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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Φεβρουάριος, 2014

9 - 10 pm .... PoP AleRt

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

Tears For Fears - My Girls
Klaxons - There Is No Other Time
Phantogram - Nothing But Trouble
St. Vincent - Digital Witness
Wild Beasts - Wanderlust
Painted Palms - Forever
Hellogoodbye - I Don't Worry (As Much As I Should)
Jake Bugg - Two Fingers
Franz Ferdinand - Stand On The Horizon
Lyla Foy - Easy
Nicole Atkins - Who Killed The Moonlight
Maximo Park - Leave This Island
Paul Conrad - Heresy Baby
Warpaint - Love Is To Die

10+001 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 26.02.14

LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/10001-20140226/

Nova Planet Radio Show is back in normal with new named Radio Show sessions. 10 (years) + 001 (frist show) features jazz no jazz and beyond everything, music from all over the world (Chezh Republic, Brasil, Romania among others) and many different genres. In this show UPCOMING music by Men From Nobu, Loopmaffia (Nova Pkanet 10 Years Anniversarry EP), Werkha, Quantic, Mo Kolours, Flashbaxx (TRACK OF THE MONTH), many new releases, classics from Panama and Nigeria and Alex Barck ‘s ‘’Like A Drug’’ on Luis Leon Remix as Tsunami’s * RECOMMENDATION.

Discover Tsunami’s (Beograd/SRB) – one of the world’s biggest music lover (+ not only) – more music suggestions HERE: https://soundcloud.com/cunami

Men From Nobu - The Best Of Us (Jaymz Nylon Remix)
LoopMaffia - Happy Dayz (Original Mix)
Limousine - Boonghusa
Pepper Pots - Free My Mind
Aylin - Chemistry
Mighty Mighty - Backyard Boogie
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - W…

BUSTED92 Poldoore - The Day Off (Cold Busted/US)

It is frustrating the Poldoore’s come back long player, even he promised less hip hop contructions not only the beat philosophy is mostly hop hop also vocalists are included, the soul and funk vibes are limited. Forthwith I get positive vibes from the sunshine day off near the beach on ‘’Natural High’’ and ‘’Call It A Day’’. Sorry but I’m not a fan of hip hop I’m a fan of hip hop instrumentals, galactic ot planet earth ones withclever samplers even new composed sounds on them… - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

PRE:RELEASE DATE Beatport: 18.02.14
PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20140219/
BUY DiGiTaL:http://www.beatport.com/release/the-day-off/1224948

BUY Vinyl:http://shop.coldbusted.org/album/the-day-off


NT018 Juan De Dios - Dark & Light EP (Nylon Trax/US)

The Argentinian maestro already impressed before with his exceptional collaboration with Stephen Kells and their long player in Nylon Trax back in 2011. ‘’Dark & Light’’ can be easily be my release of the month. The breathtaking Amazonian chant of the same title track remind some really enchanting early deep house release, the nature, the civilization, the rhythm, the technology are here together. The emotive ‘’Missing You (Always On My Mind Mix)’’ connquers the higher state of mind sense of house. Classic and classy deep bouncy late night work with magnificent ‘’whispering’’ vocal samplers. Slowed down tempo groove and less floor friendly ‘’Late Night’’ is searching for the right music lover like the night creatures for the prey. Blue Rabbit is walking on ambient paths, still on planet Earth but on a metaphysical level. Another one release for the contemporary museum of dance music. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 21.12.13


CODIS 010 Genf Pakula - Choices EP (Compost Records/DE)

What words can I use to express what I feel after hear this legendary 2014 release? Where is the beginning, the limit? Beyond any borders and limits Genf Pakula are offering an cinematic 70s influenced EP where the roots of music of central Europe meets the ceramic brick buildings of NYC, the Fusion of jazz meets the pop and rock, the analogue sound, the disco, the cosmic era, the house sound and all these together without being annoying or messing. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 17.01.14

PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20140212/




Club Rodon - 26/02/2014

Moby - God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
Shriekback - This Big Hush
Karen O - The Moon Song
Plastic Flowers - Love Is Above All (Feat.Ed Askew)
Cannonball Adderley - Mercy Mercy Mercy
Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
Beyonce - Rocket
James Blake - To The Last
The Knife - Marble House
Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love
Pete Shelley - Whitness The Change (Dub Version)
Yello –   You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (UK Promo 12" Version)
Eurythmics - Missionary Man
Beck - Novacaine
The Callas - East Beast
The War On Drugs - Red Eyes
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Newby Street
John Maus - Believer
Electrelane - The Valleys
Band Of Holy Joy - Love Never Fails
Iggy Pop & A Hawk aND tHE Hacksaw - Asshole Rules The Navy
Lush & Jarvis Cocker - Ciao!
Manic Street Preachers - Miss Europa Disco Dancer
The Go Find - Everyone Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Novak - Rapunzel
dj : mihalis emmanouilidis (stereonova@hotmail.com)

Club Rodon - 25/02/2014

Darkside - Greek Light Darkside - Metatron James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier Beck - Blackbird Chain Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots Broken Bells - The Angel And The Fool The Man From Managra - Time To Move On St. Vincent - I Prefer Your Love Bill Callahan - Thank Dub Cibo Matto - Housekeeping Wild Beasts - Sweet Spot Egg Hell - Suffering Fanfarlo - Landlocked Thievery Corporation - The Heart's a Lonely Hunter [featuring David Byrne] Happy Mondays - Bob's Yer Uncle Kronos Quartet, Kyp Malone, Tunde Adebimpe, Stuart Bogie - Sorrow Tears + Blood Muddy Jo - Switch Dream Weapons - The Vampire Cut Copy - We Are Explorers (Larry Gus Remix) Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Instrumental) Nils Frahm - Says CFCF - The Forest At Night David Sylvian - A Fire In The Forestdj : mihalis emmanouilidis(stereonova@hotmail.com)


Happiness is ideal , it is the work of the imagination” Marquis De Sade


Παρασκευή 7 Μαρτίου 2014 Club/Μύλος

Φιλοσοφία και σεξ, κοινωνικές και πολιτικές ουτοπίες μέσα από μια σουρεαλιστική ιστορία με χιούμορ! Η ακατονόμαστη κόλαση του σαδιστή φιλόσοφου Μαρκήσιου Ντε Σαντ, μέσα από μια νέα ματιά… δίνουν το ραντεβού τους με τον... Μαρκήσιο Ντε Σαντ στο Club του Μύλου, την Παρασκευή 7 Μαρτίου.

Ένα εναλλακτικό vaudeville, πότε λαμπερό και πότε σκοτεινό, αιχμηρό και επαναστατικό, πέρα από τα ταμπού, με καινούργια νούμερα και πολύ μουσική επιλεγμένη από διάφορες εποχές και στυλ. Με την γνωστή αισθητική που τους χαρακτηρίζει, οι Tenorman & Voodoo Drummer αναμιγνύουν διαφορετικά είδη τέχνης μεταξύ τους. Η όπερα συναντάει το punk, η τζαζ αναμιγνύεται με την Αφρικάνικη κουλτούρα. Πρωτότυπες συνθέσεις με μελοποιήσεις ποιημάτων και γραπτών των Ντε Σαντ, Σέξπηρ και Ε.Α. Πόε, ιδιαίτερες διασκευές, σε ένα χαοτικό show. Συντελεστές:

Νέα Κυκλοφορία : Plastic Flowers - Evergreen

Όσο κι αν ακούγεται περίεργο δύο πλαστικά λουλούδια μπορούν να φέρουν την άνοιξη! Οι Θεσσαλονικείς Plastic Flowers (Γιώργος Σαμαράς και Άγγελος Πασχαλίδης) έχουν ήδη 4 EP και μια διεθνή περιοδεία στο βιογραφικό τους και η άνοιξη είναι η καλύτερη εποχή για την κυκλοφορία του πολυαναμενόμενου ντεμπούτου album τους “Evergreen”.
Το “Evergreen” ηχογραφήθηκε σε δύο κασετόφωνα και ένα μπομπινόφωνο μέσα σε λιγότερο από δύο μήνες στη Θεσσαλονίκη το καλοκαίρι του 2013 και ολοκληρώθηκε στην Αγγλία με την συνεργασία του Παναγιώτη Παπαγιαννόπουλου στην παραγωγή. Χρησιμοποιήθηκαν διάφορα vintage αναλογικά synths, μπόλικα drum machines και φθηνοί ενισχυτές κιθάρας. Dream pop ατμόσφαιρα, lo-fi μελωδίες και στίχοι καθημερινής τρέλας συνθέτουν τον αειθαλή κόσμο του “Evergreen”. Η ευρηματική ποικιλία των ενορχηστρώσεων καθώς και οι συμμετοχές του Νεοϋορκέζου Ed Askew (Love is Above All) και των local heroes Keep Shelly in Athens (Ghosts) κάνουν τα 11 κομμάτια να διαφέρουν μεταξύ τους και να μπορούν άν…

