain (αυτοί όντως πέρασαν απαρατήρητοι πέρσι…)
THE FRATELLIS – got ma nuts from a hippy (από την Γλασκώβη με αγάπη και ορμή)
SEXY SADIE – great minds start little (ωραίο ισπανικό alternative)
GREG MACHPERSON – southern lites (από την εταιρεία των propaganda)
NANOI – rise (η επιστροφή των Ελλήνων γιγάντων)
THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION – the spell (η κομματάρα του 2006)
THE AUTOMATIC – lost at home (απλά σταράτα, γρήγορα και μελωδικά)
OSTINATO – monkey gestures (το απόλυτο ταξιδιάρικο ύφος)
SUNDAY DIVING – drivel (από τα πολύ καλά καινούρια ελληνικά συγκροτήματα)
SURFEROSA – lucky lipstick (νορβηγικό …

Night & Day Compilation @ Urban Landscapes Los Angeles

January 6, 2007

Playlist For The Urban Landscapes Radioshow 10.1

Happy New Year to everyone.

As of this week, Urban Landscapes is now nine years running. The show started on the first week of January back in 1998, and has evolved into what you are listening to now. So here’s to another year of good music.

As most of us celebrated the holidays, a huge loss in the world of music occurred. James Brown, who’s been known as many thing…Godfather of Soul being one of them…pass away early Christmas morning at the age of 73. In the true sense of his reputation for being the “hardest working man in show business,” he was scheduled to perform New Year’s Eve at B.B. King’s club in New York.For good or bad in the mind of those who have worked with him over the years, there’s little doubt that James Brown has left a historical and lasting contribution to the world of music that’s still being felt in modern music. As some of us look back on his life, including yours truly, he’s le…

Άρης Μπούρας : best of 2006

my fave for 2006

01. The Arctic Monkeys : Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (DOMINO)
02. Hot Chip : The Warning (EMI)
03. Thom Yorke : Eraser (XL)
04. The Knife : Silent Shout (BRILLE)
05. Junior Boys : So This Is Goodbye (DOMINO)
06. Lily Allen : Alright, Still (PARLOPHONE)
07. Regina Spektor : Begin To Hope (SIRE)
08. Bauchlang : Many People (KLEIN)
09. CSS : Cansei De Ser Sexy (SUB POP)
10. Trentemoller : The Last Resort (POKER FLAT)

11. Cat Power : The Greatest (MATADOR)
12. Tv On The Radio : Return To Cookie Mountain (INTERSCOPE/4AD)
13. Gnarls Barkley : St Elsewhere (WARNER)
14. Nathan Fake : Drowning In A Sea Of Love (BORDER COMMUNITY)
15. Plan B : Who Needs Action When You Got Words (679)
16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Show Your Bones (INTERSCOPE)
17. The Rapture : Pieces Of The People We Love (UNIVERSAL)
18. Scissor Sisters : Ta-Dah (POLYDOR)
19. Phoenix : It’s Never Been Like That (VIRGIN)
20. Muse : Black Holes & Revelations (WARNER)


Άρης Αλεξίου : best of 2006

best of 06 :

01. Hot Chip_The Warning EMI
02. Gnarls Barkley_St. Elsewhere Warner
03. Junior Boys_So This Is Goodbye
04. Thom Yorke_The Eraser XL
05. Yeah Yeah Yeahs_Show Your Bones Polydor
06. Gotan Project_Lunatico
07. Beck_The Information Interscope
08. the Knife_Silent Shout Brille
09. the Rapture_Pieces Of The People We Love Vertigo
10. CSS_Cansei De Ser Sexy Sub Pop
11. Scissor Sisters_Ta-Dah
11. Muse_Black Hole And Revelations Warner
12. Basement Jaxx_Crazy Itch Radio
13. the Killers_Sam's Town Vertigo
14. Belle&Sebastian_The Life Pursuit
15. Morrissey_Ringleader Of The Tormentors
16. James Dean Bradfield_The Great Western
17. Isombel Campbell & Mark Lanegan_Ballad Of The Broken Seas V2
18. Outkast_Idlewild
19. Justin Timberlake_FutureSex-LoveSound
20. Lily Alen_Alright, Still Parlophone
21. The Decemberists_The Crane Wife
22. Lambchop_Damaged
23. Peter Bjorn and John_Writer's block
24. Film_Angel B EMI
25. Kasabian_Empire Columbia
26. Artic Monkeys_Whatever People Say I Am, That's

tranzistor.gr - 10/01/2007

Στην πρώτη εκπομπή για το 2007,την μουσικη και τα τραγουδια για την ραδιοφωνική ''εκδοχή'' του www.tranzistor.gr, διαλεξε ο Άγγελος κ.

