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(10+109) Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 18.01.17 By Nova

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Greetings, I hope you had an excellent festive break and are feeling fresh an ready for the year ahead. Last week due weather condition difficulties it was impossible to arrived at Rodon FM 95 studios. This week’s show features NEW or UPCOMING music by Akale Wube, Idris Ackamoor, K Civ, Achickwithbeatz, Hawke, Ibiza Air, Sinan Mercenk, Shiro Schwarz, some recent and 2016’s fave tune that never played before and few classic by Nigeria, Morocco, GDR AND Italy. TRACK OF THE MONTH Periodica’s Riccardo Shiro ‘’Aquatic Logic’’.

DON'T FORGET every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪#‎Balearic‬ Panorama curated by me ON AIR/Online via www.rodonfm.net


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early morning breaks show, Balearic Mixes and more

Girma Bèyènè & Akalé Wubé - Musiqawi Sil
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - Tinoge Ya Ta'a Ba, Pt. 1 & 2
Eji Oyewole - Kasowopo Kasekan (Unity In Africa) 
Rick Asikpo & Afro Fusion - Too Hot 
Jayda G - Heaven Could Be Lately
Earth Trax – Flowers
Riccardo Schirò - Aquatic Logic

K Civ - Misty Swamp
Achickwitbeatz - Tonight (Leandro P.. Night Mix)
Hawke - WarPeace (Gavin Hardkiss Remix)

Abdou El Omari - Hind 
Tenderlonious - Ghana
Buddy Love - Beach Blonde
Peter Visti - Passion 
Karat - Auf Den Meeren 
Ibiza Air - It`s More Like Relaxation (Dom ParadiseMix)
Tropical Echoes - Music's Our Lov
Sinan Mercenk - We Sit In The Sun And Wait
XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster - On Our Way To Funkmosphere
Shiro Schwarz - Together 
Bybo - In The Mood
Rare Band - Why Why (Instrumental Version)

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Picks of the Month: December 2016

Picks of the Month: December 2016


PRD03 Riccardo Schirò - Aqua LP 2016

COASTAL003 Buddy Love - Mango Peach LP (Cassette) 09.10.16
BUSTED139 misterT. - The Return Of The Classic 13.01.17
DTB012 The Grinders - Way Of The Lion 25.11.16 Down The Bush
FSRCD117 Omar - Love In Beats 27.01.17


CCM009 Chris Coco - Una Tarde Calurosa 05.12.16
JD36 Ivan Conti Mamão - Mamao's Brake Ah Que Legal (IG Culture & 22a Remixes) 27.01.17
Lord Echo - Just Do You 12'' 08.12.16
BSR 003 Joe Morris - Bahia EP 13.10.16
Bybo - Dream On
BJD 32 Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Oye Bien 09.12.16
PIA 0220 PI Chillwave Grooves 23.12.16
NT061 Izzy La Vague - Live Up To Your Life EP 05.01.17
NT060 Achickwitbeatz - Tonight 13.01.17
IM002 K Civ - Misty Swamp EP 13.12.16 Immers Music
ntier003 System360 - Reflected 16.12.16
CAP026 Eric Shans - We Choose 20.01.17 Colour and Pitch
LT074 Jamie 3 26 & Masalo Sameed – Testify/Can't U 12.12.16
PNTE001 Brookside Chase - Eternally 10.01.17
LSR008 Deniz Reno – Sometimes/Blue Eyes 24.01.16
OMG 706 Harris Robotis - All The Things 25.11.16
PPR0084 AIMES - Take Me (Ben Macklin Remixes) 19.12.16
HK022 Hawke - WarPeace 06.01.17
SU022 Sinan Kaya - Money Race (The Remixes) 16.12.16 Sub_Urban
Peace Love Earth - Mental DJ's Land Vol.2 30.10.16
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Cristina And Carolina/Roberto And Giovanni 7'' 10.11.16
BT01 Bernadette Trax - Setting Sun feat. Anna Glahn 22.12.16


