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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Απρίλιος, 2008


ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ 23/4/2008Ωρα 23.00-01.0001.yo la tengo-from a motel 602.holy fuck-korock03.spiritualized-baby i'm just a fool04.spacemen 3-big city(rmx)05.alphastone-dans le jardin avec alphastone06.flashbulb-sunshine07.four tet-glasshead08.fridge-ark09.strategy-future rock10.jaga jazzist-i have a ghost, now what?11.sterolab-parsec12.manitoba-paul's birthday13.dylan group-connections is the key14.macha-never underdose15.lullatone-the bedtime beatbox16.mum-the amateur show

Dj Nova's Freerange Radio Show Playlist @ 16.04.08

madita/edgar tones because (couch/prominence)
jay shepheard live on (compost)
genji siraisi/q burns abstract message remix 4 letter (giant step)
tj kong & nunos dos santos drop out (compost cd-r)
ananda project/indjut boys moment before dreaming
manuel tur acorado (freerange/prominence)
granlab 11 07 1 (deep in dub)
nitzan & lasimo placetum (freerange/prominence)
jimpster dangly panther (freerange/prominence)

tj kong & nunos dos santos tranentrekker (compost)
marcel wave 27 holden (freerange/prominence)
soultourist coming soon (drum poet community)
compuphonic jaguar running (freerange/prominence)
shik stylko/llorca minion (freerange/prominence)

studio r/llorca a & r (compost)
blaze/motorcitysoul how deep is your love (infracom)
lena fujii/shuya okino higher
shuya okino/pirahnahead shine
lovematic/fatty & stay free love mix i feel love (d:vision)
consoul trainin’/class deluxe goes retro mix templetates of love (suma cd-r)
m-swift/spirit catcher fantasy (irma)
nacho marco/francois duboi…


Tεταρτη 16/4/08 ωρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τασο Τσιρικα

01.3rd eye foundation-once when i was an indian
02.bowery electric-fear of flying
03.larvae-telecast(w/j. bailiff)
04.jessica bailiff-failing yesterday
05.windsor for the derby-let go
06.windsor for the derby-useless arm
08.kreidler-she woke up and the world had changed
09.to rococo rot-she loves animals
10.ma cherie for painting-la petit camion
11.mouse on mars-x-flies

12.shalabi effect-we'll never make out of here alive
13.fly pan am-l'espace au sol redessine par d'immenses panneaux bleus
14.zelienople-moss man
15.animal collective-#1
17.vincent gallo-lonely boy
18.tarentel-a crystal the size of our moon in the heart of a pulsating white dwarf

tranzistor.gr 16/04/2008

tranzistor.gr 16/04/2008
dj : m.hulot

φλέρυ νταντωνάκη-λίγα λουλούδια αν θέλεις στείλε μου
the octopus project+black mo-foxy and the weight of the world
moon wiring club-roger's ghost
katerine et foutrax-parlez vous francais mr foutrax
the focus group- you do not see me
gary mcfarland+gabor szabo-hey, here's a heart
belbury poly-lord belbury's folly
belbury poly-the hidden door
moon wiring club-living furniture
broadcast-unchanging windows [chord simple]
the focus group-the leaving
gary mcfarland+gabor szabo-nature boy
raymond scott-in the hall of the mountain queen
the focus group-activity and scales
baris manco-kol basti
the octopus project-reunite castles

paidi thavma vs onefingermusic-δεν μ' αγαπάει κανείς
kitephonics-αγάπη σε τρεις πράξεις
raymond scott-lady gaylord
broadcast-poem of dead song
eric zann-dols
the advisory circle-sundial
raymond scott-lightworks
the advisory circle-eyes which are swelling
belbury poly-caerm…

PlayOurMusic Mixtape Vol.20

‘It’s All Greek To Me Part II’
Compiled & Mixed By StelReverb
Tuesday 15/04/2008


1. Misuse – Amanzi
2. Relevant Box – Your Pilot
3. Socos & The Live Project Band – Πράσινο…Αυτό Της Γης Το Ανοιχτό
4. The Earthbound – The Valley
5. Killinnosence – Nothing To Feel
6. Occasional Flickers – Meaningless Words

7. Occasional Flickers – A Medal Won In ‘84
8. Modrec – Three Armed Man
9. Zebra Tracks – Spare Time Soundtrack
10. The Callas – Hug Hug Hug
11. Personality Crisis – Broken Toy
12. Background Noise Suppression – Made Out Of Ocean
13. Misuse – Desecid

Casa Del Sol 10 Radio Show 16.04.08 @ Push Radio/Canada

Casa del Sol by DJ Nova
Dj Nova’s chill mix bring the morning sun touch to your day
This Wednesday April 16, 2008 @ 10 am est
Casa Del Sol 10 - April 16 @ 10 am

Casa Del Sol Radio Show 10 Push Radio/Canada
01. Calm - Journey To The Shadow Of The Earth – Exeptional
02. Dub Trator - Overheated Living Room – Music For Dreams
03. Electrotete – I Love You – Apollo
04. Transglobal Underground – I Voyager – Nation
05. Eitetsu Takamiya - After Dark – Flower
06. Sudaka - Flow – MoRNiNG SuN:TouCH
07. Sine – Cross That Line (Michael E. Remix) – Sine
08. Justin Imperiale - Deeper Than – Cabana
09. Blue Six - Tropicalia – Naked Music
10. Joker Juice - Paradise – Soundelux

April 17 @ 9 am est
April 18 @ 11 am est
April 19 @ 10 am est

"Music to PUSH you on through the day and night...''

