Πέμπτη 24 Αυγούστου 2017

KI016 Fejká - Twilight EP on Ki Records

KI016 Fejká - Twilight EP 14.07.17 Ki Records///Already OUT on Ki///FEJKÁ, who must be Libra, managed to succeed his aim to produce music which splits into two worlds for him but in fact he produced the perfect sunset soundtrack. "Twilight EP" is totally chilled, even its minimal uptempo tracks. It will be welcome to the Balearic scene... - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #downtempo #chilled #Balearic #deephouse #minimal

PEAL 094 BoogieLab - La Belle EP on Peacelounge

PEAL 094 BoogieLab - La Belle EP 14.07.17///Already OUT on Peacelounge///The slo-mo Balearic pop of soft percussive ‘’La Belle’’, ‘’Colorama’’, the dreamy electro ‘’Small Talking’’, the vocal gaming soundtrack ‘’La Solitude’’ on Elvis Skyline Remix and his Remix on BoogieLab’s classic ‘’Love’s Way’’ are the first tunes that I like on his new dimension of sound. On the EP Peacelounge’s new star Go Levin remixed the same title track as well, expect minimal tech vibes. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #lounge #chilled #dance #house #electro #pop #mininal #tech 

BBE436SDG DJ Vadim & Blackstone - Luv 2 Luv/Double Sided on BBE Music

BBE436SDG DJ Vadim & Blackstone - Luv 2 Luv/Double Sided 14.07.17///OUT on BBE Music///The hot hot hot percussive boogie dub styled ‘’Double Sided’’ is one of the funkiest moments and tunes of the year. Sharpy soul and dub ‘’Luv 2 Luv’’ makes DJ Vadim sounded as he is live on the stage, as never before. Smells like this single is the teaser of one of his best albums. Summer 2017 is here and is hot hot hot. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170719-10130/ #newrelease #dub #soul #funk

PEAL 094 Go Levin - Home Cooking EP 28.07.17///Already OUT on Speedlounge/Peacelounge/

PEAL 094 Go Levin - Home Cooking EP 28.07.17///Already OUT on Speedlounge/Peacelounge///Quirky and raw techno illusions, urban even exotic. Feelin’ more the same title and the almost Balearic ‘’PentaTropic’’. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95///PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170719-10130/ #newrelease #dance #house #deephouse #techhouse

TRUDD212 The Seshen - Right Here on Tru Thoughts

TRUDD212 The Seshen - Right Here 14.07.17///OUT on Tru Thoughts///It's not only the magic synth laden pop Afro inspired to my ears '''Right Here'' main track here. It's the killer Balearic vibes of the absolute future classic of 2017 summer's Remix by Wrongtom on ''Distant Heart''. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170614-10128/INCLUDED: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-89/ #newrelease #electropop #dub #Balearic

Σάββατο 19 Αυγούστου 2017

Casa Del Sol #91 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #91

01. Hysteric - Venice By Night
02. Don Carlos - Mediterraneo
03. High Tide - Time Unlimited
04. Band Aid - A Tour In Italy (Dub)
05. Milva - Marinero
06. Marc Ashy - Bye Cocotiers
07. Pat And Pats - Tobago
08. Sentimental Trumpet - Disco Doble
09. Marcella Bella - Non M'Importa Piu
10. Ahmed Fakroun - Sahranin
11. Al Massrieen - Sah
12. Alan Sorrenti - Paradiso Beach (Album Version)
13. Gary Low - Equador
14. Florzinho - I'll Always Love You (Schwarz & FunkRemix)
15. Serge Guirao - Fascinacion (De Amor) (Version Francaise)
16. Γλυκερία - Και Ζαλίστηκα...
17. Bandolero - Reves Noirs (Instrumental)
18. Nacash - Y`a Des Jours Comme Ca
19. Pino Presti - I Call Your Name/Come Back To Me

Casa Del Sol @ 12.08.17

August 2017, vacations month and Casa Del Sol’s time for another one, the 3rd one, Mediterrane(o) Disco CC* Mix, A Tour In Italy, A Tour In Mediterranean Sea Edition. Includes a huge playlist of 19 tunes, many of them re:issued the last 12 months, others are coming straight from my vinyl/tape collection and some of them are rare tunes which compiled recently on high acclaimed releases. Tracks from from Italy, France, Libya, Egypt, Spain and Greece, all classics, sun dressed even exotic. In the Mix, Nova Planet Radio Show’s August 2017 TRACK OF THE MONTH appeared as well, Florzinho’s ‘’I'll Always Love You’’ on Schwarz & Funk Remix as included on Fabrizio Romano & Florzinho compilation ‘’Gocce Di Capri - Hotel & Serviced Residence Vol.1’’ for the same named relaxed hotel which offers the absolute Mediterranean Experience and sunsets in Italy. LISTEN the older Mediterrane(o) Edition CC** Disco Μixes: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-67 & https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-79/

* Capital Controls

Balearic Panorama ▶ early morning radio zone by DJ Nova 
▶ Every morning 06:00 - 08:00 AM @ www.rodonfm.net 
▶ Νow you can start your day with me

Nova Balearic(o) Mediterrane(o) if I was a Balearic DJ session curated by DJ Nova 
 Every weekend 17:00 - 19:00 GMT+2 @ www.rodonfm.net

 Music from the early Balearic days of Leo Masand DJ Alferdo, to the #BalearicBeat, ot the #chilloutsound of the next decade 'til the #Balearic sound of today, carefully selected, perfectly broadcasted///3rd year on Rodon FM (Official) 95

