Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Οκτώβριος, 2008

Classic Of The Moment October 2008 By Dj Nova

Veno Marioghae - Nigeria Go Survive 1984check it here:http://www.wat.tv/audio/veno-marioghae-nigeria-go-vw09_vvhf_.html

tranzistor.gr - 29/10/2008

dj : maria pappa

bauhaus - bela lugosi's dead
adn crystal - cocaina vitamina
ex-pornostar - eismachine
antenna - achilles

geneva jacuzzi - sand trip
tgv - partie 1
paddington dc - zeit zu kempfen
black devil - take me
julia shammas holter - 50 rabbits
zaimph - laughter of memory
gary numan - sleep by windows

Groovy Sessions 117 Japan Edition By Funkusion @ Rodon FM Guest Mixes

WEDNESDAY 29/10/0819:00 - 21:00www.rodonfm.netGTM + 2част първа / part one
01/gagle / smog / pound for pound / jazzy sport (columbia japan) / 200602 / sleep walker / quiet dawn / works / village again / 200703 / shuya okino / if it is love / united legends replayed by sleep walker / geneon / 200704 / soil & pimp sessions / sabotage / pimp of the year / victor japan / 200605 / quasimode / time is love / land of freedom / geneon / 200706 / jaz’presso / gule gule / jp / incense records / 200707 / dj mitsu the beats feat. dwele / right here / new awakening / planetgroove / 200308 / ino hidefumi / spartacus / satisfaction / innocentrecord / 200809 / tettory blk / the stolen moments / pound for pound / jazzy sport (columbia japan) / 200610 / street jazz unit / street jazz unit / va -a history of schema tokyo dream / n.a. / 200711 / jabberloop / q-track / and infinite jazz / columbia japan / 2007 12 / indigo jam unit / buffalo / realism / bassis record / 200813 / soil & pimp sessions …

RECOLOUR THE CITY Radio Show : Playlist 27-10-2008

1st Hour:
1. Bersarin Quartett - Oktober2. Modern Institute - International Rustic3. Ant - Spent Too Long Walking With No Heart To Follow4. Clouddead - Dead Dogs Two5. Couch - Blinde Zeichen6. Silo-Con - A Wire7. Explosions In The Sky - Catastrophe And The Cure (Four Tet Mix)8. Husky Rescue - My Home Ghost9. CocoRosie - Promise10. Mice Parade - Tales Of Las Negras11. Bang Gang - Follow
2nd Hour:
1. Agoria - Les Violons Ivres (Super Remix)2. Jacob's Stories - Gods Rotweiller3. Sierpinski - This Geography Of Ours4. Apparat - Birds5. Radiohead - Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix)6. Nobody Presents Blank Blue - In The Swim7. Slowdive - Crazy For You8. Styrofoam - It Wouldn't Change A Thing9. Lali Puna - Small Things10. Antony And The Johnsons - Cripple And The Starfish11. Telepopmusik - Don't Look Back12. Bersarin Quartett - St. Petersburg

flight sessions - episode 4



26/10/2008 16:00-18:00
AURORE RIEN - hearts murmur under halogen lights
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - from dust to the beyond
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - all is violent, all is bright
LANTERNA - b minor
65DAYSOFSTATIC - radio protector
SOULS VIBRATING IN THE UNIVERSE - universal will to become
THE WALTHALL TANGO - please don't ask me to explain it
THE COMA LILIES - grab a fork micron
MOTIONLESS - the windmill
MAYBESHEWILL - not for want of trying
SYMMETRY - you are now witness to parenthesis in action (it's so peaceful here)
BLACKWAVES - 0114 aa
SKETCHIE - feud at saint east's

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 5PM.Rodon95

Progressive Tunes SAT 25 Oct 2008

Part 1:
1.Unkle - Trouble in Paradise (Surrenter Sound Session 11)
2.Dan Welton & Noir - The Black Sniper (Original Mix)
3.Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Majic Js Back To My House Remix)
4.Alex Dolby - Cairo
5.Grec Cerrone - Bullit (Da Fresh Remix)
6.Spencer Parker - Music Box (Original Mix)
7.Bumble & Romz - Sypnosis
8.Robbie Rivera & Dero - Batucaba (Dero's I Live Mix)
9.David Weed - After Midnight (Original Mix)

Part 2:
1.Butch & Julie Marghilano - Last Tango (Daso & Pawas Remix)
2.Berovic & Leicer - Salonga
3.Guy J - Mikro
4.Burnski - Discharge (Digital Only)
5.Olivier Giacomotto & DJ Tonio - Eat What You Kill (Part 1)
6.Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time - (Original Mix)
7.Damien J Carter & Antony Lee - Filterscope (Jerome Isma ae Remix)
8.FLASHBACK: God Witsin - The Phoenix 1994

Fluid Ounce ‘’TOUCH THE FUTURE’’ Radio Show Playlist @ 22.10.08 By Dj Nova

At focus a DVD release, 70 tracks more than 7 hours of music ...

