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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Μάρτιος, 2009

Dj Nova's March 2009 Top 20

1. Cayetano – Doppelganger – Etage Noir Promo*

Track from Cayetano’s upcoming album at etage noir label, the ‘’big rise’’ of an artist who his horizons are wider than what our eyes and thoughts can see and think. ‘’The Big Fall’’ comes among an active worldwide fall and prooves the precious talent of my fave greek artist. Is it a soundtrack, a global document, a expensive voyage, i really don’t know. I only know the sence of smoked argentinian bar, the iberican colours and lights of a life full of suprices, the thirsty sence of watching a film, of getting ready 2 find another love, another place, another time. Dope beats, fusion sax adventures, piano melodies are coming and go in a balanced harmony like the old gramophone at ‘’Doppelganger’’ offers a déjà vu that only can feel in you dreams.

2. Quiet Nights Orchestra – Helsinki – Promo*
3. Scallymatic Orchestra/Jazzinvanders – All I Can Give – Flyin’ High Promo*
4. Bahama Soul Club – Serious Soul – Buyu Promo*
5. Aliftree – Aurevoir – C…

Night & Day CD Compilation By Dj Nova @ izitrax

Dj Nova's Compilation Night & Day is already a collector item
but easily you can some of the last copies from Athens biggest quality music on-line shop http://www.izitrax.com/ http://www.izitrax.com/default.asp?pid=27&la=2&itm=598
01. Was A Bee On A Clear Day
02. Soulstance Moon Vision
03. Frank Montis A Façade
04. Big Bang Summer Fields
05. Nature's Plan Broken Samba (Electric Mix)
06. Sabrina Malheiros Passa (Venom)
07. Alessandro Oliviero Higher Skies
08. Carla Alexandar E Assim
09. Metropolitan Jazz Affair Chasing Places
10. Koom.H Come To Me
11. S-Tone Inc Naked Ground (Paolo Fedreghini)
12. Shur-I-Kan Searching
13. Slow Train Soul Naturally
14. Alison Dewar Softly,As In A Morning Sunrise
14. Leo Cecari Close


Janski (Official Night & Day Net Reviewer)/FIN
Night & Day is a solid, solid, compilation. If you dig the new wave of jazz and club sounds, it's a must hear.
Andy Allen (Abstract Soul)/UK
this fifteen track selection focuses on some of the top …

Nova Planet Radio Show TRACK OF THE MONTH MARCH 2009

Christos Kedras "Sweet Temptation" (KAPA MUSIC/LA/US) is already in the top-20 downloads on traxsource just 5 days after it was made available! CHECK:http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=32026

Progressive Tunes Every Saturday 5PM On Rodon95 FM


Part 1:

1.David Pher - Harare (Original Mix)
2.Marco Carola - Plaster (Original Mix)
3.Brian Far - Billy Bought A Laser (Pan-Pot Remix)
4.Christian Burkhardt - Tape It
5.Toki Fuko - Click
6.Gui Boratto - Ballroom
7.Gary Beck - Consumed (Edit-Select Remix)
8.Dale Howard - Medula Oblongata
9.Alex Q - Mejis (Estroe Remix)

Part 2:

1.Trentemoller Vs Dj Lab - Rauta (Girl Remix)
2.Camea - Computer Says Love (Alexi Delano Remix)
3.Simon Flower - Phosphenes (Efdemin Remix)
4.Mattias Meyer - Reichenbach (Boogie Drama Remix)
5.Chelonis R Jones Vs Mark Romboy - The Beat (Mark Romboy & Dimitri Andreas Remix)
6.Mr G - Makes No Senses (Original Mix)
7.Jerome Isma ae - Smile When You Kill Me (Original Mix)
8.Sin Plomo - Desierto

Part 3: Guest Mix Christian Cambas

No Tracklisting
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 26/03/2009

1η Ωρα
01 Pantaleimon - Born Into You
02 Bonnie Prince Billy - My Life's Work
03 Pia Fraus - Birds Still Swing
04 2L8 - Nameless Faces
05 2L8 - You walk on empty streets now (Part I)
06 2L8 - You walk on empty streets now (Part II)
07 2L8 - Excuse me, but I just have to explode (Part II)
08 Plokk - Untitled 3
09 Trumans Water - Wealth In A Flask
10 Astronauta - Punto de Partida
11 Polvo - Rock/Post Rock

