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15.21 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 17.10.18

15.21 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 17.10.18


This week’s show inspired a lot from October’s Casa Del Sol PODCAST, ‘’In A Tropical Island’’ Edition. Or the PODCAST inspired from Nova Planet Radio Show? One way or another a kind of exotic and Tropical future-past forward experience is its taste. The remastered reissues of older known or unknown releases are giving the chance to enjoy a virtual time travelling. In the show UPCOMING and NEW by A Vision Of Panorama, Te’Amir, Ibiza Air, Marcelo Antonio, Paula Tape among a bunch of Summer favourite tunes by Calm, Gallo, Ray Seiler, Bonnie & Klein and Cobby & Welton. I Need You, Daydreamer, Marimba Do Mar, Paradiso, A Muto, the titles of some the classic that played. TRACK OF THE MONTH, Anchorsong’S ‘’Serendipity'’ which taken from his UPCOMING album ‘’Cohesion’’ on Tru Thoughts.

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Calm - Mellow Mellow Sadness
A Vision Of Panorama - Wind, Brass & Bells
Nikita Warren - I Need You (Flute Mix)
Dancing Fantasy - Daydreamer
Macintosh Plus - 外ギン AVIATION 
Te'Amir - Blue Nile
Anchorsong - Serendipity

Na Dee - Boat Tap
Palms Plaza - Water Based
Gallo – Sverna
Ibiza Air ft Miguel S. - Cabo De La Vela
Andrea Benini - Jawa

Ray Seiler - Switch (Tears In The Dub)
Bonnie & Klein - Iris
Roberto Lodola - Marimba Do Mar (Fusion Version) 
Belpaese - Para Para
Marcelo Antonio - Suspension
b o d y l i n e - Come Le Lucciole
Tabala - Tabala Mouv (Truccy Edit)
Esa - A Muto
Paula Tape - Agua Congas
Cobby & Welton - Absolute (Whatever/Whatever Remix)

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Miskotom – Palms Resort *

As already I said Miskotom is one of the projects that I like to listen and play the most. Their around the pseudo past, strong today and undetectable future sound is a captivating mixage of solid deep house, smooth jazzed boogie full of mystical lo-fi fauna vibes, marimba, fuzzy guitars and flutes, new age reminiscent. So #BalearicForYou, so #MediterraneanFor me. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You 

* Pleasure Wave

TRUDD272 Anchorsong - Testimony (Digital Single) 29.08.18///Already OUT on Tru Thoughts

TRUDD272 Anchorsong - Testimony (Digital Single) 29.08.18///Already OUT on Tru Thoughts///Moving over aesthetic ambient pads and gently percussive rhythm, the steel drum melodic lo-fi tune captivates you immediately as the tweaked vocals is doing circles around the tune and all the other effects are helping its flow. I like its breakdowns as well which are creating an absolute summerous passage to the track. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN#electronic #beats

TDR18-006 Planetself - High Tide on Tokyo Dawn Records

TDR18-006 Planetself - High Tide 27.08.18///Already OUT on Tokyo Dawn Records///We all (I guess) know and love Inkswel’s ability, flexibility and diversity. Here once again he comes to offer his hip hop lifeform a multi-dimension shape. As always, I love mostly his boogie directions, tunes like ‘’Following The Sun Pt. 2’’ and ‘’Better Place’’ can’t easily escape from my radar. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// ‪#NovAvoN #soul #futuresoul #hiphop #beats

BBE472 Quart - Life Is Beautiful on BBE Music

BBE472 Quart - Life Is Beautiful 24.08.18///OUT on BBE Music///That it was a matter of time to be happened. Vince Watson’s album ‘’Every Soul Needs A Guide’’ has the right seeds for this personal side project. Quart’s ‘’Life Is Beautiful’’ is assembling classical studies, synthesizer jazz motifs and dreamy electronic paths, even glory moments of his life. Broken beat and contemporary electronica meets beatless smooth jazz orchestrations and placid downtempo ramps of hip hop philosophy. The soul-tinged Balearic vibes of ‘’Ochra’’ seems the Balearic moment of the album, sunsets will search for this color from now and then. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// INCLUDED:https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-104/ #NovAvoN #newrelease #electronic #jazz #brokenbeat #techno

CCM 018 Chris Coco & Camilo Miranda - Dinosaur Baby (Remixes) on Chris Coco Music

CCM 018 Chris Coco & Camilo Miranda - Dinosaur Baby (Remixes) 24.08.18///Already OUT on Chris Coco Music///Chris Coco’s recent album highlight, the full of percussive effects, bells and spelling and singin’ while walking dreamtime story collaboration with Camillo Miranda, ‘’Dinosaur Baby’’ has an awesome 12’’ release. The super strong 12’’ dub lost its full story but can move any body under the Balearic sun, its delayed drum and spiritual groove works to the maximum. The 12’’ seems perfect for 24 hours use as Rune Lindbæk’s Remix delivers a Balearic almost disco touch which can stand next to Vangelis electronic magic while it’s the sunset time of day. The night belongs to Luke Solomon’s version which is running out the release. Deep funk, semi-jackin’ wickness, Chicago disco and Ibiza’ big room(ed) nightlife represented perfectly in his Remix. This not just a Balearic For You recond. It’s a White Island for you weapon. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #Balearic #BalearicForYou #downtempo #dance #house #disco #Ibiza

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Casa Del Sol #105 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #105