Cold Busted Radio Show Playlist @ 19.02.14 By DJ Nova


Words are not necessary for Cold Busted, since i discovered the label, when Vitamin D’s album ’’Hard Times’’ released, Nova Planet Radio Show playlists are talking itself, Cold Busted since 2010 is one of the most played record labels in my Radio Show. In the show except the elite of label’s catalogue you will hear NEW and UPCOMING music by Green Empathy, Flashbaxx (TRACK OF THE MONTH), Gareth Bilaney, Lord Echo, Men From Nobu, Captain Detendu, Judah Eskender Tafari, Jo Def, U-Cef along a Balearic classic by reggae legend Gregory Isaacs. For MORE: http://coldbusted.org/

Green Empathy - A Fuera
Flashbaxx - Madison

Boris Blenn – Beachbar
Somepling – Cry Above

Gareth Bilaney - Undone (Max Volkholz Remix)
Green Street - Scotch On The Rocks
Lazy 88s - Fat Fingered Funk

Lord Echo - Sword Cane
Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down The Pace (10'' Mix)
LoopMaffia - Summer Snow
Men From Nobu - The Best Of Us (Liv…

CBSPECIAL22 Maleka – Holes In The Ground! (Cold Busted/US)

Heavy hip hop funk under many mess around samplers that excisted sometimes in tracks like ‘’Holes In The Sky’’, ‘’Hey You’’ and ‘’Nothing But Sand’’. Fave tracks the sweet nightime cut called ’’Dreams Are’’ and the wicked retro 70’s groove ‘’Janjo's Guitar’’ feat Gianluigi Capasso. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

PRE:RELEASE DATE Beatport: 14.01.14





PEAL 085 Green Empathy - Nomads (Peacelounge/DE)

Looking at the cover of the release your mind will go to a particular race, but seeing the colors of the clothing the women understand that you will hear as many different things as there are colors in this. Transculturality the first album returns even richer, Daniel Voss who gave me the favorite album of 2011 returns with another journey to the planet Earth which centered on fellows who are living as nomads. He travels us from the deserts and savannahs of Africa, the tundras and icy highlands of Asia to the lush colors of the Amazon region and the South part of America. A sweet melancholia together with a warm smile and nostalgia exists in ‘’Nomads’’, like the lives of all these we will we ever live, yet very easy to visualize through the musical path of Green Empathy. Turning off I would like to say that I'm in love, so in love with ‘’A Fuera’’… - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 17.01.14

PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20140122/

TRUDD095 Harleighblu - Let Me Be (Tru Thoughts/UK)

Love mostly the remixes that offering a different taste on Harleighblu’s vocals. Titeknots garage touch on “Love Like This” sounds nice but the galactic soul of Astro Raw Remix on “This Way” won my heart. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 27.01.14




Golden Suits & The Oscillation @ The Voice Of The Cassandre

Golden Suits & The Oscillation @ The Voice Of The Cassandre
Monday 24/02/2014 - 23:00

Golden Suits
Gene Pitney - its hurts to be alone Fickle Pickle - only for the summer Eric Donaldson - cherry oh baby asfaw kebbebe - temelese baburu The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Choir - ovdoviala lissitchkata kathryn Beaumont - all in the golden afternoon washington Phillips - lift him up that's all nico - afraid buell kazee - butcher's boy Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires - yesu ka mkwebaze
The Oscillation
Tomaga-  Sunday Ticket Muscleheads-   Phosphorescence The Pink Faries-   Do it Night Beats-    Rat King Alain Goraguer-    La Vieille Meurt Acid Mothers Temple-   Soleil de Cristal et D'argent Fun Boy Three- The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum One Unique Signal-   Celebration And Absence Main-   Reformation (expansive) Demian Castellanos- Afterthought