Dj Nova's Break n Bossa 8 Radio Show Playlist @ 09.04.08

DOWNLOAD SHOW PARTS 1 + 2:http://www.sendspace.com/file/s04i33
DOWNLOAD SHOW PARTS 3 + 4:http://www.sendspace.com/file/jdfcli

part 1:

dining rooms/digging in the latin mix ocean (schema)
tape five a bossa love (chin chin/prominence)
bossasonic club tropicana (first floor)
mario biondi/m.midnight monti & g.gotta soul gottardi restyle this is what you are (schema)
flat three/armin homa aya sunset flames at copacabana
invisible session/mitchell & dewbury i’ll be your wings (schema)
nick bernard aromi (schema)

gerardo frisina gusto de que e bom (schema)
flow dynamics bossa for bebo (freestyle/prominence)
dimitri from paris un very stylish fille
deco fallin again (first floor cd-r)
rought/diesler q bic (easymoods cd-r)
consoul trainin’/rivaz & zucchi stop (d:vision)

part 2:

unforscene/alice russell don’t you worry (tru thoughts promo)
milez bengiman feel glorious (tru thoughts)
electric conversation find myself (futuristica)
replife pangea (futuristica)
gerardo frisina batucadas (schema)

Dj Nova's TOP 20 November 2007 - March 2008

dj nova's March 2008 Top 20

1. Gerardo Frisina – African Nite Life – Schema
2. Invisible Session/ Mitchell & Dewbury Remix – I'll Be Your Wings – Schema CD-R *
3. Kraak & Smaak – Squeze Me – Jalapeno/Prominence Promo
4. Tape Five – Far Far Away – Chin Chin/Prominence CD-R *
5. Patchworks – You & Me – CD-R *
6. Madita – Fragile – Couch/Prominence
7. TM Juke – My World Is Empty Without You – Tru Thoughts CD-R *
8. Ipanemas – Ghana – Far Out/Prominence Promo *
9. Mo’ Horizons/Bahama Soul Club – Kikiribu – Agogo/Prominence CD-R*
10. DJ Farrapo vs Janko Nilovic – Samba Dio – Vadim Music CD-R *
11. Kira Neris – Chance & Wills – Futuristica CD-R *
12. Katalyst – Say What You Feel – BBE CD-R*
13. Jimpster/Joris Voorn Black Panther Mix – Dangly Panther – Freerange/Prominence
14. Martin Solveig/Fedde Le Grand vs Martin Solveig Club Mix – C'est La Vie – D:Vision
15. Foster/Quarion – Quiet Before The Storm – Drumpoet Community CD-R *
16. Manuel Tur & D Play – Deviate – Drumpoet Co…

Dj Nova's Madita Radio Show Playlist @ 02.04.08

DOWNLOAD SHOW:http://www.sendspace.com/file/g8u06e

part 1:

madita karma (couch/prominence)
nostalgia 77/bonobo quiet dawn (tru thoughts)
madita love is (couch/prominence)
madita ceylon (couch/prominence)
coup de bam/madita too soon (couch/prominence)

madita you (couch/prominence)
dzihan & kamien deep kitch (couch/prominence)
eddy meets yannah baby gots its own way (compost/cool d:vision)
foster/quarion quiet before the storm (drum poet community)
tennis hero midnight love (dnm)
madita/edgar tones because (couch/prominence)
consoul trainin’ vs mireja giala moonlight liberty (cd-r)
llorca i cry (cool d:vision cd-r)
tm juke/zumen come away (tru thoughts cd-r)
opolopo/amalia get it together (cd-r)

part 2:

richter halfmoon (couch/prominence)
madita fragile (couch/prominence)
donati human being (cool d:vision)
mario biondi/alessandro magannini no mercy for me (schema)
tamami koyake i’ll remember april
mario biondi/dimitri from paris this is what you are (schema)
tape five far far away (cd-r)
dzihan & kamien…

Dj Nova's + Nicola Conte's Viagem Radio Show Playlist @ 26.03.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

DOWNLOAD SHOW:http://www.sendspace.com/file/udu28a

part 1:

wanda sa vivo sonhando (far out/prominence)
os gatos sambidu
hector costita sexeto tokio (far out/prominence)
orland divo vempo samba
djalma diar & sambossa 5 cidade vazia (far out/prominence)
elsa soares nao me nigga adeus
bossa 3 nao me nigga adeus
yvete precouceito (far out/prominence)
esther ofarim to the ends of the world
toquinho & vinicious de moraes carta ao tom 74 (lovemonk)
jaime e nair sob e mar
edgar & os tais bambe-lo (far out/prominence)
norma winstone my world begin and ending with you
som 3 margarita b (far out/prominence)
nicola conte wanin’ moon (schema)
patchworks you and me (cd-r)
madita fragile (couch/prominence)
tape five far far away (cd-r)
bossa jazz trio vamos embora uau (far out/prominence)
silver boys voce balancar
amanita just like a rainbow
don beto nossa imaginacao

part 2:

bahama soul club late night bossa (big-o-music cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
sabrina malheiros terra de ninguem (far out/prominence)
s-tone inc ve…

Dj Nova's Nostalgia 77 Radio Show Playlist @ 19.03.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

