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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Νοέμβριος, 2009

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM


Part: 0171

1.Ultraviolet - Kites (Pete Gooding Remix)
2.Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
3.Alexkid - Celi Dub Dos
4.Neuroxyde - Yebo Yebo (Aki Bergen & Doomwork Dub Mix)
5.Florian Kruse - Be Active (Dub Mix)
6.Nick Curly - Bulgaria
7.Pietro Coppola - Sync Panic
8.Daniel Portman - Virtual Suicide (Original Mix)
9.Tomy De Clerque - Loky (Taster Peter's Rollercoaster Remix)
10.Steve Mac - After Sundown (Original Mix)

Part: 0172

1.Empire Of The Sun - Walking Of A Dream (Ben Watt Remix)
2.2000 And One - Burnin Dub (D'Juls Remix)
3.Gabriel Ananda - Afu 3
4.Yakine - Baharia (Nima Gorji Remix)
5.Daniel Sanchez - Kites (Karotte Remix)
6.Liefko - Free YTour Mind (Beaweasels Lazy Dub)
7.Silent Servant - Discipline
8.Silent Servant - Demonstration
9.Bent - As You Fall (Guy J Remix)


GKF 072 Deepy Grooves Vol. 2 (Gotta Keep Faith/IT)

Thanks God excist digital music. Multi:style:d 18 tracks compilation by Italy’s finest soulful & deep house label. One year after the first one Gotta Keep Faith is releasing the Deepy Grooves Vol. 2. A lot of unreleased stuff, new remixes and back catalogue Gotta Keep Faith releases plus some New Dimension Music (NYC’s Jeremias Santiago, Joseph & Henry Maldonado) included tunes creates one of the must have digital compilation of underground house music this year. New sign up artist of Gotta Keep Faith called Blaq Jaq with 3 tracks and many many unreleased before. One personal highlights are the galactic soulful lovesong ‘’Cosmic Love’’ by Nu Larisa Soul, the cosmic moroder italo Steve Paradise’s ‘’Play My Bells’’, percussion illusion of Monsieur Cedric with sexy voice of Missy Blue ‘’Music is (Deep Y'All Dub)’’ in a 2008 remix, Georg Neufeld’s breakdowness deep uptempo physchodelic synthed ‘’I Feel For You’’, Joey’s a.k.a. Jozsef Keller ‘’The Sun Up’’ introduction to the s…

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM


Part 0169:

1.From Karaoke To Stardom - Lick A Rimshot
2.Perc - Metalogic Bouncer
3.Sebrok - The Most Dangerous Game (Pan-Pot Remix)
4.Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx - Cameleon (Pfirter Remix)
5.Harvey Mc Kay - Disturb The Bird (Gary Beck Remix)
6.Chris Liebing - Discombobulated
7.Rave Brothers - Samim (Part 1)
8.Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young - 7th Seal (A.Mochi Remix)
9.Damabiah - Sur Les Genoux D Lautomne (Ryan Davis Remix)
10.Northern Lite - Cocaine (Timo Maas Remix)

Part 0170:

1.Daniel Steinberg - Bailando (Original Mix)
2.Brendon Moeller - The Boost
3.Brotherhood - Memorial Smith (JJ 'S Piano Mix By Less)
4.Deetron - Orange
5.David Scaloni - Technida (Umek Remix)
6.Gary Beck - Zenith (Original Mix)
7.Julius And Slimboys Two - Under Pressure (Reverse Mix)
8.Kim Fai - Haikou (Original Club mix)
9.Way Out West feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Only Love (Jerome Isma-Ae Mix)

Tετάρτη 25/11/09 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

photo by sou.tek

mi ami - the man in your house, album: watersports, label: quarterstick, 2009

daughters of the sun - real touch, album: rings, label: modern radio, 2009

soft circle - don't just stand there, album: split 12" with high places, label: post present medium, 2009
dread astaire - i'm sucking with you, album: playstation, label: backstage, 2009

woven hand - white bird, album: blush music, label: Glitterhouse, 2003

lights - heavy drops, album: rites, label: drag city, 2009

six organs of admittance - anesthesia, album: luminus night, label: drag city, 2009

moodring - the weasel, album: scared of ferret, label: silber, 2009

this immortal coil - love secret domain, album: the dark age of love (Tribute to Coil), label: ici d'ailleurs, 2009