2η Ωρα
12 Faith No More - Last Cup Of Sorrow
13 Hitch - Pull your weight
14 Blind Place - Control burst
15 Dove - On A Mission
16 VHK(Galloping Coroners) - Battle Of The Huns
17 Melissa - One Inch Man(Kyuss cover)
18 Sunferno - Gardenia(Kyuss cover)
20 KTU - Miasmaa
21 Johnboy - Sourmouth
24 llorah - echos

Tεταρτη 25/3/09 ωρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα
entrance - lost in the dark, album: prayer of death , label: Tee Pee 2006

the december sound - never, album: sametitled (Silver Album), label: not on label 2008

signer - your ears across the fences, album: the new face of smiling, label: involve/carpark 2004

main - flametracer, album: hydra-calm, label: situation two 1992

2l8 - nameless faces, album: he & she angry enough to keep loving in the dark ages, label: inner ear 2008

tussle - night of the hunter, album: cream cuts, label: smalltown supersound 2008

arp - potentialities, album: in light, label: smalltown supersound 2007

jonas reinhardt - how to adjust people, album: sametitled, label: kranky 2008

animal collective - guys eyes, album: merriweather post pavilion, label: domino 2009

sun araw - hey mandala!(edit), album:Split lp w/Predator Vision, label: not not fun 2009

lard free - tatkooz a roulette, album: i'm around about midnight, label: vamp…

Aliftree Radio Show Playlist @ 18.03.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2009.03.18.rar

Part 1

tam tam nightscape (music for speakers)
frederic galliano multiples un
alif tree i feel blue (compost)
aliftree aurevoir (compost)

felix laband minka (compost)
alif tree melismes extatiques (compost)
zwicker dragon fly (compost promo)
aliftree dead flowerz (compost)
minus 8 winter tales (compost promo)
pat metheny electric counterpoint (bbe)
aliftree reality (compost)
cayetano paint my day with black (etage noir promo)
avril double mind
aliftree not gonna waste my time (compost)
andrea halberg sometimes
kinny water for chocolate (tru thoughts promo)

Part 2

aliftree que tu (compost)
scallimatic orchestra do it again (flyin’ high promo)
metropolitan jazz affair bird of spring (infracom)
duran y garcia heavy piano (irma)
mop mop i wish i was in hell (infracom)
quantic & his combo barbaro un canto a mi tiera (tru thoughts/giant step promo)
azaxx pygmy ballad (tru thoughts)
paul murphy calypso redub (cd-r)
aliftree mai (compost)
beanfield cargo…

Yorgos Vakoufis playlist 21-3-2009

First hour
1. Sambassadeur - Something To Keep
2. The Unisex - Pigs And Their Farms
3. Tindersticks - The Flicker Of A Little Girl (live)
4. Sharleen Spiteri - I'm Going To Haunt You
5. Acid House Kings - 7 Days
6. The Wedding Present - Perfect Blue
7. The Waterboys - She Tried To Hold Me
8. TV on the Radio - Red Dress
9. Doves - Kingdom Of Rust
10. Film - Montage
11. Metric - Sick Muse
12. Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On
13. Chris Eckman with Anita Lipnicka - Who Will Light Your Path?
14. Abbie Gale - Over The Wall

Second hour
1. Pelle Carlberg - Pamplona
2. Mojave 3 - Breaking The Ice
3. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Today's Lesson
4. Hatcham Social - Murder In The Dark
5. Howling Bells - Digital Hearts
6. The Lucksmiths - Day Three of Five
7. The Veils - Sit Down By The Fire
8. The Church - The Coffee Song
9. Monika - Over The Hill
10. Guillemots - Falling Out Of Reach
11. Arid - Lost Stories (Run Away with You)
12. Bat For Lashes - Daniel
13. The Dining Rooms - Free To Grow (S-Tone Inc Remix)
14. Client …

monika live !



