Δευτέρα 31 Αυγούστου 2009

Classic Of The Moment: Freakin With It Now: August 2009 By Dj Nova

Eddie Palmieri - Spirit Of Love 1975
Taken From ''Lucumi Macumba Voodoo'' album, crossover jazz club Japanese scene love it, Root Soul covered it before 2 years & included it his debut album last July, Phil Asher remixed it, Mano Arriba Latin:ized it and simply REPEAT IT NOO STOP.

Spagna - Easy Lady 2009 Remake - (Outta Limits/IT)

Spagna is back with new remixes on her mega Italo disco hit in whole europe, big hit in Greece too, 2009 treatments with electro overground super club house mixes. As usual, ‘’Favretto Remix’’ has very nice sound but my personal highlight here is the ‘’Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest’’ one. Those guys keep a lot of original elements, filtered them and mixed with an crazy uplifting beat. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 11.09.09

Κυριακή 30 Αυγούστου 2009

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM


Part 1:

1.Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure (Original Mix)
2.Manoo & Francis A - Souvenir
3.Davis & May - Penelopeia Playground (Deep Sunset Edit)
4.Hector - Canaca
5.Tonecast - Flying Cabs (Dj Remy Remix)
6.Humate - Love Stimulation (Radio Slave Remix)
7.Reshuffle - Hedonism
8.Cirez D - Raptor
9.Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Violins (Original Mix)

Part 2:

1.Manoo & Francis A - Today Is Tomorrow
2.Supernova - Acid Chicken (Original Mix)
3.Dustin Zahn - Wet Skin
4.Umek - Pravim Haos (Original Mix)
5.Mark Broom & Brothers Vibe - Mind/Feeling (youANDme Hirsch Edit)
6.Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability (Original Mix)
7.Kiko - Planetary
8.Sander Kleinenberg - This Our Night (Francis Preve Remix)

Σάββατο 29 Αυγούστου 2009

Tετάρτη 26/8/09 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

yo la tengo - here to fall, album: popular songs, label: matador 2009

best coast - sun was high (so was i), album: demo 2009

deerhunter - rainwater cassette exchange, album: Rainwater Cassette Exchange, label: kranky 2009

spacemen 3 - when tommorow hits (mudhoney), album: recurring(re-mastered), label: space age 2004

wooden shjips - contact(brigitte bardot), album: contact 12", label: mexican summer 2009

brigitte bardot - contact(serge gainsbourg), album: harley davidson 7", label: Disc'Az 1967

city center - this is how we see in the dark, album: split 7" with grouper, label: self released 2009

amiina - asinn, album: re minore ep, label: bláskjár 2009

process - recreational structure, album: Shape-Space, label: fat cat 2000

Ø (Mika Vainio) - U-bahn, album: oleva, label: Sahko 2008

monolake - atlas, album: atlas 12", label: Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music 2009

lusine icl - mod, album: freak ep, label: hymen 2000

ecovillage - arise from ashes, album: Phoenix Asteroid, label: darla 2009

people press play - kaleidoscope world(the chills), album:VA-Not Given Lightly, label: morr 2009

american analog set - anything could happen(the clean), album: VA-Not Given Lightly, label: morr 2009

lunar testing lab - summer seas, album: Seashore Blvd, label: secret station 2009

richard youngs - runaway, album: like a neuron, label: Dekorder 2009

liars - leaving my old life behind, album: split tour 7" with no age, label: Hand Held Heart, Post Present Medium 2008

rain cloud - straight lines and blurred edges, album: kerala, label: under the spire recordings 2009

murcof - Como quisiera decirte (remix)/sangre, album: la sangre illuminada o.s.t. 2009

biosphere - warmed by the drift, album: wireless-live at the arnolfini, label: touch 2009

celer - enganged touches pt.1, album: enganged touches, label: Home Normal 2009
Tετάρτη 8/7/09 ώρα 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

'Ενα πρώτο συμμάζεμα της χρονιάς , μιας και είμαστε στη μέση της, πριν πάμε διακοπές.