DOWNLOAD SHOW:http://www.sendspace.com/file/zdmm3m

part 1:

natural self/nostalgia 77 the love theme (tru thoughts)
nostalgia 77 the moon (tru thoughts)
richard e/patchworks the call (further out cd-r)
tm juke my life is so empty without you (tru thoughs cd-r)
darondo such a night
kira neris chance & wills (futuristica cd-r)
nostalgia 77/examples of twelve quiet dawn (tru thoughts)
ipanemas gana (far out/prominence promo)
yvete precouceito (far out/prominence)
bahama soul club late night bossa (big-o-music cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
invisible session/mitchell & dewbury i’ll be your wings (schema cd-r)
n/a n/a (test cd-r)
new mastersounds/nostalgia 77 your love is mine (tru thoughts)
katalyst say what you feel (bbe cd-r)
nostalgia 77/zombie dance mix freedom (tru thoughts)
belleruche bought & sold (tru thoughts)
kraak & smaak squeeze me (jalapeno/prominence promo)

part 2:

milez benjiman hold your head up high (tru thoughts promo)
bukky leo/tempo ramaja o
johnny miller blueprint (twisted funk/pr…

Dj Nova's Robert Owens Radio Show Playlist @ 12.03.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

DOWNLOAD SHOW:http://www.sendspace.com/file/aou7vh

part 1:

altered natives tribute
robert owens/at jazz radio edit now i know (compost)
robert owens/charles webster never give up (compost)

fingers inc can you feel it
wagon cookin’/marbet rochel mallorca (compost)
sascha dive/samuel davis DEep (drumpoet community)
robert ownes/tj kong & nunos dos santos merging (compost)
isoul8/markus begg no longer fear
robert owens visions
robert ownes/marc romboy back to you (compost)
osunlade/manoo stell my reflection (strictly rhythm/d:vision)
beanfield/ripperton tides (compost)
frankie knuckles/robert owens tears
fingers inc all over
robert owens/jimpster inside my world (compost)
soul designer DDNA
lovematic/fratty & stay free love mix i feel the love (d:vision)

part 2:

TBA private dancer (d:vision cd-r)
offshore funk/spirit cather mega bit me (kanzleramt)
robert owens/ian pooley i’m chained (compost)
kawabata persuation (drum poet community cd-r)
robert owens ordinary people
photek/david morales mine to give

Dj Nova's London Fashion District Radio Show Playlist @ 05.03.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

DOWNLOAD SHOW:http://www.sendspace.com/file/b4pdig

part 1:

bent after all the love (cool d:vision cd-r)
in-grid lullaby (cool d:vision)
groove armada paris (cool d:vision cd-r)
robert owens/charles webster never give up (compost)
faithless music matters (cool d:vision cd-r)
mystic diversions/tribal moonlight mix sweeter than anything (cool d:vision)
boozoo bajou take it slow (cool d:vision cd-r)
black seeds the answer (cool d:vision)
amy winehouse/skeewif you know i'm no good (cool d:vision cd-r)
saravah soul oil is ticker than blood (tru thoughts promo)
rongetz foundation/patchworks east (heavenly sweetness cd-r)
eugard & os taiz sambe-lo (far out/prominence)
samba nova concepcao adriana
chris rea/la version francaise
east (heavenly sweetness cd-r)
souled what reason do i have to go back
soul designer the soul is back

part 2:

mondotek/PH electro radio mix alive (d:vision cd-r)
martin solveig/bloody beetoots remix c'est la vie (d:vision)
charles laster II/classic extended version it's abou…

Dj Nova's Quintetto Lo Greco Radio Show Playlist @ 20.02.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

quintetto lo greco invitation (schema promo)
jose james red
quintetto lo greco over power (schema promo)
steve evans quartet soon it's gonna rain (schema)
shuya okino/sleep walker pieces of you
quintetto lo greco soft blowing (schema promo)
nicola conte when you wish upon a star
paolo fedreghini & marco bianchi stay (schema)
quintetto lo greco flowing lines (schema promo)
sunaga t experience high at NOON
roland swcharz step in (etage noir/prominence cd-r)
bossasonic club tropicana (first floor promo)

part 2:

tape five la passifleur (chin chin/prominence)
deco falling again (first floor cd-r)
eddy meets yannah babay gots its own way (compost/cool d :vision cd-r)
robert owens/kirk degiorgio no tomorrow (compost promo)
greyship davis get up and get down (past due/bbe cd-r)
marcos valle estrella
tarantulas saiba ser feliz
michael jackson don't stop 'til you get enough
hong kong syndicate/12'' too much
alessandro oliveiro walk on that thing (schema cd-r)
bahama soul club late night…

Dj Nova's Nossa Alma anta Radio Show Playlist @ 13.02.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

combo experience yellow bossa (good ear)
nossa alma canta i belong to you (good ear cd-r)
bungalove aphrodisiaco (funky juice)
nossa alma canta sign your name (good ear cd-r)
donati rosa vaidosa (cool d:vision)
bossasonic too much (first floor promo)
nossa alma canta what i am (good ear cd-r)
soulstance special one (shcema)
tape five cancun (chin chin/prominence)
nossa alma canta in your eyes (good ear cd-r)
fascinations fascinated groove (cool d:vision)
sheila landis nightwalkin’
elaiza romero sei shagliaro e non lo sai
domu/pete simpson come back around (cool d:vision cd-r)
oh!penelope i’m gonna miss you

part 2:

pulp something changed
prefab sprout cars and girls
nossa alma canta/remix desire (good ear cd-r)
aaron jerome angel lady (bbe)
bahama soul club late night bossa (cd-r)
club de belugas frankie (chin chin/prominence)
matelno chiguagua (resense cd-r)
los tres bros marble latin theme (cast-a-blast)
palov & mishkin ambiente tropical (resense cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
marc rae medicine (jal…