Χορηγός Επικοινωνίας : Ρόδον Fm


Η Μόνικα, το πρόσωπο που συζητήθηκε περισσότερο από κάθε άλλο μέσα στο 2008, ξεκίνησε την πρώτη της χειμερινή περιοδεία με αλλεπάλληλα sold out όχι μόνο σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη αλλά και σε όλες τις πόλεις της περιφέρειας που εμφανίσθηκε. Την Κυριακή 22 Μαρτίου, η Μόνικα θα εμφανιστεί στο BAR OTRO στις Σέρρες.
Η Monika κατάφερε με τον πρώτο της δίσκο να δημιουργήσει την κατηγορία “αγγλόφωνη θηλυκή τραγουδοποιός – τραγουδίστρια” στην Ελλάδα και να μας κάνει να πιστέψουμε ξανά στις δυνατότητες της ελληνικής ροκ σκηνής. Ξεκινώντας την πρώτη της χειμερινή περιοδεία, θα εμφανιστεί στις Σέρρες με την μπάντα της (τύμπανα, μπάσο, κιθάρα, τσέλο, πιάνο), με όλα φυσικά τα τραγούδια του «Avatar» αλλά και διασκευές που θα ξαφνιάσουν.
Με προπομπό το single «Over The Hill», η Μonika συστήθηκε δισκογραφικά στο Ελληνικό κοινό τον Μάιο του 2008 με πρώτο album το «Avatar» που κυκλοφόρησε στην Archangel Music. Οι προσδοκίες για …
Tεταρτη 11/3/09 ωρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

flakes - yem?, album: lick your fingers if you like it, label: inner ear 2008

2l8 - patience (part II & III), album:He & She Angry Enough to keep loving in the Dark Ages, label: inner ear 2008

mary & the boy/felizol - timemachine, album: timemachine, label: inner ear 2009

monika - over the hill, album: Avatar, label: archangel music 2008

the prefabricated quartet - thieves, album: 3είς στιγμές O.S.T, label: run devil run

your hand in mine - the youngesy one had a rose in his mouth, album: Electronica Unplugged 2, label: aerotone 2007

the fuzzy nerds - plastic, album: mirror phase, label: tmc music 2009

the fuzzy nerds - remember me, album: demo 199?

Fantastikoi Hxoi - etos 2525, album:Kyriarxoi Tou Sympantos, label: self released 2008

excepter - sunrise, album: debt dept., label: paw tracks 2008

throbbing gristle - what a day, album: live volume 3, label: their label 1979

cabaret voltaire - sensoria, alb…
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 19/03/2009

1η Ωρα
01 Entertainment for the braindead - Fences
02 K.C. Accidental - Residental Love Song
03 Hayvanlar Alemi - Med Cezir
04 Joan Of Arc - Flowers
05 Great Eskimo Hoax - Rugged Mountain Beard
06 Ma cherie for painting - Naeu
07 Sholi - November Through June
08 Saboteur - A Cabbage White
09 1000mods - Desert Side Of Your Mind
10 And The Lefthanded - Rocket Rock
11 Madensuyu - Tread On Tread Light

2η Ωρα
12 Amesoeurs - Heurt
13 Hand of Fatima - Tatari
14 If these trees could talk - Rebuilding the Temple of Artemis
15 Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes - Penumbra
17 Kylesa - scapegoat
18 Kylesa - Unknown awareness
19 Kylesa -To walk alone
20 B.Abuse - Und das ende


haunted live

+ BIOS + SENSELESS Σάββατο 28 Μαρτίου 2009 - 21:30To σχήμα που γεννήθηκε το 1996 από τις στάχτες των AtTheGates έχει χαράξει την δικιά του μοναδική πορεία στον χώρο του ακραίου metal. Μία πορεία που αρχίζει με το φερώνυμο τους άλμπουμ το οποίο τους έχρισε Καλύτερο Πρωτοεμφανιζόμενο Συγκρότημα σε πλειάδα metal εντύπων και του απονεμήθηκε ο τίτλος του Άλμπουμ Της Χρονιάςαπό το περιοδικό Terrorizer.Τηνανοδική τροχιά του ντεμπούτου τους ακολούθησε τόσο το “TheHauntedMadeMeDoIt” με το οποίο κέρδισαν το Σουηδικό Grammy για το Καλύτερο Hard

We Wana Dance

Οι Locomondo, η δημοφιλής Reggae-Ska μπάντα, έρχονται και φέτος στο Principal Club Theater, το Σάββατο 21 Μαρτίου 2009.