Υ.Γ. Αυτή η εκπομπή έγινε όντως πριν πάμε διακοπές αλλά η playlist δεν αναρτήθηκε
στο blog λόγω καλοκαιρινής τεμπελιάς. Ε, καιρός ήταν :-).

sonic youth - poison arrow, album: the eternal, label: matador 2009

cave - high i am, album: psychic psummer, label: important 2009

wooden shjips - aquarian time, album: dos, label: holy mountain 2009

shogun kunitoki - nebulus,album: vinonaamakasio, label: fonal 2009

le corbeau - evening chill/Montreal of the mind, album: evening chill/Montreal of the mind, label: Fysisk Format 2009

zola jesus - dog, album: New Amsterdam, label: sacred bones 2009

universal studios florida - startled by sparkling water, album: Ocean Sun Birds, label: Little Fury Things 2009

city center - young diamond, album: city center, label: type 2009

tune yards - when you tell the lions, album: bird brains, label: marriage 2009

animal collective - no more runnin,album: merriweather post pavillion, label: domino 2009

faust - kundalini tremolos, album: Cest Com Com Complique, label: Bureau B 2009

cluster - gissander, album: qua, label: nepenthe 2009

biomass - near end, album: electrozali, label: low impendance 2009

animal hospital - barnyard creeps, album: Good or Plenty, Streets + Avenues, label: Mutable Sound 2009

mouthus - in the erase, album: Divisionals, label: Ecstatic Peace 2009

mokira - about last step and scale, album: persona, label: type 2009

tim hecker - where shadows make shadows, album: an imaginary country, label: kranky 2009

celer - ascensiories, album: capri, label: Humming Conch 2009

mountains - add infinity, album: choral, label: thrill jockey 2009

emeralds - up in the air, album: what happened, label: no fun 2009

taylor deupree - weather, album: weather worn 7'', label: 12K 2009

Danny Mesure - Skanky Remixed

Danny Massure is a special & nice guy with very nice afro funk soul dub releases and remixers. From San Diego and the States connected many times with Athens and Greece cos of his often collaborations with Timewarp Records.
In this really juice upcoming release included the ‘’Skanky’’ track, a saxo funky dub summer lasts 12 months per year pleaser, from his latest release ‘’Put It On Me’’. Let’s take a look on the remixers that are many and enjoyable. First of downbeat and lounge lovers you must check out the ‘’DJ Stefunks Downbeat Mix’’ with the dub style bass the congas and the summer feeling and ‘’Zamali Crystal Bells Remix’’, the last is more heavy but the electronic vibraphone a more sweet sence to the track, the clapping and the live vocals is creating a nice pseudo live recording mood.
‘’Kinskis Rawfunk Re-Skank’’ edit is more freestyle dancefloor guaranteed version but Pig Balls ‘’Pulpfusion Remix’’ is the club killer here, guitars are groovy and the sax is getting spacy. ''Anthony Mansfield & Sneak-E Pete Drunk Horns Mix'' give the San Franscisco house taste here, a dubby funky underground remix that already playlisted by me in ‘’Root Soul’’ Radio Show.
At last ‘’Ben Dean Remix’’ & ‘’DJ Myxzlplix Skank Remyx’’ keeps the balance between the bpm and the sound of the previous ones mixes. You must notice that the EP will include an extra new track called ‘’Pick It Up’’ a hop hop Thievery Corporation:ized hyper dub delight.