Dj Nova's Andrea Celeste Radio Show Playlist @ 06.02.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

love affair never in my life
andrea celeste i don’t wanna play this game (zerodieci)
nostalgia 77 octet when love is strange (tru thoughts)
quartetto lo greco soft blowing (schema promo)
andrea celeste real (zerodieci)
echosystem soon (presence)
andrea celeste my reflection (zerodieci)
armin homa aya/kyoto jazz massive just as we
steve evans quartet soon it’s gonna rain (schema)
jose james moanin’
andrea celeste blue is the colour of love (zerodieci)
sunaga t experience/till bronner love
dalindeo non-stop flight (schema cd-r)
nossa alma canta what i am (goodear)

part 2:

andrea celestre seven days (zerodieci)
matthias vogt trio pilot (infracom)
LTC menino das laranjas
sleepwalker eclispe (compost)
kyoto jazz massive/live version eclipse
franscesco mora catlett pa’los mayores (premier cru)
sky king why don’t you take us (bbe cd-r)
palov & mishkin ambiente tropical (resense cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
matelno chiguagua (resense cd-r)
mo’ horizons/bahama soul club kikiribu (agogo/prominence cd-r)

Dj Nova's Café Buongiorno Radio Show Playlist @ 30.01.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

poparazzi flava innamorati a milano (good ear)
future loop foundation dolce vita (good ear)

donati v come amo voce (cool d:vision)
superwave project sunwave (good ear)
pochill nel blue (soundelux)
groove lovers/nightflight edit capri (good ear)
nossa alma canta i belong to you (good ear cd-r)
donatello viggiano il faro (good ear)
cayetano red winter II (sala sonora)
s-tone inc/gerardo frisina hangin’ on a string (schema)
nicola conte when you wish upon a star
andrea celestre i don’t wanna play this game (zerodieci)
combo experience yellow bossa (good ear)

part 2:

asa ferston/bossa for NOON remix maraga no himawari
tape five can cun (chin chin/prominence)
monta & rossini from day into the night (good ear)
morcheeba enjoy the ride (ultra/giant step promo)
etienne daho obsession (francophonic diffusion)
steve evans quartet river man (schema)
sky king why don’t you take us (bbe cd-r)
kyoto jazz massive off and on TRACK OF THE MONTH
the 4rce never shoulda (bbe cd-r)
matenlo chic (resense/prominenc…

Dj Nova's Dj Kawasaki Radio Show Playlist @ 23.01.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

DOWNLOAD SHOW PART 1:www.sendspace.com/file/og5fy0

part 1:

erik rico wanting you (cd-r)
dj kawasaki the galaxy
shuya okino/piranhahead shine
little big bee kgo
dj kawasaki/piranhahead the love of the music
dj kawasaki/album mix bright like light
slowly/dj kawasaki find illusion
dj kawasaki shooting star
victor davies/dj kawasaki gold & diamonds (cool d:vision)
dj kawasaki you can make it
brisa all because of you
kaori/dj kawasaki in my head

part 2:

dj kawasaki it makes me feel like dancing
dj sabo & uriel feels like dancing (sol selectas cd-r)
dj kawasaki/rasmus faber promices
dj kawasaki planetary track
cosmic village mind expansions
dj kawasaki because of you
kentaro takizawa power of love
robert strauss close your eyes (bbe)
armin homa aya/yukihiro fukutomi this time
dj kawasaki melody
2 bros of soul/markus homm i can’t help myself (mod)
dennis ferrer/rocco late night mix church lady (defected/d:vision)
jazztronik/needs tiger eyes

part 3:

kyoto jazz massive off and on TRACK OF THE MONTH
urban deep i l…

Dj Nova's Milano Fashio 6 Radio Show Playlist @ 16.01.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

ioannis kourtis cold earth/main title
blank & jones loneliness (cool d:vision)
rinaldo donati & joseph russillo submarine in the sky
joker juice paradise (soundelux/cool d:vision)
aqualise lost in the sea (aqualise)
royksopp what else is there (cool d:vision)
donatello viggiano il faro (good ear)
toco ourto lugar (schema/cool d:vision)
benjamin biolay dans le mero benz (francophonic diffusion)
holden mardid (cool d:vision)
serge gainsbourg couleur cafe (cool d:vision)
doris day perhaps perhaps perhaps (cool d:vision)
huba mary (jupiter/prominence/cool d:vision)
dj shadow this time

part 2:

bamboos/marc mac i don’t wanna stop (tru thoughts cd-r)
oh! penelope I’m gonna miss you
4 hero look inside
dj kawasaki you can make it
victor davies/dj kawasaki gold and diamonds (cool d:vision)
rhythm of elements north wind (bbe cd-r)
mystic diversions/mobasound vs massivan janeiro (cool d:vision)
kyoto jazz massive off and on TRACK OF THE MONTH
andre zimma/clara hill u know life (swedish brandy)
billy holi…

