Σάββατο 31 Μαΐου 2008

Progressive Tunes 31 MAY 2008

PROGRESSIVE TUNES 31May Tracklisting
First Set
1.Trentemoller - Miss You (Trentemoller Remix)
2.Argy - Love Dose
3.The Hacker & Eric Borgo - Zone
4.Eelke Kleijn - It All Comes Together
5.Tiger Stripes - Sthlm Hustle
6.Guy J - Under Preassure (Original Mix)
7.Outline - Assasin (Dousk & Andree Eskay Mix)
8.Kosmas Epsilon - Speechnuts (Squash84 Remix)
9.Eric Prydz Aka Cirez D - Fabric Test (Highland Cream Racon)
10.Moby - Disco Lies (Diskokaine lied Remix)

Second Set
1.Daso - La Fee Verte
3.Nina & Popof - Blablabla
4.Depeche Mode - Tears for Fears (Skylark Remix)
5.Emmanuel - Parade
6.Dusty Kid - The Kitten
7.Duft Punk - Around The World (Funkagenda Remix)
8.Robert Owens - Only Me
9.Wow & Flutter - Tape Replay (Mazi Edit)

Παρασκευή 30 Μαΐου 2008

Dandy Show: Playlist 05.30.08

1st hour:

01. Trentemoller - The Forrest
02. Porcupine Tree - Sentimental
03. Jacob's Stories - Words To Live By
04. Maybeshewill - Heartflusters
05. The Notwist - Where In This World
06. God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright
07. Temposhark - Invisible Ink
08. Coments On Fire - Jaybird
09. The Octopus Project - The Adjustor
10. Paul Leonard-Morgan ft. Isobel Cambell - Wilderness
11. Four-Tet - My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
12. !!! Chik Chik Chik - Yandus

2nd hour:

01. Opeth - Coil
02. Clouddead - Dead Dogs Two
03. No Age - Teens Creeps
04. U.N.P.O.C. - Here On My Own
05. Orange Juice - Blue Blue
06. The Streets - It's Too Late
07. Klaxons - It's Not Over Yet
08. Yppah - Again With The Subtitles
09. Reverend And The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World
10. Why? - These Few Presidents
11. Foals - Mathletics
12. Junior Boys - In The Morning
13. Small Hours Soc. - Nomad
14. Apparat - Arcadia
15. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jesus Of The Moon
16. Burial - Raver
17. Rickenray - Nails Snails

(Today's show was a colaboration with Hallam Foe!)

The Dandy Show
Every Friday 13:00-15:00 (GMT +02:00)

Πέμπτη 29 Μαΐου 2008

Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 29/05/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Hood - The Light Reveals The Place
02 Toe - Goodbye
03 Anathallo - Declared, Bannered
04 Balloons - Excess Baggage
05 Sometree - Pulse
06 Lone Wolf And Cub - I Will Hammerpunch Your Clavical
07 Marquette - Satellites
08 Aereogramme - Motion
09 Cats and cats and cats - Fight Fight With Fight

2η Ωρα
10 Lite - Contra
11 The Scarabeusdream - break in june
12 Melvins - Billy Fish
13 Broadcast Sea - I've seen better
14 Mission of Burma - thats when i reach for my revolver
15 Girls Against Boys - Super-fire
16 These Arms Are Snakes - Riding the grape dragon
17 Slint - Good Morning, Captain
18 Shels - Wingsfortheirsmiles 2
19 Envy - Thousand scars
20 Mogwai - Summer (Priority Version)


Τετάρτη 28 Μαΐου 2008

winter academy @ guest mixes

Ο winter academy καλεσμένος στην σημερινή -28/05/2008,19:00-21:00- εκπομπή των guest mixes.
Ακούστε την live " εδώ" !

Όπως τον αφήσατε τον βρίσκετε τον κ.Winter Academy.. Ακόμη 30something [και θα είναι για πολλά πολλά χρόνια ακόμη, να’στε σίγουροι], ακόμη με έδρα τη Θεσσαλονίκη.. ακόμη ψάχνει το τέλειο pop τραγούδι.. σαν να μην πέρασε μια μέρα! Πως περνάει ο καιρός όταν διασκεδάζεις.. ειδικά όταν διασκεδάζεις ακούγοντας υπέροχη pop μουσική..
P.O.P. means Popular!

A WinterAcademy GuestMix for RodonFM

First Hour:

1. Radio Dept - Freddie And The Trojan horse
2. The Ruling Class - Umbrella Folds
3. Northern Portrait - Crazy
4. Moscow Olympics - Still
5. My Teenage Stride - To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge
6. The Electric Pop Group - I Could See The Lights
7. Kuryakin - Still Here
8. The Occasional Flickers - Rucksack
9. Next Time Passions - Feeling So Real
10. One Night Susan - Reading Weekends
11. The Cupids - Tonight
12. The Felt Tips - Not Tonight
13. The Papertiger Sound - Jules Verne
14. The Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine

Second Hour :

15. Moonshake & PJ Harvey - Just A Working Girl
16. Moose - Last Night I Fell Again
17. Why? - These Few Presidents
18. BARR - Half Of Two Times Two
19. No Kids - I Love the Weekend
20. Neon Neon - Steel Your Girl
21. Grand Archives - Index Moon
22. The Airfields - The Long Way Home
23. The Daysleepers - The Soft Attack
24. Resplandor - Raindrops
25. Tears Run Rings - Mind the Wires
26. The Low Lows - Dear Flies, Love Spider
27. Crushed Stars - Spies

Τρίτη 27 Μαΐου 2008

οι misuse στο ρόδον fm

Οι Misuse στο club rodon.
Ακούστε σήμερα,27/05 στις 22:00 ,την συνέντευξη του αθηναϊκού συγκροτήματος στον Μιχάλη Εμμανουηλ;iδη με αφορμή την κυκλοφορία του πρώτου τους άλμπουμ στην puzzlemusik.