Παρασκευή 28 Αυγούστου 2009

EF 019 Vincent Kwok & DJN Project - Nowhere To Go (Eight-Fifteen Recordings/US)

Top release and involded djs and remixes. I love this track since heard it on my promo packet of New Mondo ‘’super house 2009’’ album months earlier and this one version that is more different from original sounds so cool. Puming deep house remix by deep house maestro of ‘’Thousands Years’’ Julian Papp is really a beach crowd mover and the dub with the enjoyable guitar is my fave remix of the release. Italian Island Groove's old school deep house classic mood,’’Alternative Mix’’ the most soulful one, with a super bass and the ‘’Left Mix’’, the more electronic one are keeping the value of the release high. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 29.09.09

Πέμπτη 27 Αυγούστου 2009

Modo Solar - You Can’t Hide – CD-R

Modo Solar are two, too deep brazillian, jazz, funk, soul and rock music diggers, their inspiration unlimited, their spirit high, the result of their musicworks expected always ***** rating. Their first and only release ‘’Natural’’ on Favorite/FR last year exploded my sences to the highest high and put them in No1 position of Brasillian artists of mine. Their new track is one best that i heard this year, funky guitars, ayer:ed vibraphone, hidden midnight exotic synths, flutes, brasillian sounds. I choose ‘’You Can’t Hide’’ as my TRACK OF THE MONTH during this august in my radio show. ‘’You Can’t Hide’’ is still unreleased, but you can taste it in their myspace page or after download my august radio show archives. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

Broadcite Radio Show Playlist @ 19.08.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.08.12.rar

Part 1

ras the old days (broadcite)
hybridjazz/replife holiday (broadcite)
emanative lights on (fururistica)
david borsu & arno gomez true lovers hair (broadcite)
yannah valdevit/atjazz & domu 4 the summer remix city madness
uschi classen colour of sunshine (broadcite)
ceramic/method unique concrete jungle (broadcite)
method unique/future soul mix superstar 2009 (broadcite)
lazer kru pressure drop (broadcite)

kay suzuki/altered native something to say (fresh minute)
tempo that touch (broadcite)
stephane d anybody out there (broacite)
makossa & megablast juno ride (gigolo promo)
wah-chu-ku t times too (drumpoet community promo)
sidearms night owl (logos promo)
alexander east/diem pack your bagz (chillin promo)

Part 2

kesley jones jazz room (broadcite)
jazz chronicles thoughts of you (futuristica promo)
kinny/azaxx back street lust (tru thoughts promo)
afterculture talkin’ about the music (broadcite)
jazztronauts gotta beat it (broadcite)
u-man where is tarzan (down to the bush)
fast soul vision babatunde
martin east project/summer dub we can be friends (kapa promo)
souled waiting (broadcite)
chistos kedras/original mix choice (kappa promo)
fabio bacchini stuck ‘n’ junk
joshua heath i refuse
early infuenced/derric carter rock it (hawt promo)
t roy/dubplate mix no one knows (broadcite)
modo solar you can’t hide (cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
root soul sky high
dnj project take me away
ricardo rae/dj freestyle mix true love

GIGOLO 235 Makossa & Megablast - Marrakesh (International DeeJay Gigolo Records/DE)

My electronic heroes of the decade is back on Dj Hell's International DeeJay Gigolo Records this time with another killer 12'' & digital 3 track EP. The sound here touches the techno stratosfere that in under the older cosmic era of music and the result is a new hybrid of techy cosmic sounds/sand... Exotic ''Marrakesh'' can explode the dancefloor, the epic, deeper and more spacy ''UFO'' is broadcasting a minimalistic afro radioactivity, a get in touch with earth ethnic wolrd cultures feeling, the slow movement of its orgasm reflects their two in one M & M electronic inspirations of the past, my fave here... And finally ''Juno Ride'' can be a laser Nu Balearica anthem, a more emergency, techy and kraftwerkish than any other release of the era. You should try this release, Sascha & Markus are the masters of this universe. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: September 2009

Τρίτη 25 Αυγούστου 2009

Nitin Sawhney - London Undersound (E1 Entertainment/US)

