Casa Del Sol # 35 By Nova (Today ON AIR)

Wednesday 05.12.12
19:00 - 20:00 GTM+2

Immortal Memories Edition

01. Van – Rain Bue Sayrosa
02. Planty Herbs - Amoroso
03. Christos Fourkis – Smooth
04. Off Town Music – Immortal Memories
05. Rubber Lips - Dughouse
06. Fobee - Thaliana
07. Marcos Valle - Realidade
08. JF Sebastian - Tears In Rain (Levitation Edit)
09. Lazy Hammock – Set Me Free
10. Yolanda Blum – Smooth & Slowly
11. Andy Compton – As Sweet As Love
12. Juan De Dios & Stephen Kells - Le Seigneur Solitaire Des Mers

Casa Del Sol @ 21.11.12

Moody like Autumn and ‘’amoroso’’ like nostalgic immortal memories, Casa Del Sol #35 was the first album i couldn’t name, i could just record it! Well to record this was a nightmare, because I was consetrated on the live mix this time and had to restart recording more times. Immortal Memories Edition recorded yesterday, Voula’s b-day, at last she was the reason to name it, which i made a mistake on while I was calling her in Canada. The mix includes music from Russia, Greece, Brasil, UK, US, Germany and Argentina. It's a smooth mix of pure chill out, downtempo, deep house, analogue soul jazz and exotic lullabies.


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