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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Φεβρουάριος, 2013

Club Rodon - 27/02/2013

Umberto - Dead Silent Morning
Nosaj Thing ft Kazu Makino  - Eclipse/Blue
Doldrums - Holographic Sand Castles (feat. Sami Nacomi)
Darkstar - Timeaway
Umberto - Night Fantasy
Girls Names - The New Life
Ducktails - Sedan Magic
Inc. - 5 Days
Anita Baker - Sweet Love
Luther Vandross - Here and Now
Modern English - Life in the Gladhouse
Clan Of Xymox - Agonised By Love
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren
Orphan - Losos2
Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte - Nothing's Changed
Rodrigo Leão Feat.Scott Matthew - Incomplete
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Mermaids
Benoît Pioulard - Knell
L.Pierre - Sad Laugh
Mogwai - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
Fear Of Men - Seer
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

8 - 9 pm .... POP ALERT

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

The Beautiful South - Perfect 10
Violens  - Full Collision
F.U.R.S - Striptease
Veronica Falls - My Heart Beats
The Vera Violets - First to Last
The Last Royals - Unbelievable
James Yuill - Turn Yourself Around
Oregon Bike Trails - High School Lover
Polly Scattergood - Please Don't Touch
Tegan and Sara - Goodbye, Goodbye
Electric Guest - Under The Gun
Tahiti 80 - Darlin' (Adam And Eve Song)
Customs - Velvet Love
Starfucker - Last Words
Ra Ra Riot - Is It Too Much
Jessie Ware - Taking In Water

early morning breaks february 2013 By Dj Nova

Dj Nova’s February's early morning breaks radio show mix
as broadcasted on Sunday 03.02.13 at Planet Radio Frankfurt/DE
early morning breaks* radio show with Dj's Mark Hartmann & Nova
This show will be broadcasted today on Rodom FM 95 http://www.rodonfm.net/ & http://www.rodonfm.com/ 19:00 - 20:00 GMT + 2
LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/early-morning-breaks-february-2013/

Afterlife - Never Before
Key Tronics Ensemble - Calypso Of House (Sicania Soul Reprise)
Fenomenon - Pacific Memories
Echolocation - Midnight Swim
Tonbe – Malibu
Cantoma - Maja (Dub)
Mario Basanov - Do You Remember
Noom Cafe - Baracoa
Goloka - Sea Spray
Presto - Trip To Brazil
Sudaka – Be

“early morning breaks” is Germanys most famous radio show for lounge & chill out, on air every weekend with more than 100.000 listeners per show!

Club Rodon - 26/02/2013

Julia Kent - Transportation (Delivered By Roll The Dice)
Keep Shelly in Athens - Madmen Love
Kylie Minogue & Múm - Whistle
Still Corners - Berlin Lovers
Swim Deep - The Sea
The Plastics - Stereo Kids(Reprise)
The Strokes - All The Time
Jimi Hendrix - Somewhere
David Bowie - The Stars(Are Out Tonight)
Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes...
Palma Violets - I Found Love
Lumiere Brother- Compass
Jake Bugg - Seen It All
New Order - I'll Stay With You
Suede - Stay Together
Alt-j - Dissolve Me
The XX - Sunset
Twin Shadow - Be Mine Tonight
DUSK - Fear Of Trouble
Suuns - Edie's Dream
Kavinsky - First Blood
The Boy - Stroke my dick a bit (Liebe remix)
Lescope - La Nuit Américaine
Steve Hauschildt - Constant Reminders
Stephen Malkmus - Kindling For The Master (Major Swellings remix)
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