"It would be easier to jot down what this man can't do than what he can. [London Undersound is] a gentle, powerful and personal lament for London." -- The Guardian
London Undersound is the eighth studio album by the multi-talented musician Nitin Sawhney. Supported by a truly amazing list of guest stars including Sir Paul McCartney, Imogen Heap, Spanish fusion sensations Ojos de Brujo and Anoushka Shankar, Nitin Sawhney has solidified his international reputation as a driving force in thought-provoking, progressive, alternative sounds.
"London Undersound is about how London's changed since 9/11 and how I and other people perceive that change," Sawhney explains. The album explores some difficult themes as on "Days of Fire" and "Transmission," but London Undersound is certainly not a negative polemic against London, the city which, after twenty years, Sawhney still calls home. "Last Train To Midnight" is a heavy, dubstep number that features sounds and rhythms of the tube system and singer Aruba Red. Built around a drum and bass track in an unusual 6/8 time signature, "Bring It Home" featuring Imogen Heap, has a distinctly celebratory tone, while "Shadowland" is an instrumental track (with voices used as an instrument) with Ojos De Brujo, the nine-piece band from Barcelona. According to Sawhney, it works really well when he is DJ-ing in clubs. Although, he is quick to point out that this is not a club album but a multicultural urban masterpiece that reflects contemporary London's ever-changing heartbeat. - Giant Step
Love Nitin Sawhney sound since his first album... ‘’Homelands’’ is one of my tracks from the 90's... but lost his steps throught the years... this sampler includes so careful made tracks again by him, the world feeling and his style mixed very nice with dub, lounge or andalucian music, Jose Padilla already included in his ‘’Bella Musica 4’’ ''Shadowland'' track for once more... - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 25.08.09

Dj Nova's PHySiCaL TouCH Chart @ Juno Records 25.08.09




S-Tone Inc. – Moon In Libra – Schema

Quantic & Combo Barbaro – Tradition In Transition – Tru Thoughts
Cayetano – The Big Fall – Etage Noir
Root Soul – Root Soul – Geneon
Kylie Auldist – Made of Stone – Tru Thoughts
Deborah Jordan – The Light – Futuristica
Dalindeo – Vintage Voyage – Ricky Tick
Timo Lassy – The More I Look At You – Ricky Tick
Gilles Peterson – Brazilika – Far Out
Joi – Allure – Common Ground
Show B – Moory – Compost
Flat Three – Sesso Brillante EP – Flower
Emanative – Space – Futuristica
Alister Johnson – Invitation – Wah Wah 45’s
Domu – One Offs Remixes & B Sides – Tru Thoughts
VA – Night Dubbin’ – BBE
Rainer Truby Project – To Know You – White
Jose Padilla – Café Mambo Ibiza 09 – Mambo
Tj Kong – What’s This Music Done To Me - Compost
Paul Murphy/Palov & Mishkin – Calypso Redub - Resence

LISTEN: http://www.juno.co.uk/flashplayer/9609f2813837e86e01010e94cb19be05/


Facebook: Nova Planet Radio Show

CPT 332 Abyss - Compost Black Label #53 (Compost/DE)

Super 3 times remixed Prommer style electro monster with an original version that reminds early strictly rhythm tribal adventures... - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 11.09.09

VV9822 Community Vol.1 EP (Viva/US)

I like very much Chad Neiro’s "Shadows'' includes this magic deepness that mixed with the funky beatz and the euphoric synths that drive sme crazy.
Pezzner this time offers a seductive guitar driven track. In "Avoiding the Subject’’you can feel the Balearic spirit int, I love it.
Evan Rhodes "Friend Without The R’’ ,is a dark smoked underground tune with some jazz attitude and funky elements that reminds parov stelar’s swing electro house releases…
C-Soul with "Disco Lights’’ offers a dark teck:nite trip in an acidic valley with hidden disco lights. Track is building a different ambience after some minutes with the xtra melodic & energetic synths and the results sounds so different from the cloudy dark intro…
- Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 16.09.09
FOR MORE: http://www.viva-recordings.com


TAR 036 Ivan-I & Jason Howell - Once Wounded EP (Tarantic/US)