Οι Locomondo, είναι γνωστό, ότι σε κάθε τους live δημιουργούν ατμόσφαιρα γιορτής και ανεβάζουν τη διάθεση των θεατών στα ύψη. Με ήχους από την Καραϊβική, την Κούβα, τη Τζαμάικα πλεγμένους με ελληνικούς και αγγλικούς στίχους στα τραγούδια τους, οι Locomondo μας ταξιδεύουν με τη μουσική τους και την ενέργεια τους σε μέρη που θυμίζουν καλοκαίρι, ξεγνοιασιά και όμορφες στιγμές!
Στη συναυλία, φυσικά θα ακούσουμε όλα τα αγαπημένα τραγούδια, τη «φραγοσυριανή», του Μάρκου Βαμβακάρη, το «καραπιπερίμ» του Παπαϊωάννου, -εξαιρετικά διασκευασμένα- και πολλά τραγούδια από τη δισκογραφική δουλειά τους, ("Ένας τρελός κόσμος", "12 μέρες στην Jamaica", “Me wanna dance”, "Γαμήλιο πάρτι”) σε ένα καταπληκτικό και κεφάτο πρόγραμμα στο Principal Club Theater!
We wanna dance!

Οι Locomondo είναι οι:
Μάρκος Κούμαρης - φωνή, κιθάρα
Γιάννης Βαρνάβας - φωνή, κιθάρα
Σταμάτης Γ…

The Better Way Of Spending An Hour Mix By Janski @ Rodon FM 95 Guest Mixes Radio Show Supported By Dj Nova

http://www.rodonfm.net/ www.myspace.com/janskia Wednesday 18.03.09 20:00 - 21:00 GTM + 2 The Juju Orchestra - What Is Hip? :: Agogo Sivuca - Ain't No Sunshine :: Vanguard Mandrake Som - Soul Samba :: EMI Hector Costita Sexteto - Tokio :: Far Out Tenório Jr. - Consolação :: Bomba Una Mas Trio - Son Montuno :: Agogo Toco - Guarapiranga :: Schema Seun Kuti - Don't Give that Shit to Me :: tôt Ou tard Bjarne Rostvold - Folk Music :: Ricky-Tick Stanley Turrentine & Milt Jackson - Speedball :: CTI T. Miyama & The New Herd - Sunday Thing :: Three Blind Mice The Otto Donner Threatment - Lähtisin Taas Matkalle :: Love High Society Brothers - Don't Spill the Wine :: Port Arthur

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 14-3-2009

1. Minipop - Butterflies
2. Snow Patrol - Take Back The City
3. House Of Fire - Walking Along The Sun
4. Winterpills - You Don't Love Me Yet
5. The Sleepy Jackson - Play A Little Bit For Love
6. The Kills - U.R.A. Fever
7. Howling Bells - Treasure Hunt
8. The Subways - Alright
9. Atomic - Im A Man
10. The Dylans - No Coming Down
11. Art Brut - Mysterious Bruises
12. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Sometimes Always
13. Belle And Sebastian - Like Dylan In The Movies
14. Abbie Gale - Lovesong
15. De Rosa - Nocturne For An Absentee
16. Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
17. Trash Can Sinatras - Obscurity Knocks
18. The Raconteurs - Many Shades of Black
19. Loquat - Sit Sideways
20. King Creosote - No Way She Exists
21. Stars - Soft Revolution
22. The Whitest Boy Alive - Intentions
23. Holiday For Strings - Two Of You
24. Beep Beep - Return To Me
25. Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines - Money to Burn
26. Golden Silvers - True Romance
27. J.J. Cale - Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
28. Depeche Mode - Wrong
29. Fischerspooner - …

Μουσικό Μακροβούτι - 10/03/2009

Κάθε Τρίτη απόγευμα 7 – 9
Με τον Κυριάκο Σκορδά

Βουτάμε χειμώνα καλοκαίρι στα φρέσκα νερά της σύγχρονης ροκ και όχι μόνο μουσικής.
Μακριά από τις ρηχές επαναλήψεις
Μακριά από τα απόνερα των μουσικών βιομηχανιών…