Yorgos Vakoufis Playlist 24/05/2008

1. Cousteau - Sadness
2. The Long Blondes - Guilt (Dan Carey Mix)
3. Semifinalists - Loud Hearts
4. Laika - Uneasy
5. Club Des Belugas - The Road Is Lonesome
6. Dri - You Know I Tried
7. Brookville - Nothing's Meant To Last
8. Club 8 - When I Come Around
9. Brazzaville - Hoover St.
10. King Of All The Animals - Angels Fly Low
11. House Of Fire - Walking Along The Sun
12. My Sad Captains - All Hats And No Plans
13. Baskervilles - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
14. The Duke Spirit - You Really Wake Up The Love In Me
15. David Cronenberg's Wife - My Best Friend's Going Out With A Girl I Like
16. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - More News From Nowhere
17. Pelle Carlberg - Pamplona
18. The Cure - The Only One (Mix 13)
19. Northern Portrait - The Fallen Aristocracy
20. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Need Some Air
21. The Pigeon Detectives - Love You For A Day (Hate You For A Week)
22. Cajun Dance Party - Colourful Life
23. Cinerama - Your Charms
24. Camera Obscura - Number One Son
25. A Band Called Quinn - Bullet Or A Friend
26. The Dubrovniks - Holy town
27. The Young Knives - Fit 4 U
28. The Kills - U.R.A. Fever
29. Kraak And Smaak - Ready For Life
30. Hercules And Love Affair - You Belong

Saturdays 19:00 - 21:00
Γιώργος Βακούφης :)

Σάββατο 24 Μαΐου 2008

Toao Radio Show Playlist @ 21.05.08 By Dj Nova

a cinematic cd, a dvd without images ...this show + release is something differenttaste it & buy it

Download Show: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mhjnrr

Part 1

toao wonderful (soilsound)
tape five longitude (smarty-mart music)
4tunes in the middle (sine music)
toao hourglass (soilsound)
toao waltz in blue (soilsound)

donatello viggiano i faro (good ear)
flat three holon on the seashore
toao night in the rain (soilsound)
note native daisy love
toao life cinematic (soilsound)
TBA got to keep on searchin (morning suntouch cd-r)
dr. vodkatini waiting for the sun (prominence)
toao/sticky mix a touch of honey (soilsound)
grand corps malade comme une evidence (francophonic diffusion promo)
[re:jazz]/live all over (infracom promo)

Part 2

unforscene dangerous (tru thoughts)
toao distance (soilsound)
rive de cabaret trust me (sine music)
leon somov without you (morning suntouch cd-r)
toao waiting (soilsound)
toao white chair (soilsound)

donati misterios (cool d:vision)
sine smooth relaxation (sine music)
flyt/simon s free (futuristica)
mop mop kiss of kali (infracom)
kylie auldist that’s why (tru thoughts promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
emi tawata reach out
akiko wada/dynamite soul mix furui nikki
natural self alright turn it up now (tru thoughts promo)
suzanne couch smile (bbe)
bird/reggae disco rockers 散歩しよう





live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm + 2


Παρασκευή 23 Μαΐου 2008

Dandy Show: Playlist 05.23.08

1st hour:

01. Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Posses Your Heart
02. Boomstate - Berlin
03. Blonde Redhead - Maddening Cloud
04. Bon Iver - Blindsided
05. John Frusciante - Goals
06. The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
07. Elbow - An Audience With The Pope
08. The Raconteurs - Rich Kid Blues
09. The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl
10. 16 Horsepower - Cinder Alley
11. The Afghan Wings - When We Two Parted
12. Murder By Death - Fuego!

2nd hour:

01. Scarlett Johansson - I Don't Want To Grow Up
02. Antibalas - Hilo
03. Black Mountain - Queens Will Play
04. Brightblack Morning Light - A River Could Be Loved
05. Dead Meadow - Such Hawks Such Hounds
06. The Black Angels - You On The Run
07. Bellafea - Seasons
08. Sonic Youth - What A Waste
09. Grinderman - Honey Bee
10. Babyshambles - The Man Who Came To Stay
11. The Ting Tings - Great Dj
12. Foals - Austronauts 'N All
13. iLiKETRAiNS - Twenty Five Sins
14. Black Strobe - Brenn Di Ega Kjerke

(Today's show was dedicated once again to the world's most stupid dog, Ras-Tan Plan(t)...)

The Dandy Show
Every Friday 13:00-15:00 (GMT +02:00)

Πέμπτη 22 Μαΐου 2008

Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 22/05/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Rachel's - water from the same source
02 Cougar - Black Dove
03 Steve Von Till - A grave is a grim horse
04 Bee and flower - I know your name
05 Bardo Pond - Push Yer Head
06 Kinski - Argentina Turner
07 Brief Candles - National dream registry
08 Maserati - The width of the atlantic
09 Laura - It's Kind Of Like The Innocent Smiles You Get At The Start Of A Relationship Before You Fuck Everything Up
10 Alcest - Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
11 Jesu - transfigure

2η Ωρα
12 If These Trees Could Talk - Signal tree
13 Murder In The Red Barn - Seventy-Six
14 Malegoat - transparency
15 Modrec - Art Naive
16 Descolada - unlucker
17 North Of America - Wall Monument
18 And you will know us by the trail of dead - A Perfect Teenhood
19 Vodka Juniors - Rollercoaster
20 Torche - Across the Shields
21 Big Business - Shields
22 5ive - Gulls
23 Isis - The Beginning And The End


Δευτέρα 19 Μαΐου 2008

sandman @ guest mixes

O Sandman (Στράτος Μπακάλης),την Τετάρτη 21 Μαΐου λίγο μετά τις 19:00, αναλαμβάνει τα decks στο στούντιο του Ρόδον fm και διαλέγει την μουσική για ένα δίωρο στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes. Ακούστε live εδώ.

bio :
Είμαι designer και εργάζομαι από το 1992 στο χώρο του design, αυτόν τον καιρό δουλεύω σε μια αρχιτεκτονική εταιρεία αλλά και freelance. Συνήθως σχεδιάζω stands σε εκθέσεις (με πολλά βραβεία καλύτερου σχεδιασμού) , χώρους γραφείων, καταστήματα, εστιατόρια, showrooms και ειδικά installations. Μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ η δουλειά μου - είναι δημιουργική , γνωρίζω πολύ ενδιαφέροντα άτομα μέσω αυτής και ταξιδεύω σε διάφορα μέρη! Έχω σπουδάσει σχέδιο μόδας (2 έπαινοι στην Textilia) και επίσης πολιτικός μηχανικός στο ΑΠΘ, ενώ έχω ασχοληθεί και με σχεδιασμό comics (έκθεση στο Μύλο το 1995 και Γ' βραβείο στην Θεσσαλονίκη/Πολιτιστική Πρωτεύουσα της Ευρώπης 1997) που είναι μια από τις μεγάλες μου αγάπες. Η μουσική είναι άλλη μία από αυτές και εδώ και λίγο καιρό ξεκίνησα να παίζω και σαν dj περιστασιακά σε μαγαζί της Θεσσαλονίκης. Ένα άλλο μου χόμπι: η συλλογή με κούκλες μόδας. Μπορείτε να δείτε περισσότερα για μένα στα blog μου: http://sandman-chronicles.blogspot.com/ και http://fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.com/

