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Casa Del Sol #104 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #104

01. Begin - Wood Trees
02. Calm - Ending Of Summer, Beginning Of Autumn
03. Hear & Now - Airone
04. Joe Morris - Skies Reprise
05. Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - Turipanu
06. Blank & Jones - Good In Blues
07. Simon Mills - Buds
08. Topek - Citizen
09. Quart - Orcha
10. Ralph Thomas - Venice
11. Ron Trent - Ori Space

Casa Del Sol @ 13.09.18

◉ Another Summer is ending and the farewell PODCAST is like a whole hour around sunset. ''Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn'' the name of the latest Edition and inspired by the same title tune of Calm's latest album ''By Your Side'' on HELL YEAH recordings. Lazy like watching the slow motion of the sun, melodic and retro as the skies of early deep house from Italy appeared when Joe Morris ''Skies Reprise'' plays as included on ''BALEARIC 4'' compilation. Blended together Balearic, chill out and chillwave as Ibiza Air & Walter Silva ''Turipanu'' comes around the heart of the PODCAST and preparing the nightlife moment after the sundown with deep house sounds that I baptized Balearic like Topek's ''Citizen''. Soulful is the end of the PODCAST as techno producer Vince Watsonprovides his Quart project, next to BBE Musicreissue of Ralph Thomas album which kisses the Afro Latin Ron Trent's jazz spirit in the end. So classic Balearic and spiritual...

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BLRC4 Balearic 4 on BALEARIC

BLRC4 Balearic 4 10.08.17///Already OUT on BALEARIC///Here we are. Summer of 2018 and as I said earlier there are always some things that make the Summer season, Summer season. Some of those things are the regular (yearly) compilations like the Balearic one. Mr Breeze compiled another dozen of delightful tracks which mainly were released since last Summer. His selection offers exclusivities, tracks from sold out vinyl releases even never released on vinyl, like Gallo's ''Faron'' on Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient Remix, tune that is making buzz in Ibiza since its end of the season last year. Aficionado RecordingsPhantom Island, Uber Recordings seems some of his fave label and they are part of this blue looking chapter. In the compilation we can find once again all the main styles of Balearic sound of today. Max Essa will introduce you on ‘’Balearic 4’’ the right way as one part of his golden ‘’Themes From The Hood, The Cad & The Lovely EP’’ on Hell Yeah is waiting you on the door of the compilation. Japan is back on Balearic as Emerson Kitamura minimal cover on classic ‘’Rock Your Baby’’ appeared next. The slo-mo groove of Simon Peter’s ‘’Ottimismo’’ connects you with a kind of folk Americana disco while the quirky downtempo world dub echoes of Fuga Ronto Remix on Kay Zee’s ‘’Barny’’ is taking to the experimental echoes of the decade when the Balearic genre was ready to be named. The reminiscent of the Balearic Beat and Mad-chester explosion is represented here as a reminder to us by Max Manetti’s vintage Lati-n-die ‘’Changuinola’’. Looking back Joe Morris ‘’Skies Reprise’’ refreshed the Italo House paradisiac dream house days, cool ambience and feel good jazzed weirdness in the (beatless) house. The exclusivities have Flamenco aroma, Andalusian veins and real Balearic Island spirit. Paco De Lucia’s ‘’Entre Dos Aguas’’ which madly played and offered to the White Island visitors by José Padilla offered here on an exceptional On-U Sound Dub version of Los Twangueros version. The most fascinated one ever! The guitars are playing non-stop on passionate Remix of the compiler’s version on Robot 84’s ‘’San Vorera’’. The remaining tracks by Private Agenda’s ‘’Dawn’’ on Faze Action Remix, Quinn Lamont Luke’s ‘’Different Aspirations’’ and J-Walk’s ‘’Twilight’’ completes the selection with the diversion has to have. ‘’Balearic 4’’ is not only for sunsets, Ibiza and sea coasts, at least for us who we are love this plethora of the Balearic love we have. ‘’Balearic 4’’ is one of these things that lasts from Summer, during the Winter, ‘til next Summer… - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1518/ & INCLUDED:https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-103/ #Balearic #BalearicForYou #Mediterranean #WhiteIsland #LaIslaBlanca #downtempo #chill #chilled #eclectic #Latin #Flamenco #Ibiza #chillout #deephouse

