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Casa Del Sol #115 Mediterrane(o) Cinco By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #115 Mediterrane(o) Cinco

01. Haruomi Hosono, Takahiko Ishikawa & Masataka Matsutohya - Aegean Fantasy
02. Il Giardino Dei Semplici - Carnevale Da Buttare
03. Κωνσταντινα - Άγγελέ Μου Και Φονιά
04. Γιώργος Τρανταλίδης - Μεσόγειος
05. Franco Califano - Angela
06. Chipen - Volao
07. Tony Esposito - Sinue
08. Mango - Attimi
09. Three Five - Searching For Your Love (Vocal)
10. Tullio De Piscopo - Andamento Lento
11. Blank & Jones - So Eivissa (runSQ Remix)
12. Chagrin D'Amour - Cia Katmandou
13. Beloved - Sun Rising (Gentle Night)
14. The Countach - Aqua Marina (Dance Club Version)
15. Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble - Senza Soluzione
16. Oro - Sasa
17. Bibi Flash - Histoire D'1 Soir
18. Il Guardiano Del Faro – Ma Ci Pensi Io E Te
19. Umberto Balsamo - Illusione

Casa Del Sol @ 25.08.18

August’s Casa Del Sol ''Il Guardiano Del Mediterraneo'' Edition is online with the biggest delay ever, as DJ Nova is still on extended summer holidays, the annual Casa Del Sol Mediterrane(o) Disco CC * Mix - that it isn’t so much disco disco this time, arrived! It's an Italo-centric mix - Italy is in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, isn’t it? – an utopic soundtrack on a Mediterranean beach (bar). On the 1st of September Capital Controls will be over. In heart of summer of 2015 ‘cause of it we couldn’t use our credit cards and buy digital or physical goodies outside our country so the first Mediterrane(o) PODCAST was one way road. After last year’s break with ''Gocce di Capri'' Edition, 'A Mediterranean Experience' which inspired by DJ Nova’s poolside sunset sessions at www.goccedicapri.net I’m back with another 99% full of classic edition. Music from Italy, Greece, France, Spain and Japan, the opening track called ‘’Aegean Fantasy’’ and tones of genres like jazz, jazz funk, pop, rock, disco, Italo disco (my fave Greek Italo is in the mix) nu disco, house and Balearic!

* Capital Controls

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Blank & Jones - Relax (The Sunset Sessions 3)

Blank & Jones - Relax (The Sunset Sessions 3) *
◉ The third Sunset Sessions, which released as always on very limited vinyl, takes us on Blank & Jones prosperous & shape-shifting passion for groovy and remixed versions of their RELAX series on 12'' aesthetic. The release begins with the alluring soul tinged nu-disco touch by CASSARA of one of the most covered soul ballads which taken from their last years RELAX 11, ''Feel Like Makin' Love''. Ttheir outstandingly beautiful remix on the millennium's Afterlife classic ‘’Clear Blue Sky’’ which included on their ''Milchbar 11'' is coming next and it is undoubly one of my favourite remixes this year. Klar & PF sensual and slow-mo take on Blank & Jones minimal club-influenced exploration ''Grown Minds'' is closing the first side. That was recently a dgital single which now offerered on an extended instrumental version with a slightly blue-eyed soul magic on it. Its gentle nu-disco take is attending beach front casual living mostly known as Balearic in our speakers. On the other side one of the most loveable Blank & Jones tunes, the one which touches perfectly and with Mike Francis ''Feautures Of Love'', ''So Eivissa'' comes on an outstanding new White Isla Remix By Leo Mas & Fabrice. The legendary Ibiza DJ and producer with his project with Fabrice goes straight to the point after filling up the Renix with a blissfully chugging (Balearic) beat above the funky guitar of the tune. Next the Danish ambient producer The Swan And The Lake touches Blank & Jones golden moment, as he remixes their Café del Mar Ibiza and early RELAX series ''Desire''. Phil Mison's Cantoma Remix on ''Days Go By'' is running out the 12'' and that is so irresistible as the track never appeared on wax before. Blank & Jones kept it sunny and breezy, beach front and poolside, exactly where friends, fans and listeners could ever hope to be. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You **
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Balearic For You: La Torre Ibiza Volumen Tres

