Παρασκευή 31 Ιανουαρίου 2020

16.30 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 04.12.19

◉ With tempretures ‘round point zero and snowin’ in the mountains next to us, the winter arrived... So let me warm you, right here, right now for the next 2 hours. Warm electronic from the past and today along recent jazz release are welcoming you on this week’s show. Boogie and December’s TRACK OF THE MONTH are completing the puzzle of the first hour. New TRACK OF THE MONTH A Vision Of Panorama's ‘’Atlantic Dawn’’ *. The Balearics are opening the second half and a downtempo remix from a deep house release, semi-organic jazz funk by KARU project UPCOMING album, proto and acid house. And we are finishing with four dance classics. Balearic, Soca, Afro and Brit funk.

* A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast EP'' on our Cala Tarida Musica (Mediterranean sunset vibes and world dance grooves from the minds of DJ Nova, Adam Warped, & DiBo) debut 12'' will be released by the end of the year: https://soundcloud.com/calataridamusica/sets/a-vision-of-panorama-sentimental-coast-ep

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Mateis e. Aqir – Tejita
Musica Esporadica - Musica Esporadica
Floating Points - Sea-Watch
Sefi Zisling - Ongoing Morning
Abro - Much Love To Give feat. Sefi Zisling
Juan Moretti - Fortaleza (feat Mastalot)
Tony Palkovic - True To Yourself
Ourra - Platinum City
A Vision Of Panorama - Atlantic Dawn

Blank & Jones With Anna Shmitko – Segel
Ambala - Road To Midnight
Wukah - Agus (Mick Verma Remix)
KARU Project - Skip Down East 4th
Greeen Linez - Stronger Than Time
Space Ghost - Sim City
Max Manetti - Henley (James Bright Remix)
Pascal Viscardi - Lluvia De Verano (Paula Tape Remix)
The Aloof - Never Get Out The Boat (The Gosh Mix)
Juno D - Hotter and Hotter (Dub Edit)
Lumingu Puati (Zorro) - Dadavi Pitie
Onward International - Foot In The Door

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PH 33005 Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa on Philophon

PH 33005 Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa 29.11.19 ◉ OUT on Philophon ◉ After years focused on releasing 7’’ singles prosperous Philophon’s project Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy dropped its debut album that is following the fascinating rhythms of frafra under Max Weissenfeldt’s craft of analog synth point of view where Ethio-jazz, highlife and more diverse West African sounds merged. The earlier singles is here among five new outstanding compotitions. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #newrelease #world #frafra #gospel #reggae #African

NT093 Andrew Edward Brown - We Don't Have To Stay on Nylon Trax

NT093 Andrew Edward Brown - We Don't Have To Stay 17.12.19 ◉ OUT on Nylon Recordings/Trax ◉ More magnificence in the deep house music after anchestral soul music influences are cascading over melodic and lush atmospheres in the Original. While Jaymz Nylon ‘references’ on broken beat side of dance floor culture continues darker and slightly underground on his Jaymz Nylon Afro Tech ReShape, I'm missing his 4/4 rhythms. Love it and feel THE Original a lot. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1629/ #NovAvoN #newrelease #dance #house #deephouse #Afrotech

Πέμπτη 30 Ιανουαρίου 2020

BFDNL 096X Teebs - Anicca on BRAINFEEDER

BFDNL 096X Teebs - Anicca 29.10.19 ◉ OUT on BRAINFEEDER ◉ It’s an addictive spot of today’s futuristic soul, hip hop, downtempo and electronica. Intelligent compositions where even lo-fi indie sounds 'carpeting' ambient squelching filtered sounds. You lost in its magic and its subgenre directions as an imaginary folk and new age path is transcends the vocalists so placid. I might say that is one of the albums of 2019 in its category. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #electronica #soul #downtempo #futurebeats #hiphop

BBE618 Sean Khan - Distant Voice EP on BBE Music

BBE618 Sean Khan - Distant Voice EP 15.11.19 ◉ OUT on BBE Music ◉ It looks like the slightly tamed for a modern audience jazz funk tune ''Feel The Light'' is the hottest part of this multi-direction EP by Sean Khan. Althought as ''The Long Goodbye'' is echoing a classic soul and jazz mood mixed with the future space jazz soundscape can't be ignore from my radar and be an often one played tune. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #jazz #spacejazz #deepjazz #jazzfunk #soul #hiphop

Παρασκευή 24 Ιανουαρίου 2020

16.29 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 27.11.19

◉ As one of the driving forces the last years is to offer a FM radio friendly Balearic directioned live session which emblazed by diverse music that is arriving in my 'hands' as tastemaker and radio personality, this show is starting after this philosophy. Our * A Vision Of Panorama's ''Mediterranean Tribal'', Michael David's ''There In Spirit'' and KARU Project UPCOMING ''The Optimist Soars'' completes the magic. Around the second half of the first hour things moved for a while on deep house's dimension as Andrew Edward Brown UPCOMING release on Nylon Trax played before psy-funk releases aired. Vaporwave opens the 2nd hour and future classic sound continues the story while UPCOMING Third Attempt's EP is playlisted again. One of summer favourites here, Blank & Jones ''Grown Minds'' on its KLar & PF Extended Remix played around the end & that was an absoute exlusive and special airplay for you. TRACK OF THE MONTH ''Guided by A White Light'' by Pascal Viscardi.