IRM 1696 Don Carlos presents Paradise House (Deep Ambient Dream Paradise Garage House From 90's) on IRMA Records

IRM 1696 Don Carlos presents Paradise House (Deep Ambient Dream Paradise Garage House From 90's) 20.07.18///Already OUT on IRMA Records///It’s already three years since the digital compilation ''The Balearic Sound Of IRMA'', that I compiled for IRMA’s digital sublabel IRMA Dancefloor, released. Since then a lot of compilation full of early Italian tracks appeared around and the flame of Italian deep house reburns. Those it takes us, IRMA’s Frank Siccardi, he was the right hand on this project and label owner Umberto Damiani, a lot of time to dig and digitalize and finally choose some rare and lost in time releases of the early and golden days of Italian deep house. This is what came into my mind when I got in my mailbox the astounded Don Carlos presents ‘’Paradise House’’ compilation that already release on 3XLP, CD and digital formats and I guess compiling this, it was a simple game for the menthor of the genre. The legendary producer compiled one of the best releases of that era and feel that choose the best more and more forgotten among tones of deep club house tunes.

The jazzy rawness of Key Tronics Ensemble ‘’Move’’ on its Salty Mix, the deep club house of Subway Ground Master ''Bond Street'', the mega Italo House hit ''I Need You'' by Nikita Warren on its exotic Flute Mix, King Britt's project Deep Aural Penetration on ''Thoughts Of Summer'' and its The Vagabond Mix, the sexy soulful Outphase's ''With You'', a project by Angel.i.n.o & Moz-art and which taken from Ron Trent fave 12'', the have to check Sotterranea's ''Ground 2'' on its Subsonics & Don Carlos Trip and the deep funk of More Heavy Soul's ''Load In Total Darkness'' on the Irregular Dub version are some of the tracks that are including here and need your(re)attention.

Some of my fave moments on the release are Soft & Loud Music Enterprise ''Find A Groove'' which included in my compilation as well, Love Nation's ''Lifetime'' - this piece of ambient jazz tinged house can't be something else like Balearic for me. From the same Original release, the must be played by Sasha Nu Model's soft acid ''Deepstraction'' which is connecting Italo House with the progressive sound of UK. The most wanted and rare from the US side of IRMA, House Of Blue's ''Oblique'' on its Deep Blue Dub version is another front line choice from the release. Don Carlos ''Paranoia'' which taken from his one of my fave Italian deep house releases ''Mediterraneo'' is not missing here, the compilers Remix on Montego Bay's ''Magic'' as well. Feel the magic? - DJ Nova, NovavoN, #NovaPlanetRadioShow,  #RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-103/ #dance #house #deephouse #Italohouse #BalearicHouse #Balearic #progressivehouse #garagehouse #ambienthouse #compilation

Blank & Jones ‎– Relax (The Sunset Sessions 2) 12’’ on Soundcolours

Blank & Jones ‎– Relax (The Sunset Sessions 2) 12’’ *

It was 2015 when Blank & Jones dropped their first 12’’ Sunset Sessions Remixes of their sought after RELAX series. Almost three years later their follow up arrived and bolstered with extra #BalearicForYoutunes. The release armed with recent most wanted Balearic track ‘’Good’’ which included remixed on their latest ‘’Milchbar’’ compilation by the Italian duo of Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix. Their gentle Remix on Blank & Jones original track has seductive perfume from 1990 cinematic Balearic bliss. The characteristic lazy and sun soaked allure of Coyote’s sound completes the Balearic sunset magic as their Remix on Blank & Jones ‘’RELAX 10’’ main track, ‘’My Island’’, included on the package. The mega Balearic disco collaboration runSQ is not missing here, their delicate and glamourous Beach front remix on ‘’Pelican Day’’ will be a forthcoming summer’s must have and play. More downtempo, chilled and jazzed remixes completes the package along one summer’s nightlife disco weapon as well, remixed by Soundcolours disco Don Cassara which edited by British maestro Peter Herbert. What is missing? ‘’Sun Starts Smiling’’ on their own Eclectic Mix… Extended… - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