I think Tarantic is one of my fave promotional partners of Eighth Dimension and prooves how big it is with this new release... Super heavy & spacy outfeet ''In Memory Of'' and even more great electro etxra synth dub into stratospfere mix by San F house hero Amit Shoham, one deep, into the night blow up ur set remix... But the more techy and deep ''Once Wounded'' is my fave one the same tited EP its beautiful atmosfear elevate me to space and time... Luje Mandala remix is more heavy, electro & acid… but sounds like water drops on crystal glass… Awesome. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 17.09.09

FF004 Mike Disco - Lifestyles EP (Full Flavor/US)

Tasty housework here, west coast:ed ''Lifestyles'' both are moving but the highlight is Mark Farina's remix, a hyper underground crowd pleaser, the mood is incredibly great while the speeaches and vocals come and go. Electrp pop Italo disco ''Tigers'' are really dangerous, can transfers your body back in time from the first seconds, what OMD or Softcell didn't release. St. Etiennesque Ridiculous Rose vocals is buiding the bridges between the three decades from 80's to 00's. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 09.09.09

BR 0913 Sarah Spiegel - I Dreamed A Dream (Broken Records/US)

This release confused me a little bit, italo sound, 90's sound, radio additude, unique vocals all in the blender... really nice result but not what i'm expecting to hear in 2009, not minimalistic lover too... but maybe you like so dig it. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show
RELEASE DATE: 25.08.09

Σάββατο 22 Αυγούστου 2009

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM


Part 1:

1.Glenn Morrison - Orange Glow (Amnesia Afterhours Reprise)
2.Masomenos - Les Trois Petits Cochons
3.Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away (John Tejada Remix)
4.16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield - Calling New York (Original Mix)
5.Joel Mull - Soursweet (Petar Dundov Remix)
6.Arian - Dadap Dadap (Rickzon Remix)
7.Kapuchon & Benny Rodriguez - The Finger (Radio Slave Remix)
8.Mark Broom - Jackpot (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

Part 2:

1.Will Saul & Tam Cooper - In & Out
2.District One - Dubcrystal (Original Mix)
3.Daniele Papini - Hidden Source
4.Smartminds - Smouth Soul (Logiztk Sounds Vs Mauricio Duarte Remix)
5.Anil Chawla - Fuga (Original Mix)
6.Joris Voorn - Sweep The Floor
7.Joy Marquez - Termination (Original Mix)
8.Francesco Grant & Sasha Carassi - Why So Serious (Mark Broom Remix)
9.Rick Pier O' Neil & David Weed - Your Desting (Original Mix)
10.Christian Fisher - Lightneer (Moonbeat Edit)




01. Himiko Kikuchi - Make Up In The Morning – Continentad 1983/JP
02. Root Soul – Feeling Free – Especial 2009/JP
03. Root Soul - Spirit Of Love (Restless Soul Boogie Mix Yoshi Edit) – Especial 2007/JP
04. Raw Silk – Just In Time – BBE 2009/UK
05. Scoper & Bubba - I'm Satisfied (Scoper & Bubba's Touch Of Disco Mix) – Elevation Promo 2009/IR
06. Jazztronik – Real Clothes – Pony Canyon 2008/JP
07. Hajime Yoshizawa - Time (Domu Disco Funk Remix) – Especial 2009/JP
08. Shalamar - A Night To Remember (12'') – Solar 1982/US
09. Dj Kawasaki - You Can Make It (Kyoto Jazz Massive Cosmic House Mix) – Especial 2008/JP
10. Reel People – Is Will Be (Kyoto Jazz Massive) – Especial 2008/JP
11. Slowly – Find Illusion (Dj Kawasaki) – Cool D:Vision 2008/IT
12. Dj Kawasaki – Jubileo (Long Version) – Especial 2008/JP
13. Root Soul – Sky High – Especial 2009/JP
14. Kimiko Kasai - I Thought It Was You – Sony 1979/JP
15. Shuya Okino - Thank You (Kyoto Jazz Massive House Edit) – Especial 2007/JP
16. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Stand Up – Especial 2009/JP
17. Monday Michiru/Kyoto Jazz Massive – Sands Of Time – 2009/JP
18. Heather Johhson – Love Alive (Frankie Feliciano Beats) – King Street 2009/US