tracklist(10/01/2007) :

Semifanilists- The chemical that wait
High violets - sun baby
Sonic Youth - diamong sea
Closer - ballanda
Twillight sad - but when she left gone was
White rose movement - love is a number
Black angels - young men dead
Asobi seksu - its too late
Windermere - watch the stars
Piano magic - st marie
Bracken - heathens
Yo la tengo - wizards sleeve
Mar - silence
M83 - clouds are learning


to listen @ www.my_space.com/s_o_s_vienna
or @ http://members.chello.at/s.o.s./s.o.s_homebase_tunes.htm


1. Bellcrash – Open Minded
2. The Dinning Rooms – Thin Ice
3. Rhythm Factory – African Rhythm
4. Addvibe - What U Wanna
5. Cayetano Mix ft Lillian – Latin Fiesta
6. LTJ X-perience – Conga Star
7. Dimitris from Paris – Dims Jazz (Latin House Mix)
8. RE:Jazz ft Onejiro – Push Push
9. Streamer – Feeling Good
10. Rought/Easymoods – Fade
11. Saint Privat – Somebody To Love

(and incase the tune link is not working once, try again later pls -> free file.hoasting...ya know...*lol*)

!!! LIVE @ CLUB OST/VIENNA on Sa., 13.01.07:
COUP deBAM supported by DJ CAY TAYLAN !!!


NIGHT & DAY Compilation by DJ NOVA
simply a MUST for all jazzybeatz + lounge music lovers!

to listen @ www.myspace.com/djnovaprominence


01. Was A Bee On A Clear Day
02. …

Dj Nova's Guest Mix @ Up & Down Radio Show

Playlist for Sunday 7th Jan 2007
This week Dj Nova (Serrres, Greece) put together a very tasty mix for Up and Down.
Dj Nova hosts a radio show each Wednesday on Rodon fm 95 in Greece.
Check out his myspace @ www.myspace.com/djnova_novaplanet .
He has just compiled and released his Night & Day compilation on Prominence recordings. Marked tunes on the guest mix are included on the Night & Day CD.
To purchase the CD check out www.discobole.gr/en/index.asp .
This week's playlist:

Marcina Arnold - Forefather - Counterpoint.
Ben Westbeach - Nothing else - Brownswood.
Alister Johnson - Like a star - Doright.
Mario Biondi - Rio de Janeiro blue - Schema.

Dj Nova's Night & Day guest mix (Part 1):

Pluff – Tease Me (Your Lips)
Was A Bee – On A Clear Day (Schema)
Koom.h – Come To Me (Big Sur)
Slow Train – Naturally (Murena)
S-Tone Inc./Paolo Fedreghini – Naked Ground (Schema)

Jazz Juice – Altravessar (Freestyle)
Thumbtribe – Lost (Irma)

Jazzinvaders - Bonga Bonga Jazz (AIFF mix) - Social Beats.

Night & Day Female Of The Month 01 - Joaquina B

Females ... always the biggest inspiration ... artsists, producers & djs are addicted to them. I'm a simple human being, i can't be an exception. Usually, jazz music and all its extensions are more loveable from men. On the other hand, jazz music is more emotional & sentimental like all the beautiful females around us. Some of them are here, in myspace. They are young, beautiful, easygoing and wide open minded like the modern jazz culture ... this blog is dedicated to them.
Our (mine & yours now) Night & Day Female Of The Month is coming from my beautiful small ''summer paradise'' country. She lives in the second biggest city in Greece, Thessaloniki. Miss Joaquina b is a multitalented-active person, really lovely, enjoyable and extremely friendly. Her smile is her weapon. You can't ingore a personality like this! Especially when she's got so good taste in music.

