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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Νοέμβριος, 2012

Radio Show Playlist @ 28.11.12 By Dj Nova

Blank & Jones - Lazy Life jazzed Echolocation - Frosted Glass 3 Balearos vs Project Club - Summer Breezin' MARK HARTMANN RECOMMENDATION Terry Callier - Keep Your Heart Right Aylin – Cloud DECEMBER’S TRACK OF THE MONTH [re:jazz] - At First Glance Electric Empire – Baby Your Lovin’ (Smoove Remix) Surahn - Wonderful Christopher Rau - Apple Snapple Tracking Tomas Barfod - November Skies (Sepalcure Remix) Raw - Quite Gentle (Love Mix) Pete Dafeet - Hopkins Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor - After Dark Laurent Garnier - Communications From The Lab Akorte - Still Life Mr. Fingers - Amnesia May Montag The Vil - Let's House Fred Everything - Circles Two DJ Leon El Ray pres Chris Deepak - For All The Things We Love Gabin & Flora Purim - A Vida E' Agora (Sunlightsquare Remix) Dam Mantle - Canterbury Pt 1 Frankie Demegni …

Club Rodon - 28/11/2012

(myths of the near future)
1. Raw - Machine Tears (Pink Plastic Edit) (5:19)
2. The Normal - Warm Leatherette (3:23)
3. Cabaret Voltaire - Neuron Factory (5:00)
4. Hawkwind - High Rise (4:36)
5. David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car (3:33)
6. John Foxx - Underpass (3:56)
7. Gary Numan - Down In The Park (4:21)
8. Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (4:16)
9. Human League - 4JG (4:36)
10.Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition (6:05)
11. The Creatures - Miss The Girl (2:35)
12. Alan Vega - Future sex (5:09)
13. Manic Street Preachers - Mausoleum (4:12)
14. Blur - He Thought Of Cars (4:16)
15. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Terminal Beach (2:25)
16. Sonic Youth - In the Kingdom #19 (3:25)
17. Mechanimal - Un / Mobility (6:28)
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

8 - 9 pm .... POP ALERT

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

Adele - Skyfall
Lana Del Rey - Ride
Bat For Lashes - Laura
Tindersticks - Let's Pretend
Get Well Soon - Roland, I Feel You
El Perro Del Mar - Walk On By
Hot Chip - One Life Stand
Crystal Castles - Affection
Sufjan Stevens - The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
Animal Kingdom - The Art of Tuning Out
Bye Bye Bicycle - Porto
The Ark - Let Your Body Decide
Georgian Waters - Narkotikum

Club Rodon - 27/11/12

Mechanimal - Funny
Halls - Roses For The Dead (Ukkonen Remix)
The Twilight Sad - Nil (Liars Remix)
Alex Dimou - Lack Of Control feat. Lee Burton
Monsieur Minimal - Alone
Monsieur Minimal - Internal Love
Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Only In My Dreams
Karen-O - Strange Love
Neneh Cherry & The Thing - Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet remix)
Bjork - Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert's Teutonic Plates Mix)
Mogwai - George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)
Mikael Delta - Every Moove You Make
Lambchop - Gone Tomorrow
Jens Lekman - Every Little Hair Knows Your Name
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Straight to You
Tom Waits - Downtown Train
Cinerama - Barefoot in the Park
Keep Shelly In Athens - Cremona Memories
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

Beat Philosophy 083 Radio Show RODON FM 38

Beat Philosophy Radio Show By Christos Kedras @ Rodon FM 95 Wednesday 28.11.12 19:00-20:00 GTM+2 http://www.rodonfm.com/ ---------------------------------- Beat Philosophy November 2012 RODON FM 38  handpicked in Los Angeles | broadcast globally Beat Philosophy 083 - November 2012A LISTEN:http://www.mixcloud.com/christoskedras/beat-philosophy-083/ --------------------------------  01. Luca Greko - Another place (original mix) - [Kula Records]
02. Troy Carter - Optimus groove (dub) - [Mixed Signals Music]
03. Tenebrio - Sweet moment (original mix) - [Zenzontle Records]
04. Diego Krause - Tropic (original mix) - [Midnight Social Recordings]
05. Furniture Crew - Cirkus arts - [Boogie Basics]
06. Alan Fraze - Turning a blind eye (Alex Roque remix) - [WhoBear Records]
07. Pierre de la Touche - Song of the sirens (Jeroenski DP tribute mix) - [Housepital Records]
08. Lindo Martinez & Mark Wilkinson - Making moves (original mix) - [Mjuzieekal Education Digital]
09. Meital ft Sean Kingston - On ya …

