Τρίτη 30 Νοεμβρίου 2010

IRM 688 The Irma Christmas Box (IRMA/IT)

A very special Christmas with a very special christmas packet. An extra big double compilation and digital suprice this year by IRMA and Italy. The most well known Christmas songs ever included here with delicious and warm covers. Bossa nova, lounge, acid jazz, jazz, soul, funk and blues versions of them, recent IRMA nu jazz classic like Papik’s ‘’Stayin’ For Good’’ and Aaron Tesser’s And The New Jazz Affair ‘’Stella’’ among eighties classic like Duran Duran’s ‘’Save A Prayer’’, Sting’s ‘’Fragile’’ and Toto’s ‘’Rozanna’’. The release sounds like the perfect soundtrack for the waiting time of the Christmas for our hi-fi’s, I-pod’s, shops, bar resturants and glamour dj sets. The whole compilation is rolling so beautiful, but always someone can pick his fave moments, so mine are: Dario’s Daneluz deep jazzy elegant housy ‘’Last Christmas’’ version – the best and most warm and stylus cover that ever heard - Papik’s nu jazz cover on ‘’We Are The World’’ and Beatles ‘’My Sweet Lord’’ super soul funk version of G Club. Try this Christmas Box, you will love the commercial extension of Christmas. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 26.11.10

BUY: http://www.musicshoponline.com/product_info.php?products_id=17629


SPH013 Alex V - Deep Blue (Sofisticate/SP)

''Deep Blue'' is so beautiful as all Alex V''s releases. Lost in the blue sea with this. ''Positive'' looks like Alex V wanna go back in time, in the earlier days of house, maybe this is the way that he probably sound if he was producing in late 80's. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 29.11.10


BR 1023 Above The Sound Cloud 2 (Broken Records/US)

I heard carefully the compilation, but i didn't like, not because isn't good, just because is far away from my fave sounds. Allthought i discover two great tracks the first and the last one Anmol Pint's ''What She Said'' is a melodic proggressive house, i guess, that sounds beautiful to me. Also Phillip Jo's ''Step Up'' is another highlight. At last ''Auto Naksha'' by Siddhesh Sardesai is my fave moment of the compilation. Love it, so unlucky that the whole release didn't sound like this. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show



IA2.5 Rithma - Haven't Haven't EP (Intelligent Audio/UK)

I heard very carefully this EP but don't feel that is outstading or so much familiar to my ears. Althought same title track is a bittersweet downtempo that i like so much. Trip hop beats with lot of percussions over a dark and mystery sounds. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 13.12.10


YAK014 Monoman - You Been Lied To EP (Intelligent Audio/UK)


RELEASE DATE: 19.11.10


TFEDIGI005 Re-Drum - Microcosmos EP (TFE Records/DE)

Not usual stuff. Many styles in this EP, but all of them are floating in space. ''Not Good Enough For You'' original is a really chill out dub tune. ''Microcosmos'' minimalistic sound of the original and the deep house Marvin Zeyss creating a beautiful atmosfear. My fave moment here is ''Relax''. This track is one of the deepest tunes that heard this year. Love it. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show



Σάββατο 27 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Emanative Xclusive interview and podcast on Hip Sound by Dj Nova

01. Emanative - Spacebeat Intro (CD-R)
02. Emanative - Wind, Sand & Stars (Futuristica)
03. Emanative/Positive Flow Remix - Petitte Planet (Futuristica)
04. Pharoah Sanders - Astral Traveling (Impulse)
05. Emanative - Low Motion (Futuristica)
06. Roy Ayers - Love From The Sun - Universal
07. Emanative/Marc Rapson Remix - When On Earth (Futuristica)
08. Emanative - We Travel The Spacebeats (Futuristica)
09. Marc Rapson - Dark vs Light (Futuristica)
10. Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme – Soul Jazz
11. Sun Ra - We Travel The Spaceways - Evidence
12. Electric Conversation – Cosmos (Futuristica)
13. Electric Conversation/Jazz Chronicles - Cosmos (Futuristica)
14. Sun Ra/Simon S Re-Work - Where There Is No Sun (Futuristica)
15. Emanative – Naima (Futuristica)