Στη 2η εκπομπή του Μάρτή παίξαμε τα εξής:

Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 12/03/2009

1η Ωρα
01 Sleepingdog - Sunshine daylight
02 Mountain Apple Epidemic - Fenced in Heavens
03 Once Dreamt - Birds
04 Magic People - The Pigeon and the Eggs
05 Doug Scharin & Joe Goldring - Incubate A Sausage
06 Cougar - Stay Famous
07 Cougar - Rhinelander
08 Cougar - Appomattox
09 Cursive - Mama, I'm Satan
10 Meet me in st louis - The Kid Who Had His Ear Slapped by the Druggies

2η Ωρα
11 Alarma Man - High Tech Towers
12 At dusk - In the Background
13 Linda martini - Partir para ficar
14 Catena Collapse - Since Sliced Bread
15 Head of david - I'll Fall At Your Feet
16 Surgery - Vibe out
17 Cable - Shovel's progress
18 Hot Snakes - Hatchet Job
19 Irreversible - ...And Beyond The Infinite
20 Intronaut - Any port


Irma Radio Show Uno Playlist @ 11.03.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://digestmusic.com/novaplanet/2009.03.11.rar

Part 1

aliftree aurevoir (compost)
minus 8 enigma of a summer dream (compost promo)
soul etico/fatti special jazz mix two hearts together (irma)
last minister feel free (irma)
typhons nightlife (irma)
dusty keep it raw (jazz & milk)
stee downes what is wrong with groovin’ (sonar kollektiv)
sonic family/jazz dream mix never stop dreamin (irma)
tameka starr/dj art version going in circles (irma)

cayetano dopperlanger (etage noir promo)
aretha fraklin/blacksoulremix rock a lott (blacksoulremix)
sharon jones how long do i have to wait for you
kekkotronics & ltj gimme the funk (irma)
national rare grooves/play that sax mix talking to you (irma)

scallimatic orchestra all i can give (flyin’ high promo)
jazzanova/suonho i can see (cd-r)

Part 2

jet tricks free (legere)
sabo & zeb rise again (irma)
kekkotronics & ltj first job (irma)
shiffers asa niri mana (irma)
tzeni vanou/stereomatic i sklava (lyra promo)
tape five a view to a kill (chin…

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 7-3-2009

01. Mo Horizons - Lovely Day Today (Jazz Juice Remix)
02. The New Mastersounds Feat Corinne Bailey Rae - Your Love Is Mine (Fred Everything Mix)
03. Waldeck - Make My Day
04. Olivia - Close To You
05. Nat Kendall - Exactly Right There
06. Mary And The Boy/Felizol - You, You, You
07. 3-11 Porter - The Loneliest Night On Earth
08. Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge
09. Goldfrapp - Caravan Girl
10. Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You
11. Hugo Race + True Spirit - We Create Tomorrow
12. Butcher Boy - Clockwork
13. James - Boom Boom
14. The Model Spy - Assassin Romantique
15. The Veils - Sit Down By The Fire
16. Army Navy - Unresponsive Ears
17. The Lodger - Falling Down
18. The Upsidedown - Number Twenty Nine
19. Bell X1 - The Great Defector
20. Howling Bells - Digital Hearts
21. The Bishops - Train Won't Stop
22. Cajun Dance Party - Amylase
23. Cursive - Caveman
24. Belleisle - Flowers And Coffee
25. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
26. Sugah Galore - B.A.N.G.I.N.G.
27. Lack of Afro - The Outsider
28. Torpedo Boyz - The N…

tranzistor.gr - 11/03//2009

dj : maria pappa

part 1 ( a mix for larry gus)

quarq ft a line of cosmetics - lightworks in ways of dualism
black dice - vegetable
monsters at work - magic morning
larry gus - loto mafam
mort garson - i ching
larry gus - friends with callisto
harmonic 313 - kόln
tonio rubio - royal shuffle no 1
the gaslamp killer ft gonjah sufi - a duet

part 2

exile - population control
harmonic 313 - arc light
rustie - zigzag
the samps - mashed skins
hudson mohawke - overnight
flying lotus - gng bng
dr who dat? - cosmic congo
starkey - miracles
zomby - rumors and revelations

Timmy Stewart (Elevation) Proton Guest Mix @ Rodon FM Guest Mixes Supported By Dj Nova

