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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Απρίλιος, 2007

Black Label #18: Shahrokh SoundofK | CPT 247-1 | 12"

taken from www.compost-records.com

The project Shahrokh SoundofK was formed in 2006 by Shahrokh Dini and Andreas Köhler. While Shahrokh started his DJ career in the early 90s, releasing tracks on Stricktly Rhythm and Cause’n’Effect, his fellow Andreas studied classical music and works as professional piano and cello player in the SWR symphony orchestra. Nevertheless he also has a serious affection to electronic beats. In his own studio he already produced tracks for labels like Hardhouse, F-Communication and Glasgow Underground.

Although coming from different musical backgrounds the two complement each other perfectly, as proven by the success of their first release “Owlfight”. The EP created some buzz around DJs and press: “A simple groove – but what a monster!” (De:Bug) or “I only heard 20 seconds of Owlflight to know I needed it!” (Andrew Jervis / Ubiquity Records). But now time has come for a mighty follow up. The new Black Label is gonna boost it a little bit further!

Three brand n…

tranzistor.gr 25/04/2007

compiler: maria pappa

delia gonzalez & gavin russom - rise
electroids - future tone
droids - (do you have) the Force part 1
black devil disco club - no regrets
amorphous androgynous - elysian feels
richard pinhas - duncan idaho
kraftwerk - tour de france
ulrich schnauss - einfeld
von sudenfed - fledermaus can't get enough
fuyija & miyagi - ankle injuries
tears for fears - mad world

Far Out Radio Show Playlist @ 18.04.07

BUY IT:www.soulseduction.com/search/result.php?resultid=4203281&ptitle=

part 1:

azymuth linha de horizonte (far out/prominence)
sabrina malheiros/max cole & beatnick cade voce (far out/prominence)
papillon chase your tail (far out/prominence)
offworld/roc hunter black magic power ride (far out/prominence)
zeep have you ever (far out/prominence)
clara moreno sabe que (far out/prominence)
ipanemas malandro quando vaza (far out/prominence)

toco/rosalia de souza bom motivo (schema) TRACK OF THE MONTH
luis alfonso luizao (far out/prominence)
azymuth/harmonic 303 melo dos dois bicudos (far out/prominence)

batuk quero quero (cool d:vision)
dr. vodkatini cource of life (prominence)
vertente/rainy city tanto tempo (far out/prominence)
sabrina malheiros/incognito black sunshine dub maracatueira (far out/prominence)

part 2:

vibrophile and i love her (gb music cd-r)
azymuth casa a raposa (far out/prominence)
me & you brown paper bag (tru thoughts promo)
bonobo nightlife (nova records)
dj day manha

this week dj nova presents WEEK 17


17:00 – 19:00 nova planet radio show SCHEMA
23:00 – 00:00 easymoods.com radio show Emee Grant
00:00 – 02:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn
02:00 - 04:00 migrations #168 Marko Stojovic
04:00 - 06:00 nova planet radio show re:broadcasting SCHEMA
06:00 - 08:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
08:00 - 09:00 soilsound chronicles 43 radio show Joseph Murray


00:00 - 02:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
02:00 – 04:00 urban landscapes Velance Steward
04:00 – 06:00 nova planet radio show re:broadcasting SCHEMA
06:00 – 08:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn re:broadcasting
08:00 – 09:00 soilsound chronicles 43 radio show Joseph Murray re:broadcasting

apostolos varnas @ guest mixes

Τήν Τετάρτη 25 Απριλίου στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes (19:00-21:00) καλεσμένος ο Απόστολος Βαρνάς.

