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Casa Del Sol #117 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #117

01. Groove Gauchos - Dia Del Sol (Summerchill Mix)
02. Nylonwings - Trapped In Paradise
03. Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - Siempre Esperanza (ChillMix)
04. Michael E - Summertime
05. Blank & Jones with Mick Roach - Magnolia
06. Ambala - Sergios Theme
07. Coastlines - Coastline
08. Quiroga - Amori Proibiti
09. Pacific Coliseum - Flutes
10. Dazion - Eu Nao Sei
11. UNKNOWN – 109
12. Calm - Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn (Yuri Shulgin Remix)
13. My Friend Dario - Nonna

Casa Del Sol @ 28.10.18

◉ It was a beach friendly warm October, really warm October, at least here in the East-north side of the Mediterranean, it was like trapped in paraside, summertime and sunshine. So as you guess the latest Casa Del Sol PODCAST, ''Trapped In Paradise'' Edition is colourful and warm like its season and takes us on a deeper journey into further reaches of Balearic, chill, downtempo and lounge where elements of summer merge to form a harmonious whole soundtrack for autumn. In the mix more late summer favourites and some new like Blank & Jones digital single ''Mangolia'' - extract from their summer 2020 RELAX 12 - and Ibiza Air & Walter Silva's UPCOMING ''Siempre Esperanza''. It's an Edition of smooth grooving sound but things will eventually follow an uptempo direction close to the end

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MAR 0055 Winter Chillout Lounge 2019 on Maretimo Records

MAR 0055 Winter Chillout Lounge 2019 29.11.19 ◉ OUT on Maretimo Records & Radio ◉ One more compilation of Maretimo winter series, the annual Winter Chillout Lounge of 2019 arrived and introduces us tones of new label tracks and remixes. Moving around chill out moment that inspired by current electronica like Cinematic & Airstream ‘’In This Live’’ and Sofa Sweeper’s ‘’Anoche’’, classic smooth jazz Maretimo vibes like Love Chair’s ‘’Get Wet’’ and Vladi Strecker’s ‘’Depth Of A Moment’’ and tunes with synth-laden euro Berlin school dynamize. In the release you can discover or rediscover some label’s 2019 highlight as well by Airstream and Cinematic. New Erotic House Cut Mix on DJ Maretimo’s ‘’Cafe Internacional’’ looks like one of the highlight and mesmerizing chiil house moment. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #chill #chillout #lounge #chillhouse

Balearic For You: A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast EP

A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast EP * COMING SOON
A Vision Of Panorama on ''Sentimental Coast EP'' continues to cultivate his unique sound and deliver glistening soundscapes which characterized by a lush, enveloping jazz-tinged beachside blissed out. The four original tracks here are all stimulating a range of sun-drenched, constantly unfolding narratives, full of gentle sounds and chords.
Smooth and vibe-focused ''Atlantic Dawn'' is exuding a sensuality-tethered vibe that is highly intoxicating. Emblazed with mysterious deep breath and shimmering sonics that entrances the listener straight away to the whole release.
Disarmingly beautiful ''Mediterranean Tribal'' is an old school-fare downtempo jam and classic chilled out Mediderranean laid back instrumentation.
''Sentimental Coast'' distinctly deeper and visibly more emotive than his vintage synth-laden sounds is one of his most fragile and still moments within a delicate solo piano superbly arranged on it.
On ''Vibechos'' things get more upbeat and aquatic, featuring beautiful chords and textures that float into the track with a sun-kissed almost Italian dream house reminiscent. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You
Cala Tarida Musica, Mediterranean sunset vibes and world dance grooves from the minds of DJ Nova, Adam Warped, & DiBo
A Vision Of Panorama - "Sentimental Coast"(Clip)

Balearic For You: Blank & Jones – Magnolia (Digital Single)

Blank & Jones – Magnolia (Digital Single) 2019 *
◉ Blank & Jones and Mick Roach continues their exploration on lush vocal and guitar on intensely vintage soundcolours and nostalgia morphs, enough to move the listener backword and forward at the same time while ''Magnolia'' plays. The latest RELAX series digital single and extract from their forthcoming album looks like the perfect backdrop to a dimly lit sky full of stars and the moment when the sun dives into the sea. So chilled, so relaxed. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You
* Soundcolours
** We love to supply future Balearic classics For You...

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16.27 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 13.11.19

◉ Following the mood of the rainy day here this week’s show is offering a downbeat shuffler which decorated by mostly jazzy, cinematic tunes, Balearic as expected. In the playlist another one full preview of A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast EP'' on our Cala Tarida Musica debut 12'' *, the alluring ‘’Vibechos’’. Faced some technical issues, I was a little bit angry with that, so the show is a little bit shorter than usual. Spotlight of the week is Juan Moretti’s ‘’Flare’’, the 2nd track which is extract from his UPCOMING album on HELL YEAH recordings. November's TRACK OF THE MONTH ''Guided by A White Light'' by Pascal Viscardi. Show’s image is taken from amazing Toshifumi Hinata’s compilation on Music From Memory, Sit back and enjoy.