Dj Nova's Pochill Radio Show Playlist @ 09.01.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

dna honolulu’s whisper (cool d:vision)
pochill lullaby (soundelux)
green empathy let there be music (peacelounge/prominence)
pochill/remix 2007 violet theme (soundelux)
nossa alma canta i belong to you (good ear cd-r)
pochill porque (soundelux)
g. de luca veronica e michelle
batuk porto segero (cool d:vision)
pochill nel blu (soundelux)
supernatural project sunwave (good ear promo)
pochill innocence is lost (soundelux)
moontrax breathe in the air (good ear promo)
mystic diversions miniatures of you (cool d:vision)

part 2:

nao/mark murphy nata (unreleased)
friends from rio 2/kyoto jazz massive sob o mar (far out/prominence)
joker juice paraside (soundelux)
pochill stay (soundelux)

banzai republic in my home
mikro ena taxidi sta asteria (prominence)
gallery connection/silent dream version smile
freddie & linn live 4 life (swedish brandy)
eico n/a
robert owens/at jazz now i know (compost cd-r)
diam’s jeune demoiselle (emi/francophonic diffusion)
unclosed minds/at jazz replace (futuristica cd-r)

part …

Dj Nova's 2007 Reloaded: Label 2007 TRU THOUGHTS Radio Show Playlist @ 02.01.08 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

nostalgia 77 arora (tru thoughts)
nostalgia 77 octet stars (tru thoughts)

quintetto lo greco invitation (schema promo)
me & you brown paper bag (tru thoughts)
n/a n/a
belleruche minor swing (tru thoughts)
quantic soul orchestra tropidelico (tru thoughts)
quantic soul orchestra panama city (tru thoughts)
bamboos bring it home (tru thoughts)
jumbonics last nite (tru thoughts)

huba mary (jupiter/prominence/cool d:vision)
sy hightower I know you’re leaving me
dj day four hills
lanu dis-information (tru thoughts)
domu/pete simpson come back around
kyoto jazz massive off and on TRACK OF THE MONTH
frankie valley/pilooski beggin’
parker sugar coated (cool d:vision)
bamboos i don’t wanna stop (tru thoughts)
paris match never stop
syreeta for your love (irma)
belleruche/dj vadim northern girls (tru thoughts)
louis austen barcelona
corrugated tunnel/scope one night in barcelona (elevation cd-r)
dj kawasaki bright like light
n/a n/a
beatfanatic wonderful star
nouredinne benmira samba africaine
kaori love is st…

Dj Nova's Radio Show Playlist @ 31.12.07 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

herbie hancock/dj kawasaki maiden voyage
kyoto jazz massive/dj kawasaki endless flight
roman andren/beatfanatic o mundo e seu
yosaku future paradise (plug)
idea6/gerardo frisina bells
christian prommer strings of life
mario biondi/alessandro magnanini no mercy for me (schema cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
eri nobuchica/incognito kodou
[re:jazz]/metropolitan jazz affair people hold on (infracom)
m-flo/monday michuru addp
toco/gerardo frisina guarapiranga (schema)
azaxx fiesta tropical (tru thoughts)
beatstar shaolin rock (soju/MoRNiNG SuNTouCH)
savannah soul nao posso te levar a serio (tru thoughts cd-r)
marcelo algo no ar
parker sugar coated (cool d:vision)
idea6/sunaga t experience junior is back
nils krogh time is on my side (dnm)
ltc japanese crowd
kyoto jazz massive off and on
dr. vodkatini call me (prominence)
dj sabo & uriel release the beats (sol selectas cd-r)
tuomo don’t take it too hard (jupiter/prominence)

jabberloop ugetsu
nao/sunaga t experience flower
eri nobuchica kodou
jazztronik/mika arisaka san…

Dj Nova's Radio Show Playlist @ 31.12.07 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

herbie hancock/dj kawasaki maiden voyage
kyoto jazz massive/dj kawasaki endless flight
roman andren/beatfanatic o mundo e seu
yosaku future paradise (plug)
idea6/gerardo frisina bells
christian prommer strings of life
mario biondi/alessandro magnanini no mercy for me (schema cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
eri nobuchica/incognito kodou
[re:jazz]/metropolitan jazz affair people hold on (infracom)
m-flo/monday michuru addp
toco/gerardo frisina guarapiranga (schema)
azaxx fiesta tropical (tru thoughts)
beatstar shaolin rock (soju/MoRNiNG SuNTouCH)
savannah soul nao posso te levar a serio (tru thoughts cd-r)
marcelo algo no ar
parker sugar coated (cool d:vision)
idea6/sunaga t experience junior is back
nils krogh time is on my side (dnm)
ltc japanese crowd
kyoto jazz massive off and on
dr. vodkatini call me (prominence)
dj sabo & uriel release the beats (sol selectas cd-r)
tuomo don’t take it too hard (jupiter/prominence)
jabberloop ugetsu
nao/sunaga t experience flower
eri nobuchica kodou
jazztronik/mika arisaka s…

Dj Nova's 2007 Reloaded: Compost Radio Show Playlist @ 27.12.07

part 1:

little big bee/silent dream version scuba
eddy meets yannah baby got its own way (compost)
felix laband/todd terje whisthing in tongues (compost)
jay shepheard s (compost)
manuel tur & dplay rest your sences (compost)
dining rooms/quarion free to grow (schema)
sascha dive/samuel davis deep4life mix DEep (compost cd-r)
tjkong & nunos dos santos/wild wiltch dub merging (compost)
osunlade frequencies (d:vision/strictly rhythm)
dining rooms/christian prommer fatale (schema)
motor city drum ensemble SMK part 2 (compost)
phreek plus one bikini (compost)

part 2:

quarion/detroon karasu (drum poet community)
manuel tur & dplay move (compost)
dj pippi & willie graff hyper space (drum poet community cd-r)
marbet rochel/douglas greed beats like birds (compost)
koop/sirs let’s elope (compost)
phuture/tiefschwarz rise from the grave (strictly rhythm/prominence)
ben mono/jesse rose beatbox (compost)
houseworx/christian prommer i came to play (compost)
robert owens/jimpster inside my world (comp…