Gabriele Poso presents The Languages Of Tambores 27.01.17
Doing It In Lagos 09.12.16
BBE 407CDG BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #5 By Gavin Hardkiss 30.12.16
BBE 406CDG BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #4 By Inkswel 23.12.16


Body-san - Sensory Bin
Earth Trax – Flowers
The Sweet Enoughs - Shark Butt
Max Graef & Glenn Astro - Money $ex Theme (Greg Beato $exo No Es Todo Remix)
Greeen Linez - This Listening Winter 07.12.16
Digital Voyager - Fountain 12.12.16


Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn ?– Embrace 1986
Mamman Sani Abdoulaye - Salamatu
Abdou El Omari - Nuits D'?t? 1976
Habibi Funk 005 Ahmed Malek & Flako - The Electronic Tapes 17.02.17
FARO195 Victor Assis Brasil - Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim LP 1970 24.02.17

PIA 0220 PI Chillwave Grooves EP on Planet Inspiration

PIA 0220 PI Chillwave Grooves EP 23.12.16///Already OUT on Planet Inspiration///The multi-artist release surveys Planet Inspiration sound, the label's manoeuvres around its already established sound, classic chill out and future beats. Delicious concept which stands out on the outdated scene. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// ‪#newrelease #chill #chillout #chilled#chillhouse #chillwave

BBE 407CDG BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #5 By Gavin Hardkiss on BBE Music

BBE 407CDG BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #5 By Gavin Hardkiss 30.12.16///Already OUT on BBE Music///On one hand is not a big surprise to hear Afro and beyond selected tunes by Gavin Hardkiss, but on the other? On the other hand from a pioneer of dance music and culture I expected to hear the most electronic, probably remixes of BBE’s catalogue. Amazing selection by him. Roy Ayers ‘’Baby Doll’’ is the best cut, a reminiscent of the first days of Nova Planet Radio Show - DJ Nova,NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED: https://mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161214-10106/
#newrelease #mix #dance #Afrol #disco #house

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early morning breaks november 2016 by Dj Nova

◉ Happy New Year! Autumn’s last early morning breaks episode is arriving online 15 + days later than usual, due a delay because of holidays season.

▶ early morning breaks November’s 2016 show as broadcasted at Planet Radio Frankfurt/DE on the first Sunday of November, 06.10.16 (repeated the next weeks as well) on early morning breaks radio show. MORE: 

Relax your mind, early morning breaks... Balearic vibes, classic chill out and downtempo, sun shocked and extra deep house tunes among jazzed and ambient tracks. Relax your mind, early morning breaks...

Juan Belmonte - Ibiza Sunset
Blank & Jones Jones - Summer Trip
Ibiza Air - Just Being Here And Now
Dominik Pointvogl - Coral Suite
Gianni Romano - Down Down Down (MHE Edit)
iET - Light And Dark
Marcelino Galán – Trane
9 in Common - Science Of Meditation
Loopaland - My Boesendorfer
Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island
Julian Maier-Hauff - Not Yet Begun
B.G. Baarregaard - Get Up

In the beginning of 2012 Dj Nova joined forces with early morning breaks Radio Show andwww.planetradio.de together with resident dj Mark Hartmann (host of the show), Levitation, DJ Jondal, Vargo, Raphaël Marionneau, Alex B Groove & Christian Arndt. Check more:http://www.planetradio.de/dj-sets/early-morning-breaks.html & MORE: www.facebook.com/earlymorningbreaks

BBE 406CDG BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #4 By Inkswel on BBE Music

BBE 406CDG BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #4 By Inkswel 23.12.16///OUT NOW on BBE Music///Inkswel's Anniversary mix offers an extremely BBE soul and hip hop (mostly) collection where soulful house comes to complete labels' mission on club floors. Wicked! - DJ Nova,NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED: https://mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161214-10106/
#newrelease #mix #dance #hiphop #soul #disco#house

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(10+108) Best Of 2016 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 04.01.17 By DJ Nova