taken from www.myspace.com/djnovaprominence blog

Dj Nova's Remixes Of 2006

Naked Ground (Paolo Fedreghini) - S-Tone Inc - 12’’ - Schema
Whistling In Tongues (Todd Terje) - Felix Laband -12" - Compost
Horror In Sudan (Restless Soul) - Voice - 12’’ - Still Music
Mirror Mirror (Bonobo) - Alice Russell - 12’’ - Tru Thoughts
Till The End (Panoptikum) - Invisible Session - 12" - Schema
Brothers On The Slide (Infran) - Patchworks - 12’’ - Still Music
Que Bandiera (Gerardo Frisina) - Rosalia De Souza - 12’’ - Schema
Things We Do (Nils Krogh) - Soular Sound - 12" - DNM
Perfect Day (Gerardo Frisina) - Mop Mop - 12’’ - Deja Vu
A Little Something (Gerardo Frisina) - Diesler - 12’’ - Tru Thoughts
Let’s Elope (Tiger Strips) - Koop - 12’’ - Compost
A Facade (Phil Martin) - Frant Montis - 12" - Social Beats
Terra De Ninguem (Nicola Conte) - Sabrina Malheiros - 12’’ - Far Out
Brand New Love (Pathworks) - Grupo X - 12" - Still Music
Trying Times (Still phill) - Roberta Flack - 12’’ - Londra
What Nature Brings (Native remix) - Nekta - 12’’ - Infracom

Dj Nova's 12''s Of 2006

Kunuaka - Makossa & Megablast -12" - G Stone
The Chant - Gerardo Frisina - 12" - Schema
Higher Skies - Alessandro Oliveiro - 12" - Further Out
This Is What You Are - Mario Biondi - 12’’ - Schema
Whistling In Tongues - Felix Laband - 12’’ - Compost
Swedish Remixes EP - Koop - 12" - Compost
Brand New love - Grupo X - 12’’ - Still Music
Brothers On The Slide - Patchworks - 12’’ - Still Music
A Little Something - Diesler - 12" - Tru thoughts
Horror In Sudan - Voice - 12’’ - Still Music
The Soul And The Jazz Of EP - Benjamin Devigne - 12’’ - Still Music
Volo Con Cielo - Curv - 12’’ - Vinyl Vibes
History Is Pearshaped - Nekta - 12’’ - Infracom
Tokyo’s Dream - Gerardo Frisina - 12’’ - Schema
Kadena - Kawabata - 12" - Drum Poet Community
Porque - Makossa & Megablast - 12’’ - G Stone
Our Raag - Infran - 12" - Still Music
O Vento/Fica mal Com Deus/Escrabos de Jo - Ithamara koorax - 12" - Irma
Beira Do Mar - S-Tone Inc. - 12" - Schema
BUY ON LINE Night & Day Compilation


Dj Nova's Compilations Of 2006

Freedom Jazz Dance Book III - Compiled by Luciano Cantone - Cd & 2 LP - Schema
Jazz Travels - Compiled By Casbah 73 - Cd & 2LP - Hitop
Jazz Toys - Compiled By Marcus Hacker - Cd & LP - Perfect Toy
Shapes Compilation Green - Compiled By Rob Luis - Cd - Tru Thoughts
Shapes Compilation Brown - Compiled By Rob Luis - Cd - Tru Thoughts
Sister Bossa Vol.7 -Selected By Taka Sakano - Cd - Irma
Beyond Jazz vol.3 - Compiled By Beyondjazz.net - Cd - Beyond Jazz
High Jazz Vol.3 - rare jems - LP - Niteroi
Slow Motion Disco - Dj Mooner - Cd & 2 LP - Compost
Blueprints # 01 - Compiled By the Dealers - Cd & EP - DNM
On The Spot - Nordic Jazz Scene - Cd - Ricky Tick
Save Your Funky Ears - Compiled By Dj Didis - Cd - Timewarp
Spain Is Different 2 - Compiled By El Grand Lapofsky - Cd & 2 LP - Hitop
Past,Present & Future - Compiled By Dom Servini -Cd - Abstract Blue
Rare Grooves Africa # 01 - Compiled By M.Guigeut & E.Aumard - Cd - Nova Records
Del Alma Vol.1 - Compiled by…

