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Balearic For You: Calm - Reworks 12''

Calm - Reworks 12'' *

After releasing Calm's diamond piece album ''By Your Side'', Hell Yeah Recordings has been re-conceptualized by unique Japanese producer's sound as it comes around as one of the most Balearic-esque from the land of the rising sun since the millenium. Having its sound as its template from the east and following its principles to expect the unexpected is preapring a lot of suprise for the eclectic and sophisticated Balearic community. This upcoming DJ only release included his sought after CALM's Still Dreaming Mix od Kenkou's ''Everlasting Dreams'' which appeared to be re-played a lot by some of the greatest Balearic heads of the world. The Remix is epic long and from its ambient-drone introduction evolves into jazzed track which continues into a gentle bossa influenced deep house one. Its classical guitar can be easily compared with Mediterranean originals. On the B Side you may discover like me a never heard before Japanese pop tune that armed by soild and deep house rhythm with intoxicating house music weirdness which connected with nu-disco crisp merge. It is another MUST HAVE by the Italian centre of our Balearic world. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You **

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Balearic For You: Jazz N Palms - Jazz N Palms 01 12’’ *

Jazz N Palms - Jazz N Palms 01 12’’ *

◉ Jazz N Palms debut release is a conduit to a past that appeared rarely in poolside and beach view places but delights the visitors and listeners of places like Pikes Hotel and Ibiza, an old place that was and will continue to inspire lot of musical adventures since its begining. Jazz is not the teacher of the Balearic genre, but what the (Balearic) world will be without jazz? The 12'' is a deep dive into the early sunset soundtracks before the Balearic was Balearic. The tropical ''Coastal Highway'' and the Ethio ''Going East'' twisted by the cocktails of the Pikes and remember us a past in the Island we never live maybe somewhere around before the Afro cosmic era of life. Samba magic of "Chica" coloured by its rhodes summer breese and''St Martin'' woud be by Rainer ''Glucklick'' Truby if he was a Balearic DJ. The White Island hippies smoked-dancers everytime ''Strings Of Spring'' played and with the rest pieces of the EP that remains will surely appreciate the forge of Balearic fusion diversity. You? - DJ Nova, Balearic For You


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Balearic For You: Luca Averna Chris Coco Micko Roche – Mare (Digital Single)

Luca Averna Chris Coco Micko Roche – Mare (Digital Single) *

The collaboration project between producers Luca Averna and Chris Coco delivers another fascinating Balearic instrumentation as digital single from their forthcoming album. Their kind of deep and future-retro Balearic house track induces sunset bliss and Mediterranean blue contemplation after its slo-mo tempo and Micko Roche on board on guitar. Truly Balearic magic which filled by classic only Ibiza sunsets can 'break' your heart. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You **


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Casa Del Sol #124 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #124

LISTEN: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-124 01. Cantoma - Solando Ft. Luna Asteri 02. Franco De Mulero & Blank & Jones - Vuela Alto 03. Devendra Banhart - Love Song (Helado Negro Remix) 04. Coastlines - West Coast 05. Max Essa - Fool In The Pool 06. Linkwood & Foat - Es Vedra 07. Oja Hendryks - Levante (Max Essa Suburban Mix) 08. A Vision Of Panorama - Atlantic Dawn 09. James Bright - Shimmer 10. Joe Morris - Bahia (Poolside Version) 11. Hear & Now - Larus 12. Social Lovers - The Light (Keyacapella) 13. Chill & Groove - Cada Vez feat. Angel Karatsami (Radio Edit) Casa Del Sol @ 19.05.20 ◉ Cada vez, cada mes, Casa Del Sol PODCAST is here. Summer comes earlier, heatwave in Greece & citizens already moved to beaches, lockdown is past, the first 500 beach bar allowed to open. Casa Del Sol takes you on a multi-taste ride through my Balearic point of view. Latest beauties by Cantoma music's ''Solando'' featuring Luna Asteri - Nova Planet Radio Show May TRACK OF THE MONTH - Franco De Mulero & Blank & Jones collaboration on ''Vuela Alto'' from ''Milchbar 12'', Japanese Coastlines and Braziliant ''West Coast'', Max Essa's new 12'' & Remix on Oja Hendryks, James Bright, Social Lovers (unreleased version of ''The Light''), Chill & Groove (absolute 2020 beach bar anthem ''Cada Vez'') and Hear & Now's ''Larus'' from my album of 2020 so far. A mesmerizing Mediterranean moment. All above merged with a Italian dream house reminiscent. Our A Vision Of Panorama release on Cala Tarida Musica, Joe Morris and Linkwood & Foat are here as well. Ready? Press play...