Matt Elliot - something about ghosts, album: howling songs, label: ici d'ailleurs, 2008

Mary & the Boy/felizol - timemachine, album: timemachine, labe…

LL Groove Radio Show Playlist @ 18.11.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.11.18.rarPart 1billa quase september (cast-a-blast promo)neggehead being (wax on promo)dj devastate spinnin’ (bbe promo)joan donato cala boca meninoll groove show me how you like (prominence promo)vis a vis obi agye me dofo (soundway promo)ll groove afro funky pop corn (prominence promo)nemoy cheapest trumpet in town (galopp promo)ll groove soulflower (prominence promo)bahama soul club king wig (buyu cd-r)five corners quintet waltz up (ricky tick)nektawho’s sorry now(infracom promo)

HISCORE 300 U-Tern & Neighbour - Superstition Roxanne (Punchout! Recordings/CA)

This is not just a remix packet, this a great re:touch on Stevie Wonder’s ‘’Superstition’’ & Police‘’Roxanne’’ classics. ‘’Superstition’s’’ killer bassline and heavy beat rotation can make whole dj community wanna spin it. These Canadian guys are totally re:innovate the meaning of doin’ a re:edit, cover or something like that… ‘’Roxanne’’ haunted by a fat bass, nice percussion, synths storm and pop dance attitude, press quotes said something about Daft Punk or Eric Prydz. Will these tracks be the next ‘’Beggin’’… Time will show. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 07.12.09


FFWD 03 Sandman - Latin Fire (FastFWD/US)

‘’Latin Fire’’, mad jazz mad bossa nova mad house tune that you can’t categorize !!! Just let yourself enjoy !!! Kai Alce remix pushin’ it to an endless epic 10 minutes remix. Dancefloor jazz folks, this will be a killer for us. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 01.12.09


Fred Ventura - Disco Relix Mixtape Selected By Fred Ventura & Mixed By Dj Nova

Fred Ventura - Disco Relix Mixtape

Selected By Fred Ventura
Mixed By Dj Nova
Project Cordinator Paolo Belli (Energy/IT)

Compositeur et chanteur Italo de légende, Fred Ventura a travaillé, dans les années 80, avec quelques un des meilleurs producteurs parmi lesquels Turatti & Chieregato. Plus récemment, il a enchainé les collaborations avec le label hollandais Clone Records ainsi qu’avec des artistes comme Alden Tyrell ou Mr Pauli. Cette semaine, il nous fait l’immense honneur de signer, en exclusivité pour Valerie, la playlist d’un mix réalisé avec le soutien de DJ Nova.

Composer and legendary Italian singer Fred Ventura worked in the 80s with some of the best Italo producers of the time including Turatti & Chieregato. More recently, he has worked closely with the Dutch label Clone Records as well as with contemporary artists such as Alden Tyrell or Mr Pauli. This week, it gives us a great honour to post, exclusively for Valerie, a playlist produced with the support of DJ Nova.


gad @ guest mixes

Την Τετάρτη 25 Νοεμβρίου στις 19:00 στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes τα τραγούδια διαλέγει το συγκρότημα των GAD !