Dj Nova's 2007 Reloaded: Compilations 2007 Radio Show Playlist @ 26.12.07

part 1:

dorando such a night CALIFORNIA SOUL VOL.2
dee edwards can’t there be love GILLES PETERSON DIGS AMERICA 2
parker sugar coated (cool d:vision) BELLA MUSICA 2
kenny clarke & francy bolland and there we issued out again to see the stars ROUTINE JAZZ #10
kyoto jazz massive off & on BLUE NOTE STREET
nostalgia 77/povo wildflower (tru thoughts) SHAPES COMPILATION 07:02
arthur verocai/eddy meets yannah bis (far out/prominence) FAR OUT BRAZIL
shuya okino/piranhead shine THE ROOM/SHUYA OKINO
moses mclean/isoul8 dream (still music/slip n slide/prominence) THE SOUND OF STILL MUSIC
aquatherium/2 under pax mix you’re mine (cool d:vision) BELLA MUSIC 2
don carlos/paradise mix alone (irma) ITALO OLD
domu/pete simpson second chance ESPECIAL HOUSE
donati bossa na hora (cool d:vision) SISTER’S LOUNGE 2

part 2:

12 fingers primavera (irma/prominence) CHILL OUT CAFÉ 10
stefan ternemar i met a girl with butterfly wings (MoRNiNG SuN:TouCH cd-r)
18 summers later august moon …

Dj Nova's + Captain C Discoteca Nova 1987 Re:Loaded Radio Show Playlist @ 25.12.07

part 1:

h.level rhythm (media)
dyva i know (technology)
dr. martini you're the one (power)
radiorama alliens (discomagic)
marina time for us (technology)
tozzo shankle (lombardoni)
nera veroni excalibur (good vibes)
joey tempest love chaser (technology)
c.c.catch are you man enough (hansa)
grant miller wings of love (ZYX)
danuta touch my heart (ZYX)
fancy flames of love (metronome)
on tv holiday love affair (ZYX)
mauro buona sera ciao ciao (blow up)

part 2:

secret lovers i see it in your eyes (teldec)
shipra blinded by the light (night & day)
amandras another lover (ZYX)
one system life is very short (media)
den harrow don't break my heart (baby)
bad boys blue gimme gimme your love (coconut)
chester hold the line (time)
facts & fiction love game (blanco y negro)
morgana ready for love (many)
angie dylan in the dark (meral)
palmer ela tora (cd-r)
curacau yassou (koch int)
lena run to me (discomagic)
man x waiting so long (teldec)
imhan one million (technology)
patrol invisible (panarecord)
peru africa…

Dj Nova's 2007 Reloaded: Energy Radio Show Playlist @ 24.12.07 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

bing crosby/bent winder wonderland
nove sedatives (cool d:vision) BELLA MUSIC 2
mystic diversions alma del mundo (cool d:vision) WAVE A LITTLE LIGHT
batuk quero quero (cool d:vision) CRUZEIRO DO SUL/PANAMERICAN GROOVES 2 joker juice paradise (cool d:vision) CONTRAST/MILANO FASHION 6

TBA without you (MoRNiNG SuN:TouCH TeST) DiGiTaL BLaCK
billy holiday/dj logic glad to be unhappy (cool d:vision) MILANO FASHION 6
grady tate moondance SWING IT

mario biondi/alessandro magnanini no mercy for me (schema cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
fascinations fascinating groove (cool d:vision) PARIS FASCION DISTRICT
norma winston my world begins and ends with you
sergio mendez i love music (cool d:vision) BELLA MUSIC 2
tape five club de cigale (chin chin/prominence)

part 2:

donati valeu (cool d:vision) VAGALUME/PANAMERICAN GROOVES 2
cayetano feel (sala sonora cd-r)
eico tiny tiny
black seeds the answer (cool d:vision) CONTRAST/MILANO FASHION 6
alpha blondy demain (francophonic diffusion)
torre/claude monnet corps a corp…

2007 Reloaded: Albums Of The Year Radio Show Playlist @ 19.12.07

part 1:

nao nos outros tambem
mystic diversions ripples (cool d:vision) WAVE A LITTLE LIGHT
blue six tropicalia AQUARIAN ANGEL
jazztronik under the moonlight GRAND BLUE
azymuth linha di horizonte (far out/prominence) AZIMUTH
4 hero morning child PLAYING WITH THE CHANGES
dalindeo non-stop flight OPEN SCENES
toco zum zum (schema) OUTRO LUGAR
metropolitan jazz affair find a way (infracom) BIRD OF SPRING
stance brothers bright moments KIND SOUL
tuomo don’t take it too hard (jupiter/prominence) MY THING
mario biondi/alessandro magnanini no mercy for me (schema cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
quasimode object in the mirror LAND OF FREEDOM
echosystem alpha (presence) MADAGA
nils krogh revolution revelation (dnm) DISPOTITION

part 2:

nostalgia 77 quiet dawn (tru thoughts) EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN
nostalgia 77/bonobo quiet dawn (tru thoughts cd-r)
eddy meets yannah no one’s gonna love you (compost) ONCE IN A WHILE
makossa & megablast mama (g stone) KUNUAKA
domu/pete simpson come back around DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER
dj K…


Tεταρτη 9/4/08 23.00-01.00
με τον Τασο Τσιρικα

01.Liars-army of me (bjork)
02.Health-perfect skin
03.Dance disaster movement-I want your sass
04.Suicide-I remember (live)
05.Martin rev-in your arms
06.Cabaret Voltaire-over and over (live)
07.The pop group-we are time
08.David Thomas and 2 pale boys-obsession
10.Trapist-observations took place