O Απόστολος την δεκαετία του 80 εγραφε στα περιοδικά „ΠΟΠ & ΡΟΚ“ και „ΠΡΟΣΩΠΑ“. Μετά από ένα μεγάλο διάστημα χειμερίας νάρκης ξανάρχισε να γράφει για το περιοδικό „SOUL“, συνεργάζεται με το „SONIK“, το MIC.GR και το ισπανικό περιοδικό „GO MAG“, ενώ για ενάμισυ φεγγάρι έκανε εκπομπές στον 88μισό.
Παράλληλα ξεκίνησε το πρότζεκτ SYMN (Support Young Musicians Network) στο πλευρό των νέων μουσικών.
Περισσότερες πληροφορίες στην σελίδα του http://www.myspace.com/apo63

Στο αποκλειστικό του mixtape για το Ρόδον fm μπορείτε ν'ακούσετε τα παρακάτω τραγούδια :

1. The Black Angels (USA)– “Young Men Dead”
2. Stevenson Ranch Davidians (USA) – “No Tomorrow”
3. Arcade Fire (CAN) – “Windowstill”
4. Husky Rescue (FIN) – “Hurricane”
5. The Bavarian Druglords (USA) – “37c Sniper”
6. Christabel Etheriel (UK/GR) – “Heaven’s Lie #3”
7. Oneiric (GR) – “Say My Name”
8. Klima (FR) – “The lady of the lake”

expert medicine live

Οι expert medicine live στη Σέρρες (20/04/2007)

tranzistor.gr 18/04/2007

στην επιλογή της μουσικής ο άγγελος κ.

ulrich schnauss-never be the same
crippled black phoenix - suppose i told the truth
guitar - shine waves
kate havnevik - kaleidoscope
boy in static - where it ends
klima - you make me laugh
cocorosie - rainbow warriors
sol seppy - come running
στερεο νοβα - μονομα
joe beats - me talk prettty
god is astronaut - dark fall
green pitch - haunted by the moon
montag -best boy electric
telstar ponies - terrible night

Ben Mono Guest Mix @ Rodon FM Guest Mix 11.04.07

this week dj nova presents @ rodon fm 95 WEEK 16


17:00 – 19:00 nova planet radio show FAR OUT
:00 – 00:00 easymoods.com radio show Emee Grant
00:00 – 02:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn
02:00 - 04:00 migrations #167 Marko Stojovic0
4:00 - 06:00 nova planet radio show re:broadcastingFAR OUT
06:00 - 08:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
08:00 - 09:00 soilsound chronicles 42 radio show Joseph Murray


00:00 - 02:00 basic soul radio show Simon Harrison
02:00 – 04:00 urban landscapes Velance Steward
04:00 – 06:00 nova planet radio show re:broadcastingFAR OUT
06:00 – 08:00 beyond jazz radio show Jurriaan Persyn re:broadcasting
08:00 – 09:00 soilsound chronicles 42 radio show Joseph Murray re:broadcasting

gtm + 2

my wet calvin @ guest mixes

Οι My Wet Calvin είναι οι φιλοξενούμενοι μας,αυτήν την Τετάρτη 18 Απριλίου στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes (19:00-21:00). Το ξεχωριστό και ανερχόμενο συγκρότημα απο την Αθήνα διάλεξε μερικά απο τ'αγαπημένα τους τραγούδια και μας τα παρουσιάζουν σ'ένα αποκλειστικό για την εκπομπή δίωρο mixtape με τίτλο "My Wet Broadcast"

-για το tracklist κανε κλικ στις παραπανω ''κάρτες''-

Yorgos Vakoufis playlist 14/04/2004

01. Sophie Zelmani - Travelling
02. Archive - Programmed
03. DJ Shadow - This Time
04. The Honeydrips - It Was A Sunny Summer Day
05. Deweare - Swallow
06. Robert Plant & The Strange Attraction - The Enchanter (Unkle Reconstruction)
07. Butcher Boy - Profit In Your Poetry
08. Belle And Sebastian - The Wrong Girl
09. The Icicles - Crazy
10. Dolores O'Riordan - Ordinary Day
11. The Wedding Present - I'm From Further North Than You (Klee remix)
12. Malory - Sleeper
13. Grinderman - (I Don't Need You To) Set Me Free
14. James - Who Are You
15. Cloud Cult - Please Remain Calm
16. The Cinematics - Rise And Fall
17. Sister Vanilla - Down
18. Actor/Model - My Agent Says
19. The Butterflies Of Love - Act Deranged
20. Frank Black - She Took All The Money
21. Midlake - Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard mix)
22. The Honeydrips - (Lack Of) Love Will Tear Us Apart
23. Quinn - Astronauts
24. Tracy Thorn - Grand Canyon
25. Marsmobil - Supersonic Mind
26. Expert Medicine - Joy

Saturdays 19:00 - 21:00

Tιμος Αλεξιου ''Το Κοροιδο''

Download MP3 & Video clip απο το αλμπουμ του "Παλιό Ανέκδοτο" που μολις κυκλοφορισε. Φιλικη συμμετοχη στο video clip o dj nova. Συντομα παρουσιαση της δισκογραφικης του δουλειας & live συνεντευξη στο rodon fm.