DR45001 Soul Immigrants - Sunk Without The Funk (Dry Rooti/UK)

Love this ghetto, feel like the contemporary afro funk meets acid jazz. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show





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BUSTED69 Krystian Shek – Destroy & Rebuild V1 (Cold Busted/US)

Smooth and chilly vibes, even Art Of Noise could be jealous - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

PRE:RELEASE DATE: Beatport 07.11.12





strawberry pills @ guest mixes

Τη Δευτέρα 26 Νοεμβρίου στις 22:00 στην εκπομπή ''Guest Mixes'' καλεσμένοι οι Strawberry Pills
Strawberry Pills

 Οι Strawberry Pills είναι το νέο project του Αντώνη Κωνσταντάρα. Είναι ένα σχήμα με βάση τη μουσική που έχει όμως ως στόχο να μη περιοριστεί μόνο σε αυτή. Βασικό χαρακτηριστικό αλλά και σκοπός του συγκεκριμένου project είναι η συνεργασία μεταξύ καλλιτεχνών και μουσικών με κοινή αισθητική και όραμα, για τη δημιουργία ενός αποτελέσματος μακριά από ταμπέλες και επιτηδευμένους πειραματισμούς. 

 Κατά διαστήματα, οι Strawberry Pills θα κυκλοφορούν conceptual E.P. τα οποία δεν θα συνδέονται μεταξύ τους ως ύφος αλλά μόνο αισθητικά.
Tο πρώτο E.P. θα είναι ομώνυμο και θα περιέχει 4 τραγούδια τα οποία και θα ανεβαίνουν στη σελίδα του project στο soundcloud σιγά - σιγά συνοδευόμενα από ισάριθμα remix. Στο τέλος θα γίνει η παρουσίαση του ολοκληρωμένου E.P. (το οποίο και θα κυκλοφορήσει σε κασέτα) πλαισιωμένη από ζωντανή παρουσίαση των κομματιών και dj sets. …

Positive Flow Radio Show Playlist @ 21.11.12 By Nova


Positive Flow - Universal Truth
Lowsun – Just Leave
Blank & Jones - Relax (Your Mind) jazzed
Positive Flow - Tapestries Of My Mind
m.age.project - Barhopper
Portformat - It's Been So Long
Singularis - In The Mood
Positive Flow - Children Of The Sun
Rodney Fraklin - Endless Flight
Positive Flow - In The Garden Of Your Life
CrackerJack – Starfall
Pieces Of A Dream - It's Time For Love
Loose Ends - Choose Me
Positive Flow - Hold On
Bas Lexter Ensample - The 4th Take
Jose James - It's All Over Your Body
Mister T - Sweep
Positive Flow - My Prediction
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Everything (D-Felic Refix)
Positive Flow - Phaedra's Flight
Panama - We Have Love

Rob Clarke - Like That *
Christos Kedras ft Imagination - Illusion (Christos Kedras Dub)
Positive Flow - Look Around Any Corner
Julius Papp - Morning Finale (Nu Jazz Mix Album Edit)
Ben Westbeach - Summer Loss


Blank & Jones - RELAX Jazzed (Soundcolours/DE)

This is a really big suprice by the German duo, their collaboration Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr offers an amazing smooth jazz interpretation of their chilled and relaxed grooves. All of my favourite Blank & Jones massive hits like ‘’Lazy Life’’, ‘’Relax’’, ‘’Pure Vida’’ and their recent ‘’Hideaway’’ are re:shaped perfectly by Wasserfuhr Brother for the best winter chill moments of your life. I think one of my highlight in this long player is ‘’Mind Of The Wonderful’’ and really love ‘’Flying To The Moon’’, the only one track with vocals here, unfortunately. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 23.11.12

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTTUIC7jxa8&feature=youtu.be&hd=1




JAL141 Smoove - First Class (Jalapeno/UK)

Definitely a first class package of remixes, with beautiful recent ones like Electric Empire’s ‘’Baby Your Lovin’’’, sick ones like the just out disco funk of Charlie Funk with Afrika Bambaataa & King Kamonzi ‘’It’s My Funk’’, smash hits like Kraak & Smaak ‘’Call Up To Heaven’’ and recent classics with an everlasting value like Juju Orchestra ‘’Kind Of Latin Rhthm''.
- Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

PRE:RELEASE DATE: Beatport 01.10.12


BUY: http://www.junodownload.com/products/first-class/2036073-02/


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TRUDD066 Alice Russell - Heartbreaker (Tru Thoughts/UK)