πρώτη ώρα : Funplex-ed

1. The B-52s - Funplex (4:07)
2. The Bird and the Bee - La La La (3:18)
3. Jack Peñate - Torn On The Platform (3:53)
4. the frank popp ensemble - goo goo muck (3:00)
5. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights (3:45)
6. Duffy - Mercy (3:40)
7. Richard Hawley - Tonight The Streets Are Ours (3:40)
8. Minipop - Like I Do (3:35)
9. Scouting For Girls - James Bond (3:14)
10. Klaxons - Golden Skans (2:45)
11. MGMT - Kids (5:02)
12. Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma (3:15)
13. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (3:31)

δεύτερη ώρα : Perplex-ed

14. Feist - 1234 (3:03)
15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over And Over Again (Lost And Found) (3:09)
16. Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More (3:32)
17. Jens Lekman - And I Remember Every Kiss (2:59)
18. Camille - Paris (3:46)
19. Trouble Over Tokyo - 4,228 (4:20)
20. Mono in VCF - Escape City Scrapers (4:09)
21. My Brightest Diamond - Dragonfly (Murcof) (5:56)
22. Konstantinos Vita - Two (3:46)
23. Info - Periplaneta (4:40)
24. k.d. lang - Love Affair (4:41)
25. Yello & Billy MacKenzie - The Rhythm Divine (5:48)
26. This Mortal Coil - Another Day (2:54)

Σάββατο 17 Μαΐου 2008

Soul Designer Radio Show Playlist @ 14.05.08 By Dj Nova

Download Show: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c0vgw5

Part 1

fabrice lig intro into the puzzle box
soul designer softcause
fabrice lig galapagos
soul designer intro:species
soul designer ecosystem

quarion the workout (drumpoet community)
soul designer molecular song
frederic galliano/fabrice lig woualai
soul designer power of the city
fabrice elig in my arms
soul designer rockit
tj kong & nunos dos santos/ben mono tranentrekker (compost)
roberto rodriguez/dub ride with me (compost)
chris lawyer & thomy/consoul trainin’ we gonna feel it 2008 (pornostar cd-r)
osunlade/dj gregory my reflection (strictly rhythm/d:vision)
consoul trainin’/clashdeluxe goes fresh mix templates of love (suma)

Part 2

pacifika/ananda project sol (six degrees/giant step)
IMS/diesler para no vivir desesperado (love monk cd-r)
busy people the city pt.2 (sunshine enterprecies cd-r)
greymatter/souled i wish you knew
the lost men heard:unhurt (drumpoet community)
ananda project/pasta boys dub where the music takes you
soul designer DDNA
kira neris/panoptikum season 9 episode 12 (love monk cd-r)
inner city/12’’ big fun
asuka & erika/yuma little voice (irma)
flat three barcelona
arlie/na*risk crazy love
sound around/meg wish your smile
ak/francois k & eric kupper say that you love me
unus emre circle
kylie auldist that’s why (tru thoughts promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH



live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm + 2


Dj Nova
Merarhias 2

Phone: 0030 2321 0 58800

Παρασκευή 16 Μαΐου 2008

Akanes is dead

Πέμπτη 17:00-19:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 15/05/2008

1η Ωρα
01 Destroyalldreamers - her brother played the riot(part one)
02 Clann Zu - Lights Below
03 Charlotfield - broken bell
04 Dead Meadow - what needs must be
05 Enemies - a blind cocktail
06 Don Caballero - Palm Trees In The Fecking Bahamas
07 Settlefish - When The Light Becomes Green
08 Mirror - rain falls
09 Black Mountain - Wucan
10 Woven Hand - Your Russia (Without hands)

2η Ωρα
11 Enablers - Up
12 Plate six - lovewilltearusapart
13 Dinosaur Jr - I'm Insane
14 Wet Confetti - apple disaster
15 Haram - fade_away
16 Pitchfork - rana
17 90 Day Men - Missouri kids cuss
18 Small hours society - nomad
19 Coaltar of the deepers - Wipe Out(retake)
20 Dub Trio - bay vs. leonard
21 Red Sparowes - alone and unaware, the landscape was transformed in front of our eyes


Dandy Show: Playlist 05.16.08

1st hour:

01. Booka Shade - Redemption
02. Thom York - The Clock
03. People Press Play - Always Wrong
04. Bermuda Triangle - Black Sheep
05. Portishead - Hunter
06. Sigur Ros - Meo Blondasir
07. Burial - Archangel
08. Crystal Castles - Magic Spells
09. Ladytron - Ghosts
10. Planet Of Zeus - Stab Me (Cyanna Remix)
11. God's Uncle - Overlockers (The MFA Mix)
12. Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)
13. Von Sudenfed - Duckrog

2nd hour:

01. Boomstate - Simple Simon
02. Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down
03. Be Your Own Pet - The Kelly Affair
04. Foxboro Hot Tubs - Sally
05. No Age - Cappo
06. The Subways - Girls & Boys
07. Black Mountain - Wucan
08. Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head
09. Spiritualized - Sweet Talk
10. Thrice - Come All You Weary
11. Mark Lanegan - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
12. The Gutter Twins - Idle Hands
13. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Albert Goes West
14. Get Well Soon - Tick-Tack! Goes My Automatic Heart
15. Flies Are Spies From Hell - Mountain Language

(Today's show was dedicated to the world's most stupid dog, Ras-Tan Plan(t)...)