Βρείτε το νέο CD στο PUBLIC (Mediterranean Cosmos, Θεσ/νίκη) και σε επιλεγμένα καταστήματα ή με παραγγελία στο fan club του Τίμου Αλεξίου... CD “Παλιό Aνέκδοτο” (X-Music Productions, 2007)


2 X xylocaine ! Giorgos Kiosses !


1)THE NATIONAL-fake empire
2)THE RAVEONETTES-here comes mary
3)THE TWANG-either way
5)SHANGRI-LAS-leader of the pack
7)MEW-am i wry? no
8)ΕΥΣΤΑΘΙΑ-χωρις εσενα
9)BRITISH SEA POWER-please stand up
10)NOEL GALLAGHER with PAUL WELLER-talk tonight (live)
11)DAN LE SAC vs SCROOBIUS PIP-thou shalt always kill
12)STELLASTARR* - somewhere across forever
13)ERASURE-oh l`amour
14)PHOENIX-if i ever feel better
15)THE KOOKS-naive
16)PULL TIGET TAIL-animator
19)THE RAKES-we danced together
20)BRAND NEW-Jesus
21)JOSH ROUSE-quiet town
23)THE BRAVERY-time won`t let me go


1)THIRTEEN SENSES-all the love in your hands
2)THE WOMBATS-backfire at the disco
3)ARCTIC MONKEYS-brianstorm
4)THE FEELING-video killed the radio star
5)ASH-you can`t have it all
6)SISTER VANILLA-can`t stop the rock
7)MANIC STREET PREACHERS-your love alone is…

Double Beat Radio Show Playlist @ 11.04.07

BUY IT:www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemID=170956

part 1:www.sendspace.com/file/gru824

toco/rosalia de souza bom motivo (schema) TRACK OF THE MONTH
double beat the message (big sur promo)

koom.h come to me (big sur/prominence) NIGHT & DAY CD
double beat wrap your troubles in drums (big sur promo)
ben mono pull them down (compost)
greyship daviz/patchworks traffic (still music cd-r)
chris joss/basement freaks a part in the show (esl cd-r)
timewarp inc/geriba afrofunk (timewarp)
double beat profondo (big sur)
dorfmeister vs MDLA/reservo 68 boogie no more (infracom promo)
marsmobil/makossa & megablast mangia amore (compost/g stone/prominence)
jay shepheard pipes n sneakers (compost cd-r)
soultourist turn loose (drum poet community cd-r)
stark/aaron jerome damage (futuristica)

part 2:www.sendspace.com/file/2r9ihn

quarium kasasu (drum poet community)
dining rooms/skwerl thank you (schema cd-r)
koop/beanfield i see a different you (compost)
blaze/motorcitysoul how deep is your love (inf…

Easter Xtra Vinyl Radio Show Playlist @ 08.04.07

part 1:www.sendspace.com/file/x5s897

luis eca consulao
guilehemre goutinho baby
maria josie he does it better
montreal black community youth chair tryin’ times
eddie jefferson phychedelic sally
soft soul transition s.s.t
bamboos get in the scene (tru thoughts)
george mcrae it’s been so long
heinz kiessling drift
lack of afro roderigo
julian y su combo kumbara enyere
grace jones pull up to the pumper
kid creole & the coconuts I’m a wonderful thing baby
abc the night you murdered love
al jarreau moonlighting
azymuth seems like this (far out/prominence)
rance allen reason to survive
will dowing a love supreme

part 2:www.sendspace.com/file/ypj4tf

donald byrd wind parade
samba trio aquela toda cosas
samba nova concepbao adriana
marcos valle crickets singing for anamaria
elsa soares nao me diego adeus
elis regina zazueira
celia david (hitop)
john thomas like a samba (compost)
badita vera cruz
coisa nossa procurando o caminho (compost)
[re:jazz]/metropolitan jazz affair people hold on (infracom cd-r)
metropolitan jazz…