GRITO ROCK Thessaloniki Olympos 2013

GRITOROCKThessalonikiOlympos 2013
1-3 Μαρτίου 2013

MUSICFESTIVAL 300 πόλεις, 30 χώρες Σύνδεση τριακοσίων πόλεων, σε τριάντα χώρες σε όλο τον κόσμο. Λατινική Αμερική, Ευρώπη, Ωκεανία, Αφρική!
Grito Rock σημαίνει "κραυγή ροκ" στα Βραζιλιάνικα και ξεκίνησε το 2005 σαν εναλλακτική του παραδοσιακού καρναβαλιού. Το Grito Rock είναι μία πλατφόρμα για τη δημιουργία του παγκόσμιου δικτύου μουσικής. Φέτος πραγματοποιείται σε όλες τις πόλεις του κόσμου στο διάστημα μεταξύ 1ης Φεβρουαρίου και 3ης Μαρτίου.
Το φεστιβάλ προωθεί την συνεργασία, την ένωση, την δικτύωση, τη δημιουργικότητα και τις ακτιβιστικές δράσεις σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο. Η διοργάνωση του φεστιβάλ βασίζεται στην συμμετοχή ατόμων, ομάδων, καλλιτεχνών και παραγωγών που επιθυμούν να συνεργαστούν, με στόχο να μάθουμε να δημιουργούμε μόνοι μας την πραγματικότητά μας.
To Grito Rock παίρνει το όνομα της πόλης ή της χώρας που φιλοξενείται (Grito Rock Buenos Aires, Grito Rock Spain κλπ). Φέτος το Grito Rock φιλοξενείται για πρώτη φορά στην…

Kocmoc @ Guest Mixes

Τη Δευτέρα 25 Φεβρουαρίου στις 22:00 στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes καλεσμένη η ομάδα Kocmoc. 

To Kocmoc (Κόσμος) είναι μια πλατφόρμα ιδεών και απόψεων, γενικότερα μία κοινότητα.

Προς το παρόν συμμετέχουν φίλοι και γνωστοί από τη Θεσσαλονίκη, το Λονδίνο, το Unye της Τουρκίας και την Πράγα. Έμμεσα, προσπαθούμε να μοιραστούμε μέσω της αγάπης μας για τη μουσική, τη φωτογραφία και το design τους κοινωνικούς προβληματισμούς μας καθώς επίσης και πράγματα που κάνουμε στην καθημερινότητα μας και ίσως να ενδιαφέρουν και άλλους.

To Mix για το Ρόδον Fm  αποτελείται από τρία κομμάτια, στην αρχή του καθενός παίζει ένα μικρό απόσπασμα από τις ταινίες: 1) Plan 9 From Outer Space, 2) Liquid Sky, 3) Paris Texas.

Στη μίξη συμμετείχαν με τη σειρά οι: Δημήτρης Λεμόνης, Χάρης Ναλμπαντίδης, Ιωάννης Κουκότζηλας.

Αποτελείται 100% από δίσκους βινυλίου και ηχογραφήθηκε στο studio του Kocmoc στη Θεσσαλονίκη.

Περισσότερα στη σελίδα μας: www.kocmoc.gr

Ιανουάριος 2013

ArtistTrackAlbumLabel 01David Bowie Where Are We Now The Next Day Sony 02 VillagersNothing Arrived Awayland Domino 03Fantastikoi Hxoi Terrestrial Tapestries Fantastikoi Hxoi Inner Ear 04 FaltlyDL She Sleeps (Gang Gang Dance Remix) She Sleeps 12” Ninja Tune 05 Keyser Soze Lights Lights EP keysersozeband.bandcamp.com 06 Toro Y Moi So Many Details Anything In Return Carpark Records 07Flume Feat.Chet Faker Left Alone Flume Transgressive 08 New Order I’ll Stay With You Lost Sirens Rhino 09 Suede Barriers Bloodsports

Club Rodon - 20/02/2013

Henry Fiol - Tiene Sabor
Talking Head - Cities (Alternative Version)
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
Iceage - Wounded Hearts
The Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
Moon Duo - Sleepwalker
Swans - Mother Of The World
Ornette Coleman - Airborne
Horace Silver - Creepin'In

Serafina Steer - World Of Love
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Higgs Boson Blues
Mechanimal - Funny
Marc Almond - She Took My Soul In Istanbul (The Blue Mosque Mix)
X-TG feat. Antony - Janitor of Lunacy
Keep Shelly In Athens - Just Like Honey
Halls - Holy Communium
The Cure - The Caterpillar
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