LMNKV 56 Gecko Turner - Truly (Lovemonk/SP)

This is it. Truly. Spicy soul with Gecko Turner's sauce. Moonstarr's soul boogaloo retouch is one of the best remixes on the scene. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 12.08.10


FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net/

LMNKV 55 Space Ranger - Superstring EP (Lovemonk/SP)

Super:astro:string is going stronger and stronger time by time. Super cosmic funk. Rayko mix is a flashback, back in 1983, massive italo slowburner. “Shave Me, I’m Famous” is one more uptempo weapon, kind of boogie astrodusted funk. Ajello on his remix is a dancefloor bomb. Love the strong bassline and psychodelic eighties synths. The old school acid breakdown put in the blender discoteque and acid house. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 01.07.10

BUY: http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemID=193754

FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net/

LMNKV 54 Boohgaloo Zoo - Testify (Lovemonk/SP)

1986 beat philoshophy is coming back in 2010 !!! Super retro future soul funk here on the original !!! The remixes by Joe Goddard and Soulphiction are good but didn't feel it so much with this song. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 10.06.10

BUY: http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemID=193677

FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net/

S1560 Laera Gigi Fuiano Joe Impero - Body Groove (Stranamente Music/IT)

Very rare but can happen... this is not for me... Only original mix can talk to me a little bit... - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 25.11.10



TSPD 013 Fabio Bacchini - Roman Disco EP (Transport/US)

Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares. With this you can do that. One of the best releases of the year. Carefree, happy and really groovy. Fabio Bacchini’s five tracks EP on Transport is a disco, jazz funk bomb. ‘’Weekender’’ is so sexy and ‘’Money Talks’’ funk shares the love between disco and jazz funk. ’’In The Mood’’ strenght can set the floor on fire, got a fat bassline, super vocals and strong rhythm that you can’t ignore and resist to dance. ‘’Sometimes’’ touches the coolest side of deep funk and ‘’Time Out’’ stands by Transport’s latinesque side. Sampled summer horns, lot of percussions and spanish spoken words give a Brooklyn’s mood. I think you can guess that I can’t choose a highlight from this EP because the whole one a Highlight. Transports move to disco and jackin’ sound and do it perfectly. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 15.12.10



8TH032D Hawke - Everything Is Happening At The Same Time (Eighth Dimension Records/US)

This is the first official promo from next year among so many CD-R’s and white’s that received ‘til now. And Eighth Dimension family is doing its best to make it hot. Q-Burns Abstract Message is another masterpiece, old style refreshed by him and the result is my choice of the EP. This could be an Ibiza classic of 1991, little bit acid, indie rock spirit on Gavin’s warm voice, lot of percussions and space synths bring together two decades. Gavin Hardkiss touches his track with a melodic deep house feeling, the result is something like a dance lullaby. Atnarko forces with his slappy deep house and put the track on the scene that has to belong, the 2010 one. More indie balearic sound can recognized clearly on Tal M. Klein’s ‘’Inside Job’’ remix, the imaginery b side of the single. Love to listen again both original versions. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 11.01.11



Παρασκευή 26 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Τετάρτη 17-11-2010, 'Ωρα: 22:00-00:00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

1st hour

Mice Parade - Old Hat, album: What It Means To Be Left-Handed, fat-cat, 2010

Mugstar - Beyond the Sun, album: lime, label: important, 2010

Ten Kens - Summer Camp, album: For Posterity, fat-cat, 2010

Shipping News - Axons and Dendrites, album: one less heartless to fear, label: karate body, 2010

Gun Outfit - Phaedra, album: possession sound, label: Post Present Medium, 2010

Wild Nothing - Vultures Like Lovers, album: golden haze ep, label: captured tracks, 2010

Signaldrift - Units Of Spin, album: compass, label: Wobblyhead, 2003

Sistol(Vladislav Delay) - Funseeker, album: on the bright side, label: Halo Cyan, 2010

Sistol - A Better Shore (Walls Remix), album: on the brighter side (remixes vol. 2), label: Halo Cyan, 2010

Caribou - Lalibela, album: Swim, label: merge, 2010

Gorillaz - empire ants, album: Plastic Beach, label: Parlophone, 2010

2nd hour

Nightlands - God What Have I, album: forget the mantra, label: Secretly Canadian, 2010