Paul Randolph - Believer (Original & Jazzanova remix) [Still Music 12'']

Played and selected as the 2007 Winners by Gilles Peterson - Played & charted by DIXON, PATRICK FORGE, MR SCRUFF, NEEDS, SUMO, REAL PEOPLE, FABRICE LIG, MAKOSSA, DJ NOVA

''great release, love it.. beautiful song! like the jazzanova instrumental a lot too." Yannick / NEEDS

"Jazzanovas remix makes us feel good. Nice production. On their toes as usual.'' SUMO / HEYA HIFI

"Loving this release as I allready told you bro.This is big for me.Loving both j nova mixes vocal and dub for diferent moments of the night." Willie Graaf / CIELO / PACHA / IBADAN RCDS

"the jazzanova mixes are dope. like the deep dubby vibe!" Antal / RUSHOUR

“Digging this mate. Very cool release" Oli / REAL PEOPLE / PAPA RECORDS

“Nothing obvious here and it's certain to be one of the BIG tunes of the year! Excellent" Simon Harrison / BASIC SOUL RADIO SHOW

“deep slow motion at the highest level!!! radio+dj support guaranteed" Tom Wieland / 7 samurai - panoptium - TE…

tranzistor.gr 11/04/2007

tranzistor.gr 11/04/2007 & 22:00-23:00 compiler : maria papa

geinoh yamashirogumi - kaneda
battles - atlas
andrew douglas rothbard - golden calf
lichens - venor of agassou
marble sheep - who should be trusted
jazzkammer - abomination
billy nicholls - feeling easy
the focus group - albion festival report
franco battiato - fenomenologia
raymond scott - little miss echo
amnesia - distortion
boredoms - go
bjork - earth intruders

live @ goya 10/04/2007

rodon fm presents :
your hand in mine
+ small hours society live @ goya bar

Native Radio Show Playlist @ 04.04.07


BUY IT:www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemID=170291

downlaod part 1:www.sendspace.com/file/ne4bei

native one night (infracom promo)
thomas shiffling trio jazz is like ginger (jazz ‘n’ arts/promience)
native upstairs (infracom promo)
matthias vogt trio circle of friends (infracom)
native/cecilia stalin the secret language (infracom)
dining rooms thank you (schema cd-r)
native tradition (infracom promo)
zeep have you ever (far out/prominence)
dalindeo empty fruits
metrololitan jazz affair bird of spring (infracom)
native ciment song (infracom)
alison dewar black velvet (scherdew promo)
stark/soulblender damage (futuristica)

download part 2:www.sendspace.com/file/3bz8qa

nostalgia 77/instumental little steps (tru thoughts)
esther ofarim/bobby scott to the ends of the earth
yma sumac taita intry
donati e preciso perdoar (cool d:vision)
toquinho & vinicious de morer carta ao tom 74 (lovemonk)
s-tone inc/toco negro (schema)
azymuth linha do horizonte (far out/prominence)
dj day fou…

dj nova's March 2007 top 20

1. Toco/Gerardo Frisina – Guarapiranga – Schema CD-R *

“Guarapiranga” is the name of a neighbourhood in São Paolo, Brazil, particularly dear to the singer Toco. So much so to inspire him this piece, recorded in Rio De Janeiro under the supervision of S-Tone Inc., who produced the track in fact. The original version found in Toco’s forthcoming album “Outro Lugar”, gets a special treatment by the remixing skills of Schema’s original ‘rumbero’ Gerardo Frisina.