BUY Especial:

ABOUT Especial:

Especial Records is the coolest jazz soulful boogie house label from the land of rising sun… Celabrating 10 years in the bussiness

Παρασκευή 21 Αυγούστου 2009

Christos Kedras - Choice (Kapa Music)

Super LA meets NY deep house version by Jon Cutler, more groovy remix by Graham Sahara with super bassline and euphoric synths and my fave original verion by Chris Kedras offers the hottest upcmoming house release of autumn 2009.
There are times we feel tired or lazy or deeply hurt… and we think, we think we have reached our limits, we think there is no more to give, we done our best we can’t try no more and those times, especially at those times always remember…
Always have a choice
This great new production by Christos Kedras and my fave house label of the year, Kapa Music is the right example for those who think that house music is only for clubs and dancin’ strictly only. No, house music and especially deep house music it is a spiritual thing. Chris Kedras reminds us even in the middle of economic worldwide crisis, evne in our personal limit down that always have a choice. My best choice is the original mix, uplifting pianonized disco 2009 groover… - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

Πέμπτη 20 Αυγούστου 2009

TSPD 010 Fabio Tosti & Francesco Tarantini - Get Up (Transport/US)

Release with classic italo house sound on the remixes. From and my fave ‘’Concept Mix’’ that includes the afro spirit and the hot xylophone sound of 2009 ‘til ‘’Fabio Tosti Under Club Mix’’ uplifting underground 90’s sound + from pumping ’’TnT Inc. Roots Mix’’, a light tribal monster with rolling vocs and crazy disco clappin’ 2 real disco bazzline groove with afro elements too, the packet can offer an nice hot spot on your dj sets. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

Nova Balearica Radio Show Playlist @ 12.08.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.08.12.rar

Part 1

angelo badalamneti twin peaks
d.twins/peaks version falling
cure/extend mix pictures of you
unknown cases/adrian sherwood mix masimba bele 89
transglobal underground temple head
sugarcubes/justin robetson birthday
primal scream/andrew weatherwall come together
siouxsie & the banshees/youth kathak remix kiss them for me
mr monday daybreak
history/instrumental mix afrika
pianonegro pianonegro

Part 2

natural self all static (tru thoughts promo)
modo solar you can’t hide (cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
pressure drop you’re mine
lola/jon's dub mix wax the van
fabrizzio fattorri appunti d’africa
soft house company what you need (irma)
key tronics ensemble/soft house company house of calypso (irma)
evo e/club mix esta amour
strings of love/land of oz mix nothing has been proved
beloved/deeply datisfying mix sun rising
duran duran/steve anderson mix save a prayer
big band disco/yukihiro fukutomi フリッパーズ・ギター

Part 3

blow monkeys if you love somebody
raul orellana/wild mix the real wild house
fax yourself walking on sunshine '89
farm/terry farley groovy train
china crisis/steve proctor mix african and white
it's immaterial/extended mix driving away from home
audio deluxe 60 seconds
rey de copas/grid caramba remix frontera del ensueno
elkin & nelson jibaro
edie brickell/bootleg what i am
carmel and i take it for granted


live @ www.rodonfm.net gtm + 2


STA3 4001 10 Years of Statra Volume 1 EP (Statra/US)

Mid acid afrotech searchin’ in our bodies n souls with ‘’Afro Science’’ can work on an intelligent dancefloor, Detroit at its with Mr Delano, always…

The quiet deep ceremony of ‘’Aphrodisiac’’ can be your erotic soundtrack of your summer sexual & sensual nights with your wanna be sex partner of your dreams…

Deep Tech Adventure of ‘’On A Path Of Devotion’’ is really floating into space… imagine how disco wil be sounded with the technology of 00’s back in late 70’s track