Wednesday 11.03.09 20:00 - 21:00 GTM + 2
www.myspace.com/elevationrecordings www.myspace.com/djtimmystewart Fred Everything - Introduction Volta & Salvatore Freda - Bombolone Christian Burkhardt -Tide Shahrokh Sound Of K - See The Light (Franck Roger's Earthrumental Mix) Danny Fido & Affkt - Points Benny Rodrigues & Kapuchon - The Finger Guillaume &The Coutu Dumonts - Sous L'Arbre Jova - African People 5pmReboot - Three Rows James Talk - Yucca (Timmy Stewart Rmx) Roska - Gone To A Better Place Arveene & Misk - The Latin Piano Jet Project - Tooth N BoneSten - Urban Savana Stimming - For A Friend

Azaxx Radio Show Playlist @ 04.03.09 By Dj Nova

Part 1

azaxx smoothly morning (tru thoughts promo)
agore blue (logos promo)
azaxx autumn dreamy (tru thoughts promo)
nossa alma canta so de nos dois (good ear)
matthias vogt trio the fifth day (infracom promo)
john daly tunnel vision (drumpoet community promo)
azaxx coco nuts bay (tru thoughts promo)
altered native rass out (fresh minute promo)
jazztronaughts gotta beat it (broadcite promo)
azaxx happy mango (tru thoughts promo)
dusty salsa step (jazz & milk)
jazztronik j.t.k
christos kedras sweet sensation (kappa music promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
sumo/pepe link dub mystic drum (lovemonk promo)
domu what’s your number
stee downes/diesler movement (sonar kollektiv)

Part 2

azaxx beach mambo (tru thoughts promo)
azaxx ooba ooba (tru thoughts promo)

tm juke/wyndham earl remix pencils for dolphins (tru thoughts)
nat king cole/michaelangelo l'acqua brazilian love song (capitol/giant step)
victor duplaix/raga mix make a baby (bbe)
simon s a free soul (futuristica promo)
azaxx zorbanissimo (tru thoughts promo)
Tεταρτη 4/3/09 ωρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

the kilimanjaro dark jazz ensemble - pearls for swine, album: sametitled, label: planet mu 2006

tank - nord nord quest, album: bedtime for rio, label: earworm 2000

ma cherie for painting - eurosports funf, album: tony adam's tape 7", label: roisin recordings 1998

the low frequency in stereo - solar system, album: futuro, label: rune grammofon 2009

bailter space - the state, album: thermos, label: flying nun 1989

spectrum meets captain memphis - when tomorrow hits(mudhoney), album: indian giver, label: birdman 2008

the freed unit - widdershins, album:sametitled 7", label: pickled egg 1998

fever ray - if i had a heart, album: if i had a heart 7", label: rabid 2009

hood - i can't find my brittle youth####1, album: split 7" w/steward, label: jonathon whiskey 1999

lackluster - machine drum(rmx), album: showcase, label: merck 2003

my first trumpet - happy plingi, album: frerk, label: aerot…
Progressive Tunes SAT 7 Mar 2009

Part 1:

1.Mutant Clan - Inside
2.Christian Vance - Tiger Snake
3.Eelke Kleijn & Francesco Pico - On The Fly
4.James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan - Katabatic
5.Channel X - Ticket
6.Shik Stylko - China
7.Moonbeam - speak With Angels (Original Mix)
8.Moonbeam - Nature (Garnica Rain Remix)

Part 2:

1.Laurent Garnier - Panoramix (Original Mix)
2.Guy Gerber - Timing
3.Fergie - Anon (The Jet Project Remix)
4.Timo Maas - Subtellite (Sharam Remix)
5.Bansi & Riktam - Green Space
6.Topsin & Andy Fink & Matuss - Modena (Manuel De La Mare Bologna Remix)
7.Chris Liebing - Turbular Chord (Original Mix)
8.Slam - Ghost Song (Joris Voorn Remix)
Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 05/03/2009

01 Grouper - Invisible
02 Atlas Sound - Recent bedroom
03 Gregor Samsa - Young And Old
04 Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - Lies
05 The Prefabricated Quartet - The beginning of a Truce
06 The Prefabricated Quartet - Thieves
07 The Prefabricated Quartet - Perseverance
08 Poem Rocket - Ileah (don't kill, u.s., just because you can)
09 Universe 217 - Harmless
10 Tank - Kino art
11 Cloudland Canyon - Krautwerk

