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16.02 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 30.01.19

 16.02 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 30.01.19

Back on the weekly routine and the second show of the year delivers a kaleidoscope of early 2019 releases among few late 2018 and classics one. On 1st February released Andrew Wasylyk's album which is opening the show. While earlier this the smooth chilled jazz maestro Mike Murray, LA Dream Chimney, Mexican Joseph Terruel, Tokyo Dawn Records's Tensei released their albums, compilations and digital singles. Last week Into The Light RecordsPhilophonFar Out Recordings,Freestyle RecordsNinja TuneCompost Records and BBE Music. All played here among Leandro P. and Glass Slipper forthcoming releases, Tony Esposito, Viktor Lazlo late 80s classics and a bunch of releases that was out on December by PPU Peoples Potential UnlimitedNumero Group, Hell Yeah Recordings and MUSIC FOR DREAMS... A varicoloured show...

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Andrew Wasylyk - Journey To Inchcape
Maryn E. Coote - Last Part Of L L82 
Chasman - Wind Fall 
Ed Longo & The Applied Arts Ensemble - Love On The Line 
Mike Murray - My Love 
Teen Daze - Hidden Worlds 
A Vision Of Panorama - Jazzy Jaunt 
Joseph Terruel - Cozy Life 
Free Level - Blue Grass 1 
Jimi Tenor - Ki'igba 
Tensei - Ask Them 
My Friend Dario - Calamari Fritti 
Ambala - Slow River 

Ivan Conti Mamão - Encontro 
Leandro P. Featuring KC - People On The Move 
Tony Esposito – Sinue 
Viktor Lazlo - Hot And Soul 
Lance Ferguson - Brazilian Rhyme 
Jayda G - Leave Room 2 Breathe (Instrumental) 
Siren - AWay (Phil Mison Remix) 
Glass Slipper - Momentary Joy (Andrew Emil Dreamstrumental) 
MO RAYON - Zambia 
Ilija Rudman - Temptations Trial
J Dilla - Won't Do (Instrumental) 
The Crew - Destination Unknown (Time & Space Mix)

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FARO208 Ivan Conti Mamão - Poison Fruit on Far Out Recordings

FARO208 Ivan Conti Mamão - Poison Fruit 25.01.19///OUT on Far Out Recordings///This enormously gifted veteran lands an outstandingly compelling album. ‘’Poison Fruit’’ is a representative vision of his unlimited futuristic reflections where his drum patterns meets exotic fusion of jazz-Brazilian funk. A heavy mix of percussions and futuristic synth stabs with soaring Rio de Janeiro fauna vibes and effects are shaping his 20 years delayed album, this earthbound space jazz craft of spiritual, ethereal and nightime milestone. So far, the best end of the year and early 2019 release. ‘’Poison Fruit’’ is December’s 2018 album of the month and ‘’Bacurau’’ Nova Planet Radio Show TRACK OF THE MONTH. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/ #NovAvoN #newrelease #Brazilian #jazzfunk

BS204 Third Attempt - On Tonight on Beatservice Records/

BS204 Third Attempt - On Tonight 25.01.19///OUT TODAY on Beatservice Records///The EP opens with some proper 303 action, as ''On Tonight'' is a semi-acid treatment with a hint of nostalgia and classic dubbed out vibe and influence in the house. Absolutely stunning. But this fresh and fave name is not stopping on this. He is flirting with a kind of broken beat 'breaks' jazzed exposure and the result may sound a little bit vintage and out of time but it's so prosperous. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///POWERED by 8DPromo/// #newrelease #dance #house #deephouse

FSRLP 125 Lance Ferguson - Rare Groove Spectrum on Freestyle Records

FSRLP 125 Lance Ferguson - Rare Groove Spectrum 25.01.19///OUT on Freestyle Records///This album is my statement against the DJ and digital only culture of re edits that is filling the half of new releases on digital and physical music weekly catalogues. Lance Ferguson, a real multi-genre musician who loved almost by everyone offers an organic re-edit, re-imagined or replayed bunch of tunes that makes you feel that you are listening real music. The whole album is a raw funk parade, another spell-binding to the principles of his Bamboo state of production. Feel so much the alternate and less ‘funk’ funk sound of the samba magic of his ‘’Sweet Power Your Embrace’’ version and deep jazz funk of ‘’Brazilian Rhythm’’ which sounds so Balearic. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// ‪#NovavoN #newrelease #soul #funk