11.Hills like white elephants-a sword in the circle
12.Atlas sound-quarantined
13.Panda bear-I’m not
14.The drift-invisible cities
15.Tortoise-restless waters
16.Nudge-blue screen
17.Gnac-continental balcony twilight
18.Matt Elliott-forty days
20.Appendix out-frozen blight
21.Vincent gallo-when

Dj Nova's 4TH Year Anniversary Radio Show Playlist @ 12.12.07

part 1:

vista le vie refuse resist (f communications)
lily margot 24 choners/jene parle pas
laurent garnier unreasonable behavior
laurent garnier cycles d’oppotition
telefon tel aviv my weak beats your year
michael cretu zeitose reize
american analogue system/telefon tel aviv the green green grass (cool d:vision)
royksoop where else is there? (cool d:vision)
laura pausini tra te il mare
calogero es apeganteur
mystic diversions wave a little light (cool d:vision)
shy rose/slow motion version you are my desire
pochill nel blue (soundelux)
aquatherium/2 under pax mix you’re mine (cool d:vision)
shazz/orange mix lost illusions
montego bay/s-tone mix everything (irma)

part 2:

mario biondi/alessandro magnanini no mercy for me (schema cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
eico n/a
jackie quartz juste mise au point
blue system/12’’ sorry little sarah
hong kong syndicate/12’’ too much
sebastien tellier la ritournelle (compost)
nils krogh revolution revelation (dnm)
steve evans quartet jockey full of bourdon (schema)
shuya okino/…

Dj Nova's 2007 Reloaded: Prominence Distribution Radio Show Playlist @ 05.12.07 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

green empathy evening flow (peacelounge/prominence)
parov stelar goodbye emily (etage noir/prominence)
waldeck make me feel (dope noir/prominence/cool d:vision)

american analogue system/telefon tel aviv the green green grass (cool d:vision)
kira neris un ete sans fin (futuristica/prominence)
flamingo star porque (peacelounge/prominence)
james brown/jungle funk soul power (couch/prominence)
marc rae/kraak & smaak medicine (jalapeno/prominence)
huba mary mary (jupiter/prominence/cool d:vision)
keren ann lay your head down (emi/francophonic diffusion)
karuan chocolate distance (sunshine enterprices/prominence)
chambao pokito a poko (cool d:vision)
mo’ horizons shake ya byron (agogo/prominence)

part 2:

metropolitan jazz affair/r’n’b mix drifting (infracom/prominence)
mk/switch groove exp. emo (cd-r)
mario biondi no mercy for me (schema) TRACK OF THE MONTH
alison dewar how about you (schredew/prominence)
native/cecilia stalin secret language (infracom/prominence)
zeep keep an eye on love (far out…

Future Sound Of Jazz Vol.11 Radio Show Playlist @ 28.11.07 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

joash salome (compost)
james dean A4 mit 66 jahren (compost)
yannah valdevit superlight (compost)

robert strauss music is my life (bbe)
jay shepheard there’s a party upstairs (compost cd-r)
manuel tur & dplay rest your sences (drum poet community)
phreek plus one astro boogie (compost)
wotjek urbanski/maxmillian skiba violet violin (compost)
marsmobil/makossa & megablast mangia amore (compost/g stone)
invisible session/panoptikum ‘til the end (schema/compost)
dining rooms/christian prommer fatale (schema cd-r)
tj kong & nunos dos santos/robert owens merging (compost cd-r)
blackjoy/prins thomas moustache (compost)
dj vadim/aarome jerome got to rock (bbe/giant step)
zeynep erbay flowers (compost)
roland schwarz step in (etage noir/prominence promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH

part 2:

quarion/deetron karasu (drum poet community)
motor city drum ensemble get slapped up (compost)
no theory strictly instrumental (compost)
koop/beanfield i see a different you (compost)
marbet rochel/douglas greed beat…

Nostalgia 77 Octet Radio Show Playlist @ 21.11.07 (Missing Playlists Sessions)

part 1:

james tatum introduction/lord have mercy
nostalgia 77 octet when love is strange (tru thoughts)
esther ofarim earthquake
nostalgia 77 octet to have or not to be (tru thoughts)
kurkirku might not crawl (presence)
keren ann lay your head down (emi/francophonie diffussion)
vanessa paradis divine idylle (francophonie diffussion)
parker sugar coated (cool d:vision)
quantic soul orchestra melodious wayferer (tru thoughts)
nostalgia 77 octet journey home (tru thoughts)
dusko goykovich kosmet
nostalgia 77 octet the district (tru thoughts)
stance brothers currents
sniffers lotus eaters (irma)
toco outro lougar (schema/cool d:vision cd-r)
nove sedatives (cool d:vision)

part 2:

dining rooms/cinematic orchestra ink (schema cd-r)
pochill in my mind (soundelux cd-r)
koom.h come to me (big sur/prominence) NIGHT & DAY
moose hill music for a found harmonium
nostalgia 77 octet stars (tru thoughts)
flamingo star piano (peacelounge/prominence)
nostalgia 77 little steps (tru thoughts)
waldeck addicted (dope noir/promi…