The Dandy Show
Every Friday 13:00-15:00 (GMT +02:00)

Πέμπτη 15 Μαΐου 2008


ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ 14/5/08
ΩΡΑ 23.00-01.00

Με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

1η ΩΡΑ

01 my bloody valentine-what you want
02 relay-context
03 bailter space-glimmer dot
04 bardo pond-slip away
05 cave-drum like devil
06 can-tango whiskyman
07 cloudland canyon-opening/ice of rift
08 charalambides-saddle up the pony
09 rosa yemen-rosa vertov
10 lizzy mercier descloux-torso corso
11 tape-beams
12 tape-lluminations

2η ΩΡΑ

13 matmos-always three words
14 four tet-ribbons
15 seefeel-extract
16 tied and tickled trio-a rocket debris cloud drifts
17 aus-tejina
18 aoki takamasa+tujiko noriko-when the night comes
19 plone-plock
20 fennesz-on a desolate shore
21 do make say think-if i only...

Τετάρτη 14 Μαΐου 2008

tranzistor.gr - 14.05/2008

dj : maria pappa

the songs :

the buggles - video killed the radio star
sparks - tryouts for the human race
silver apples - i have known love
tantra - the hills of katmandu
boytronic - recycled
sylvia love - instant love
john bender - 35a9
xex - rome on $5 a day
gary numan - cars
egyptian lover - computer love
act - ping pong
metal boys - tokyo airport
martin rev - mari
giorgio moroder - from here to eternity

ο κωνσταντίνος τσάβαλος @ guest mixes

Ο Κωνσταντίνος Τσάβαλος(Sonik,Avopolis,105,5 Στο Κόκκινο κτλ) είναι ο οικοδεσπότης-dj στήν σημερινή-14/05/2008- εκπομπή των Guest Mixes.Ακούστε "ζωντανά" ΕΔΩ λίγο μετά τις 19:00 και διαβάστε τις επιλογές και τα σχόλια του παρακάτω.

1st hour : the electro mixtape

Bobby “o” Orlando - Suspicious Minds : O πιο υπερεκτιμημένος τραγουδιστής του 20ου αιώνα απολαμβάνει ένα over the top/camp remix.

Annie - Heartbeat : Aν είναι να πεθαίνει το αγόρι σου από ανίατη αρρώστια κι εσύ να βγάζεις τέτοιες κομματάρες, τότε ψηφίζω στην ευρύτερη διάδοση του καρκίνου

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush : O καλύτερος σκανδιναβός μουσικός στο προσωπικό του magnum opus

The Knife - Marble House(rex the dog mix) : Tο πιο upbeat remix σε ένα υποτιμημένο κομμάτι. Οι υπέροχοι στίχοι θυμίζουν λίγο «Δαμάζοντας Τα Κύματα» -ο παραπληγικός σύντροφος που αναλογίζεται τι έπαθε και πως του γύρισε η ζωή ανάποδα.

Bloc Party - I Still Remember(sebastian mix) : Oι Bloc δεν χρειάζονται remix, έχουν ένα ντράμερ που είναι από μόνος του μια αυτονομημένη μηχανή ρυθμών. Αλλά ο Sebastien τα σπάει.

Yeasayer – 2080 : οι Yeasayer είναι νεοϋορκέζοι. ‘Nuff said.

Holy Fuck - Frenchy’s : o καλύτερος ηλεκτρονικός ήχος της δεκαετίας. Θα τους δούμε και το καλοκαίρι στο Synch –ευτυχώς.

Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation : Oργασμικό κομμάτι που θυμίζει σε όλους μας την σπουδαία αξία του Ε. Μόνο που εδώ δεν υπάρχει κακό «νταούνιασμα».

Radiohead - Idioteque(agoria mix) : Kομμάτια σαν αυτό θα έπρεπε να μπαίνουν σε μουσεία. Ο Agoria του ανεβάζει το pitch και το κάνει να ακούγεται σαν ο Thom να έκανε μονορουθουνιά πέντε γραμμές.

Whip – Trash : Aκόμη ένα συγκρότημα από το ένδοξο ρόστερ της Ed Banger. Αν δεν χορέψεις με το ρυθμό του, είσαι αναίσθητος. Ή κουφός.

Vitalic : La Rock 01 : Tο καλύτερο ηλεκτρονικό live που έχω δει ποτέ από έναν dj που είναι υπερβολικά ροκάς για να χωρέσει στο dance κύκλωμα.

2nd hour : the rock mixtape
Associates - Arrogance gave him up
: Aν ήμουν γκέι με δυο άντρες θα γούσταρα να πάω. Τον Moz και τον Billy.

Denim – Bubblehead: Όταν ο Laurence των Felt ξέθαψε τα βινίλια του με τους T-Rex και το έριξε στο γκλαμ.

Big Black - The model : O Steve Albini πριν γίνει μεγάλος παραγωγός, έκανε και γεμάτες διασκευές .

Gun Club - Sex beat : Aίμα, δάκρυα κι ιδρώτας

Chrome Hoof – Tonyte : Mεταλ-φανκ-ροκ, κανείς δεν έχει καταλάβει τι σκατά είναι οι Chrome Hoof. Μια χαρά βαράνε όμως.

Kitchens Of Distiction - Third time we opened the capsule : Tρομερά υποτιμημένοι, θα αναγνωριστεί άραγε κάποτε η αξία τους;

Hold Steady - Cattle and the creeping things : Έχουν απαίσια αμερικανική προφορά –ένας από τους λόγους που δεν γουστάρω γελαδάρικη amerikana. Αλλά παίζουν μουσικάρες.

Lee Hazlewood - Pray them bars away : Oκ, παίρνω πίσω αυτό που είπα στην προηγούμενη πρόταση: αν η αμερικανική προφορά προέρχεται από έναν τύπο του βεληνεκούς του Λι, τη δέχομαι αδιαμαρτύρητα.

Gry & Fm Einheit - Princess procodile : Παράξενο ντουέτο, παράξενο κομμάτι από ένα άλμπουμ που είναι γενικά lo-fi, τριπαριστό και χαμηλόφωνο

Tenacious D. - Fuck her gently : O ορισμός του ερωτικού τραγουδιού. Ποιος Γιάννης Πάριος και μαλακίες.

Clor - Good stuff : Oι Clor έπαιζαν electro punk και nu rave πριν την εποχή τους.

Les Savy Fav - The equestrian : Eπιτέλους δικαίωση για ένα συγκρότημα που μόνο κακούς δίσκους δεν έχει.

Shocking Pinks - This aching deal : Tο νέο πουλέν της DFA του Murphy με τις σωστές επιρροές. Αυτό θυμίζει τρελά Ceremony από New Order

MGMT – Kids : Tο καλύτερο συγκρότημα του 2008. Τίποτα άλλο.