La Torre Ibiza Volumen Tres *
The year we are in has an obvious lack of what we call a Balearic compilation but hopefully PETE GOODING and International Feel - Mark Barrott dropped their third one which released and name after the idyllic sunset view hotel and restaurant ‘’La Torre’’ on Ibiza.
La Torre Ibiza Volumen Tres has an original Balearic spirit, the one that shaped by Leo Mas opening DJ Set on Amnesia IbizaJosé Padilla and Phil Mison on Café Del Mar and by many others in the island, at least not the small hours of the day, better, let’s say of the night.
Eclectic and unlimited genre valid its fifthteen ventures are moving between multifarious pop, indie and rock, melodic and minimal electronic atmospheres, paired with world music and funk sympathize.
It’s not filled with the extra rare and undiscovered tracks, exclusivities and never heard before releases but compiled with extra love and passion by both White Island residents and compilers.
In the tracklist included latest releases, classisc as recent reissued classics. Pacific Coliseum’s ‘’Morning At Made's’’ cassette only released before, extract from my favourite tape of 2017, Napolitan super stars Nu Guinea’s ‘’A Voce E Napule’’ from DJ Nova’s album of the year 2018, ‘’Obatala’’ by the emblematic Malcolm Mclaren, personal highlight of the early Balearic classic and the blue eyed soul of "After Hours’ by Swing Out Sister, one of the tracks that surprised me positive and makes me think about last Volume’s succeed choice of Eric Serra tune. The jazzed and folkish AOR "Anything's Possible’’ by Richard Torrance is one of the track that makes the selection shining like gold. Mark Barrott RSD epic Remix on Tears for Fears Head Over Heels" is here, his ‘’Mokusho’’ from his previous EP, surely a ‘’La Torre’’ sundown session delight. I must mention the jazzy dub opening by Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble "Alsema Dub’’ which is put you on the right mood.
The third part of the compilation series is crossroads between past and present and where real Ibiza’s Balearic side is living in the plethora of feel good moments of sounds, views and tastes. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You **
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16.22 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 03.07.19

◉ 'We have a party here. I could listen and dancing to “Straight From The Decks” all day, all night, all weekend… All summer!' That's the prologue in my review on GUTS ''Straight From The Decks'' * compilation on Heavenly Sweetness which FOCUSED in this week's SPECIAL show. This show is the last LIVE! of 2018-2019 radio season of mine. But while all summer i will be OFF for summer holidays a very special playlist curated by me will ON AIR/Online in my radio hour all #summer2019. The show featuring breezy, exotic, tropical and sun-soaked boogie and world music originals as played by Guts in his dj set and included on his compilaton and DJ Nova's choice on the same vibe. The compilaton and the show will move dancers and listeners next to the dj booth and wooden floor for barefoot dancin’... July's TRACK OF THE MONTH Marcos Valle's ''Aviso Aos Navegantes''. Καλο Καλοκαιρι!

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Resavoir - Taking Flight (feat. Brandee Younger)
Liquid Saloon - Gueta (feat. Nitai Hershkovits)
Jacinta Sanches & Pedro Ramos - Vizinha Ka Bale
Guts - Kenke Corner
Eko Roosevelt Louis - Tondoho Mba
Silver Ivanov - Next Time Feat. Elaine (Radio Mix)
Michael Boothman & Kysofusion Band - Can't Stop Dancing
Evasion 85 - Van La Ka Vante
Glenn Riccs - I've Been Waiting For You
Sandra Sa - Guarde Minha Voz
Sammy Massamba - Sala Keba
Blyk Tchutchi & Loy D’Tchutchi - Mandamento De Deus
Meliza - Enrage

Simon Jurad - Macadam
Slim Young - Otan Hunu
Rebles - Sweetest Taboo
Mango - Attimi
Marcos Valle - Aviso Aos Navegantes