Night Shift #17 - Epavlis Pavlakis

"Νυχτερινή Βάρδια - Night Shift "   Music Stories For The Midnight Hour  www.rodonfm.com  Κάθε Δευτέρα στις 24:00

Τη Δευτέρα 24  Φεβρουαρίου  και λίγο μετά τις 24:00 στην εκπομπή "Νυχτερινή Βάρδια" καλεσμένος ο Epavlis Pavlakis .
mixtape for rodon fm : 
Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit (Lullaby Rendition)
Tom Recchion - A complex shape in the sky
Gil Scott Heron - Your soul and mine
Warpaint - Love is to die
Tiny Tim / Elanor Barooshian - I got you babe
Marsimoto - Romeo & Julia
Ayben - Kork bizden (ft.Ceza)
Massaka - Das Kartell
Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso - Naked Lunch
Kayne West - Mercy
Lady Gaga - Judas (Goldfrapp Remix)
Mizar - Amfilohij
Furniture - Bullet
Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Lullaby Version)
Current 93 - Merry go round and around

9 - 10 pm .... PoP AleRt

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

The Moons - Be Not Me
Frankie Rose - You For Me
Dum Dum Girls - Evil Blooms
Kaiser Chiefs - Bows & Arrows
Devo - Fresh
Autoheart - Beat The Love
Babe - Tilt
Dear Rouge - I Heard I Had
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Until The Stars Collide
Elizabeth & The Catapult - Like It Never Happened
Gossling - Big Love
Eleanor Friedberger - Children of The Revolution
Broken Bells - Medicine
Foster The People - Coming of Age
Cage the Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams
Fanfarlo - Painting With Life

PoP AleRt 21-2-2014 by Vasilis Dimokas on Mixcloud

Vinyls & Wines By Professor D & Nova Photo Gallery

Τι μπορει να είναι πιο ζεστο περα από το την εικονα και την αισθηση του ξυλου, μα φυσικα, ο ηχος από βινυλιο… Ειδικα μεσα στο καταχειμωνο… Αυτή τη Κυριακη ο Proffessor D και ο DJ Nova στο ετησιο ραντεβου τους με τα πικαπ θα μοιραζουν συναισθηματα και ηχους από ένα αναλογικο ταξιδι σε άλλη εποχη… Αυτή τη Κυριακη στο στο Sunday Funday Vol.11 εχουμε σκοπο να σας ταξιδευψουμε σε δυο ‘’μερη’’, πρωτος προορισμος jazz, funk, soul, Balearic and beyond (in the eighties) και δευτερος ''party'' με dance classics... Oχι final scratch, οχι mp3, ΜΟΝΟ βινυλιο σε 7'', 10'', 12'', 33 και 45 στροφες...

Sunday 02.02.14
Το Μικρο (Διατηρητεο)
Ικτινου 12

PNN 04 Popnoname - 50° Remixes (PNN/Kompakt/DE)

Retro and nu diskish Andrei Oid Remix on ‘’Flame Of The Pilots’’ and especially the Bozzwell’s ealry house meets New Order one on the same track are the ones for me here. I like the gentle and closer to Original Volker Pannes Remix on ‘’Happens At Night’’ too. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show


PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/bozzwell-hiem/popnoname-50-remixes-01



NT017 Leandro P. - Take Control EP (Nylon Trax/US)

Love it, love the Original, futuristic soul, under the umbrella of deep house offcource. All the remixes are really tasty, excellent, especially Borough of Kings one, but I like deep Afro touch of Nigel One’s Remix and spacy Mac & Peel ones too a lot. Most attractive and best cut is the delicious Instrumental Mix, so sweet late night track. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 14.12.12


PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/nylontrax/leandro-p-featuring-anthony




SOULABDIGISINGLE 016 Good Groove Orchestra - Back To The Groove (Soulab/FR)

Original 70’s vibes here, a cool vintage ethno lounge on ‘’Back To The Groove’’, a jazzy funky and cinematic journey philosophy on ‘’Tell Me’’ with a back into the mid nineties French hip hop beatz and groovy funk on ‘’Wonderful Times’’. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 25.10.13