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Casa Del Sol #108 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #108

01. Hear & Now - Aurora Baleare
02. MO RAYON - Zambia
03. My Friend Dario - Deco
04. Chrome Sparks - Be On Fire
05. Bobby Bricks - Midnight Run
06. Trimolo - Tempo 100 (Miskotom Edit)
07. Private Agenda - Dawn (Faze Action Remix)
08. Ibiza Air & Miguel S - Cabo De La Vela (Dom Paradise chill Mix Edit)
09. Josiah Fontenot - Floating In Dub (Busby Binne Remix)
10. Miskotom - Midnight Baddie
11. Misty Horizon & The Next Set - Denwa Rendezvous (Push-Button Mix)
12. Momo Joseph - War For Ground
13. Ichisan - Hotel Jama (Harpsichord Version)
14. Lance Ferguson - Brazilian Rhyme

Casa Del Sol @ 16.01.19

◉ A Happy 2019 to everyone. I hope you had a great holiday season. Casa Del Sol 108 ‘’Aurora Baleare’’ Edition is here with some fresh and upcoming releases which beautifully layered, superbly arranged between excerpts that taken from some of of DJ Nova’s best of 2018 releases like the Here & Now’s album, BALEARIC 4 compilation and digital only Miskotom’s ‘’Midnight Baddie’’. As always I’m not tryin’ to complete PODCAST only with new and upcoming releases, I leave myself and you to the magic of the flow of the live recording. Still colder than Iceland here this winter and the reminiscent of Mediterranean coasts warm up my mind. I hope the music warm up yours as the absolutely Balearic Casa Del Sol 108 captivates with a surreal summer sensibility and driving things forward, on Summer 2019.

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BJ 040DD Peter Matson - Short Trips EP on Bastard Jazz

BJ 040DD Peter Matson - Short Trips EP 18.01.19///OUT on Bastard Jazz///About the early bird digital release ‘’Roma Norte’’ enough said. Here it’s time to share feelings about the remaining tracks. Deep and soft percussive house "3AM to Sete" which is full of bells and beyond effects wins you immediately as well. These effects are the same denominator on ‘’126’’ which emblazed with haunting synth and guitar hook and make it hot as any other track on the release. Another exampler why deep house music is never boring and refreshed into its circle at the same time. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovavoN #dance #house #deephouse #Afrohouse

DENIED038 Josiah Fontenot - Floating In Dub on Denied Music

DENIED038 Josiah Fontenot - Floating In Dub 21.01.18///OUT TODAY on Denied Music///Josiah Fontenot is one year on (Denied Music) board and make already make sense with release on iconic labels like Colour and Pitch and Harmonious Discord Recordings. The multi-dimension dance style of Josiah Fontenot offers an magnificent deep tech Original on Denied Music again, its tech sensibility full of subtle percussive flourishes like on water echoes. ''Floating In Dub'' armed by strong Remixers as well. Colour And Pitch label honcho offers his unique drama in the house to the Original which filled with alalogue and vintage synth sound. Words are not enough to describe Ivan Ddri's Remix. Reminiscent of early niteties are moving around the speakers, the tribal vibe on the breakdown has an exotic smell. Hypnotic and synth-laden Remix by Echo Thy Love is taking back on Frankfurt trance scene of the early nineties. Hard to choose the best from above. The solution comes with Busby Binne Remix which is running out the package. As mostly i'm a Balearic head the slo-mo pseudo-horn-tastic Remix brings psychedelic Afro cosmic sunsets in my mind, Balearic ones. Don't sleep on this. - DJ Nova,NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95///INCLUDED: #newrelease #dance #house #deephouse #techhouse

16.02 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 30.01.19

  16.02 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 30.01.19 Back on the weekly routine and the second show of the year delivers a kalei...