Download Show Part 1:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2008.10.22.A.mp3

yma sumac taita inty
kid boy sweet suite (unfold promo)
barry styles barry’s revenge (unfold promo)
loops scava meets cayetano a hot day (etage noir/prominence)
new bauer rainy saturday (unfold promo)
reymond in space galactica (unfold promo)
slowly jazz in you (flower/cool d:vision promo)
flyt/electric conversation higher (futuristica)
reel people/4 hero outta love (cool d:vision promo)
sabo & zeb nosso coracao (irma promo)
moonstar broken bossa (public transit)
seira kagami/jazztronik star sand
digital alchemist job in brazil v2 (sabotage concept)
arch_typ tones for two's (unfold promo)
yellowtail dump da stump (unfold promo)
simbad/tr 808 dub digital revolution
sugarspank golden chain (cast-a-balst promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH

Download Show Part 2:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2008.10.22.B.mp3

donati foi sem querer (cool d:vision promo)
smokey 131 got to keep…
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 23/10/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Pajo - celebrity death
02 Audrey - mecklenburg
03 Jarboe - Overthrown (feat. Philip H. Anselmo)
04 Menomena - The Late Great Libido
05 Sonna - Real Quiet
06 Red House Painters - Fly away
07 Pivot - sweet memory
08 Scarling - Hello London
09 Modrec - Fefri
10 Modrec - Modulated Songs

2η Ωρα
11 Zach Hill - Dark Art
12 Grassy Knoll - Floating above the earth
13 3cm Tour - Cherry Petals Falling Like Snowflakes
14 3cm Tour - Ryoko Did Grudge (Live)
15 Volta Do Mar - Munich Air Disaster
16 Eagles Of Death Metal - High Voltage
17 Far - Less
18 Sonic Youth - Cross The Breeze
19 Big Black - Jordan Minnesota
20 Dut - Gure ke beltzak
21 Lif - Baleak
22 Kylesa - interstellar overdrive

Tετάρτη 22/10/08 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

animal collective - safer, from 10" "peacebone" [domino 2007]

deerhunter - nothing ever happened, from same titled 7" [kranky 2008]

atlas sound - another bedroom, from same titled ep [kranky 2008]

helios - hope valley hill, from lp "caesura" [type 2008]

marc hellner - handshaking, from cd "marriages" [Peacefrog 2005]

larry gus - demo track one [2008]

polmo polpo - acqua, from cd "the science of breath" [substractif 2002]

trans am - play in the summer, from cd "red line" [thrill jockey 2000]

trans am - trans am, from sametitled 10" [thrill jockey 1996]

trans am - outmoder, from cd "liberation" [thrill jockey 2004]

loop - afterglow,from 2lp "wolf flow" [reactor 1991]

bill callahan - diamond dancer, from cd "woke on a whaleheart" [drag city 2007]

smog - ex-con, from same titled 7" [domino 1997]

boduf songs - mission cr…

chronik @ guest mixes

Την Τετάρτη 22 Οκτωβρίου , λίγο μετά τις 19:00 , στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes καλεσμένος ο chronik.
Ακούστε το δίωρο mixtape ''ζωντανά" ΕΔΩ !
Ο Chronik γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα το 1974.
H σχέση του με την μουσική ξεκίνησε απο νεαρή ηλικία δουλεύοντας αρχικά ως ραδιοφωνικός παραγωγός στον jazzfm στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 90' και έπειτα ως αρθρογράφος σε διάφορα μουσικά περιοδικά.
Η ενασχόληση του με την παραγωγή μουσικής ξεκίνησε πρίν 5 χρόνια περίπου. Οι στενοί δεσμοί του με την "οικογένεια" της city centre offices άνοιξαν νέες προοπτικές σε αυτό που ήθελε να ακολουθήσει, με αποτέλεσμα σήμερα να παράγει minimal ambient με κύρια βάση το πιάνο. Κινηματογραφική μουσική, μελαγχολικές σκόρπιες νότες και μακρόσυρτες μελωδίες πέρα απο εκφραστικές δεσμέυσεις και απο το παραστατικό του χρόνου.
Οι συνεργασίες αποτελούν βασικό πυρήνα έμπνευσης και κινητήρια δύναμη για τη δημιουργία της μουσικής του chronik. Τα τελευταία δυο χρόνια συνεργάζεται με τον Roger Doring (aka Dict…

flight sessions - episode 3


Dj Nova’s Set @ Dante Bar/Thessaloniki

Leoforou Nikis - Stratigou Kallari 1
After 10:00 PM

Dj Nova was named after the famous French music radio, one of his all time favorites when it comes to radio stations, and the strongest influence so far. Host of Nova Planet radio show - the most famous radio show worldwide from Greece, promoting music from more than 150 labels worldwide - since December 2003, broadcasted weekly on Wednesdays in Rodon 95 FM (www.rodonfm.net). Up & coming In the music world he is well known for his strong online activity in the modern jazz field and also for spinning records in special nights events of famous music clubs around Europe, often with respected artists/dj's producers. His first cd compilation ''Night & Day'' released in Prominence Recordings from Greece and his new compilation/collaboration with Dario Raimondi & Alvaro Ugolini ''Tokyo Fashion district'' will be out on November by Cool D:Vision in Italy. His dj style is a mixture of…