* Mediterranean sunset vibes and world dance grooves from the minds of DJ Nova, Adam Warped, & DiBo https://soundcloud.com/calataridamusica/sets/a-vision-of-panorama-sentimental-coast-ep

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Makoto Terashita meets Harold Land – Takeuma
Juan Moretti - Flare
Calm - Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn (Yuri Shulgin Remix)
Mildlife - Magnificent Moon
Miskotom - Berenice's Hair
Tornado Wallace - Mermaid Beach
Afrodesia – Desert Storm
Max Manetti - Henley

Mike Murray – Rendezvous
A Vision Of Panorama - Vibechos
Pascal Viscardi - Guided by A White Light

Toshifumi Hinata - Midsummer Night
Space Ghost - Twilight Swim
Gallo - 1986
G-Dog - Letters Santana
Mogwaa - Mogwaa's Mood
Michael David – Rain II
Pepe Maina - Scerizza (Parte 2)
Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - Loveroom
Lexx - Eye 1-2 Feat. Asé

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HYR7202 Juan Moretti - Cats Do Not Care About Glasses on Hell Yeah Recordings

HYR7202 Juan Moretti - Cats Do Not Care About Glasses 29.11.19 ◉ OUT on HELL YEAH recordings ◉ Juan Moretti is making sweeping generalizations over the genres is moving around on his album, but like magic definitely covers all of the angles of Hell Yeah Recordings specific sound and only. His unexpected blend of jazz and electronica is opening the LP with the chameleonian ''Flare'' a late-night club atmosphere which transforms Orbital's fake new age affection and improviation of Balearic surreal future retro sensibility to Balearic jazz orgasm. '‘Fahrenheit’' continues the exploration of the release, expanding his vision towards of Hell Yeah Recordings, philosophy and this will be my Balearic For You highlight. The tropical, better tropi-cali as the synth fusion reminds me synth funk and boogie virtuoso musicians, take the listener on a simply evocative imaginey electronic live session. The woozy pseudo dub of 'Fortaleza’' moves around Rejoicer Tel Aviv's today sound and early Cameroon synth works. Contemporary electronica and jazz meeting of '‘Claustrophonic’' brings us home with a subtle line between them. ‘'Moroboshi'’ looks the absolute anthem of the release. Its acid indie will blow your monitors as provides some wicked old Balearic Beat vibe and 'traditional' dub for Mediterranean, less crowded and alternative beach bar. Ethereal smooth jazz keys on ''‘Backdoor (Mad The Cat)’' scratch hip hop funk my not be my personal highlight and the Balearic moment of the release but the more wide open mind head will love this gifted jazz and blues weirdo selfconsciousness of music creation that characterized Juan Moretti work as whole. It looks that step by step while 2019 is close to its end Hell Yeah Recordings with this another release establshed as the Balearic and beyond label of the year here. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 INCLUDED: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-118/ ♫ #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #balearic #downtempo #balearicjazz #experimental #jazz #chill #acid #hellyeahrecordings

BBE546 Lumingu Puati Zorro - Mosese REISSUE on BBE Music

BBE546 Lumingu Puati Zorro - Mosese 11.10.19 REISSUE ◉ OUT on BBE Music ◉ Can't get enought of ''Dadavi Pitie’’ soukous groovy magic. Its driven guitar and prosperous disco rhythm is mesmerizing. The Afro-Latun emblazed sound of Mosese and the Afro ''horny'' diusc of ''Meaculpa Mawewe'' complete another must have release. Another Tabansi treasure. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #reissue #African #soukous #afro

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TRU384D Ego Ella May - So Far on Tru Thoughts

TRU384D Ego Ella May - So Far 18.09.19 ◉ OUT on Tru Thoughts ◉ Old and classic downtempo soul merge with new future downtempo beats textures and offering along Ego Ella May mesmerizing voice a standalone album of ear-pleasing highlights. Looks like the album of the year in its category. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #soul #futuresoul #hiphop #neosoul

FARO214 Daniel Maunick - Macumba Quebrada on Far Out Recordings

FARO214 Daniel Maunick - Macumba Quebrada 25.10.19 ◉ OUT on Far Out Recordings ◉ Daniel Maunick debut album drops after several productions in his mother-label Far Out Recorings and as expected not only inspired by label principles that oozes a deep love affair with Brazilian culture but expanding this live tension to a kaleidoscope of world biggest music metropolis vibes. It's like London, NYC, Chicago and Detroit's underground feel good eclectism looks brighter under Rio de Janeiro's night sky. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #dance #brokenbeat #house

BBE465 The Jazz Room Compiled by Paul Murphy on BBE Music

BBE465 The Jazz Room Compiled by Paul Murphy 04.10.19 ◉ OUT on BBE Music ◉ As one of the epitome jazz personaliy of London dancefloor jazz culture words are useless and not enough about his selected jazz tracks here. Paul Murphy takes things straight to the point, combined connect the dots between the early 70's fire to closer to nowadays progression of club jazz culture and its extensions. From Ethio jazz to Latin jazz, exotic boogaloo, Brit-funk and outernational sound. Hottest moment for me here my favourite ''African Mailman'' cover by Benedic Lamdin's side progect The Rhythmagic Orchestra and killer and rare Onward International's ''Foot In The Door''. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #jazz #dancefloorjazz #boogalo #latinjazz #ethiojazz #britfunk

Casa Del Sol #117 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #117 01. Groove Gauchos - Dia Del Sol (Summerchill Mix) 02.  Nylonwings  - Trapped In Paradise 03.  Ibiza Air  &...