Avey Tare - Heather In The Hospital, album: down there, label: Paw Tracks, 2010

Eric Copeland - Fun Dink Death, album: doo doo run 7'', label: Post Present Medium, 2010

Terrestrial Tones - The Sailor, album: dead drunk, label: paw tracks, 2006

flight36-B - Mary (drums & weird piano), album: v.a. - 13 νοέμβρη 2010 σέρρες, label: self-released, 2010

Urbanoise - Holidays over(Οι ουρσουλίνες στο δωμάτιο), album: v.a. - 13 νοέμβρη 2010 σέρρες, label: self-released, 2010

south off - set the matrix to default (conga 1), album: v.a. - 13 νοέμβρη 2010 σέρρες, label: self-released, 2010

Klangwart - Moloch, album: sommer, label: staubgold, 2010

fuxa - outer drive, album: very well organized, label: che/mind expansion, 1996

Dylan Ettinger - Night Rider, album: cutters, label: digitalis/ruralfaune, 2010

Erik K. Skodvin - Matine, album: flare, label: sonic pieces, 2010

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM



1.Robbie Pardoel - Machines
2.Johannes Heil - Seeded
3.D. Diggler - Ultramarine (Dustin Zahn Remix)
4.D. Diggler - Thru Walls
5.Jesper Dalback - Cripx (Original Mix)
6.Joel Mull & Dustin Zahn - Bossa Nossa (Pan-Pot Remix)
7.Sian - Dreams Are Maps (Sians Treasure Mix)
8.Seismal D. & D. Diggler - Somnabulist (D. Diggler Remix)
9.Hans Bouffmyhre - Storm Season Part0244


1.Maetrik - Bottom Heavy
2.Maetrik feat' Sabb - Marinda
3.Maetrik feat' Kule Runner - Snorkel
4.Sasha Wins & Igor Shep - Charoplet (Maetrik Remix)
5.Maetrik - So Real
6.Maetrik - Glider
7.John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite (Maetrik Funky Remix) 8.Maetrik - Paradigm House (Original Mix)
9.Maetrik - Kemik

Πέμπτη 25 Νοεμβρίου 2010

7 με 9 μμ .... ΠΟΠ ALERT

play ... listed by vasilis dimokas

POPart 1
The Kinks - You Really Got Me
Saving J - Indication Street
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Heart in Your Heartbreak
The Foxes - Get Me
Tender Trap - Do You Want A Boyfriend?
Seeland - Local Park
Teenage Fanclub - Baby Lee
Smith Westerns - Weekend
Sufjan Stevens - I Walked
Broken Records - A Darkness Rises Up
FreeBass - You Don't Know (This About Me)
James Yuill - On Your Own
Steve Mason - Lost And Found
Puggy - When You Know
Poney Express - Palladium
Magic Kids - Hey Boy

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart "Heart In Your Heartbreak" by Slumberland Records

POPart 2
Puressence - Mr. Brown
The Organ - Memorize the City
Fabienne Delsol - Strange Shadows
Sharon Van Etten - One Day
Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)
Twin Shadow - When We're Dancing
Detachments - The Flowers That Fell
The Heartbreaks - I Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You
The Eighties Matchbox B - Love Turns To Hate
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Drink drank drunk
Japanese Voyeurs - That Love Sound
The Sunshine Undeground - We've Always Been Your Friends
The Burning Hotels - Allison
The Futureheads - Heartbeat Song
Violens - The Dawn Of Your Happiness Is Rising
UNKLE - Follow Me Down (feat. Sleepy Sun)