RECOLOUR THE CITY Radio Show : Playlist 20-10-2008

1st Hour:1. Bent - Swollen2. Smolik - S.Dreams3. No Clear Mind - Nuclear Mind4. Blonde Readhead - The Dress5. Antimatter - Everything You Know Is Wrong6. Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Burial Remix)7. Ateb - Fade Away8. Kent - If You Were Here9. Sia - Breathe Me10. The Dears - Lost In The Plot
2nd Hour:1. Tool - Message To Harry Manback2. Our Broken Garden - The Blinding3. Tori Amos - Winter4. Anna Ternheim - Such A Lonely Soul5. The Grants - Our Story6. Bon Iver - Flume7. Holden - Madrid8. Unkle - Rabbit In Your Headlights9. Dj Shadow - Building A Steam With A Grain10. Tv On The Radio - Love Dog11. DK7 - Sweetness In Time12. Holy Fuck - Balloons (Foals Cover)13. Foals - Super Inuit (Holy Fuck Cover)
If i was a musician i’d be creating music like this … Dj Nova saidWith this new album DONATI marks a new step in his emotional and creative evolution. Even legends like Eumir Deodato have expressed their admiration for this new work, Deodata writes: "In my career I have met great musicians but very few exceptional ones. Rinaldo Donati is an EXCEPTIONAL musician. His work is very unique and carefully done. Totally innovative and pioneering. There is nothing like that around in the world !" Now all you have to do is dive into this “simple world” made of unique sounds and images, like the ones in the enclosed splendid digibook, created by the artist, DONATI himself.

The world becomes simple as we run through the album and its autobiographic lyrics and notes. Some of the pieces are songs, while in others the compositional aspect is wider, walking along with the arrangements, which Donati creates as emotional images in a moving photographic space.
The rhythmic vocabulary is clos…

Musical Digest Radio Show: Playlist 10.19.08

1st hour:

01. Film - Alarm (Last Chance Remix)
02. Robotantists - Wait A Minute Here
03. Tres.B - Southened-On-Sea
04. Those Dancing Days - I Know Where You Live
05. Those Dancing Days - Run Run
06. Ghosts - The World Is Outside
07. Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat
08. Clearlake - The Mind Is Evil
09. Amanda Palmer - Astronaut (A Short History Of Nearly Nothing) (ft.Zoë Keating)
10. Amanda Palmer - Runs In The Family
11. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
12. Get Well Soon - You , Aurora , You , Seaside
13. The Dead Science - Monster Island Czars
14. Peter Bjorn & John - Inland Empire
15. John Frusciante - This Cold

2nd hour:

01. Bloc Party - Halo
02. Bloc Party - Mercury
03. Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat
04. Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)
05. Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire
06. Clearlake - Can't Feel A Thing
07. Santogold - You'll Find A Way
08. You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)
09. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rockers To Swallow
10. The Kills - Cat Claw
11. Black…


19/10/2008 16:00-18:00

DATURAH - hybrisma
THE EVPATORIA REPORT - taijin kyofusho
THE SEVEN MILE JOURNEY - through the alter ego justifications
I HEAR SIRENS - everything was black and white except the city lights
GIFTS FROM ENOLA - city lights scraped the sky
IN THE WAKE OF GIANTS - all the king's corpses, all the king's dead
PG. LOST - kardusen
SWEEK - james piano
MOTEK - i am your son
DESTROY ALL DREAMERS - destroy all dreamers
CTRLALTDELETE - all our greatest dreams are in sepia
LONG DISTANCE CALLING - the metulsky curse
I'MSONIC RAIN - tub he nabeg
TESA - part 18

Donati Radio Show Playlist @ 15.10.08 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2008.10.15.rar

Part 1

rinaldo donati nos outros tambem (maxine)
donati mundo simples (cool d:vision promo)
eumir deodato spirit of summer
donati fotosensivel (cool d:vision promo)
facel vega dreaming (cool d:vision)
donati esquinas (cool d:vision)
nicola conte que que tem (far out/prominence)
donati vao (cool d:vision promo)
toco voz da lapa (schema)
donati beautiful lover (cool d:vision promo)
everything but the girl each and everyone (cool d:vision)
edgard & os tais bamboo-le (far out/prominence)
donati rosa vaidosa (cool d:vision)