Pop Will Eat Itself - Wise up sucker : Άρχισα να τους ακούω όταν έμαθα ότι ο Clint Mansell είχε, κατά μαρτυρία μιας γκρούπι, το μεγαλύτερο πέος στην σύγχρονη μουσική σκηνή. Τι άθλιος που είμαι.

Black Kids - I’m not gonna tell your boyfriend how to dance : Ποντάρω όλα μου τα λεφτά σε αυτούς ότι θα γίνουν τρανοί. Ελπίζω να μην αποδειχτούν φούσκα.

Vhs – Or Beta - Take it or leave it : Όλοι τους μισούν. Εγώ τους λατρεύω. Σωστή ‘80s ποπ.

Bonus Tracks :Unkle – Broken : Aπό το διπλανό κουλουάρ έσκασε ο Λαβέλ και κανείς δεν τον πήρε πρέφα κι εντελώς αθόρυβα έβγαλε έναν από τους 2-3 καλύτερους δίσκους του 2007

Silver Jews - Smith and Jones forever : Θρυλική μπάντα. Το κομμάτι αυτό κλείνει φέτος 10 χρόνια ζωής κι ούτε που φαίνεται.

Six By Seven – Nations : Drone machine κι άγιος ο θεός από ένα pub rock συγκρότημα που υπήρξε υπερβολικά τίμιο και συνεπές για να γίνει Coldplay ή U2.

Modest Mouse - Dark center of the universe : Φεγγάρι κι Ανταρκτικές και ροκ ποίηση και νυχτερινές μουσικές και ένα από τα καλύτερα αμερικανικά σύνολα .

Τρίτη 13 Μαΐου 2008

PlayOurMusic Mixtape Vol.22

‘The Oort Cloud’
Compiled & Mixed By StelReverb
Tuesday 13/05/2008


1. The Oort Cloud – New Day
2. Spyweirdos – Bubble Of Dreams
3. Interstellar Overdrive – Nervous Happy
4. Στέρεο Νόβα – Το Ταξίδι Της Φάλαινας
5. Raining Pleasure – The Approaching Of The Hour
6. Sugarmate – Nowhere

7. Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline
8. The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection
9. Deus – W.C.S. (First Draft)
10. Interpol – Untitled
11. All Tomorrow’s Party – Cracked
12. The Oort Cloud – Horses (No Dope)

Mod X Live @ Studio Radio Show Playlist @ 07.05.08 By Dj Nova

Download Show: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2hcqd8

Part 1

flashbaxx voodoo therapy (baxxbeat)
kira neris meldy medony (futuristica)
rise message to the architects pt2 (futuristica cd-r)
mod x/jon kennedy political sun (ice & spice)
ok ma boogle (universal vibes cd-r)
hain teny/mod x relegalize (ice & spice)
alice russell/grand pharao humankind (tru thoughts promo)
frohlocker circus (galopp)
mod x power broken (ice & spice cd-r)
mop mop/nekta kiss of kali (infracom cd-r)
mod x/mc coppa law against politics (ice & spice cd-r)

Part 2

heartsdales/reggae disco rockers candy pop
bajofondo/alexkid pa’ bailar (vibra surco/giant step promo)
just banks two thing in one (etage noir/prominence promo)
art bleek urban watcher (loungin’ cd-r)
bahama soul club muchacho (buyu cd-r)
kylie auldist that’s why (tru thoughts promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
bamboos/lanu bring it home (tru thoughts)
mk emo (babelize/morning suntouch cd-r)
mod x el presidente (ice & spice cd-r)
autumn leave’s/piano mix N/A (columbia promo)
quarion the workout (drumpoet community cd-r)
timewarp inc/cayetano latin fiesta (timewarp/ice & spice)
jay dee/consoul trainin’ plastic dreams (planetworks cd-r)
note native coming home
rought junique (easymoods cd-r)
jazz chronicles land (futuristica music cd-r)



live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm + 2


Παρασκευή 9 Μαΐου 2008

Dandy Show: Playlist 05.09.08

1st hour:

01. Booka Shade - Control Me
02. Hot Chip - Hold On
03. Kontour - SHC
04. Ladytron - They Gave You A Heart, The Gave You A Name
05. Candy Bullet - Candy Bullet
06. Cyanna - Electron
07. Crystal Castles - Crimewave
08. Get Shakes - Sister Self Doubt
09. MGMT - Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
10. Foals - Big Big Love (Fig. 2)
11. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink
12. Rickenray - Sharp Corners

2nd hour:

01. Come Home - Jane
02. Come Home - Red Sea
03. The Dresden Dolls - Night Reconnaissance
04. The Puppini Sisters - I Can't Believe I'm Not A Millionaire
05. The Poet & The Drunk - It's All About
06. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Hold On To Yourself
07. Isobel Cambell & Mark Lanegan - The Raven
08. Ed Kuepper - The Man Who Sold The World
09. Flies Are Spies From Hell - Yes, I Thing They're Closing In
10. Upcdownc - Silent Fire
11. Small Hours Soc. - Leave And Let Live
12. 2.L8 - When The Sun Finally Rose
13. Small Hours Soc. - Fallen Not Dead
14. Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat - Firesky

The Dandy Show
Every Friday 13:00-15:00 (GMT +02:00)

Πέμπτη 8 Μαΐου 2008


Tεταρτη 7/5/08 23.00-01.00

με τον Τασο Τσιρικα

1η ΩΡΑ

bracken-heathens(3rd eye foundations step it out of lebanon version)

3rd eye foundation-semtex(version)

robin guthrie-monument

roy montogomery w/ kirk lake-london is swinging by his neck

ulrich schnauss-wherever you are

kieran hebden and steve reid-the sun never sets

mapstation-the sinuous ribbon


invisible-apricot(dead no more)

2η ΩΡΑ(αφιερωμα Μorr Music)

contriva-good to know

tarwater-sweet home under whte clouds

people press play-that walk

tied and tickled trio-other voices, other rooms

isan-lent et douloureux

seabear-summer bird diamond


guitar-house full of time

mum-please sing my spring reverb(amx)

hermann & kleine-her tune

manual & icebreaker international-a turning


ULRICH SCHNAUSS - The Eye (Part 1)

ULRICH SCHNAUSS - The Eye (Part 2)