Τετάρτη 24 Νοεμβρίου 2010

UNFOCUSED#5 17.11.10 Radio Show DiGiTaL ChaRT By Dj Nova


Vitamin D No Love For Hard Times (Cold Busted Promo)
Dj Day Four Hills
Amerigo Gazaway Stop On By (Cold Busted)
Speedometer You've Made Me So Very Happy (Freestyle)
Bahama Soul Club True (Buyu Promo)
Jazmine Sullivan Holding You Down (J Promo)
Kool Water City Lover
Brian Deady Actually (Magic Machine Promo)
Marcos Valle Esphera (Far Out)
Aaron Tesser & New Jazz Affair Figli Delle Stelle (Irma)
Mop Mop/Jazzinvanders African Freedom (Infacom)
Primo & The Groupe A Child Runs Free (Tramp Promo)
Smerins Anti-Social Club Dr Who (Tru Thoughts Promo)
Mystic Diversions Why Can’t We Live Together (Cool D:Vision Promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
Slow Motion Replay Think Better (Soulab Promo)
Opolopo/Sacha Williamson Take It Slow (Tokyo Dawn Promo)
Toomy Disco Catchin’ On (So Sound Promo)
Daedelus Fates Say (All City Promo)
Bad Jazz Troupe Looking For Jupiter (Jazz & Milk Promo)
Azaxx The Cyber Convicts (Tru Thoughts Promo)
Flaming Star Nothing Sweeta (Peacelounge Promo)

Facebook: Nova Planet Radio Show

Τρίτη 23 Νοεμβρίου 2010

UNFOCUSED#5 Radio Show Playlist @ 17.11.10 By Dj Nova

Part 1

Vitamin D No Love For Hard Times (Cold Busted Promo)
Dj Shadow/Suonho Now Is The Time Mix This Time (CD-R)
Dj Day Four Hills
Amerigo Gazaway Stop On By (Cold Busted)
Space Invandas/Katalyst Do It Again (BBE Promo)
Speedometer You've Made Me So Very Happy (Freestyle)
Bahama Soul Club True (Buyu Promo)
Jazmine Sullivan Holding You Down (J Promo)
Kool Water City Lover
Brian Deady Actually (Magic Machine Promo)
Marcos Valle Esphera (Far Out)
Aaron Tesser & New Jazz Affair Figli Delle Stelle (Irma)
Mop Mop/Jazzinvanders African Freedom (Infacom)
Jazztronik Meguru (Pony Canyon)
Primo & The Groupe A Child Runs Free (Tramp Promo)
Smerins Anti-Social Club Dr Who (Tru Thoughts Promo)

Part 2

Clyb Foster Relaxing In Juan-Les-Pins (Peacelounge CD-R)
Mystic Diversions Why Can’t We Live Together (Cool D:Vision Promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
Maestro Garofalo Sign Your Name (Irma)
Slow Motion Replay Think Better (Soulab Promo)
Erik Rico & Marc Mac Destiny (Third Ear Promo)
Opolopo/Sacha Williamson Take It Slow (Tokyo Dawn Promo)
Toomy Disco Catchin’ On (So Sound Promo)
Daedelus Fates Say (All City Promo)
Bad Jazz Troupe Looking For Jupiter (Jazz & Milk Promo)
Azaxx The Cyber Convicts (Tru Thoughts Promo)
Flaming Star Nothing Sweeta (Peacelounge Promo)
Nene Vasquez/Mo’ Horizons Restyle Mi Historia Del Son (Agogo Promo)
Richy Pitch Odo Yea (BBE Promo)
Nickodemus Beauty is Your Name (Wonderwheel Promo)
Duffy/Low Sunday Remix Well, Well, Well (Mercury Promo)

8DPROMO Autumn 2010 Special





8DPROMO Autumn Special Radio Show By Dj Nova

On Line @ 24.11.10
8DPROMO Autumn Special Radio Show


VIA http://www.rodonfm.net/ or http://www.rodonfm.com/
17:00 - 19:00

AM010 Asymmetric Soul - Now Is Our Time (Adaptation/UK)

Uncredible aesthetic deep soulful sound on original mix. Deep chords, gentle percussions and seventies elements are creating a beautiful atmosfear. House heroes of the moment Groove Assasin afrorework the original and put it to higher level, but sounds more sweeter than the original cos of its paino strings. Their dub pushed the track to the heavier dance tunes, but still sounds so beautiful with the deep breakdown and xylophone notes. Trancemicsoul is walking on dep paths too but the use of more electro synths is so obvious. Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor remix is a tight house remix, a sundressed beach house as usual. With Lonya’s Elevated mix you can lost deep in the night, love the slappy beats and its deep synths. Paradise Mix is the best for the summer days near the beach, paradisiac, exotic beaches and not only. Hard to choose the best version. This is another must have and play and listen all the remixes release by Adaptiation. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show