Part 2

donati antonio carlos (cool d:vision promo)
pieces of a dream it’s time for love
donati eu quero um samba (cool d:vision promo)
sharokh sound of k letting you go (compost promo)
nicola conte black is the graceful veil (schema)
shono juli 駅ニテ (cool d:vision promo)
afronaut nuevo rumbera
jorge ben/7 samurai sou sa pesada (poets club/prominence)
donati tempo (cool d:vision promo)
[re:jazz]/akiko twiggy twiggy (infracom promo…

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 5PM.Rodon95

Progressive Tunes SAT 18 OCT 2008

Part 1
1.Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot
2.Pan-Pot - Crank (Zander Vt Remix)
3.Pole Folder - Riverside (Mic Newman Remix)
4.Addy - Ethnic (Mike Haddad Royce Haven Remix)
5.Giorgos Gatzigristos - Boggling About The Future (Original Mix)
6.Tiger Stripes - Beacy Buggy (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
7.Daniel Portman - Immortal
8.Devilfish - Manaline (John Rundell Remix)
9.Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn (Special Berlin Calling Edition)

Part 2
1.Guy J - Esperanza
2.M83 - Couleurs (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)
3.Dousk - Blender (Original Mix)
4.Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Magik Is Future Dub Mix)
5.Paolo Mojo - Brooksong (Original Mix)
6.Avilo - Rubicon (Percs Green Assault Mix)
7.Ilario Alicante & Delete - Going Strait To Caracas
8.FLASHBACK: kiko - Monique (David Carretta Remix) 2002
Tετάρτη 15/10/08 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

1η ΩΡΑ
01.marc hellner-asleep on the wing(telefon tel aviv rmx), from cd "remixes compiled" 2007
02.mogwai-the precipice, from cd "the hawk is howling" 2008
03.him-what's up tonight, from cd "peoples" 2006
04.ten kens-y'all come back now, from cd "ten kens" 2008
05.britta phillips & dean waveham-knives from bavaria, from ep "sonic souvenirs" 2003

06.for reverend green, from lp "strawberry jam" 2007
07.people, from ep "people" 2007
08.did you see the words, from lp "feels" 2005
09.ficle cycle, from ep "grass" 2005
10.bat you'll fly, from cd "spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished" 2000

2η ΩΡΑ
11.trans am-futureworld, from cd "futureworld" 1999
12.modrec-art naive, from cd "art naive" 2008
13.barbara's straight son-looking up, falling down, from cd…
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 16/10/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Jessica Bailiff - Failing Yesterday
02 Cranes - Worlds
03 Pygmy Lush - God Condition
04 Ilium - Tan
05 Pit Er Pat - Copper Pennies
06 Matt Elliott - Desamparado
07 Maikotobranco - Time Machine
08 Kinn - Leuchtende
09 Middle 9 - Replique, Tableau
10 Mimas - Cats On Fire
11 Ride - Seagull
12 Fugazi - Blueprint

2η Ωρα
13 The Gun Club - Fire Spirit
14 Hater - Tot Finder
15 Heroin - Head cold
16 Travis - Murder Act II
17 Lullabye Arkestra - Ass worship
18 Taint - He Got Cop Eyes
19 Taint - Brainstorm Zombie Revival
20 Lucky Funeral - Cancer
21 These Arms Are Snakes - Woolen Heirs
22 These Arms Are Snakes - Red Line Season
23 These Arms Are Snakes - Cavity Carousel
24 Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
25 Bodychoke - Victim


tranzistor.gr - 15/10/2008

compiler : aggelos k.

stocholm syndrome - the longing
crystal stilts - shattered shine
black angels - doves
manhattan loves suicides - extra medication
white lies - unfinished business
nick cave - jesus on moon
bookhouse boys - shot you down
no age - eraser
religius knives - in a brooklyn after dark
ceremony - never love again
trushes -heartbeat
comet gain - beautiful despair
ten kens - refined
sic alps - description of the harbor
king khan and the srhines - land of the freak
the oh sees - ghost in the trees
a place to bury stranger - ocean

RECOLOUR THE CITY Radio Show : Playlist 13-10-2008

1st Hour:
1. A Perfect Circle - When The Levee Breaks2. Stateless - Inscape3. Burial - Etched Headplate4. Thom Yorke - And It Rained All Night5. Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs6. Ellen Alien & Apparat - Do Not Break7. Raz Ohara - Where He At (Apparat Remix)8. Nathan Fake - You Are Here (Four Tet Remix)9. Gotye - Heart's A Mess (Lull's Edit)10. People Press Play - Girl
2nd Hour:
1. Shout Out Louds - The Comeback (Big Slippa Remix)2. The Ting Tings - Great Dj3. The Streets - Fit But You Know It4. Santogold - Say Aha5. LCD Soundsystem - Give It Up6. Mystery Jets - Hideaway7. Hot Chip - Over And Over8. Vitalic - My Friend Dario9. Digitalism - Zdrlt (Rewind)10. Late Of The Pier - Space And Woods11. Foals - Hummer12. Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band - Ten Cities Beyond13. Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me14. She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want To Fall In Love15. Does It Offend You , Yeah? - Epic Last Song (Lifelike Remix)