Dubby ‘’Nyabinghis’’ is sounds like tropical rain drum beats on Jamaica forest near an exotic beach… on eof the best ever dub house tracks I ever heard, imagine thievery corporation playin’ house…

These old releases are sound so fresh, so @ time were released just touch the future

RELEASE DATE: 20.08.09

Τετάρτη 12 Αυγούστου 2009

Peacelounge Beach Club Radio Show Playlist @ 05.08.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.08.05.rar

Part 1

black zone ensemble bubbles (peacelounge)
thomas kessler banu (peacelounge)
flamingo star syncrostar (peacelounge)
orchestra jb/love in london mix come alive
green empathy do you know (peacelounge)
gerrit van der meer solaris (peacelounge)
hyusfall ephen (peacelounge)
blauw associates canal street daisy (peacelounge)

mystic diversions miniatures of you (cool d:vision)
la tirana/m.age project calimero (peacelounge)
brazillian soul crew/samba jazz mix ubatuba
joi how beautiful
mustafa/afro jazz mix let it rain
root soul feeling good
loopaland as you want
billi conti reflections (cool d:vision)

Part 2

jazz chronicles bolonga (futuristica promo)
roy ayers love from the sun
timmo lassy the more i look at you (ricky tick)
roots soul spirit of soul
don beto tudo novamente
modo solar you can’t hide (cd-r) TRACK OF THE MONTH
new holidays maybe so, maybe no
azaxx pianonissimo (tru thoughts)
palov & mishkin de mi carreta (cast-a-blast)
quantic and his combo barbaro mas pan (tru thoughts)
cais sodre funk connection get up stand up (cd-r)
nice up show me dub
roberto lodola marimba do mar
nina simone baltimore (cool d:vision)
alain delon comme an cinema
five star hotel/underground smoked mix underground (cd-r)
jack penate tonight’s the night
kay suzuki music (mixed cd-r)
sister pearl/manoo bang the drum
heather johnson/frankie feliciano love alive



live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm + 2


Dj Nova's Official Balearic Mix 002 @ Rodon FM 95 Guest Mixes Radio Show

If I Was A Balearic Dj I’d Be Playin’ Tunes Like These Official Mix 002…

Official Mix 002:

Wednesday 29.07.09

20:00 - 21:00

GTM + 2


01. Round One - In Zaire (12’’) – 1985


02. Aloof - Never Get Out Of The Boat (Gosh Mix) – 1991


03. Tullio De Piscopo - E Fatto E Sorde E Money Money - 1985
04. Mike Anthony - Why Can't We Live Together (Dance Version) – 1982


05. LTJ Xperience - I Love You – 2008


06. Kid Creole And The Coconuts - The Love We Have – 1982
07. Double - Your Prayer Takes Me Off – 1985
08. Tony Esposito - Je Na - 1982
09. Kongas - Anikana-O (Tom Moulton Mix) – 1978


10. Mascara - Baja (Dub Version) – 1984


11. Martin Buscaglia - Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia Y Sofia (Boogie Corporation Balearic Remix) – 2006


12. K.I.D - Hupendi Musiki Wangu (12’’) – 1982


13. Africa - Amwana (12'') – 1985
14. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Martin Young's Afro Acid Mix) – 1988


15. Mandingo - Harima (12'') - 1985
February 2009 SuNTouch Production By Dj Nova
Italo disco music inspired me since i was a teenager, but i wasn’t the only one, even first Chicago house producersinspired from this big era of music… in this mix i putted in the blender some more italo disco afro tunes and mixed with more underground disco, African & nu balearic tracks. Some of them were big in Ibiza, some of them would beingbig in Ibiza if i was balearic dj… At the end the point here is to continue what i started last summer… what? No wordsjust music & original sounds from the white island that 22 years now is flirting with my ears… hope you will enjoythis is my 3rd free internet mix ever…
Many thanks 2 http://theacidhouse.wordpress.com blog 4 hosting my mixes

Τρίτη 11 Αυγούστου 2009


11 days of delay like lst month time but finally remember 2 post this list...