CODIS 003 John Gazoo - What Happened (Compost Disco/DE)

When i get the first release from Compost Disco i thought that this new sublabel will walk over the italo disco sounds – a personal fave music - of the eighties. But, release by release i realize that the diversity of the label will be hug all the disco styles. And this is very good. This new one and third release is most soulful one. ''What Happened'' is an exciting tracks, disco guitar riffs, soft bells and strings make you feel near the the end of the seventies and the begginin' of the next decade. Pure original dancefllor pleasure. The other track of the EP with the weird title ‘’Time Square Was Not Disney World’’ steps into the mid eighties. Looks a hybrid of compost black label and discoteque sound of 1985. Love them both… - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 19.11.10


WH0049 Antonio Santana - La Yerba Buena (Whobear/ES)

Ηmm, cant find my thoughts about this one - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 15.12.10


ST009 Michael Woodruff - Class-E (Steamtown Records/US)

Tight Italo influenced original is the one for me here. Strong beats, space synths and classic piano string are creating a beautiful nu disco atmosfear. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show




FFWD06 Scoville - G-Ville Nights (FastFWD/US)

Dark and chaotic sounds under a very warm and winter sence this new FastFWD EP, especially the original G-Ville Nights. Perfect soundtrack for a rainy day like today. From the remixes of the packet i like very much the Sandman & Riverside's one. Warm deep jazzy house. Kid Gusto & Riverside Remix included enjoyable percussions and extra drumbeats over its cloudy sound. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 18.11.10



Dennis Jr. - Get Me All The Way/Multefunk (Akustikk Recordings/NR)

''Get Me All The Way'' Cosmic mid tempo funk disco forward the sound of the past to the nu disco horizon of nowdays. But the real masterpiece in this promo is the second one release. ''Multerfunk'' slowburning funky cosmic disco sounds so complete. Eighties ''Balearic'' guitar riffs, percussions and floating vocs can take you back, way back in time. Mad about this one. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE Get Me All The Way: 10.11.10
RELEASE DATE Multefunk: 10.12.10



Hiras @ Guest Mixes

24/11/2010 - 19:00-21:00
exclusive mix for rodon fm


Πέμπτη 18 Νοεμβρίου 2010


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7 με 9 μμ .... ΠΟΠ ALERT

play ... listed by vasilis dimokas

POPart 1
New Order - Regret
The Sunshine Underground - Coming To Save You
Delorentos - S.E.C.R.E.T.
New Young Pony Club - Lost A Girl
Silver Columns - Always On
Groove Armada - Shameless
Portishead - Chase The Tear
Friendly Fires - Hold On
The Joy Formidable - My Beerdrunk Sould Is Sadder Than A Hundred Dead Christmas Trees
Good Shoes - Under Control
Lyrebirds - Closer
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Morning Light
Erland And The Carnival - My Name Is Carnival
The Novellos - Not So Sure

 Friendly Fires - Hold On .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
POPart 2
United Nations Of Sound - Are You Ready ?
The Hot Rats - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)
Fyfe Dangerfield - She Needs Me
The Moons - Nightmare Day
Club Smith - Lament
A Plastic Rose - Kids Don't Behave Like This
Late Of The Pier - Best In The Class
Echo And The Bunnymen - The Back Of Love
Chapel Club - Five Trees
The Stranglers - Retro Rockets
Doves - Andalucia
Hurts - Better Than Love
The Cinematics - Guernica
Swing Youth - Jennifer
My Luminaries - Welcome To The Family

Τετάρτη 17 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Tuesday night 16 - 11 - 2010 playlist