flight sessions - episode 2

Episode 2: Night Visions
14/10/2008 - 22:30

Dali LIVE Guest Mix @ Rodon FM 95 Guest Mix Radio Show Supported By Dj Nova

Wednesday 15.10.0819:00 - 21:00gtm + 2www.rodonfm.netNick Christopoulos (dali)dj,producerBorn on June 15th 1986 in Thessaloniki,Greece. Nick Christopoulos aka (dali) started to be related with music since he was a young boy. At the age of 16, he first listened the sound of house and deep house and immediately became addicted to electronic & industrial music,but never been classifiedin one genre 'cause he has always had a unique and open style in music. His dj sets are really mysterious. Some parts future jazz and broken beat,some parts deep techno and pure minimal with colourfull melodies.... making,the identity of his sound unique!

Dj Nova's September 2008 Top 20

1. Donati – Beautiful Lover – Cool D:Visiom Promo*
3. Alister Johnson/Sacha Williamson – Invitation – CD-R*
4. Bamboos – Make It Real – Tru Thoughts Promo
5. Domu – Mistaken – Especial
6. Martin East Project/Afro Acid Rub – Some People – Kapa Promo*
7. Grooveman Spot – Neuralgia – Jazzy Sport
8. Ruckus Roboticus/Diesler – Here We Go – Grease Promo
9. Herbie Hancock/Mr Scruff – Wiggle Waggle – Verve/Giant Step Promo
10. Long Lost/Flying Lotus' Luckiest Charm – Woebegone – Ninja Tune Promo
11. Mo’ Horizons/7 Samurai – Kikiribu – Poets Club Promo
12. Dusty – Keep It Raw – Jazz & Milk Promo
13. Mop Mop/Valique – Locomotive – Infracom Promo*
14. Quasimode/Yukihiro Fukutomi – Land Of Freedom – Especial
15. Reel People/Kyoto Jazz Massive – It Will Be – Papa
16. Johnwaynes – Seaside – Compost Promo*
17. [Re:Jazz]/Kiko Navarro Alternative Mix – Gabrielle – Infracom Promo*
18. Sharokh Soun…

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 5PM.Rodon95

TracklistingPart 1
1.Echonomist - Sun Come Up In The Winter
2.Solomun - Don't Cry (Original Mix)
3.Unders&Drrie - 3 Days In Kazachstan (Chukie&Silvio Ecomo Remix)
4.Maniac - Nudity&Phlegm (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
5.Ramzus - Walking Time
6.Patrice Baumel - Flow
7.Lemon8 - New York New York (Patch Park Remix)
8.Alex Celler - Tour Blanche
9.Quiver - Chasin A Feeling (Glenn Morrison&Bruce Aisher Remix)

Part 2
1.Mason - The Ridge (Original Mix)
2.Ame - Rej (ATFC's Twin Cherries Edit)
3.Two Lone Swordsmen - Shack54 (Jet Project Remix)
4.Remo - Dreary Street (Original Mix)
5.Chris Liebing - Bangbop
6.Sultan&Ned Shepard - Block Party (D-Nox&Beckers Remix)
7.Sam Ball - Decent
8.FLASHBACK: Sinead O' Connor - Troy *Phoenix From The Flame* (John Creamer & StefanK Remix)
Tετάρτη 8/10/08 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

1η ΩΡΑ

01. the third eye foundation-in leeds with da weed, from "v.a. you gotta get more alive" cd 1999
02. matt elliot-the kursk, from "drinking songs" cd 2005
03. hood-useless, from "s\t" 7" 1997
04. mercury rev-butterfly's wing, from "snowflake midnight" cd 2008
05. magnetophone-benny's insobriety, from "the man who ate the man" cd 2005
06. the dryft-nuomena,from "ceiling sky" cd 2007
07. crescent/3rd eye foundation-superconstellation, from "in version" cd 1996
08. main-crater scar, from "motion pool" cd 1994

2η ΩΡΑ

09. garden box-the grief of sadness, from 's/t" cd 2003
10. bokomolech-openaire, from "slowburner" cd 1999
11. jackie O motherfucker-rockaway, from "Flags of the Sacred Harp" cd 2005
12. chimera-heals me (feels so strange), from "s/t" 7" 1992
13. library tapes-fragme…
Tετάρτη 01/10/08 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