Dr. Vodkatini Radio Show Playlist @ 14.11.07 (Missing Playlist Sessions)

part 1:

dr.vodkatini waiting for the sun (prominence)
shiffers love is (irma)
steppah huntah/dj mitsu the beats i don’t know
dr.vodkatini it’s a shame (prominence)
mystic diversons don’t be a fool (cool d:vision)
dr.vodkatini lies (prominence)
carrie cleveland make love to me
tim maia che beleza (cool d:vision)
dr.vodkatini vodka bossa (prominence)
kurt maloo vs double devil’s ball (sound of everything)
jacare cucinar (irma)
pochill nel blue (soundelux)

part 2:

ronnie foster what happened to sunshine
stance brothers capricorn
waldeck jerry weintraub (dope noir/prominence)
fairplay a jazzy funk ensemble
dr.vodkatini cource of life (prominence)
luisito quintero/lv eol remix tumbao (bbe)
victor davies/dj kawasaki gold and diamonds (cool d:vision)
truby trio/louie vega alegre 2004 (compost)
eddy meets yannah/simbad once in a lifetime (compost cd-r)
yannah valdevit superflight (compost)
domu/pete simpson look a little further
soopasoul swing down (jalapeno/prominence)
rabbit rumba caramellos (lovemonk)
arthur veroca…

τρανζιστορ - 09/04/2008

τρανζιστορ - 22:00
στην επιλογή της μουσικής ο άγγελος κ.
ακουστε ζωντανά

hearts of black science - empty city lights
pris - come undone
death cab for cutie - i will posses your heart
mgmt - electric feels
ceremony - cold cold night
halou - clipped
long insiders - you take the summer
portishead - plastic
ruby suns - there are birds
lionheart brothers - to make you love me
jeremy jay - beautiful rebel
notwist - good lies
minipop - like i do
december sound - no heaven like hell
alsian blue - frozen sleep

μουσικό μακροβούτι - 08/04/2008


Atraktos. net radio show by Kyriakos Skordas
www. atraktos. net

The Selected songs for yesterday 8th of April 2008 were the following:


Yorgos Vakoufis playlist 05-04-2008

Saturday 19:00 - 21:00

1. Xploding Plastix - Sunset Spirals (Feat. Sarah Cracknell)
2. Goldfrapp - Happiness
3. Jade - Voodoo Love
4. Alphawezen - Speed Of Light
5. Olga Kouklaki - How Do You Feel
6. Hercules And Love Affair - Athene
7. Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge
8. M83 - Kim And Jessie
9. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Find The Time
10. Devotchka - Along The Way
11. A Big Yes And A Small No - I'm Always Manic (When I'm Around You)
12. Grand Archives - A Setting Sun
13. Northern Portrait - Crazy
14. The Loose Salute - Turn The Radio Up
15. Paramount Styles - Alleyesareonyounowmypet
16. Blind Terry - Burn School Down
17. Boy Omega - Suffocation Street
18. Abbie Gale - Contact Improvisation
19. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - More News From Nowhere
20. Death Cab for Cutie - No Sunlight
21. Tindersticks - The Flicker Of A Little Girl
22. Arid - If You Go
23. Mystery Jets Feat. Laura Marling - Young Love
24. Wilco - Glad It's Over
25. Caesars - Run No More
26. Brazzaville - Ho…

PlayOurMusic Mixtape Vol.19

Compiled & Mixed By Nikoletta
Tuesday 08/04/2008


1. Abbie Gale – Contact Improvisation
2. Apparat – Headup
3. The Good, The Bad And The Queen – Herculean
4. Amon Tobin – At The End Of The Day
5. Akron/Family – Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead
6. Von Sodenfed – Dearest Friends
7. London After Midnight – Pure
8. Piano Magic – Great Escapes
9. Yo La Tengo – Pass The Hatchet
10. Parov Stelar – Your Fire (Feat. Luke)
11. Siouxsie Sioux – One Mile Below
12. Editors – The Racing Rats


Tεταρτη 2/4/08 23.00-01.00
με τον Τασο Τσιρικα

01.burial-distant lights
03.autechre-weissencee against im gluck[(neu!)
06.jessamine-oscillations(silver apples)
08.bardo pond-tantric porno
09.bent leg fatima-AO
10.mogwai-i can't remember
11.bracken-four thousand style
12.hood-i have it in my heart to jump in the ocean
13.downpoor-go back to sleep
14.remote viewer-tormile
15.leila-different time
16.september collective-natura
17.amp-glasshouse jam
18.june of 44-boom
19.ganger-with tounge twisting words
20.aidan baker-I

tranzistor.gr 02/04/2008

02/04/2008 - 22:00-23:00
dj : maria pappa

John Bender - 35B1
Sightings - The Electrician
Ariel Kalma - Saxo Planetariel
Lena Planotos - S' Agaphsa
Chromatics - In The City
Jeremy Jay - Beautiful Rebel
Ry Rocklen - Under The Radar
Ruby Suns - There Are Birds
Automat - Ultraviolet
Holy Fuck - Milkshake
Roisin Murphy - Overpowered
The Advisory Circle - Eyes Which Are Swelling
Moon Wiring Club x2
Erykah Badu - Amerykahn Promise
Mickey & The Soul Generation - We Got To Make A Change

PlayOurMusic Mixtape Vol.18

Compiled & Mixed By StelReverb
Tuesday 01/04/2008


1. Woven Hand – Sparrow Falls
2. Blonde Redhead – 23
3. Interpol – Pioneer To The Falls
4. Burial – Archangel
5. The Dresden Dolls – Backstabber
6. Gutter Twins – All Misery Flowers
7. A Place To Bury Starngers – To Fix The Gash In Your Head

8. Holy Fuck – Frenchys
9. Editors – Lullaby
10. Suede – Attitude
11. Zounds – Demystification
12. Jane Doe – Bank Anthem
13. Gravenhurst – The Velvet Cell
14. The Monroes – Send Me A Postcard