2. Makossa & Megablast – Mama – G Stone Promo
3. Paul Randolph – Believer – Still Music CD-R
4. Alison Dewar – How About You – Scherdew Promo **
5. Nostalgia 77 – Quite Dawn – Tru Thoughts
6. Dining Rooms/Juju Orchestra – Cobra Coral – Schema CD-R *
7. Bamboos/Olmega Watts – Get In The Scene – Tru Thoughts Promo *
8. Ben Mono – Pull Em Down – Compost CD-R
9. Arthur Verocai/Eddy Meets Yannah – Bis – Far Out/Prominence
10. Blaze/Motorcitysoul – How Deep Is Your Love – Infracom CD-R *
11. Jay Shepheard – Pipes N Sneakers – Compost CD-R *

tranzistor.gr - 04/04/2007

tranzistor radio show www.tranzistor.gr
live here : www.rodonfm.net
compiler : aggelos k.

tracks :

applesed cat - ceremony
midnight movies - souvenirs
blonde redhead- 23
eagle seagull - photograph
papercuts - dear employee
modest mouse - fire it up
future conditional - broken robots
stars - what im trying to say part 1&2 (remix by dears)
dntel - dump luck num09 - stars
postmarks - watercolors
air formation - tidal
misuse - genesis


19 :00 – 21 :00
gtm + 2

Metropolitan Jazz Affair (MJA - Inspiration mix)
selection by Metropolitan Jazz Affair
mixed by Bruno "Patchworks"

horace silver - I had a little talk -
blue notemary lou williams - Baby Man - steeple chase
Freddie Hubbard - People Make The World Go Round - ctigary bartz - I've Known Rivers - Prestigefreddie cole - brothers where are you - jazzman
mark murphy - red clay - muse
Tito Puente - Hit the bongo - Follow me
Mos Def - Umi Said - rawkus
Westbrook - original Peter - universal
gil scott-heron - i think i'll call it morning - arista
pharaoh sanders - you`ve got to have freedom - universal
Metropolitan jazz affair - find a way - infracom
dj nova's 12'' vinyl of february 2007

label :www.infracom.de
band :www.myspace.com/metropolitanjazzaffair

mix supported by nova planet radio show & dj nova

Θόδωρος Γρηγοριάδης : playlist for guest mixes

guest mixes : θοδωρος γρηγοριαδης 28/03/2007

Rem- drive
Morrissey – whatever happens,i love you
k.d.lang – constant craving
david bowie – heroes
lou reed – vicious
iggy pop – lust for life
massive attack – unfinished sympathy
Antony & the johnsons – hope there’s someone
My brightest diamond – gone away
Morrissey & siouxsie – interlude
Mychael danna – exotica(ost)
Mercan dede – nefes
Mos def – crime & medicine
Madeleine peyroux – dance me to the end of love
Sade – sweetest tampoo
Marvin gaye – I heard it through the grapevine
Amy whinehouse – rehab
The temptations – papa was a rollin’stone

Dj Nova's Night & Day Compilation Review @ BΗΜΑ ΤΗΣ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗΣ (ΒΗΜΑDONNA) 25.03.07

2 from george kiosses


1)INFIDELITY-is this emotion? never!
2)GRINDERMAN-honey bee (let`s fly to mars)
3)THE STOOGES-mexican guy
4)BRETT ANDERSON-dust & rain
5)THE VEILS-one night on earth
6)MODEST MOUSE-float on
7)PATRICK WOLF-Augustine
9)THE GOSSIP-standing in the way of control
10)WINTERKIDS-i`m not used to you
11)THE CINEMATICS-a strange education
12)FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE-huckensack
13)WEEZER-island in the sun
14)THE HISS-hard to lose
15)PRIMAL SCREAM-movin`on up
16)THE VIEW-wasted little djs
17)THE ONLY ONES-another girl,another planet
18)RAKES-we danced together
19)THE HORRORS-sheena is a parasite
20)THE GLOVE-punish me with kisses
21)COWBOY JUNKIES-blue moon revisited (a song for Elvis)
22)TWO GALLANTS-steady rollin`
23)THE SOUND-missiles


1)SAINT ETIENNE-he`s on the phone
2)MESH-my defender
3)KLAXONS-golden skans
4)EL PRESIDENTE-without you
5)POP LEVI-sugar assault me now
6)THE WOMBATS-moving to new york
7)THE LITTLE ONES-lovers who uncover
8)ANNUALS-complete,or completing