Tεταρτη 30/4/08 23.00-01.00

με τον Τασο Τσιρικα

01.atlas sound-Middle School Instrumental

02.band of susans-elizabeth stride(1843-1888)

03.sonic youth-halloween

04.live skull-chair

05.girls vs boys-EPR

06.blonde redhead-bipolar

07.codeine-cigarette machine

08.lowercase-because i can

09.high dependency unit-glory

10.doldrums-free festival of the stonebridge

11.pere ubu-electricity

12.prolapse-burgundy spine

13.stars as eyes-important youth movement

14.bardo pond-moonshine


16.cul de sac-i remember nothing more

17.llips-this is just a supermarket

Τετάρτη 7 Μαΐου 2008

Dj Nova's NIGHT & Day Dj Set @ Club ''ISLA'' Athens

Dj Nova



Παρασκευή 9 Μαίου 2008

(Λ. Ποσειδώνος 37, παραλία Ν. Μάκρης)

Dj Nova είναι ο οικοδεσπότης της ομώνυμης εβδομαδιαίας ραδιοφωνικής εκπομπής που μεταδίδεται από το Δεκέμβριο του 2003 κάθε Τετάρτη 17:00-19:00 στο Rodon 95 FM (www.rodonfm.net).

Παρουσίασε και ανέδειξε στην Ελλάδα και βοήθησε στη διάδοσή του στο εξωτερικό το ιδίωμα της nu jazz που είναι πλέον ένα από τα «βασικά συστατικά» του προγράμματος κάθε σύγχρονου club, είτε μέσω της εκπομπής του είτε με τις εμφανίσεις του ως καλεσμένος στα Ι-ΚU Bar Resturant (AT), Orange Bar Resturant (AT), H12/Style Hotel Bar Resturant (AT) , Couchouc Bar (AT), Art House Gallery Bar (GR), Local Bar (Gr), Quinda (GR) ακόμα και στο θρυλικό πλέον Sugar (GR) , όλα τα τελευταία στη Θεσσαλονίκη & Σερρες & σε πολλα Private Parties σε Ελλαδα & εξωτερικο, ενώ άνοιξε το Reworks festival to 2007.

Την ίδια χρονιά υπογράφει τη συλλογή “Night & Day” και κερδίζει θερμές κριτικές από σχετικά έντυπα και web sites.

Την 9η Μαίου εμφανίζεται για πρώτη φορά σε Αθηναικό κοινό στο club Isla για ένα nujazz&groove set που θα μας απογειώσει!

taken from the press quotes of the event


tranzistor.gr 07/05/2008

dj : maria pappa

sightings - a rest
silver apples - oscillations
portishead - we carry on
throbbing gristle - almost a kiss
astral social club - star guzzler part 1
cloudland canyon - you and i
ruby suns - kenya dig it?
clinic - tomorrow
nic cave - dig, lazarus, dig!!!
magik markers - body rot
spiritualised - you lie, you cheat

η βάσια στο ρόδον

(η εκπομπη δεν ειχε μεταδοθει για τεχνικους λογους)

dj nova's April 2008 Top 20

1. Luis Ferri – Jurubeba – Schema
2. Bahama Soul Club/Malena – Dejame Marchar – Buyu CD-R *
3. Kylie Auldist – Community Service Announcement – Tru Thoughts
4. Rought/Diesler – Q Bic – easymoods CD-R *
5. Toao – Wonderful – Soilsound CD-R *
6. Unforscene – Sidewinder – Tru Thoughts Promo *
7. Dj Kawasaki – Into You – Columbia
8. Note Native – Daisy Love – Rainbow
9. Rise – Message From The Architects – Futuristica CD-R*
10. Art Bleek/ Late Night Call – All Night Prescriptions – Loungin CD-R *
11. Mario Biondi/M. Midnight Monti & G. Gotta Soul Gottardi Restyle – This Is What You Are – Schema
12. Opolopo & Amalia – Get it Together – CD-R *
13. Lena Fujii/Shuya Okino – Higher – Columbia
14. Tj Kong & Nunos Dos Santos – Tranentrekker – Compost CD-R *
15. Consoul Trainin/Class Deluxe Goes Retro Mix – Templetates Of Love – Suma CD-R *
16. Johnwaynes/Glow In The Dark Mix – Muzzle – Compost CD-R *
17. Natural Self – In The Morning – Tru Thoughts Promo *
18. Flashbaxx – Jack Of All Trades – Baxxbeat Music
19. Pacifica/Ananda Project – Sol – Giant Step Promo *
20. Autumn Leaves – N/A – Columbia Promo *

(tracks marked with * are unreleased)

Τρίτη 6 Μαΐου 2008

Mod X (Ice Spice/Paris/FR) Live Interview This Wednesday 07.05.08 @ Nova Planet Radio Show

17:00 - 19:00 GTM + 2


Impossible to tie down to any one genre, MOD X fuses hip-hop, broken-beat, funk, house and more into a urban and unique freestyle concoction of rhythms and vocals that is hard to resist. In addition to creating a new way of thinking music nowadays, his music also provides us a sensible point of view of the World we are living in. 2002's debut album "DEMONS AND SAINTS (Ice & Spice Records) was well received by radios in his native France. Advertising execs were quick to jump on board and Mod X has provided the soundtrack to international campaigns by several corporate behemoths. February 2005 saw Mod X release his first 12" vinyl "The Quest" again on Ice & Spice. With a remix by the legendary DJ / Producer Paul Murphy(Afro Art Records),THE QUEST gained Mod X international recognition in the underground scene. A few months later, he released on Ice & Spice Records two new 12" releases "Picture Man" featuring Remixes by Kid Loco and a 3 months later 'Political Sun' featuring a great re-interpretation by Jon Kennedy (Grand Central/ Tru Thoughts) At the same time, Mod X remix actions became more and more popular as he worked for many artists through the globe like Solidaze, SLS, Man in a Room, Timewarp Inc, Hain Teny, Kemo… Also, Mod X has been touring hard during the last 2 years with his band or as a Dj all over France and Europe (Greece, Belgium, Italy, Serbia…) sharing the stage with Kid loco, Paul Murphy, Snooba, Dj Oil, Outlines, Cayetano, Timewarp Inc, Dj Celine… That was a great and very beneficial experience for himself and his music also in having a feedback from a European audience. After learning and evolving a lot, in early 2007, he started writing and producing his forthcoming albumTHIS IS NOT JAZZ Next months will see Mod X releasing several records on different labels such as an exclusive track on the upcoming Afro Art Compilation amongst Fort Knox Five, Kid Loco and many other artists, a vocal featuring on "2 Min Stop" (Sala Sonora Records/ Greece) a couple of remixes on vinyl on Rogue State Records (UK) and also a new and bangin collaboration with rising Russian star City Zen on vinyl on Sirup Records (Switzerland). STAY TUNED!