Πρώτη 'Ωρα :

1.The Gossip- Heavy Cross (Fred Falke remix)
2. Heartbreak- We 're Back
3. Royksopp- This Must Be It
4. Fryars feat. Dave Gahan- Visitors
5. Jack Penate- Pull My Heart Away
6. The Presets- If I Know you
7. The Knife - Marble House
8. Trouble Over Tokyo - Save Us
9. Doves - Kingdom Of Rust
10. Florence and The Machine - Rabbit Heart
11. Laura Marling - Night Terror

Δεύτερη 'Ωρα :

1. The Cinematics- A Strange Education
2. Howlin'Bells - Golden Web
3. The Stills - Being Here
4. Longwave- No Direction
5.War Tapes- Mind Is Ugly
6.Dragons- Condition
7. She Wants Revenge- Save Your Soul
8. Cut City- Like Ashes Like Millions
9. IAMX- Think Of England
10. The White Lies- Farewell To The Fairground
11. The Veils- The Letter
12. The Pigeon Detectives- This Is An Emergency

Οι GAD αποτελούνται από τον Ηρακλή Αναστασιάδη (Atria), τον Κώστα Αντωνιάδη (Narrow Paths), τον Μιχάλη Σεμερτζόγλου, …

10:00 με 11:00 μμ ... 25/11/09

RTCD 014 Timo Lassy - Round Two (Ricky Tick/FI)

Round Two, the match didn’t finished but you can realize who will be the winner. One of the best sax players in the world is back and change the direction, like every Ricky Tick release lately, looking to the future but followin’ the jazz standards with all love. His ‘’Soul & Jazz’’ debut album, with one of my fave dj dancefloor jazz tracks ever, ‘’African Rumble’’, before two year establisted the extension of Five Corners Quintet and Ricky Tick’s sound in the modern jazz scene. The heavy jazz dance rotation with the afro latin soul jazz spiritual and mystical dimension replaced by more sweet soul & blues medicine for your heart and soul. The collaboration with one of the most promising New York’s leaders of new scvhool of soul & jazz field, Jose James is liftingup the whole album to a beautiful black coloured level, with those two tracks that you can sing silently or loudly while you are walking in the street, weak up in the morning or waiting to meet your lover. ‘’Shifti…

Dj Nova's Night Of The Vinyls II Dj Set Goya Bar 11.11.09

Live Recording (Low Quality Sorry)
LISTEN:http://soundcloud.com/djnovanovaplanet/nightofthevinylsiidjsetLuiz Eca E Orquesta Da Cordas - Consolacao
Frankfurt Jazz Big Band - Que Paso
Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Big Band - Um Grao De Areia
[Re:Jazz] - People Hold On (Metropolitan Jazz Affair Remix)
Pascal Rioux – Don’t Outstay Outside 2 Night (Patchwork Evergreen Mix)
Quantic Soul Orchestra - Panama City
Julian Y Su Combo - Enyere Kumbara
Newphews Of Fela - Mulah 2
Jorge Ben – Sou Sa Pesada (7 Samurai)
Captain - We Will Rock You
Lack Of Afro - Roderigo
Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up
Nina Hagen – African Reggae (Extend Mix)http://www.myspace.com/djnova_novaplanet


Liberate Sampler 2

Doc Link’s‘’Lifts Me Higher’’ with Angel-A on is a nice vocal track, soft synths and deep in love spirit can make it more a popular than an underground, we need tracks like that, we need release to bring more people to our house scene and this can work like this, thinbk about a release with new remixes, Miami is closer. Strong in love with the percussion madness remix that Alton Miller did for Eman’s‘’New Reality’’. When E-man speaks everyone stop, just listen and dance, great track the collaboration with nowadays deep afro myth called Boddhi Satva, Dj Romain NYC deep sound at its bests. Last but not least in the sampler, Lorie Caval & Doc Link ‘’Tongue Twiste’’ is the most uplifting track in it. I like too much this heavy and deep tech detroit’s sound, can change my electromagnetic field. You can’t resist to dance. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show




CPT 346 Emilie Nana - Compost Black Label #61 (Compost/DE)

Incredible Black Label, exactly my sound, the best so far. I’m a New Orleans Chant the original version, i’m really happy that someone lost its boat. An african dream Glenn Crocker’s deep electrovaulted remix with deep but uplifting groove, nice keys and nite mood sounds like Chicago at its bests, the extra full of percussison mix is so useful dj tool too. I don’t know who is St Plomb but for sure he push the original in more secret deep funky tech mission, I like clouded piano strings and the fat bassline at the end of the track.- Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 14.12.09


PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon 95 FM


Part 0167:

1.Pole Folder - Hollow (Robert Babics Remix)
2.Omid 16b - Epic (Instrumental Dub Mix)
3.Gregor Tresher - A Waking Life Inside
4.Tim Berg - Alcoholic (Original Mix)
5.Steve Mac - After Sundown (Anton Peete Remix)
6.Martinez - My Anthem
7.Depeche Mode - Fragile Tension (Kris Menace Universe Remix)
8.Redanka - Waves (E-Mission Mix) (2004)

Part 0168:

1.Danny Howells - Everythings Here
2.Mark Marzenit & Henry Saiz - Second Vision
3.BSNO - Morena (Egostereo Remix)
4.Quiver - Rustle
5.Nic Fanciulli - Paradise
6.Behrouz - Where Are You Now (Martin H Techno Mix)
7.Layo & Bushwacka - The Raw Road (Mark Broom Remix)
8.Mikas - Temperamental (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
9.Unkle - Heaven (Diyo Remix)


Five Corners Quintet Live 2 Block 33 Supported By Dj Nova SUNDAY 22.11.09

> Κάποτε, ο Mr. Manchester, ο μακαρίτης Tony Wilson είχε πετάξει την εξής φοβερή και τρομερή ατάκα: /"Η jazz είναι το καταφύγιο του ατάλαντου. Πρόκειται για το μοναδικό είδος μουσικής στο οποίο ο καλλιτέχνης διασκεδάζει περισσότερο από το κοινό του. Είναι σαν να μη βρίσκεις εισιτήριο για το σινεμά και καταλήγεις στο θέατρο"/. Διάολε, πόσο συμφωνούσα μαζί του! Άκουγα jazz μόνο όταν μαγείρευα μακαρόνια. Στα 80's ήρθε η χορευτική acid-jazz με τις funk, soul, hip hop προσμίξεις να την κάνουν προσιτή στο mainstream κοινό των clubs. Τέλη '90 και έπειτα, εμφανίζεται η εναλλακτική nu-jazz σκηνή με καλλιτέχνες να μπερδεύουν την παραδοσιακή jazz με άλλες, σύγχρονες μουσικές φόρμες. Εκεί συναντάμε τους Σουηδούς Koop να προσθέτουν electro-lounge στοιχεία, τον Ελβετό Erik Truffaz με τις rock κιθάρες του, τον Αυστριακό Parov Stelar να εμπλουτίζει trip hop και house με το παλιομοδίτικο σαξόφωνό του και πολλούς άλλους.
> Αρκετά χρόνια μετά τον Wilson έρχεται ο Tuomas Kallio να…

Made 2 B Broken Radio Show Playlist @ 11.11.09 (Broken/US) By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.11.11.rarPart 1universal robot band/john morales barely breaking even (bbe promo)jesse saunders on & onz-factor fantasyjago i’m going to goronnie dyson all over your face (bbe promo)sarah spiegel/qwertz electro dreams remix i dreamed a dream (broken promo)haldo/deep floor mix we work it out (broken promo)replika devil may cry (chillin promo)marti come away with me (broken promo)laera/club mix harmonica (stranamente promo)seria/jesse saunders bahama mix paradise (broken promo)cannyrock & alessia kay/soul power mix cube ah reloaded (broken promo)nikola & sasha westrandom soul & vincent Kwok/vincent kwok fiesta mix got to get up (eight fifthteen promo)chris kedras choice (kapa promo)Part 2 trus’ me sweet mother (fat city promo)nick mayer/miles maeda scented mix wash my handspete le freq new day

10:00 με 11:00 μμ ... 18/11/09

an orange end @ guest mixes

Την Τετάρτη 18 Νοεμβρίου στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes(19:00-21:00),καλεσμένο το συγκρότημα των An Orange End.