Dj Nova's Albums Of 2006

Invisible Session - Invisible Session - Cd & 2 LP - Schema
Koop Islands - Koop - Cd & LP - Compost
Focused - Cayetano - Cd - Sala Sonora
Expansion - [re:jazz] - Cd & 2 LP - Infracom
Way In Jazz - Big Bang - Cd & 2 LP - Arision
Koom.H - Koom.H - Cd - Big Sur
Soulstance - Lead The Way - Cd & 2 LP - Schema
French Couzine - Alif Tree - Cd & 2 LP - Compost
Changing Colours - Matthias Vogt Trio - Cd - Infracom
An Annoucment To Answer - Quantic - Cd & 2 LP - Tru thoughts
Vibrations - Sabrina Malheiros - Cd - Far Out
Stars - Malena Perez - Cd - Cubanita Groove
Water The Flowers - Nekta - Cd -Infracom
Brasil Precisa Balancar - Rosalia De Souza - Cd & 2 LP - Schema
Versione Particolari 2 - Dining Rooms - Cd - Schema
Latenight Daydreaming - Karma - Cd & 2LP - Compost
Strangers To The Ordinary - Low Budget Soul - Cd - Futuristica
Delapaji - Deladap - Cd & 2LP - Chat Chappeau
En La Playa Del Sol - Rodrigo Sangez - Cd - Soulplay
Up & Out - Jazzinvaders - …

Compilations 2006 Radio Show Playlist @ 03.01.07

part 1: www.sendspace.com/file/z41z3s

danielsongs i could save you, i can hold you (compost) SOULSEARCHING COMPILATION 2005
low budget soul you are the one (futuristica) ABSTRACT BLUE RECORDINGS
nostalgia 77 & capture the moon (tru thoughts) SHAPES COMPILATION GREEN
one self blue bird (nova records) NOVA TUNES 13
bunny rags be thankful (nova records) RARE GROOVES REGGAE VOL.04
mulatu astaque moon vision (nova records) RARE GROOVES AFRICA VOL.01
aged in harmony you’re a melody HIGH JAZZ VOL.3
talking heads psycho killer (nova records) NOVA CLASSICS 7
jumbonics you are the one (tru thoughts promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
professor shank party (timewarp) SAVE YOUR FUNKIN’ EARS
idili tsaliki i mimi JAZZ TOYS
otto donner haka blues ON THE SPOT
chincillia don’t kill your fantasy (hitop) JAZZ TRAVELS
marcos valle paz e futbol PAZ E FUTBOL

part 2: www.sendspace.com/file/besx54

timo lassy african rumble (schema) FREEDOM JAZZ DANCE COMPILATION OF THE YEAR
nova 40 sim ou nao (irma) SISTER BOSSA VOL.7
alessandro o…

Favorite albums from 2006 (Yorgos Vakoufis)

Από δω το έψαξα, από εκεί το έραψα και κατόπιν προτροπής κατέληξα σε μια λίστα κι εγώ.
Η αλήθεια είναι πως δεν τα πήγαινα ποτέ καλά με τις λίστες (οποιουδήποτε είδους) οπότε κατέληξα να διαλέξω απλά τους δίσκους που άκουσα περισότερο μέσα στη χρονιά, από εκεί και το "favorite albums" του τίτλου και όχι τίποτε "Best" κλπ. Αδιαφορόντας εσκεμμένα για τις κυκλοφορίες των τελευταίων ένα δυο μηνών μια και ακόμα δεν "εμπεδώθηκαν" όπως και όσο θα έπρεπε κατέληξα σε μια λίστα 13 δίσκων και για να μην πάει γρουσουζιά πρόσθεσα ένα ακόμη.
Με απόλυτη αλφαβητική σειρά λοιπόν και χωρίς σχόλια:

Archive - Lights
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Cat Power - The Greatest
CSS - Cansei de Ser Sexy
David and The Citizens - Until The Sadness Is Gone
El Perro Del Mar - El Perro Del Mar
Film - Angel B
Howling Bells - Howling Bells
The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home
Mojave 3 - Puzzles Like You
The Pipettes - We Are The P…

dj nova’s December 2006 top 20

1. Koop/Tiger Stripes – Let’s Elope – Compost
2. Mario Biondi – This Is What You Are – Schema
3. Dublex Inc/Swing Mix – The Game – Pulver
4. Yosaku – Mirandolina – Beyond Jazz **
5. Jazz Hole – Feel The Robots – Jazz & Milk
6. Jumbonics – Last Nite – Tru Thoughts
7. Isoul8/Restless Soul – On My Heart – Still Music CD-R
8. Nu Braz/Soulstance – Roda – Irma
9. Thumbtribe - Lost – Irma
10. Quantic/Watch TV – Sound Of Everything – Lovemonk
11. Timewarp Inc/Dj Didis – You Can’t Be Me – Timewarp **
12. Quantic – Electric Folklore – Tru Thoughts
13. Flowriders/Mixed Moods – My Crazy Vein – Beynod Jazz **
15. Gabrielle Chiarraro – Fool Me – GB Music **
16. Mr Bond – A View To A Kill – Local Media/Prominence
17. Solko & Romano – Back To 90’s – Pulver
18. Jazzinvanders – Love & hapiness – Social Beats
19. Elisabeth Sherpherd Trio – Reserved – Do Right
20. Otto Donner – Haka Blues – Ricky Tick