The Quest (12") Ice And Spice Records 2005 Picture Man (12") Ice And Spice Records 2006 Political Sun (12") Ice And Spice Records 2006 Remixes: Dub My Funky Groove - Latin Fiesta Timewarp Music 2006 It Becomes Infectious - Quickslap (Mod X Remix) Ice And Spice Records 2006 Like Mind, Like Mine (Remixes) - Like Mind, Like Mine Queep Organic House 2006 It Becomes Infectious - Spit (Mod X Remix) Ice And Spice Records 2007 Link Pins - Could Be Balanced Records 2007 Relegalize (Mod X Remix) Ice And Spice Records 2007 Tracks Appear On: Stormer (1st Album) - Political Sun (City Zen) Stereozvuk 2006 It Becomes Infectious - Sunsex, Picture Man Ice And Spice Records 2007



Δευτέρα 5 Μαΐου 2008

birthday party !

PlayOurMusic Mixtape Vol.21

‘Springtime In Music’
Compiled & Mixed By Nikoletta
Tuesday 06/05/2008


1. Casino Versus Japan – Night Of April
2. Cocteau Twins – Throughout The Dark Months of April And May
3. Liz Phair – May Queen
4. Rod Stewart – Maggie May
5. Mice Parade – My Workday In May
6. Pat Boone – April Love
7. Al Stewart – Night Of The 4th Of May
8. April March – Chick Habit
9. Derick Morgan – One Morning In May
10. The Jesus And Mary Chain – April Skies
11. McCoy Tyner – May Street
12. John Phillips – April Anne
13. Simon & Garfunkel – April Come She Will
14. Deep Purple – April

Kylie Auldist (Tru Thoughts) Supported By Dj Nova

RELEASE DATE: 26.05.2008
<< href="http://www.etchshop.co.uk/">www.etchshop.co.uk >>

“Loving the Kylie Auldist 45” – Mark Lamarr
10/10 – DJ Andy Smith
“Tru Thoughts strikes again! It’s going right in the club crate immediately!” – Bobbito Garcia

…Just a few of the reactions to Kylie Auldist’s debut single on Tru Thoughts

“Just Say” is Kylie Auldist’s highly anticipated debut solo album on Tru Thoughts, and the sound of Summer 2008.

Kylie Auldist’s fresh, powerful and soulful style has already attracted comparisons with some of the best soul and funk singers in the world, including Nicole Willis and Sharon Jones. Having provided guest vocals on previous releases by fellow Australian kings of funk The Bamboos (including their latest single “I Don’t Wanna Stop”) Kylie has already seen the plaudits flooding in from the likes of Domu (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Snowboy and DJ Nova. And, despite not being officially out yet, her debut single “Community Service Announcement” has already gained fantastic reactions from Mark Lamarr and Parker (XFM) and extensive airplay including on BBC 6Music and Solar Radio.

With masterful production by Tru Thoughts label-mate Lance Ferguson (Lanu/The Bamboos) and ultra-tight instrumental backing from The Bamboos, this album is a masterclass in pure, sweet soul, red-hot funk and every sonic stop in between, showcasing the power and versatility of Kylie’s voice and songwriting. The cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Everybody Here Wants You” adds to this depth and variety. An intense slice of deep, atmospheric soul, in this version Kylie’s voice is packed with longing and smoky blues and complemented by the Bamboos’ horn section, taking a break from the staccato hooks and pouring on a generous layer of soulful harmony. The album then segues into “Cut You Loose” which is, in Kylie’s own words, “A bread and butter funk song! Very back to basics - what makes it great is the rhythms and the timing.” Too right - this track shows off the fiery side to Kylie’s songwriting, and the punchy intro gets straight in there, grabs you by the lapels and pulls you to your feet. This track doesn’t let go until it ends - in the way that all great funk should – abruptly and leaving you wanting more. “Make Me Want More” on the other end of the emotional spectrum, is a powerful ballad, and a personal ode to her man.

Kylie Auldist possesses an undeniable and distinctive natural vocal talent and has been singing from the moment she could talk. She performed for years with a variety of funk bands in Melbourne and played stacks of gigs, festivals and also TV appearances. She then joined The Bamboos, touring Australia and landing on the fair shores of Brighton, UK, in 2007, where Tru Thoughts – having already heard her beautifully soulful delivery on The Bamboos’ acclaimed album ‘Rawville’ - finally snapped her up after witnessing her spectacular and charismatic live performance.

“Just Say” is an album full of finds - sprinkled with Kylie’s characteristically uplifting, sun-soaked vibe, and boasting backing vocals that feel like a blissful breeze, catchy, funky brass hooks and dance-the-night-away percussion - which is guaranteed to have you donning your flip-flops and rhythmically stoking up the barbie by track two.

Kylie Auldist will be touring with The Bamboos in November 2008, so watch this space for further details.
For more information, or to interview Kylie Auldist, please contact Rosie@decpromotions.co.uk
or call the office on +44 (0)1273 694617

Taken from Tru Thoughts Promo Sheet

Funkanova Radio Show Playlist @ 30.04.08 By Dj Nova

Part 1

rise message to the architects (futuristica cd-r)
lack of afro touch my soul (freestyle/prominence)
bahama soul club/malena dejame marchar (buyu cd-r)
mo’ horizons/allister johnson green day (agogo/prominence)
big daddy moochin see and don’t see (prominence)
tm juke/alice russell my world is empty without you (tru thoughts)
dj kawasaki/kyoto jazz massive you can make it
mop mop/patchworks living beat (infracom cd-r)
omegaman disco love (prominence)
gerardo pino african must unite (nova records)
afrodizz/moonstar no time (freestyle/prominence)
gerardo frisina african nite life (schema)
pacifica/ananda project sol (jalapeno/giant step promo)