Lexx - Wave Feat. Ella Thompson
Guts - Shake It And Rise Up
Bessoso - Para Decir Que Te Quiero
Quantic - La Reflexion
Pinduca - Mistura De Carimbo Com Ciranda
Voilaaa - Spies Are Watching Me
Brother Resistance - Tonite Is De Nite

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HYR7200 Quiroga - Passages on Hell Yeah Recordings

HYR7200 Quiroga - Passages 30.08.19 ◉ OUT on Hell Yeah ◉ It looks like a label tradition the release of an exeptional album every summer. Quiroga's ''Passages'' is a wrenching and funky summer kaleidoscope of punchy, groovy and catchy tracks. It's not easy, even important to categorize it, as its styles and genre diversity is wider than album offers. As ''Passages'' is an album that supplies a kind of producer best of, but a best of that cover his past, present and future. Alluring moments of his discography like the cinematic ''Citta Di Mare'', Hell Yeah's delight ''Viaggio a Tulum'' and the summer Napolitan funk of ''Martinica Feelings'' included. As a dozen of new and future classics like the first digital single, the Balearic deep jazzed boogie groove of ''The Zoist'', the modern synth funk weapon with a slice of Mike Francis ''North Hollywood Witches'', the raw new age of ''Luzhin Defence'' and the classic Ibiza midtempo beach funk sound of ''Chiaia Sunset'' which already included on mid-summer's Casa Del Sol PODCAST. The release is a love at first sight even from its cover and it is a suggested Balearic For You record for your collection. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1610/ INCLUDED: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-111/ ♫ #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #Balearic #balearichouse #chill #chillout #downtempo #deephouse #ambient

Balearic For You: Riccardo Giagni - Kaunis Maa LP

Riccardo Giagni - Kaunis Maa LP *
◉ Thanks to Archeo Recording this one is destined for some memorable listens in the summer of 2019. As a whole it exceeds Italian territorial sea and takes things to the East and West side of the Mediterranean Sea. You can clearly hear the call of the tradition inside the new age and experimental electronica of the explosive opening ''The Closest Friend''. A masterful fusion between guitar and bass guitar on ''And I Touch, And I Give'' sounds so Balearic after. The rolling industrial rhythm of ''Donne Di Gauguin'' ancored in the East, it's a trading of sounds of the sea. The same title track is an undiscoved treasure, ''Kaunis Maa'' is Balearic beauty which underpinned perfectly by Riccardo Giagni's philosophy of sound, a blend of smooth jazz and contemporary soundtrack of 1988. The cinematic atmosphere well kept on ''La Bellezza Di Un Gesto Astratto'' as it captures a random moment that waiting for. ''Passeggera'' which is running out the original version of the album, attending the multifarious textured of the musician. In the end Simon Peter Remix is Arhceo Recording gift to us, a remix which shaped around the guitaresue Balearic sound of Claremont 56 and the eclectic ogranic sound of today. (I think) i've never heard Riccardo Giagni before but I know that he is offering some memorable listens in the summer of 2019 and then. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You
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Balearic For You: Joan Bibiloni - Born LP

Joan Bibiloni - Born LP *
◉ Since discovered him, years ago, with his ‘’Silencio Roto’’, he became one of my fave musicians as some of his wider music background releases were really close to what I like to hear. Especially when his guitar based compositions fitting with his electronic experiences. After ‘’Silencio Roto’’, ‘’Born’’ was an album that merged the above sides of Joan Bibiloni. Its Balearic mostly, but Mediterranean firstly textures are vintage views into and between previous centuries melodies and more experimental electronics in jazz and guitar fusion. For me, by far, it is the reissue of the year, an absolute must have if you are around Balearic state of mind. A real Balearic For You record which was recorded in Mallorca. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You
* Born
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Casa Del Sol #115 Mediterrane(o) Cinco By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #115 Mediterrane(o) Cinco 01. Haruomi Hosono, Takahiko Ishikawa & Masataka Matsutohya - Aegean Fantasy 02. ...