First hour:
1. Teenage Fanclub - The Back Of My Mind
2. Ray Davies Feat. Gary Lightbody - Tired Of Waiting
3. Neko Case - If You Knew
4. 7 Days Awake - Destination Zero
5. Yodelice - More Than Meets the Eye
6. Infidelity - Is This Emotion?
7. Allo Darlin' - My Heart Is A Drummer
8. Le Futur Pompiste - My Trophy
9. The School - Is It True?
10. B-Sides - Forest
11. Belle And Sebastian - I Want The World To Stop
12. The Go-Betweens - Love Goes On!
13. My Sad Captains - All Hat And No Plans
14. Broken Records - A Darkness Rises Up
15. Big Kahoona - Another Place to Stay
16. Crocodiles - Hearts Of Love

Second hour:
1. JJ - I'm The One / Money On My Mind
2. Erlend Oye - Ghost Trains
3. Delorean - Simple Graces
4. !!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
5. Thievery Corporation Feat. David Byrne - The Heart's A Lonely Hunter
6. Film Feat. Hildur Kristin - Harmur Fuglsins
7. Cruel Black Dove - Forgotten Place
8. Butcher Boy - I Know Who You Could Be
9. Puressence - Casting Lazy Shadows
10. World Party - Sooner Or Later
11. Foo Fighters Feat. Norah Jones - Virginia Moon
12. The Asteroid #4 - Ignition Slated for Eight
13. Egg Hell - Gingerhead
14. Μέντα - Οι Χαρές
15. Sad Day For Puppets - Monster And The Beast
16. Anita Lane - The World's A Girl

Tuesday nights at 23:00
Γιώργος Βακούφης :)

UNFOCUSED#5 Radio Show By Dj Nova

On Line Today 17.11.10 

with UNFOCUSED #5 Radio Show

VIA http://www.rodonfm.net/ or http://www.rodonfm.com/
17:00 - 19:00


Dj Nova's Nova Planet House Sessions Vol.1 @ Deep House Cat Show "Heli High Mix"

Alvaro Ernesto's ''For Yiannis'' taken from Dj Nova's Nova Planet House Sessions Vol. 1 EP on Kapa Music played in Deep House Cat's ''Heli High Mix"

 01. Steve Acho, Grae Jungle - Intro Mashup [0:00:28]
02. Re-Drum - Relax (Original Mix) - TFE Records PROMO [0:01:04]
03. Kirby Feat. Astral T - Oreda (Original Mix) - Kolour Recordings Digital [0:06:01]
04. Club Camarillo - A Happy Day (Original Mix) - Stereoheaven [0:12:12]
05. Alvaro Ernesto - For Yiannis - Kapa Music PROMO [0:17:06]
06. Ruzam - We Just Chillin' (Original Mix) - Fabian Mazur PROMO [0:22:40]
07. G spice - Its Just A Feeling - Grouper Recordings PROMO [0:27:56]
08. Groove Assassin Feat. Tantra Zawadi - Love Seeker (Steve Paradise Deep Underground Remix) - Gotta Keep Faith PROMO [0:33:25]
09. Fleetside Feat. Carolyn Harding - Movin On (Groove Junkies MoHo Vox) Tall House Digital PROMO [0:39:31]
10. Roberto Bedross Feat. Jacob A - Release Yourself (Banana Groovz Deep Remix) - Grooveland Records PROMO [0:46:42]
11. The House Council - In the Mood - Unreleased PROMO [0:53:05]
12. Low Deep T. Feat. J-Key - Love Is The Only Gold (Low Deep T Vocal Dub) - Cut & Play [0:58:25]

CHECK: http://deephousecat.blogspot.com/2010/11/deep-house-cat-show-phile-november-10.html#comment-form

Τρίτη 16 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Ares Buras @ Guest Mixes

Τετάρτη 17 Νοεμβρίου στις 19:00 στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes :

Ares Buras guest mix for Rodon Fm 95 (November 2010)

     Part 1/4

  • Korallreven : The Truest Faith (Ghostape Remix)
  • Clock Opera : A Piece Of String (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
  • Passion Pit : Tonight, Tonight
  • Animal Collective : I Think I Can
  • The Ruby Suns : Closet Astrologer
  • Antena : Camino Del Sol

      Part 2/4  
  • Joalz feat. Julia Kent : Early
  • Abel Korzeniowski : Stillness Of The Mind
  • Yosebu : Finding A Cloud To Ride
  • AmpLive feat. Del The Funky Homosapien : Video Tapez
  • The Roots feat. Joanna Newsom & STS : Right On
  • Bonobo : Kong
  • Keep Shelly In Athens : Fokionos Negri Street
  • …Skit
  • StewRat : Disagreements