Club Rodon - 19/02/2013

Apparat - 44/44 (Noise Version)
Ulrich Schnauss - Her and the Sea
Efterklang - The Living Layer
Lapalux - Without You feat. Kerry Leatham
The Irrepressibles - Arrow
Julia Kent - Tourbillon
The Boy - Rabbits
UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights (feat. Thom Yorke)
Depeche Mode - Heaven (Matthew Dear vs. Audion Vocal Mix)
GAD - Pretending
Rodrigo Leão Feat.Stuart Staples  - This Light Holds So Many Colours
Balmorhea - Artifact
Foxygen - Shuggie
Eels - I am Building A Shrine
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away
Beach House - Troublemaker
Richard Hawley - Before
Willis Earl Beal - Evening's Kiss
Tropic of Cancer - It's All Come Undone
Perfume Genius - Take Me Home
Hior Chronik - Stay here with me
Johann Johannsson - She Loves to Ride the Port Ferry When it Rains
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

Beat Philosophy 090 Radio Show RODON FM 45

Beat Philosophy Radio Show By Christos Kedras @ Rodon FM 95
Wednesday 20.02.13
19:00-20:00 GTM+2

Beat Philosophy February 2013
handpicked in Los Angeles | broadcast globally
Beat Philosophy 090 - 2013-02-12


1. The Vibes Organization ft Mr Shy & Maggie Smile - Here comes again (original mix) - [Gotta Keep Faith Records]
02. Lady M - A feeling - [Triplefire Music]
03. Domineeky - Soweto groove (If you need a friend) - [Good Voodoo Music]
04. Robbert Mendez & Leo Caetano - Deepanema (Xjn remix) - [Panama Red Records]
05. Philip Knight - The vibe (original mix) - [Gasoline Records]
06. Marcelo Vak & Alex Roque - Free your mind (original mix) - [Hotfingers Records]
07. Ross Richards - Funk it up (original mix) - [Bounce House Recordings]
08. So Called Scumbags ft Paul Hardcastle Jr - Save our soul …

early morning breaks @ January 2013 By Mark Hartmann

early morning breaks
Rodon FM 95 Exclusive
21:00-22:00 GTM+2

“early morning breaks” is Germanys most famous radio show for lounge & chill out, on air every weekend with more than 100.000 listeners per show!

Supported By Dj Nova

MORE: http://www.planetradio.de/

BBE226 Yesking - Overproof Re-Record Not Fade Away (BBE/UK)

Super!!! Love his sound from DJ Vadim release... Sola Rosa’s Remix offers a beautiful deep and smooth groove. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 28.01.13


PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/loopcrew/sets/yes-king-overproof-single



BD219 Dobie - She Moans EP (Big Data/UK)

Give me a hint, help me to understand where I stand and what I’m hearing… OK! Don’t do it… You may say I’m not a dubstep lover but I’m not the only one… But, I don’t care… I like ‘’She Moans’’… Bass and a lot of percussions are mixed with dubstep freaky scary moody lost in the Free Zone of DJ Morpheus music. FaltyDL Remix, excellent, this guy is genius… Hard to understand if I am in 1993 or 1995, in the jungle or the trip hop soundscapes that played in the dark side of Jupiter’s satellite but this remix is really big, especially near the beggin’ of the second minutes when it is going jazz! On ‘’Time Is Running Out’’ seems that a Brazillian mastermind accelerates the rhythm of the carnival sound after an afro latin techno attack who dreamt. She's Stopped Now. With ‘’She's Stopped Now’’, It seems that we are all chilling now, the latin introduction, jazzy progress and acid orgasm on the breaks will not be appreaciated on the dancefloor but one would not want to s…

TRUDD057 Natural Self - Machine The Valleys (Tru Thoughts/UK)

Elegant sliding multiface electronic ‘’Machine’’ and pop friendly ‘’The Valleys’’ are two more parts of the new enjoyable puzzle of Natural Self. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 18.02.13




IA2.10 Nigel Hayes & Clare Large - Infusion EP (Intelligent Audio/UK)

Not just ordinary and boring stuff from Intelligent Audio as usual. The collaboration between Nigel Hayes & Clare Large offers foru great tracks. ‘’3 AM’’ is an funky hybrid of broken (beat) (nu) jazz and acid house, ‘’Befuddled’’ is flirting with the midnight, the percussive and horn(y) ‘’Corked’’ sounds like a live session and gave me the smell of nu jazz that we all missed and at last but not least the smoked and hypnotic (little bit galactic) ‘’Kitch n Sync’’ closes the EP with the best way. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 18.02.13