Part 2

ananda project moment before dreaming
note native daisy love
duran y garcia heavy piano (irma)
drawbar the present (counterpoint/prominence)
edgar os tais bamboo-lo (far out/prominence)
jose james spirit up above
juliana aquino don’t leave me this way (local media/prominence)
cynthia rodriguez todo mundo fala (cd-r)
diesler passion (freestyle/prominence)
new master sounds/nostalgia 77 your love is mine (records kicks/tru thoughts/prominence)
katalyst/stephanie mckay say what you feel (bbe)
bnc turn up the gain (cast a blast/prominence)
erykah badu/gven latern real thing (giant step promo)
jazztronik street walking woman

Part 3

yuma i am the light (irma)
autumn leaves n/a (columbia promo)
luis ferri jurubeba (schema) TRACK OF THE MONTH
christian prommer nervous track
rhibosome walking (freestyle/prominence)
kraak & smaak/lack of afro squeeze me (jalapeno/prominence)
martin solveig/kenny dope linda (cool d:vision)
roland schwarz step in (etage noir/prominence)
osunlade/blackman bazo remix macaco
lost men heard:unhurt (drumpoet community)
johnwaynes muzzle (compost cd-r)
quentin harris gotta go (strictly rhythm/d:vision)
lena fujii/dj kawasaki number one
kylie auldist community service announcement (tru thoughts)



live @ www.rodonfm.net gtm + 2


Kraak & Smaak Radio Show Playlist @ 23.04.08 By Dj Nova

Part 1

unforscene sidewinder (tru thoughts promo)
toao chapter one: something about her (soilsound promo)
toao wonderful (soilsound promo)
kraak & smaak to anyone who have (jalapeno/prominence promo)
os brazoes modulo lunar (far out/prominence promo)
gerson conrad & zeze motta 1974 (far out/prominence promo)
betinho careta (far out/prominence promo)
vono box pepita
kraak & smaak squeeze me (jalapeno/prominence promo)
lack of afro touch my soul (freestyle/prominence)
kraak & smaak enzo (jalapeno/prominence promo)
flashbaxx jack of all tracks (baxxbeat)
resin dogs/kraak & smaak she’s gone (jalapeno/prominence)
kraak & smaak il serpente (jalapeno/prominence promo)
sound around shooting star (riverside music)
kraak & smaak ready for life (jalapeno/prominence promo)
elmio i lost it when you spoke (irma)
osunlade frequenies (stritly rhythm/cool d:vision cd-r)

Part 2

milez benjiman hold your head up high (tru thoughts)
kraak & smaak thinking back (jalapeno/prominence promo)
swell session/mark de clive-lowe all of me (freerange/prominence)
domu/pete simpson ain’t no fool
minako okiyama reminsence
ST i met a girl with butterfly wings (morning suntouh)
stalker studio/daishi dance we should fall (irma)
luis ferri jurubeba (schema) TRACK OF THE MONTH
arlie crazy love (ode music)
just banks bin reprice (etage noir/prominence promo)
kraak & smaak ain’t gonna take it no more (jalapeno/prominence promo)
d’ stephane funk up my day (jalapeno/prominence)

Part 3

ananda project/rurals stay as you are
dj kawasaki save your love (pantone/prominence)
lena fujii/dj kawasaki i thought it was you
diana ross tenderness (compost)
roy ayers land of fruit and honey
belleruche/dj vadim northen girls (tru thoughts)
crystalites smile reggae (bbe cd-r)
eico tiny tiny
bamboos i don’t wanna stop (tru thoughts)
big daddy mochain see and don’t see (prominence)
hydroponic sound system catch a flashblack (swedish brandy)
natural self movin’ on (tru thoughts cd-r)
baby charles this time (records kicks/prominence)

Part 4

soil & pimps mode to joe
quasimode/live man from nagpur
paquito d’rivera moments notice
beat out shrine/version 2008 pinkie (schema)
rought/diesler q bic (easymoods cd-r)
lil’ dave van glorious
afronaught golpe tuyo calinda (arision/prominence)
wale oyejide/daz-i-kue cuba
souled what reason do i have to go back
nude contenium/opolopo don’t stop the beat (cd-r)
editt/no comply samba do bell (freestyle/prominence)
soul designer soul is back
art bleek/late night call all night prescriptions (loungin cd-r)
kylie auldist community service announcement (tru thoughts promo)



live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm + 2


Παρασκευή 2 Μαΐου 2008

Dandy Show: Playlist 05.02.2008

1st hour:

01. Kontour - The Kennedy Syndrome
02. The Amorphous Androgynous - Opus At The Back Sun
03. Moby - Live For Tomorrow
04. MGMT - Electric Feel
05. LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
06. Colder - Crazy Love
07. Foals - Electric Bloom
08. Cyanna - TV Nation
09. Film - Stop Stop
10. Raining Pleasure - Breath In-Breath Out
11. Closer - Honey
12. Wanna Be James? - Deep Blue Sea
13. Love Is All - Talk Talk Talk
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Kiss Kiss

2nd hour:

01. The Gutter Twins - God's Children
02. Murder By Death - Comin' Home
03. Richard Thompson - Dad's Gonna Kill Me
04. Woven Hand - Dirty Blue
05. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We Call Upon The Author
06. The Kills - Last Day Of Magic
07. Sons & Daughters - House In My Head
08. Foxboro Hot Tubs - Ruby Room
09. Reverend Horton Heat - Wiggle Stick
10. The Libertines - Death On The Stairs
11. Morrissey - All You Need Is Me
12. REM - Supernatural Superserious
13. The Charlatans UK - The Misbegotten
14. The Vines - I'm Only Sleeping
15. James - Upside
16. Coldplay - Violet Hill

3rd hour:

01. The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of Understatement
02. The Rascals - Out Of Dreams
03. B.R.M.C. - Weapon Of Choise
04. Q.O.T.S.A. - Turning On The Screw
05. Archie Bronson Outfit - Cherry Lips
06. 1990's - You're Supposed To Be My Friend
07. Babyshambles - Side Of The Road
08. Dirty Pretty Things - Gin And Milk
09. Milburn - Well Well Well
10. Arctic Monkeys - You Know I'm No Good
11. Manic Street Preachers - Umbrella
12. Foals - Red Sock Pugie
13. Ataxia - The Soldier
14. Get Well Soon - Born Sleepy Nuxx

The Dandy Show
Every Frinday 13:00-15:00 (GMT + 02:00)

Γυμνή Νύχτα # 422 - 15/08/2023