12 Telstar Ponies - Terrible night
13 Kitchens Of Distinction - Sand On Fire
14 Anaura - The Expectant Wake-Up Call
15 Helen Stellar - Compulsion
16 Stafraenn hakon - Glussi
17 Sweep The Leg Johnny - Las Cruces
18 Vaz - Headless statute
19 Hella - Hand that rocks the cradle
20 Amen Ra - Ritual


Παλαιότερες playlists


tranzistor.gr - 04/03//2009

tranzistor.gr - 22:00-23:00
dj : aggelos k.

mix :

lepage - talking to plants
benji hughes - you stood me up
clairfit - bruises
belleruche - minor swing
nostaligia 77 - soothing the rattlesnake
kitephonics - sunshots
larrygus - girl you're no failure
quantic - disco caribe
radiohead - nude (nteibint remix)
depeche mode - oh well
rolling stones - you cant always what you want
sore eros - smile on your face
camera obscura - french navy
samps - magnetic thys
mzo bullet - cassablanca
gary war - zontag

Dj Nova's February 2009 Top 20

1. Dusty – An Exotic Breed – Jazz & Milk Promo

Track from Dusty’s ‘’Keep It Raw’’ Debut Album

2. Azaxx – Beach Mambo – Tru Thoughts Promo*
3. Agore – Blue – Logos Promo*
4. Matthias Vogt Trio – The Fith Day – Infracom Promo*
5. Stonephace – Five Miles High – Tru Thoughts Promo*
6. Simon S – A Free Soul EQ'd – Futuristica Promo*
7. Uschi Classen – Colour of Sunshine – Broadcite Promo*
8. Lost Men – Pace Of Mind – Drumpoet Community Promo*
9. Steel Downes/Diesler Remix– Movement – Sonar Kollektiv Promo*
10. Chip Wickham – Feelin' Alright – Lovemonk Promo
11. Laura Vane And The Vipertones – Man Of Your Word – Social Beats Promo*
12. Orgatronics/Deela Remix – Footprints – Freestyle Promo*
13. Makala – Cartoon Toon – Lovemonk Promo
14. Souled – Take Care – Fresh Minute Promo*
15. Altered Native/Souled Remix – Bullet Blade – Fresh Minute Promo*
16. Marbert Rocel/Part Time Heroes – The Pack – Compost Promo*
17. Jazz Chronicles – Untitled Suite– Futuristica Promo*
18. Steve Mill – Modele Partouze– …

η ελένη μητσιάκη (elafini) @ guest mixes

Tην Τετάτη 4 Μαρτίου στις 19:00 καλεσμένη στην εκπομπή guest mixes η ελένη μητσιάκη.ακουστε ''ζωντανά" τις μουσικές της επιλογές στο www.rodonfm.net.
Από τότε που θυμάμαι τον εαυτό μου, ο ήχος των πλήκτρων του πιάνου συντρόφευε κάθε σκέψη και κίνησή μου. Ατελείωτες ώρες μελέτης και σύνθεσης κατάφεραν να ξεπεράσουν τον κατά καιρούς καθωπρεπισμό των ωδείων, να ισορροπήσουν πάνω σε τελείως διαφορετικά μουσικά ακούσματα και τελικά να ανακαλύψουν την πραγματική ομορφιά της μουσικής χωρίς ταμπέλες. Σύντομα, ο ήχος του πληκτρολογίου του υπολογιστή άρχισε απειλητικά να κλέβει χρόνο από αυτόν των πλήκτρων του πιάνου και η σύνθεση και εκτέλεση μουσικής αντικαταστάθηκε από μια νέα ανάγκη.
Την περιγραφή της μουσικής με λέξεις, στα
και (κυρίως) στα περιοδικά Muzine και Project Amoeba;
the mixtape :
1st hour :
1. Antony & The Johnsons - Dust and Water (2:50)
2. My Brightest Diamond - To Pluto's Moon (6:49)
3. Glissando - Grekken (4:47)
4. Dear Euphoria …