01. Andrea Benini - Jawa
02. Betina Bager & Brian O - Cap Verde
03. Ben Liebrand - Spanish Jam
04. Blank & Jones - Pelican Bay (RunSQ Remix)
05. Simon Mills - Scorchio!
06. A Vision Of Panorama - Wind, Brass & Bells
07. Munir - Balcony View
08. Open Space - Hot Weather (Dub)
09. Max Essa - Twenty Types Of Dusk
10. Gallo - Little Blue (feat. Verdo)
11. Vakula - Joiwind
12. Te'Amir - Blue Nile
13. Palms Plaza - Water Based

Casa Del Sol @ 15.10.18

◉ ''Once Upon A Time, In A Tropical Island, Far Away'' says the spoken words on Open Space’s Dub Version of ‘’Hot Weather’’, which taken from the latest release of the Swiss brilliant label Phantom Island. And that was my main inspiration for October’s Casa Del Sol ‘’In A Tropical Island’’ Edition. The track is not so Tropical, the PODCAST as well but the exotic vibes, the naturalism and the far away places from the Balearic land and Mediterranean Sea is around. The UPCOMING and latest from my fave project of A Vision Of Panorama, Gallo’s latest digital release and Max Essa extract from his latest LP along Indonesian Munir, Black & Jones vinyl only ‘’Pelican Bay’’, remixed by RunSQ,Tru Thoughts’s Te’Amir ‘’Blue Nile’’, Palms Plaza (a new digital discovery of mine) and Ben Liebrand ‘’Spanish Jam’’ (his Balearicest moment) are included in the PODCAST.

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LMNK62DS01 Gecko Turner - Un Limon En La Cabeza (Single Edit) on Lovemonk

LMNK62DS01 Gecko Turner - Un Limon En La Cabeza (Single Edit) 27.07.18///Already OUT on Lovemonk///This unforgettable Gecko Turner and early Lovemonk release reminds my first radio days and DJ sets as an early radio producer. So good to have an instrumental of this even I avoid lemon and its acid like crazy. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovavoN #Latin #funk #folk

HYR 7181 Max Essa - Han Zon Roc EP on HELL YEAH Recordings

HYR 7181 Max Essa - Han Zon Roc EP 17.08.18///OUT on HELL YEAH recordings///I don't think anybody who discover the first Max Essa's release on Hell Yeah last year didn't feel its charm. As far I know Whiskey Pickle and Cala Tarida Musica's Adam Warped obssesed with his epic long same title Balearic epitome on the A Side. I'm sure, Kenneth Bager with ''Buran Chime'' which sounded so close to his Music For Dreams releases. I don't think that it is random that now he is about to release an ablumof the artist on the label. Even DJ Nova (that's me) lost in the slo-mo Balearic euphoria of his juicy ''Saguaro'' and certainly he come closer than never before to his taste.

The story hopefully continues one year lately and begins with another novel of Balearic generosity. Imagine F Communications based in Tokyo, that what i'm enjoying in the first part of ''Han Zon Roc (Midori Coup)''' narrative, before Max Essa's characheristic delightful lay back groove crushed with jazz tones and fantasies which is the way that the almost thirteen minutes opening track is finishing and completing the first side of the 12''.

The smooth jazz architecture of ''How You Showed Me Everything'' will remind you the most colourful moments when the genre melted with new age alternism back in the nineties. But even you think you heard something like this before you are completely wrong. Max Essa sound evokes this old vibes over his unique touch while still staying fresh and current to the principles of Balearic magic. This is the way that Chic's ''Warm Summer Night'' could be sound if i'd would released this year.

The soft percussive ''Rainbird's Alfalfa Jam'' packed with early nineties after midnight orbit intelligence and daylight synth boogie and funk that will you move you immediately. I can't imagine a better way for this EP to running out. That's what the sound of Balearic is about to do, move you one way or another... - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN‪ #newrelease #Balearic #downtempo #electronic #synth #jazz #organic

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15.20 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 03.10.18

15.20 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 03.10.18

◉ From jazz to Balearic music between one deep house station in the heart of the first hour, Nova Planet Radio Show is moving further new releases, reissues, summer’s 2018 essentials on the second hour. October’s TRACK OF THE MONTH taken fromTru Thoughts catalogue and the UPCOMING albumby Anchorsong, Cohesion, the track ‘’Serendipity’’. Vinyls lovers you can check my recent juno records chart here: https://www.juno.co.uk/charts/dj/326634-Dj_N_va_Rodon_FM_95/4232647-Chart 

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Takeo Moriyama - East Plants
Quart - Orcha
Ron Trent - Ori Space
Gerardo Frisina – Yeha
Jaymz Nylon - Lost In The Colors Of You
Euphonic Traveller - Planes Over Ushuaïa (Radio Edit)
Blank & Jones - South Sea Vagabounds
Munir - Nature Selection (Wouda Edit)
Ralph Thomas – Venice
Max Essa - Gold Hush (Part Two)

Anchorsong - Testimony
Los Twangueros - Entre Dos Aguas (On-U Sound Dub)
Blank & Jones - Pure Shores (Special Version)
Yan Tregger - Riff On
Donatella Viggiano - Napule Canta E More 
Captain Planet - पास आओ (Paas Aao)
Dodo Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro - Africamerica
Classique Vibes - Miribe-Bom feat Kojo Antwi
Dur-Dur Band - Yabaal
DJ SCM - Dream Of Mezzanotte
Tabou Combo Superstar - Ooh La La (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
Anchorsong - Serendipity

John Forde ‎– Don't You Know Who Did It
Kassim - Relax

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