Η τετραμελής 22χρονη μπάντα από τη Τρίπολη, εισήλθε στα
μουσικά πράγματα το 2007, ηχογραφώντας το πρώτο promo-single με τίτλο skyline
playgrounds. Η συμμετοχή τους στο μουσικό διαγωνισμό coca-cola sound wave με το
τραγούδι τους DANCE, καθώς και η ανέλιξη αυτού ως το αγαπημένο τραγούδι του
διαγωνισμού πανευρωπαϊκά, τους άνοιξε το δρόμο για το πρώτο μεγάλο live στο
εξωτερικό. Η πρόσκληση ήρθε από το ITC festival του Manchester (φεστιβάλ για
unsigned bands) από το οποίο ξεκίνησαν τα μεγαλύτερα συγκροτήματα της Αγγλίας
(radio head, oasis…). Ήταν η πρώτη φορά που μια Ελληνική μπάντα συμμετείχε στο
συγκεκριμένο festival. Πολύ σύντομα το διεθνές φεστιβάλ σκηνοθετών Radar
festival τους επέλεξε μαζί με άλλες τρεις μπάντες από όλη την Ευρώπη προκειμένου
να γυρίσουν ένα video-clip στο Λονδίνο με σκηνοθέτη την Κινέζα δημιουργό Ann
Xiao και αυτή τη φορά για το τραγούδι τους “murder the lonely”.Η συνέχεια …

IC 154 Nekta – Storybook (Infracom/DE)

Nekta, or better Nektar cos their sound is so sweet and beautiful like bees most wanted thing, leave a very nice taste in my lips with their deput album. But the story goes on an on, this year, after their debut in 2006, on eof my fave album on the scene that year, are back with an...other story among jazz, lounge, folk, deep house, swing, xylophones, horns, piano, funky big beats, guitars, flutes, harps and bandoneons. Nathalie Schäfer’s unique voice is the main pathway under Gyso Hilger’s musicbrain and despite the wide open and many styles and soundscapes of music the whole album is keeping the right balance between all these styles and moods. If you want your end of the year 2009 souvenir and repeated player in your music player then have to check and buy this infracom’s release. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show


BUY: http://www.izitrax.com/default.asp?pid=27&la=2&itm=1384


Dj Nova's Night Of The Vinyls II Dj Set @ Goya 15.11.09

Quality is bad, but if you like 2 hear my last sunday Night Of The Vinyls II Dj Set you can hear it via my soundcloud link... enjoy


Luiz Eca E Orquesta Da Cordas - Consolacao
Frankfurt Jazz Big Band - Que Paso
Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Big Band - Um Grao De Areia
[Re:Jazz] - People Hold On (Metropolitan Jazz Affair Remix)
Pascal Rioux – Don’t Outstay Outside 2 Night (Patchwork Evergreen Mix)
Quantic Soul Orchestra - Panama City
Julian Y Su Combo - Enyere Kumbara
Newphews Of Fela - Mulah 2
Jorge Ben – Sou Sa Pesada (7 Samurai)
Captain - We Will Rock You
Lack Of Afro - Roderigo
Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up
Nina Hagen – African Reggae (Extend Mix)


Drumpoems Verse 2 (Drumpoet Community/CH) Radio Show Playlist @ 04.11.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show:http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.11.04.rarPart 1sun circle/marc rapson stars fall down (futuristica promo)dj sevaste spinnin’ (bbe promo)fat freddy’s drop big bw (giant step promo)hunne took my love (drumpoet community promo)dc riot (drumpoet community promo)acid pauli marvin (compost cd-r)jay shepheard/roberto rodriguez arrowhead country (compost promo)langenberg even love (drumpoet community promo)lost men pace of mind (drumpoet community promo)zwicker/soultourist dragon fly (compost promo)jeff sharel/aqua bassino time condition (statra promo)demtrio giannice eleven (drumpoet community promo)st.germain what’s newcavalier the deeper i get (drumpoet community promo)pable fierre/tONKPROJECT mellow man (elevation promo)Part 2 nektawho’s sorry now(infracom promo)TRACK OF THE MONTH justin imperiale/organ blue sol mix movin’ onemanative naima (futuristica promo)