The best blue eyed soul as usual by Alice Russell and TM Juke, The Original is a heavy analogue experience, classy stuff. FaltyDL's Remix take this the track to the deeper state of the heart and space and back. Yakine's Remix follows FaltyDL's steps on parallel soundpath. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 19.11.12





James Blackshaw Live στο Les Yper Yper

James Blackshaw (Important, UK)

Live στο Les Yper Yper

Κυριακή 9 Δεκεμβρίου

O James Blackshaw – μόνιμος κάτοικος του Hastings της Μεγαλης Βρεταννίας- γεννήθηκε το 1981 και το κύριο μουσικό του όργανο είναι η δωδεκάχορδη ακουστική κιθάρα. Έχει ήδη κυκλοφορήσει εννιά άλμπουμ σε σημαντικές ανεξάρτητες δισκογραφικές εταιρείες μεταξύ αυτών η Young Gοd Records και η Important Records. Αξίζει να σημειωθεί ότι την τελευταία φορά που επισκέφθηκε την χώρα μας ήταν μέλος του σχήματος των Current 93 και από τότε έχει περιοδεύσει ως opening act με τους Swans.
Παρόλη τη σχετικά μικρή του ηλικία έχει ήδη καθιερωθεί ως ένας από τους πιο βιρτουόζους σύγχρονους κιθαρίστες. Το μοναδικό του μουσικό του στύλ πηγάζει μέσα απο την φολκ, την κλασσική μουσική, τον μινιμαλισμό και τον πειραματισμό για αυτό και πολλοί τον έχουν συγκρίνει με τεράστια ονόματα του χώρου όπως οι Bert…

The Ark Festival - ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 13+14 / 12 / 2012

Locomondo, Mόνικα και πολλοί άλλοι στη μεγαλύτερη μουσική κιβωτό. Η πυξίδα του ARK δείχνει και πάλι Βορρά. Το ARK Festival επισκέπτεται την Θεσσαλονίκη για δεύτερη συνεχή χρονιά και ολοκληρώνει πανηγυρικά τη φετινή παρθενική του εξόρμηση στην Ελλάδα. Με headliners την Μόνικα και τους Locomondo, αλλά και τη συμμετοχή τοπικών συγκροτημάτων όπως οι 63 High, οι Koza Mostra, οι Five Star Hotel και οιBreathless, το ARK Festival θα ξεσηκώσει τη συμπρωτεύουσα την Πέμπτη 13 και την Παρασκευή 14 Δεκεμβρίου στο Block 33.
Το στίγμα του διημέρου θα δώσουν οι Locomondo, που σε κάθε εμφάνισή τους στο ARK αποτελούν εγγύηση για ξέφρενο πάρτι, ενώ το κοινό θα έχει την ευκαιρία να ακούσει για πρώτη φορά τα νέα τραγούδια της Μόνικας, από το πολυαναμενόμενο τρίτο της άλμπουμ, που θα κυκλοφορήσει πολύ σύντομα. Μαζί τους οι 63 Ηigh, που έ…

TRUDD054 Bamboos - I Never (Tru Thoughts/UK)

One more exciting single by Bamboos, in love with the indie Lanu's Remix and South Seas - i love Pet Shop Boys in the eighties one on ''I Never''. Those Remixes are an unexpected suprice. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 12.11.11




Club Rodon - 21/11/2012

Χρηστος Αλεξοπουλος - Two Becomes One
Pillow - Nocturnal Horizon
Moby - Tongues
Cloud Nine - The Ultimate Seduction
Goldfrapp - Utopia (New Ears Mix)
Lambchop - Up With People
Pulp - All Time High
The Go-Betweens - Poison In The Walls
The Walkabouts - HAve You Ever Seen The Morning ?
Neu - E-Music
Bat For Lashes - A Wall

Material - The Western Lands
Scott Walker - Epizootics!
Red Snapper - Regrettable (Blue States Remix)
Melody's Echo Chamber - Bisou Magique
The Walkmen - Heartbreaker
Swans - A Piece of the Sky (feat. Jarboe & Akron/Family)
Beach House - Wild
Antony & The Johnsons - Cut The World 
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