      Part 3/4  

  • Maxence Cyrin : Kids
  • Appaloosa : The Day We Fell In Love
  • Toby Tobias : Macasu (Motor City Drum Ensemble Loft Party Remix)
  • Four Tet : Love Cry
  • Unkle feat. Sleepy Sun : Follow Me Down (The Golden Filter Remix)
  • Moullinex : Hide n Seek

     Part 4/4

  • Caribou : Sun
  • Revolver : Birds In Dm (Joakim Remix)
  • The Xx : Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit)
  • The Durutti Column : My Country (Monarchy Remix)
  • Nicolas Jaar : Mi Mujer
  • Ceo : Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Download Ares Buras guest mix for Rodon Fm 95 at SoundCloud music platform!!!

TDR10 005 Opolopo - Voltage Controlled Feelings (Tokyo Dawn Records/DE)

Good to have Opolopo back. This time our swedish superstar moves one decade forward. His deput stepped into the seventies spul and jazz fuzion. His new album is stepping to the glamourous eclectic electo soul space grooves and beats of the eighties. The result is outstading. On the vocals he is collaborating with his partner in crime Featuring Amalia and Blacktop, Farah, Erik Rico and soul chocolate vocie of Sacha Williamson. Album includes previous singles like ‘’Reserved’’ and remix like Broadcite Farah’s ‘’Waiting’’. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 03.12.10

Digital Music Promotion Service

STIL009 Artie Flexs - Night Motion EP (Stilnovo Music/UK)

Stilnovo release by release satisfied more and more. This crystal jazzy deep tech house ‘’Nightwalk’’ is awesome. Imagine St.Germain or other deep house Fnac or F Communication release following the tech house movement. On the side we have a uplifting groovy track called ‘’Sweet Nightfall’’. Cool percussions, extra slaps and funky tech synths can call you straight on the dancefloor. So fresh EP. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 01.12.10

Digital Music Promotion Service

Psaul - Catch U (CD-R)

Eighties flavour. Something between pop, rock and soul sound that lost and stayed in 1985. Sounds perfect for your radio and soundsystems. Love the afro keys on background. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show


RELEASE DATE: 07.11.10

Digital Music Promotion Service

A0076 Ray Leandro & Virolo - Le Club Part 2 (Suma/SP)

Like more the tribal spirit of the original, tech paths and piano string make it big. Dani Vars mix will blow up the big rooms but not my mind. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 08.12.10


ER051 Various Artists - Elevation First 50 Re:tooled & Re:funked (Elevation/IR)

More intresting and amazing stuff from Elevation. The eclectic label is counting 50 releases and going on. Here we have seven classic, recent the most of the them excellently reworked. First of all we meet an early Elevation classic, that to be honest didn’t know. RTAO’s soulful summer jam ‘’What We Need Is Now’’ even edit by Samuel Dan still sounds like an early and really different from now Elevation release. Then recent relases like the deep house masterpiece of Pablo Fierro ‘’Mellow Man’’ remix under a lower tempo and more mellow man edit !!! I love this aesthetic piano remix with the soft percusions, pure chill... Scoper & Bubba ‘’I’m Satisfied’’ from 2002 that re:released with new remixes last year in Elevation get another nre version. I’m already addicted to its soft percussions and i feel that deep live jazzy mix with those slappy beats over the jazz mood. It is the best remix that heard from this classic. 2009 El Prevost’s ‘’Days and Times’’ get a new great old school acid rework by Bubba and T-Bone. From 2009 we meet another one of my fave Elevation releases edit here. Lomez & Ivaylo ‘’Flies’’ remix by Nuno Dos Santos edited by Elevation Boss and Pavel Lenchenko and really love this one, especially the new breakdown and percusions. Snuff Crew re:edited the old school acid & rave tune of King Cosmic and Kink remix and the result is still mad, so mad. Fresh Playone’s ‘’Moccoskin’’ appears with a nice Rampa & Re.you Remix. 51st one release will satisfied Elevation’s Fans for sure. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show


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