all tracks available @ www.soulseduction.com
except tracks marked with * (unreleased)
and tracks marked wit…



ΡΟΔΟΝ FM (κάθε Τρίτη 7-9 το απόγευμα)

Πάει και το 2006. Πιστός σε μια … παράδοση, που ικανοποιεί όχι το μέτρο της όποιας αξιολόγησης, αλλά κυρίως το ματαιόδοξο μιας …βιαστικής ματιάς των κυκλοφοριών που άκουσα, που γεμίζουν τα ράφια ή βρίσκονται μέσα σε σακκούλες, τσάντες, ντουλαπάκι αυτοκινήτου, συρτάρια γραφείου, δανεισμένα σε σπίτια φίλων, ξεχασμένα στο σπίτι της μαμάς από εκείνο το Κυριακάτικο φαγητό της, κλπ.
Κακά τα ψέματα, με τις λίστες ουσιαστικά κάνεις μια προσπάθεια να δεις τι δίσκους πήρες την προηγούμενη χρονιά και να …τους θυμηθείς. Πριν καν ψάξεις, έχεις ήδη καταλήξει τι σου άρεσε περισσότερο, αλλά να κοιτάς και ξανακοιτάς μη τυχόν και…αδικήσεις κάτι…
Ξέρετε ότι τελικά αυτές οι λίστες…αναδεικνύουν τον κομπλεξισμό μας, φανερώνουν τις εμμονές μας, και ουσιαστικά αφορούν εμάς τους ίδιους που τις γράφουμε και …εγκυκλοπαιδικά κάποιους φίλους. Για 12 συνεχόμενη χρονιά (από τα ισάριθμα χρόνια που κάνω ραδιόφωνο) καταθέτω τις δικές μου απόψεις γ…

christmas with perfume vanilla

club rodon..albums of the year

εδω και 2-3 χρονια εχω σταματησει να βγαζω τη λιστα με τα καλυτερα της χρονιας.για τυπικους, κυριως ραδιοφωνικους λογους παρουσιαζω εναν αριθμο δισκων,φετος 10,που απλα και μονο αποτελεσαν το σαουντρακ της καθημερινοτητας μου την χρονια αυτη.

10 δισκοι για το 2006
αυτους που περνω μαζι μου

band of horses - everything all the time
(για τις αεναες κιθαρες του)
guillemots - through the window pane
(για την ποπ σπιρταδα του )
the veils - nux vomica
(για τα δυναμικα του ξεσπασματα )
hot chip - the warning
(γιατι μπορεις και να το χορεψεις)
thom yorke - the erase
(γιατι μου αρεσει ο τομ)
max richter - songs from before
(γιατι με ''ριχνει'' γλυκα)
bitcrush - in distance
(για το colder)
tim hecker - harmony in ultraviolet
(γιατι ''χανομαι'' μαζι του)
liars - drum's not dead
(για τον ''βρωμικο'' ήχο τους)
yeah yeah yeahs - show your bones
(γιατι μεγαλωσα με τετοιους ηχους)

ακομα 10 δισκοι για το 2006

the beatles - love
v.a. - non linear views

αγαπημενα για το 2006

Αγαπημένες μουσικές επιλογές για το 2006 από το Γιώργο Βεργιόγλου
στην εκπομπή ¨Μουσική από βελούδο¨.

Album Artist or collection

1.Handful of Soul - Mario Biondi
2.Islands Koop - Koop
3.Saint Germain des Pres Cafe 7 - v.a.
4.Other Directions - Nicola Conte
5.Freedom Jazz dance volume 2 - v.a.
6.Some More Horizons - Mo’ Horizons
7.Buenos Aires Nites - v.a.
8.Mas Amor - Madrid de los Austrias
9.From This Moment - Diana Krall
10.Rogamar - Cesaria Evora