8 - 9 pm .... POP ALERT

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

Blur - Beetlebum
The Jungle Giants - You've Got Something
Thee Oh Sees - Wait Let's Go
The Incredible Staggers - Zombies Of Love
Jake Bugg - Taste It
Liv Kristine - Paris Paris
We Need Surgery - Go! Go! Go!
The Family Crest - North
The Hall Of Mirrors - Love Child
The Zolas - Knot In My Heart
Dog Is Dead - Hands Down
The Old Ceremony - Fairytales And Other Forms Of Suicide
The Van Jets - Danger Zone
Stars - A Song Is A Weapon
Cousteau - of this goodbye

Club Rodon - 20/11/2012

Hauschka - Radar (Michael Mayer Remix)
Daphni - Long
Chad Valley - Fall 4 U (ft. Glasser)
Halls - White Chalk
Mikael Delta - Save The Blues
Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
MechAnimal - Ghost
Michael Mayer - Roses
Grimes - Oblivion

Tropic Of Cancer - A Color
Exitmusic - The Night
Jessie Ware - Night Light
Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet
Mark Eitzel - I Love You But You're Dead
Ry Cooder - Brother Is Gone
The Boy - Rabbits
Dj Shadow - Redeem
Larry Gus - Figueroa Islands
P.I.L. - One Drop
Wovenhand - Long Horn
The Limiñanas - I'm Dead (Instrumental)
Cat Power - Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

peal 056 Flamingo Star - Nothing Sweeta (Peacelounge/DE)

‘’Nothing Sweeta’’ is an astounded and long awaited come back, a cosmic lounge masterpiece. This time Flamingo Star explores space, only ‘’Un Poema Con Amor’’ and swingin’ ‘’Nothing Sweeta’’ sound like a track from his pure planet Earth debut ‘’I Wouldn't Wait No Longer’’, both already included on DPI compilation serires of Peacelounge. Galactic disco, pop, funk and space jazz are the main platforms of the album. Love every track of the album, but the repeat on the player stuck mostly on the incredible chilled 70’s jazz of ‘’Old Pictures’’, Roy Ayersish ‘’The Messengers’’, Blue Note and Feel Like Makin’ Love inspired ‘’No More Trouble’’. Exotic disco ‘’You Don't Know’ knows that will be warm up my winter nights and days and ‘’There's a Place’’ will prepare my next dreams. Also on the album included his tracks that were exclusively compiled and released earlier on my ‘’Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2’’ compilation last year, ‘’Cosmic Plan’’ and ‘’Cornelita’’. In the en…

DASHDEEP124 Zolee - Deeply Touches EP (Dash Deep/CA)

‘’Deeply Touches’’ is beautiful and sounds more than a mini or a complete album than an EP. I feel that is the best release of Dash Deep so far, percussive and magic lush. Golden deep house music, warm for the cold winter, cool for the hot summer seasons. Every track a different story, ‘’Deepness’’ is the absolute deep house track of the moment a vintage affair between West Coast House and Jazz In The House compilations, ‘’Last Soul For Tonight‘’ sounds like an deep electrified funk, ‘’Touch’’ loves 70’s jazz funk, by the sea ‘’Comffort’’ sounds spiritual and Balearic, ‘’Feelings’’ offers an old school jazzy house journey, quirky pseudo acid house jazz hybrid, The Jazz Funk’’ is the afro funk King of the release and ‘’Real Thing’’ is the glamour NYC retro house, don’t know why but reminds Jellybean same title track from 1987. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 13.11.12

PREVIEW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjCXdeuzjWw&feature=youtube_gdata


Beat Philosophy 082 Radio Show RODON FM 37

Beat Philosophy Radio Show By Christos Kedras @ Rodon FM 95 Wednesday 21.11.12 19:00-20:00 GTM+2 http://www.rodonfm.com/ ---------------------------------- Beat Philosophy October 2012 RODON FM 37  handpicked in Los Angeles | broadcast globally Beat Philosophy 082 - Οctober 2012B LISTEN:http://www.mixcloud.com/christoskedras/beat-philosophy-082/ --------------------------------  - Fishing Vest - Horse cycle (original mix) - [Mullet Records]
- Jazzy Eyewear - This time (original mix) - [So Sound Recordings]
- Fapples & Fullhouse ft Jan - I Will (Deephope vocal soul mix) - [Sublimation Records]
- Loverdose - I remember (original mix) - [Nurvous Records]
- Franck Roger & Mandel Turner - Through the motions (vox mix) - [Real Tone]
- Luka ft Mz Jay - The world keeps turning (original mix) - [We Go Deep]
- ESKALATION ft Sacha Williamson - Breakthru (Fish Go Deep remix) - [Mixed Signals Music]
- Andreas Agiannitopoulos ft Lilian Bo - Blinding silence (Prosis remix) - [O2records]
- Dam…