EAS015 Bop & 291out - L'Alba Dei Vinti on Early Sounds Recordings/

EAS015 Bop & 291out - L'Alba Dei Vinti 2017///OUT on Early Sounds Recordings///Bop & 291out offered a cosmic and sexy release which boiled on Early Sounds unique cauldron. The Italian Afro soul slo-mo disco and new wave scene of the ealry 80’s melted together with Italian pop (better rock) and the result sounded eclectically Balearic (on its darker paths) as well. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170719-10130/ #cosmic #disco #funk #synthpop #newwave #Italian #Balearic

SCEP479 S-TONE INC. feat. Toco - Superbacana EP 2on Schema Records

SCEP479 S-TONE INC. feat. Toco - Superbacana EP 23.04.17//OUT on Schema Records///S-Tone Inc. was, is and will be on my favorite Brazilian and beyond influenced projects. ‘’Supercabana’’ is a truly triumphant come back. The allure and raw #Brazilianfunk of same title track, full of soulful vibes and#exotic effects offers possible one of this summer delights. Along with Toco’s vocal as well on disco - ‘’Zuzu’’ - and funk ‘’Zona Norte’’ * - the journey into 70’s Brazilian music is cascading just around Tim Maia, Black Rio Band… - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170628-10129/ & https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170719-10130/ INCLUDED: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-90/ CHARTED: http://www.juno.co.uk/charts/dj/326634-Dj_N_va_Rodon_FM_95/3649764-Chart/ #brokenbeat #house #dance #disco #funk #jazzfunk #samba #Brazil

Nova Planet Radio Show July’s 2017 TRACK OF THE MONTH

Eric Shans - For The Days Ahead on Colour and Pitch

CAP031 Eric Shans - For The Days Ahead 30.06.17///Already OUT on Colour and Pitch///The absolutely stunning journey of ''Eyes Closed'' works like a Brooklyn's bridge and connect classic standards with deeply and emotional personal point of producer's heart, mind and soul. Cinematic and darker paths are ''There Is Nothing'' tune's favorite spots. Solid ‘’Torn Apart’’ is touching a totally classical music ground while ‘’From That Day On’’ which is running out the release gives the release a night session under a progressive house moon, definitely an open air late night affair. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// #dance #house #deephouse 

Πέμπτη 17 Αυγούστου 2017

early morning breaks june 2017 By DJ Nova

◉ DJ Nova’s June’s 2017 early morning breaks 

◉ June’s 2017 early morning breaks DJ Nova's show in HQ, non-stop, free of radio jingles as sent at Planet Radio Frankfurt/DE to be broadcast on the first Sunday of June, 04.06.17 (repeated the next weekends as well) on early morning breaks radio show.

Afterlife - Falling (Simon Mills Remix)
Zak Damundo – Drift
RunSQ - Give You Up (Summer Vibe Mix)
Penelope Antena - Trade Winds (Cobby Mix)
Flamingo Star – Driverman
Lazy Hammock - Searching (feat Ivan M-Sax)
Blank & Jones - Snappiness (Afterlife Mix)
Jose Ramos – Elux
Tarik Sarul - Lay (Volkan Uca Remix)
IndySoul - Stormy Dreams (Endless Mix)
Guille Arbaiza Luis Ormeno - Esta Vez En Colan (Sunset Mix)
Dominik Pointvogl - Rosabelle Believe

◉ Dj Nova on the episode offers total summer sound, classic Café Del Mar, loungy instrumental hip hop, beachhouse, Balearic, lounge Latin grooves, Afro Latin deep house and downtempo tunes. Relax your mind, it’s another early morning breaks session by Mediterranean Aficionado Yiannis Dorakis.

◉ In the beginning of 2012 Dj Nova joined forces with early morning breaks Radio Show andwww.planetradio.de together with resident dj Mark Hartmann (host of the show), Levitation, DJ Jondal, Vargo, Raphaël Marionneau, Alex B Groove & Christian Arndt. 

FBNMLP001 Musica Per L'Immagine on Fly Be Night/

FBNMLP001 Musica Per L'Immagine 16.06.17///Already OUT on Fly Be Night///One of the most familiar to my ears library releases ever… Italian music was and is always something that feel and like so much. On these dusted synth works the styles and moods are varying between them but the fact that all of them used in today’s music creates one platform for all. Cosmic, funk, cinematic, lounge… - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20170628-10129/ #Electro #Experimental #Boogie #Disco #EasyListening #Funk #NewAge #LibraryMusic

Τετάρτη 16 Αυγούστου 2017

JD39 Azymuth - Fenix (Ron Trent Remix) on Far Out Recordings

JD39 Azymuth - Fenix (Ron Trent Remix) 16.06.17///OUT on Far Out Recordings///Anyone of us loves Azymuth’s work and sound all these years but some have all the power to prove it. Legendary producer Ron Trent is one of them. His epic Remix on Azymuth’s main album track is an epic, soulful and raw extension of ther late 70’s and early 80’s existence which is still sound so fresh and inspiring. Deeper, disco and jazz funk, point of view of the Original ‘’Fenix’’ that rules… - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///#brokenbeat #house #dance #deephouse #disco #funkjazz #jazzfunk #samba #Brazil

VV9868 Jay Tripwire - Filament Burst on Viva Recordings

VV9868 Jay Tripwire - Filament Burst 30.06.17///Already OUT on Viva Recordings///Already addicted! ''Filament Burst'' on its original version was love at first sigh, it takes me back in the day but is promising me a delightful summer. 2017's deep house delight! Omotanii's Super Laser Beam Remix funk it all. Minimal and dark ''Origin Of Infinity'' sounded so today and exotic ‘’Amongst The Birch’’and ’’Squamish’’ version like another obscure and lost classics from the early progressive house (when the genre sound so special) days. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95///POWERED BY8DPromo/// #house #deephouse #techhouse

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