* Soundcolours

BJT 02 Captain Planet - Mystery Trip Vol.2 on Bastard Jazz

BJT 02 Captain Planet - Mystery Trip Vol.2 10.07.18///OUT on Bastard Jazz///For one way or another you will travel for vacation this year around the world, this is the best ticket to fly and travel without moving. The extraordinary Afro Latin and world music collector, producer as well is back with his second ‘’Mystery Trip’’. His cocktail of lost and obscure treasures and contemporary dance beatslooks really promising. On the first single ‘’Oluko’’ takes us to dance music culture motherland, Africa, the sexy soul of ‘’पास आओ’’ to Indian and on music state of an area that you‘ve never been before. ‘’Malama’’ hip hop funk looks the hottest DJ Nova’s tune on the release. A word that used in Greece as well fuelled with Middle East echoes where the traditional strings assemblied perfectly with synth funk. South America represented on the project by the happy ‘’El Marcianito’’. The dub is not missing as ‘’Israelite’’ is the electrified and multitaste dub infuenced Latin funk weapon of the second ‘’Mystery Trip’’. ’Sapateiro’’ is your ticket to Brazil and Fioranapolis nitelife. Wide mind opened club and house DJs best friend will be the tune called ‘’Ogun Ijo’’, the familiar Nigeria boogie smells like one of the strongest edits on the field. ‘’Mystery Trip’’ is worth, checkin’ and purchasin’ world puzzle. - DJ Nova,NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovavoN #funk #Afro #African #house #edit #mixtape #cassette #compilation

JD434 Ben Hauke - Only Old on Far Out Recordings

JD434 Ben Hauke - Only Old 22.07.18///Already OUT on Far Out Recordings///This totally obsessive with Latin America album reflects perfectly Ben Hauke’s vision of mystical sample based deep percussive broken beat sound. Deep house, hip hop and future beats in exotic mood and shape which offering a refresh texture on Far Out Recordings catalogue and assembling the label on the puzzle of newest movements of future soul and jazz in London and beyond. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1516/ #NovAvoN #dance #brokenbeat #house #hiphop #jazz #futuresoul #beats

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15.19 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 26.09.18

15.19 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 26.09.18

◉ Summer 2018 is over and Nova Planet Radio Show is back ON AIR and online. Digital and vinyl only new releases that released during the Summer, some reissues between of them, a bunch of September's releases among some discoveries and tracks that remember or include in Casa Del Sol PODCAST. The show opened with Calm's * ''Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn'' which taken from his latest release on HELL YEAH recordings, album which charted on the top in my latest Juno Recordsvinyl CHART * .August's TRACK OF THE MONTH, Ambala's ''Morning Lights'' and September's TRACK OF THE MONTH, Space Captain's ''Loveline'' on Jesse Fischer Remix.

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Calm - Ending Οf Summer, Beginning Οf Autumn
Blank & Jones - Good In Blues
Faint Waves - Bonita
Ambala - Morning Lights

Munir - Balcony View
Optik - Illusion
Cantoma music - Verbana (Pete Herbert Remix)
Tone Ranger – Saguaro
Cobby & Welton – Absolute
Space Captain - Loveline (Jesse Fischer Remix)

Ricardo Bomba - Voce Vai Se Lembrar

Bonnie & Klein - Motmot
Belpaese - Di Chi Sei 
Marcos Valle – Nordeste
Blank & Jones - Pelican Bay (runSQ Remix)
Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble - Onda Blue (Strumentale) 
Antonio Sorrentino - E' Prumesse
Kojo Antwi – Hini Mi
Sue Shadow – My Man
Dur-Dur Band - Diinleeya
Ralph Thomas - Big Spliff
S-TONE INC.. - Zona Norte (Mellow Mellow Remix)

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Casa Del Sol #104 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #104 01. Begin - Wood Trees 02. Calm - Ending Of Summer, Beginning Of Autumn 03. Hear & Now - Airone 04. ...