Vinyls & Roses By Proffesor D & DJ Nova

Το Μικρο (Διατηρητεο)

Αυτή τη Κυριακη ο Proffessor D και ο DJ Nova ξεσκονιζουν την δισκοθηκη τους, ρυθμίζουν τα πικάπ και μοιραζονται μαζι σας τον ηχο τους, που φανταζει πλεον σαν τη ξεχασμενη, μεσα στο χειμωνα, ζεστη και απαλη ευωδια του τριανταφυλλου, της ανοιξης, της διαθεσης και των συναισθηματων… Για τους λάτρεις της ποιότητας, της αυθεντικότητας και του ζεστού βινιλακού ήχου... Oχι final scratch, οχι mp3... ένα ρυθμικο ταξιδι στο προσφατο και μη παρελθον. Θα το χασεις;

Απογευμα 17:00
Το Μικρο (Διατηρητεο)
Ικτινου 12

Radio Show Playlist @ 13.02.13 By Dj Nova


Blow Monkeys - If You Love Somebody
Ennio Morricone – Amore Come Dolore (Needs Remix)
Dido - No Freedom (J Viewz Remix)
Radio Diffusion - BHVL
Associates - Take Me To The Girl
Tosca - Jay Jay


Antonio Caballero & Rubberlips - Amazing (ELPIERRO Remix)
Larry Gus - Achilleas Kyriakidis
Mop Mop - Run Around
Mister T - Catch Me If You Can
My Neighbour Is - Kickin' Ass.
Colors Soundsystem - 1974
Rob Clarke - PNO VIP
Middle Rhythm - Get Deep
Pete Dafeet - Rebirth
Roberto Rodriguez - Oxymoron
Tade - Warrior.
Bruna - Smell Memory
S22 - Callisto
Satin Jackets - Boys & Girls
Sixth Avenue Express - Can't Stop Feelin
Mario Basanov - More For The Less

Blank & Jones - Love Comes Quickly
David Cassidy - Romance

* TAKEN FROM UPCOMING Nova Planet House Sessions Vol.3 Kapa Music/US

live @ http://www.rodo…

Nicolas Bassi ''I'm On Fire'' From Dj Nova's NEW Release is on FIRE!

Nicolas Bassi ''I'm On Fire'' is on FIRE! Suggested by Traxsource on Traxsource Soulful Essential 20 list 11.02.2013
Nicolas Bassi track in 3 days enter the soulful TOP 100/No85 and today reached position No56  CHECK & BUY the whole NEW EP compiled by DJ Nova here: http://www.traxsource.com/title/202477/nova-planet-house-sessions-vol-3

We thank you DJ's, house music lovers and traxsource.com You are house!!!

INN068L Larry Gus Angelos Kyriou Achilleas Kyriakidis 7'' (Inner Ear/GR)

Exceptional release. Instrumental hip hop is the only genre of this music kind of music that I’m following, I could say that ‘’Achilleas Kyriakidis’’ is masterpiece, a dreamy cinematic beatz masterpiece. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 04.02.13



BUY 7’’:http://www.inner-ear.gr/en/shop/


BUSTED73 Singularis – Evening Hours (Cold Busted/US)

Singularis offers with his second release on the label another one Cold Busted personal HIGHLIGHT * . Smooth and sophisticated beatz mixed with illustrated synths and all together are creating and wonderful soundscape. The breathtaking vocals samplers on ‘’So And So’’, ‘’You're Always There’’ and ‘’Tell Me Why’’ are making me addicted to these tracks, jazzy the first and soul the others too already passed from the playlist of my radio show. 80’s funk on ‘’Tonight’’ reminds me Loose Ends on their in exotic intrumentations., astrodusted ‘’Midnight Groovin'’’ Evan Jones aka Mecca:83 productions. ‘’Stronger’’ jazz seems one my favorites, the xylophone, the jazzy bassline are magic and at last evening and especially nighttime hours ‘’Wandering’’ is a piece of elegance. * Blue In Green’s ‘’The Break Of Dawn’’, Poldoore’s ‘’Street Bangerz Volume 6: Playhouse’’, Somepling’s ‘’Cry Above’’, Vitamin D’s ‘’Hard Times’’, Mister T’s ‘’Gentle Music’’, 80s Casual ‘’One Night …