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Balearic For You: JU/NA - Haiku EP

JU/NA - Haiku EP *

◉ Against its Far East definition ''Haiku EP'' is mainly an exploration of Mediterranean 'frequences'. Accompanied by spiritual and surreal vocals its track rich analog textures are cascading between today's electronica, new wave (sea)side of electro pop and lost treasured and reissued sound of the eighties these days. Sometimes sounds like really eclectic and ambient-flecked new-age but even after all Balearic. The deep energy and impact of tracks like ''A Sisifo'', ''La Sera'' and ''Su Un Panorama Di Immagini E Acrilici'' are escaping a bit from the description above as its deep house references and key-ology take us on a journey into further reaches of Balearic sunset pop and house. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

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Balearic For You: Viscardi & Alano Santo - Il Sogno Di Carmen 12''


Viscardi & Alano Santo - Il Sogno Di Carmen *

◉ The biodiversità of ''Il Sogno Di Carmen'' is the bio-sound-diversity of the Mediterranean Sea. The project's peculiar journey may not diving into Balearic genre's biggest basin, instead of this built around the wetland of Rhone river but if you didn't known this, you can't find any difference. It features a bunch slowly shifting tracks which are simmering with lush and fauna vibes throughout and featuring beautiful keys and textures. The Mediterranean exotic of boogie-tinged ''Biologia Urbana'' is the most uptempo moment and its semi-dub references with its scintillating guitar are welcoming the ''Ulan Batie'' riverside reggae, a surreal field recording. The deep, funky, dubby, hippy river disco and even more alluring paesaggi of ''Prân Nath Rhône'' explores the ecologic sound of Balearica. The European tropicalia of ''Canto Uno - Vivere Domani'' is an unexpected vocal tune. Imagine a Trans Europe Express compilation track played over a ''Club Meduse'' selected one by Charles Balls. Bellezze di ''Il Sogno Di Carmen'' which is running out the release seems like my first love. Carmen's body is soft percussive and 'well shaped' and her dream will be a wet dream. Five squelches of indelible Balearic splash. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

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17.14 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 29.04.20


17.14 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 29.04.20

LISTEN: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1714/

I had a hard disc crush on May the 1st, as a result the playlist and more information (tracklist) about the show it takes me time to update it (text it again). So i will be short this time. TRACK OF THE MONTH by Peter Jahn & Patrick Jahn. On DESERT ISLAND RECORD we host Steve Optix from UK and his second choice by ATLAS. In the show among others new releases by My Friend Dario, IndySoul, Moshun, Tahir Jones, Martín Buscaglia, Daniel Haaksman, Sly5thAve, Bonus Points, Statues, Max Manetti...

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Lucky Sun – Found
MiraiCult - 限界 (intro)
Eico - Yumesakiannainin (Slowly Remix - Silent Dream Version)
ATLAS - Mediterranean Breeze
Capco - No Vayas Al Sol
My Friend Dario
 – Tora
Rosa - Bar Riviera
E. Live - Shimmering Waters
 - The Moment You Knew (
Jaymz Nylon
 Afro Tech ReShape)
Airstream - Vintage Vibe (Spring Groove Cut)
 - More n More (
Tahir Jones
 Dub Mix)

Martín Buscaglia
 - Mirennos Bailar
Social Lovers - Dreamin' Of You
 - With You
Space Ghost - I’ll Be Yours (Vocal)
System Olympia
 - Falling in Love (Instrumental)
Patrick Jahn
 - Abenteuer Uberm Schrank 2019 Version (Luginin 1)
Francis Bebey - Sunny Crypt (
Daniel Haaksman
Little Dragon
 - Are You Feeling Sad?
Bonus Points - Off Topic
Larry Rose Band - The Sand
Statues - Visions (
Max Manetti
Max Zuckerman - The Guru
The Pendletons
 - Don't Turn Your Back
Isaac Aesili
 - Rain Gods

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Balearic For You: Calm - Reworks 12''

Calm - Reworks 12'' * After releasing Calm's diamond piece album ''By Your Side'', Hell Yeah Recordings has been...