01. garden box-you can't hurt it, from "s/t" cd 2003
02. 2 by bukowski-david dark, from "celine whisky3" 7" 2000
03. corker conboy-six for five, from "s/t" ep 2005
04. el hombre trajeado-l'amnsia, from "clyde whisky12" 7" 2000
05. mom-sound of joy, from "echo breath" cdr 2007
06. scanner-teenage wochen, from "s/t" ep 2006
07. cristian vogel-neon underground, from "station 55" cd 2005
08. laub-deinetwegen, from "s/t" cd 2007
09. pole-warum, from "steingarten" cd 2007
10. barbara's straight son-paws in handcuffs, from "randomness is not easy to achieve" cd 2008

11. flying saucer attack-sally free and easy, from "s/t" ep 1996
12. clear horizon-open road, "s/t" cd 2003
13. piana-something is lost, from "ephemeral" cd 2005
14. lovesliescrushing-glinq, from "chorus&…
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 09/10/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Neil Young - Home, Home On The Range
02 Castanets - Shadow valley
03 Minus the bear - Throwin' Shapes
04 Fonoda - Not dead, just sleeping (they are)
05 Aerial - Inverse current
06 Tearwave - Holding on
07 The Theory Of Abstract Light - Outside The World's Fair (1912)
08 Tenderloud - Pass Me By
09 Pennines - Pilot Holes
10 Joan Of Arc - Vine On A Wire
11 Relay - Season
12 Cop shoot cop - Feel Good
13 Dartz - The clandestine choir

2η Ωρα
14 Modrec - B Song
15 Karkwa - Le Compteur
16 Crystal Antlers - A thousand eyes
17 Shellac - Squirrel song
18 Deverova Chyba - Made in china
19 Black Helicopter - Bitch Move
20 Unwound - Corpse Pose
21 The Fall of Troy - Sledgehammer
22 Dirge - Proceed
23 Achilles - Sea level
24 Lento - Need


Nicola Conte Radio Show Playlist @ 08.10.08 By Dj Nova

this show is like a dj nova's dj set 99% pure jazz

Download Show:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2008.10.08.rar

Part 1

ithaamara koorax butterfly (irma)
nicola conte karma flower (schema)
patchworks you and me (cd-r)
nicola conte red sun (schema)
lizzy parks time (tru thoughts)
nicola paper clouds (schema)
donati terraquero (cool d:vision promo)
nicola conte awaking (schema)
jose james love
nicola conte like leaves in the wind (schema)
five corners quintet/nicola conte three corners
mondo grosso MG4BB
qualiton jazz ensemble night & day (cosmic sounds)
timo lassy high at noon

Part 2

nicola conte song of the seasons (schema)
quintetto lo greco idols (schema)
hajime yoshizawa celebration
shuya okino/sleepwalker danny krivit re:edit thank you
jazztronik/main theme alternative version miyagino
nicola conte/samba version nubian queens (schema)
intuit western sunrise (compost)
invisible session i’ll be your wings (schema)
bahama soul club/lack of afro sugar cane (buyu promo)
mop mop round table (infracom)

tranzistor.gr - 08/10/2008

tranzistor.gr - 08/10/2008
compiler : aggelos k.

black francis and two pale boys - monkey goes to heaven
mercury rev - dream of a young girl as a flower
john maus - through the skies for you
im from barcelona - music killed me
dino fellipe - chandaliers
la future pompiste - a way to exit

pale young gentleman - marvelous design
rosebuds - another night in
gary war - clouds went that way
ariel pink - l;estat
sigur ros - gobbledigook
mgmt - electric feel
telepathe - you aught to know
black moth super rainbow - we are the pagans
tobacco - hairy candy

RECOLOUR THE CITY Radio Show : Playlist 06-10-2008

1st Hour:1. Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back And Forth2. The Octopus Project - All Of The Champs That Ever Lived3. Yppah - We Aim4. Pinch - Get Up (Feat. Yolanda)5. 2562 - Moog Dub6. TRG - Broken Heart (Martyns Dcm Remix)7. Colder - Wrong Baby8. Ben Folds - The Frown Song9. Eels - Saturday Morning 10. Snake And Jets Amazing Bullit Band - Kolmilan11. Clinic - The Witch12. Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweetheart13. The National - Apartment Story
2nd Hour:1. Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen2. The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go3. Friendly Fires - Paris4. Lo-Fi-Fnk - City (Punks Jump Up Remix)5. Digitalism - Pogo6. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler7. The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful8. Be Your Own Pet - The Kelly Affair9. Bloc Party - Halo10. You Say Party! We Say Die! - Cold Hands! Hot Bodies!11. Justice VS Simian - We Are Your Friends12. Justice - Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Remix)13. The Futureheads - Skip To The End (Digitalism Remix)14. U.N.P.O.C. - Here On My Own

2nite We Fly

welcome to flight sessions...
07/10/2008 - 22:30
episode 1 - stories from the sea

