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Casa Del Sol #119 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #119

01. Juan Moretti – Flare
02. J-Walk - Find Another Breeze (Gallo Tropical Hinterhof Remix)
03. Miskotom - Aegean Cruise 1955
04. Sergio Messina - Round Robin (Altura Mix)
05. Santilli - Watching
06. Michael David - Rain II
07. Steve Hiett - More Rain In The Woods
08. Ourra Presents James Merriwether Jr. - Journey
09. Michael E & Tim Gelo - Turquoise
10. A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast
11. Tonarunur - Kuluvegen
12. Unknown Mobile & CFCF - A Windless March Ouest
13. Blank & Jones - Segel
14. Ambala - Road To Midnight

Casa Del Sol @ 23.11.19

◉ End of the year, empty beaches, cold days, long nights. But if a sun-soaked daytime appears turquoise colour is not missing of the sea. Starting with sparse Balearic jazz mood & continues with upcoming Gallo's Remix on J-Walk's ''Find Another Breeze'' things smell HELL YEAH recordings, the Balearic label of the year here. Label's recent release by Sergio Messina follows Miskotοm's cruise in Aegean Sea, Santilli's & Michael David guitar references which slowly transforms into unkwown Balearica of Steve Hiett continues winter's magic. Ourra's boogiesque jazz funk fade out to Michael E's ''Turquoise'' Casa Del Sol's ''Turquoise'' Edition main inspiration & then Cala Tarida Musica's debut release, A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast'' invites you to the second by Tonarunur, Canada's Unknown Mobile & CFCF played before Deutsche version of Blank & Jones latest ''Sail'' & Ambala's ''Road To Midnight'' is closing the mix. Thanks for being around in 2019 Best wishes for the double 20.

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SCEP489 Gerardo Frisina ‎– Marombo on Schema Records

SCEP489 Gerardo Frisina ‎– Marombo 06.12.19 ◉ OUT on Schema Records ◉ It looks like lost in translation but sound like never lost its rhythm. Gerardo Frisina's “Marombo” is a hypnotic deep house work which emblaze an representative vision of his global influence but mainly armed with gentle Afro Latin effects and outstanding familiar vocal sampler. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #jazz #Afro #Latin #African #jazzdance #clubjazz #dance #funk #house #deephouse

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Masok - The Bigger The Risk on Raw Tapes

Masok - The Bigger The Risk 29.11.19 ◉ OUT on Raw Tapes ◉ Another compelling release by Raw Tapes. After their early digital singles their album is coming more throught their 70's obsession that filled with standard structures of labels synth-laden philosophy and organic instrumentation along its hip hop based rhythms. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #soul #hiphop

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TRU385 Shapes Diamonds on Tru Thoughts

TRU385 Shapes Diamonds 15.11.19 ◉ OUT on Tru Thoughts ◉ The annual collection of Tru Thought focused on the hottest labels's releases as usual. Looks like is coasting along dance oriented tracks on its vinyl edition while on the digital and longer release delivers an amazing listening experience as the sequence starts from its future soul gems and moving to some of the organice before hits the dancefloor ones and the others that made for those ''big '' soundsystem. Another year, another package of many nuanced and reflective tracks to the scene and beyond. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN ‪ #electronic #futuresoul #soul #funk #reggae #hiphop #worldmusic #beats

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16.31 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 18.12.19

◉ By the pool, the last show of 2019 was a kind of 17th years anniversary show of Nova Planet Radio Show. Well in fact the first show was broadcasted on December the 10th, but last week i couldn't broadcast after an technical issue i faced. Been far for celebrating like the past i choose just to say some words about early and later show and provida a SO B A L E A R I C show which emblazed with UPCOMING Cala Tarida Musica and some other exlusivities. As broadcasted next to solstice the show is welcoming winter but simultaneously giving your mind the space it needs for summer. TRACK OF THE MONTH A Vision Of Panorama's ‘’Atlantic Dawn’’ on Cala Tarida Musica *