CHECK: https://mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170104-10108/ 

Happy New Year! All the best to all of you who you are Nova Planet Radio Show listeners. Healty and create 2017. Anything is possible now as we can have the knowledge that TRI-ANTHROPO-TYPE model gives to us. In the first show of 2017 i'm presenting the best of 2016. I tried not to impress you with the most objectively quality and important releases of the past year but to convey these I heard the most. For sure my favourite label was Early Sounds Recordings from Italy, but which is the best album of the year i really don't know, it is hard choose and tones of nice releases that i can't broadcasting in a just two hours LIVE! radio show. January’s TRACK OF THE MONTH Riccardo Schiro’s ‘’Aquatic Logic’’ from Early Sounds sublabel Periodica.

DON'T FORGET every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪#‎Balearic‬ Panorama curated by me ON AIR/Online via www.rodonfm.net


ΜORE: www.rodonfm.com

CHECK https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/ for Casa Del Sol PODCAST, 
early morning breaks show, Balearic Mixes and more

Ahmed Malek & Flako - Tape 22 Track 2
The Swan And The Lake – Dive
Trademarks & Copyrights - When You Were Mine
Sarathy Korwar - Karam
Nitai Hershkovits - Dabri Shir
Nu Guinea - TA- Storm
Azymuth - O Matagal
Pellegrino - Ad Libitum
Bahama Soul Club - Tropicana Flight
Betonkust & Palmbomen - Verminkte Toekan
A Vision Of Panorama - Aquafusion
Body-san - One Million Brazilian Dollars
The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Il Custode Delle Chiavi

Moon B – Anything
Fuga Ronto - Journey Unknown
Dj Pippi Ibiza - Calas Encantadas
CFCF - Fleurs Laisses Dans Un Taxi
Cantoma music - Viala's Journey
Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro - Natural
Pochill - Francesca Road (DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager Remix)
Ambala - Sol Serra feat. Jacob Gurevitsch artist
Bongo Entp. - Spanish Winter
SaiR - Bloom
Superstructure – Stacks
Mamman Sani Abdoulaye – Salamatu
Riccardo Schirò - Aquatic Logic

LIVE @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ GMT + 2

LT074 Jamie 3:26 & Masalo, Sameed – Testify/Can't U on Local Talk Records

LT074 Jamie 3:26 & MasaloSameed – Testify/Can't U 12.12.16///Already OUT on Local Talk Records///Sameed's ''Dusty'' is a killer tune! Soft percussive bass-laden hypnotic disco soul groove like no other, end of the charmer. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED: https://mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161214-10106/‪#newrelease #dance #house

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ntier003 System360 - Reflected on Ntier

ntier003 System360 - Reflected 16.12.16///OUT NOW on Ntier///I like what I heard here. Usually the moody sounds are not have the flexibility to be loved by me but this dubby techno warmness of System360’s EP already makes round in my mind. The opening ‘’Reflected’’ allures the listener to ‘’stay’’ here on his dub melancholy. The wonky effects on, almost loungy, Compass Point Studios flirt called ‘’Light To You’’ makes him already a fan of System360. Bitter sweet chocolate of ‘’Edge Of Time’’ takes the package on real electronica state of dub before ‘’Alchemy’’ which is running out the release throwbacks the roots of techno in case that began in Jamaica instead of Detroit. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95///POWERED BY 8DPromo/// #newrelease#dance #house #deephouse #dubtechno #techno

BJD 32 Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Oye Bien on Bastard Jazz

BJD 32 Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Oye Bien 09.12.16///Already OUT on Bastard Jazz///Another well-produced Latin cocktail of Afro(broken)beat nighttime groove by the collaboration between Chico Mann and Captain Planet, ready to show us their love on south hemisphere sounds. - DJ Nova,NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow,#RodonFM95///PLAYED: https://mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161214-10106/#newrelease #AfroLatin #beats #electronic#espanol #latinspanish #Brooklyn

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