Lennoir Mix Guest Mix Supported By Dj Nova

Rodon FM 95 Guest Mixes Radio ShowWednesday 08.10.0819:00 - 21:00 GTM + 2www.rodonf.net

Κωστας Αποστολοπουλος (Costantine Lennoir)

Συνθετης,Παραγωγος,Ενορχηστροτης,Programming,Μουσικος,DJ.Ιδρυτης και βασικο μελος των STEREOMATIC με το πετυχημενο cd "Το νεο κυμα remixes".Επισης ιδρυτης των STYLE NOIR,LIVE ΜΠΑΝΤΑΣ που παιζει ElectroJazz.Παλαιοτερα ειχε τους scopitone,group με το γνωστο IF YOU NEED ME,που ηταν διασκευη στο ΑΝ ΜΙΑ ΜΕΡΑ ΣΕ ΧΑΣΩ του Πασχαλη.DJ κυριως σε Nujazz,Neosoul,Freestyle,Εuropean Jazz μουσικες σε γνωστα bars της Αθηνας.

Part 1 "Cool Jazzy "Schematic"

1.Nuits de Solitude - STYLE NOIR 2007
2. Somethin' in my mouth (Sex'n'Jazz) - GARE DU NORD (LP-Sex'n'Jazz,) 2007
3. Make me sweat - 4 TO THE BAR (LP-Samba bianco,BLUNOVA) 2004
4. Why don't you do right - MARK MURPHY (MILESTONE)
6. When the world turns blue - YASUKO AGAWA,SUNAGA T EXPERIENCE Remix (LP-ReMode,VICTOR) 20…

Bamboos Radio Show Playlist @ 01.10.08 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2008.10.01.rar

Part 1

bamboos night sport (tru thoughts promo)
lack of afro touch my soul (freestyle/prominence)
dusty keep it raw (jazz & milk/prominence)
ottawa bros fuzzy logic (cast-a-blast)
bamboos funky buttercup (tru thoughts promo)
bahama soul club nassau jam (buyu/prominence)
ruckus roboticus/diesler here we go (grease promo)
mo’ horizons/7 samurai kikiribu (agogo/poets dub/prominence promo)
bamboos/ty can’t help myself (tru thoughts)
john arnold/mr scruff inside
bakura/domu mistaken (tremble o)
hybrid jazz booty shakers (cd-r)
herbie hancock/mr scruff wiggle waggle (verve/giant step)
bamboos/kylie auldist tears cried (tru thoughts promo)
new mastersounds/nostalgia 77 your love is mine (record kicks/tru thoughts/prominence)
kylie auldist just way (tru thoughts)
diplomats of solid sound soul connection (record kicks/prominence)

Part 2

incognito i’ve been waiting (dome/giant step)
jazznovation isn’t she lovely (sound of everything)
bamboos move on …

Musical Digest Radio Show: Playlist 10.05.08

1st hour:

01. Thriller - BBQ
02. Thievery Corporation - The Shining Path
03. Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation
04. Amy Winehouse - Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials Cover)
05. Amy Winehouse - Cupid (Sam Cooke Cover)
06. Amanda Palmer - Leeds United
07. Amanda Palmer - Guitar Hero (ft.East Bay Ray)
08. Cold War Kids - Mexican Dogs
09. Cold War Kids - Avalanche In B
10. The Hold Steady - One For The Cutters
11. The Hold Steady - Lord I'm Discouraged
12. The Decemberists - Days Of Elaine
13. The Decemberists - Record Year

2nd hour:

01. Johnny Cash - Hurt
02. CALLmeCAT - Bug in A Web
03. Scott Matthew - Prescription
04. Monika - I'm Not Young In My Youth
05. Prints - I Wanna Know
06. Glasvegas - Be My Baby (The Ronettes Cover)
07. iLiKETRAiNS - We Go Hunting
08. Coin - Ladies
09. Raining Pleasure - Our Father
10. Interpol - C' mere
11. Editors - The Racing Rats
12. Portishead - Nylon Smile (War Games Remix)
13. Soulwax - E Talking (Soulwax Nite Version)

Musical Digest Radio Show!
Every Sunday 18:0…

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 5PM.Rodon95

First Set:
1.Broker & Dealer - Midnight
2.Audio Soul Project - Return Flight (Julien Parise Remix)
3.Andreas Henneberg - Ask Your Druggist
4.Chaim - Africomania
5.Echonomist - IKA
6.Erik Entrena - Addicted (Oscar G Space Miami Remix)
7.D-Formation - D-4-One
8.D Diggler - Graviton (Johannes Heil Mix)
9.Alex Celler - Tour Blanche

Second Set:
1.Mark Romboy - Elien (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
2.Greg Cerrone - Darkness (Zoo Brazil Remix)
3.Minilogue - Carnival
4.Guy Gerber - Akropolis
5.Layo & Bushwacka - Now is the Time
6.Way Out West - Spaceman (Robert Babics Remix)
7.Blunt - Golden Lake (Djinx Vision)
8.Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance (Slam Paragraph Remix)
9.FLASHBACK:Lil Louis - French Kiss (1989)

If I Was A Balearic Dj I’d Be Playin’ Tunes Like This ... FREE DOWNLOAD Unofficial Mix By Nova

What is Balearic ?