* A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast EP'' on our Cala Tarida Musica (Mediterranean sunset vibes and world dance grooves from the minds of DJ Nova, Adam Warped, & DiBo) debut 12'' will be released next February: https://soundcloud.com/calataridamusica/sets/a-vision-of-panorama-sentimental-coast-ep

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SunRain Collective - Tension & Resolve
ind_fris - Wave Transition
Eleventeen Eston - Panulirus Cygnus
Okada Takuro - By The Pool
Steve Hiett - More Rain In The Woods
Sergio Messina - Round Robin (Altura Mix)
Michael David - Rain II (Slow)
Michael E - Mango Man
Unit Blue Music - Familia Mundial
Poolwave - Liquid Affair (Open Water Cut)
Blue Soul - 6am Again

The Cruising - Dispassion (Rune Lindbæk (official) Mix)
Brisa – Steppin
A Vision Of Panorama - Atlantic Dawn

KARU Project - The Right Emotions
Vladi Strecker - On The Night Road (Traveler Mix)
Mike Murray - Despues De Horas
N/A – N/A
Tonarunur - Dive Into The Night
Ourra - Elevation
Potatohead People - Stop The Games (Nicky's Fallin In Love Dub)
Jarmaz - Night City Life (Disco Remix)

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HS200 Erick Cosaque ‎– Chinal Ka 1973-1995 on Heavenly Sweetness

HS200 Erick Cosaque ‎– Chinal Ka 1973-1995 22.11.19 ◉ OUT on Heavenly Sweetness ◉ From the jazz notes of ''Kominike'' which we already loved from Heavenly Sweetness compilation ''Koute Jazz'', his early and percussive ''Joue Zizipan'' to eighties synth-zouk ''A Koz Don Biye 100 F'' this artist compilation looks like carefully puted together and must find its place on your exotic and West Indies record collection.. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 /// #NovavoN #world #exotic #tropical #zouk

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Casa Del Sol #118 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #118

01. Juan Moretti - Fahrenheit
02. Calm - Mellow Mellow Sadness (Calm Mellow Mellow Acid Remix)
03. Francesco Messina - Plaza Tonal
04. Pasc Viscardi - Guided by A White Light
05. Joan Bibiloni - Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila
06. Riccardo Giagni - Passeggera
07. Nordso & Theill - Alabas
08. Blank & Jones - South Sea Vagabounds
09. Michael E - Mango Man
10. Poolwave - African Market (Jazzmanass Cut)
11. A Vision Of Panorama - Mediterranean Tribal
12. Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - Siempre Esperanza (Chill Mix)
13. Toshifumi Hinata - Sarah's Crime
14. Il Guardiano Del Faro - Finale

Casa Del Sol @ 21.11.18

◉ Missing Summer? Maybe yes, maybe no. One way or another it's weird to see all these coasts and beaches empty. This space and emptyness completed by the latest Casa Del Sol PODCAST, ''Mediterranean Coast'' Edition which is unabashedly laid-back. Gorgeously crafted around the sundown DJ Nova is expanding his vision towards by our first Cala Tarida Musica first 12’’ vinyl release, A Vision Of Panarama’s ‘’Sentimental Coast EP’’ and new or reissued releases from ‘Mediterranean Sea’ as sources of inspiration. Named after its title & ‘’Mediterranean Tribal’’ which included in the mix. Opening with the UPCOMING Hell Yeah by Juan Moretti, includes DJ Nova’s show TRACK OF THE MONTH Pascal Viscardi’s ‘’Guided by A White Light’’, new by Ibiza Air & Walter Silva, extract from Nordso & Theill UPCOMING album and Francesco Messina, Joan Bibiloni, Riccardo Giagni, Toshifumi Hinata and Il Guardiano Del Faro reissues among other. Blank & Jones is always here as they are South Sea Vagabounds.

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Casa Del Sol #119 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #119 01.  Juan Moretti  – Flare 02. J-Walk - Find Another Breeze ( Gallo  Tropical Hinterhof Remix) 03. Misko...