* A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast EP'' on our Cala Tarida Musica (Mediterranean sunset vibes and world dance grooves from the minds of DJ Nova, Adam Warped, & DiBo) debut 12'' will be released by the end of the year: https://soundcloud.com/calataridamusica/sets/a-vision-of-panorama-sentimental-coast-ep

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 
ON AIR/Online via www.rodonfm.net
every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪


My Friend Dario – Danoy
Unknown Mobile & CFCF - Copper Bird Bath
Gallo - Sverna (My Friend Dario Remix)
KARU Project Feat. iLLform - The Optimist Soars
A Vision Of Panorama - Mediterranean Tribal
Michael David - There In Spirit
Andrew Edward Brown - We Don't Have To Stay (Instrumental)
Khruangbin - A La Sala
Surprise Chef - Blyth Street Nocturne
Richard Torrance - Anything's Possible
Quiroga - Citta Di Mare

Vcrnot - Hidden Beach
Space Ghost - Emerald Pools
Miskotom – Aegean Cruise 1955
4AM – Passion
Third Attempt – Holdning
Stump Valley - Marimbamba Isle de Joie
Mogwaa - Blue Line 1130PM
Inner City - Good Life (Steve Silk Hurley Remix)
Aries ‎– Braziliana
Pascal Viscardi - Guided by A White Light

Blank & Jones - Grown Minds (KLar & PF Extended Remix)
Toshifumi Hinata - Broken Belief

Nova Planet Radio Show
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BFDNL 085 Salami Rose Joe Louis - Zdenka 2080 on BRAINFEEDER

BFDNL 085 Salami Rose Joe Louis - Zdenka 2080 03.09.19 ◉ OUT on BRAINFEEDER ◉ Her lo-fi adventures over blurry soul, indie and electronica like sounds eventually led to a whole album of non-hazy ambiences and environs that at last is 'simple' and nostalgic. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95 ♫ #NovAvoN #ambient #experimental #soul #electronica

BBE487 Eric Kol - Today on BBE Music

BBE487 Eric Kol - Today 25.10.19 ◉ OUT on BBE Music ◉ It sounds so raw and original like looking on a blurred photograph which fading by time but never lost its magic. This compelling soul, disco, funk, boogie and reggae reissue where moods are varying from ballads to dance pieces is surely another highlighted hidden and rare treasure on BBE ‘Tabansi Gold’ African reissue series. Still on fire with You're My Solution from label’s Tabansi sampler. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #newrelease #reissue #African #funk #afro #boogie #disco #reggae

BJD 69 The Goods - Peach (Remixes) on Bastard Jazz

BJD 69 The Goods - Peach (Remixes) 01.11.19 ◉ OUT on Bastard Jazz ◉ The West Coasted effervescent funk-driven original gets four must-have Remixes. Euphoric, soulful, terrace and beach view friendly, their Possé Remix takes it to deep hpuse state of dance, love its old school piano mini breakdown. Bastard Jazz's B. Bravo drops a synth-bass-propelled rhythm with a slice of his talkbox aesthetic and reshapes totally the track after its semi-breakdown. Sammy Bananas Remix is a smartly small blast of electronic future retro decadeless synth work.DJ Nova's favourite Aussie funk name M5K drops its killer lo-fi boogie sound on ''Peach'' and makes me choose this at the best in here. Five star rating on this package is one way road. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #dance #house #boogie #funk

BJLP23 Brisa - Th3rd on Bastard Jazz

BJLP23 Brisa - Th3rd 13.12.19 ◉ OUT on Bastard Jazz ◉ Brisa's 'Th3rd" adapts perfectly on label's philosophy. His soulful-tek music proportions moved easily next to label's NYC highway that leads this time straight to West Coast funk and boogie. The first single manipulates japanese strings passion and brazilian flavour on future beat and skyline fusion. While "New Way" steps next to his radio show sound, i was a big fan of his sessions choiced tracks, 'DLMD'' provides an unfathomable future synth jazz fusion and ''cumfeelthemusic'' and ''Steppin''. Stronger moment looks like the electrified crazy samba of ''Squeeze'' - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #electronic #downtempo #hiphop #soul #funk #beats

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