Balearic is the coolest music movement in the 80's … Balearic isafro, disco, funk,Reggae, soul, punk, rock, new wave, ethnic, pop, Manchester, house, downbeat, ambient, dub, earth, sun, sand, a common secret, colour, nights, real groove, summer, sea, drugs, alternative culture, Ibiza, love, sex … Balearic is my way of life at late 80's, Balearic changed my life …. Balearic is UNITY !!!Balearic is if you love somebody … anybody …

The Mix

Downlaod Mix Here:http://www.sendspace.com/file/b85rws

01. Peter Gabriel - Don't Break This Rhythm - 1986
02. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - 1985
03. Talk Talk - Life Is What You Make It – 1986
04. Cure - Lullaby (12'') – 1989
05. Transglobal Underground – Templehead – 1991
06. St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall) – 1991
07. Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Andy Weatherall) - 1991
08. Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens - Kazet – 1988
09. Kwanza Posse - Wicked Funk (12'') – 199
10. Herb Alpert - Rotat…
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 02/10/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Arborea - red bird
02 Adem - Mojo Pin
03 Sierpinski - from sunday
04 Hood - Hood is Finished
05 Gore slut - Burnout
06 Birthmark - A Solitary Angle On The Confinement Of Doom
07 Tenebre - Painting Walls
08 Tortoise - Cornpone Brunch
09 UI - sleep hold
10 Fridge - Oram
11 This town needs guns - Rabbit
12 Plokk - Untitled 2

2η Ωρα
13 Giraffes?Giraffes! - When The Catholic Girls Go Camping, The Nicotine Vampires Rule Supreme.
15 Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead
16 Mogwai - Batcat
17 Mogwai - The Precipice
18 Lift to experience - Falling From Cloud 9
19 Jesu - Clear Stream
20 Battle of Mice - The Bishop
21 2 By Bukowski - Wild Manner


tranzistor.gr - 01/10/2008

dj : aggelos k.

playlist :

talk - three way switch
sunset - zombies
bang gang - i know you sleep
beangrowers - untitled forever
tv on the radio - halfway home
islands - pieces of you
sonic youth - stones
indian jewerly - swans
animal collective - street flash
telepathe - islands
volcano - slow jam
apollo sunshine - singing to the earth
coral - shadows fall
bookhouse boys - dead

If I Was A Balearic Dj I’d Be Playin’ Tunes Like This Mix Official Mix 001 By Dj Nova @ RODON FM 95 Guest Mixes Radio Show

Wednesday 01.10.08
20:00 - 21:00 GTM +2

this is my first official guest mix for Guest Mixes radio show, and will be my first ever official FREE download mix during the next days. This mix has an afro italo disco syndrome which mixed with top afro funk acid jazzy groovy downtempo balearic underground tracks, i don't know if balearic djs played that italo disco hidden diamonds there at the 80's but if i was surely i'd be playin' it ...
If you wanna taste my balearic sound follow the links:


hope you will enjoy the soundz of S U M ME R that u can't hear from other people around ... Yours Dj Nova

If I Was A Balearic Dj I’d Be Playin’ Tunes Like This Mix …

Official Mix 001:

01. Daniele Losi - Tom Tom Beat (Special Afro Mix) - 1985
02. Helen - Zanzibar…

Arvin Homa Aya (Tokyo/JP) + Malena Perez (New York/US) Live Interview @ Rodon FM 95 Studio Radio Show Playlist @ 24.09.08 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2008.09.24.rar

Part 1

kaori love is stronger than pride
malena perez tomorrow (cubanita groove/giant step)
freetempo/arvin homa aya birds
yasuko agawa/kyoto jazz massive more & more
malena perez free to fly (cubanita groove/giant step)
pez/arvin homa aya black skyline
mary sweet pain
malena perez surrender (cubanita groove/giant step)
mika arisaka next life
daishi dance/arvin homa aya prologue of love
arlie special day
malena perez/osunlade praise the day (cubanita groove/giant step)

Part 2

alister johnson/sasha williamson invitation (cd-r)
nicola conte love is (schema)
takeshi nakatsuka your voice (TEST)
jazztronik/arvin homa aya living high part 2
quasimode/yukihiro fukutomi the land of freedom
malena perez confession (cubanita groove/giant step)
arvin homa aya/kentaro takizawa you can make it shine
kentaro takizawa/jade sweet love (flower)
malena perez surrender (cubanita groove/giant step)
jazztronik/incognito sweet rain
shuya okino/roots soul summer lov…