Dig and Buy.....



Martin East Project - We Can Be Friends (Estranjeros & Jerry Flores Remix) – Kapa Music Promo/US
Root Soul – Feeling Good – Especial/JP
Marisah - Find A Way Futuristica Promo/UK
Raw Silk - Just In Time And Space (Dub) – BBE Promo/UK
Scoper & Bubba - I'm Satisfied (Scoper & Bubba's Touch Of Disco Mix) – Elevation Promo/IR
Deborah Jordan - Breathe (Chamade Beat Remix) – Futuristica Promo/UK
Mustafa - Let It Rain (Original Mix) – Staff/BR
Kay Suzuki - Music – Mixed Promo CD-R/UK
SHOW-B – On A String (Dub) – Compost/DE
Bubba & T-Bone - Modern Romance (Gavin Herlihy Remix) – Elevation Promo/IR
Easily Influenced - Rockit (Derrick Carter BHQ Reheat) - HAWT Music Promo/US
Roy Davis Jr. – Come Un - Nice+Smooth Promo/US
New Mondo - I Want Cha (Haldo Deep Mix) – Transport /US
Mod X - Glitter (Raubrec Team Remix) – Ice & Spice Promo/FR
Tj Kong - What This Music's Done To Me (Nuno Dos Santos Follow The Light Remix) – Compost Promo/DE
Wah-Chu-Ku - Outta Ere – Drumpoet Community Promo/CH
Peter Kruder - After The Dawn – Compost Promo/DE
Flashbaxx - IMU (PNFA Remix) – Promo/DE
Young David - Over Again – Promo CD-R/SE
Sister Pearl - Bang The Drum (Manoo remix) – Tribe/UK
Heather Johnson - Love Alive (Frankie Feliciano vocal Mix) – King Street/US
Carolyn Victorian - I'm Back (Camio Soul Vocal Mix) - Consortium
Andy Compton – In Love, Again (Original Mix) – Peng
Definition Of Soul - Definition Of Soul (Bali Remix) – Gotta Have Faith/IT
DJN Project – Take You Away (Main Mix) – Vega/US
Latin Project - Deliver The Word - TLP
Delano Smith – Magic – Kolour
HT Zero - Ky's Groove (KZR Unreleased Version) – FastFRWD Promo/US
Ed Mazur - Sung Zvin - House on the Hill Promo/US
Land Sound - The Sea - Untitled & After Promo/US
Dario D'Attis - Monita Fea vs. In My Dreams (New Mondo Total Control Mix) – Transport Promo/US
Mishal Moore - Oh Lord Kenny (Dope Main Remix) – D:Vision Promo/US
Shuya Okino - Shine (Dj Kawasaki Edit) – CCRE
Villeneuve - Death Race (Discodeine Mix) – Dirty Re:Edits Promo/FR


Brazillian Soul Crew - Ubatuba (Samba Jazz Mix) –Nulu/US
Kay Suzuki - Something To Say (Souled Remix) – Fresh Minute Promo/UK
Ronan – What Do You Know (Office Gossip Remix) – One Thirty Promo/US
SHOW-B – Moory – Compost Promo/DE
Andy Ash – Raindance – Universal Vibes/UK
Amit Shoham - White Chocolate – Tarantic Promo/US
Soultourist – Televised – Drumpoet Community Promo/CH
Replika - Even Further (Rob Slac Remix) – Chillin Promo/US
Deborah Jordan - You Could Be Here (Masirah Remix) – Futuristica Promo/UK
La Tirana - Calimero (M.Age.Project Naked House Remix) – Peacelounge Promo/DE
Christos Kedras - Sweet Temptation (Richard Earnshaw Femstrumental)– Kapa Promo/US
Dance Culture - Better (Hedi Benromdan & Michael Gouron Remix) - Qalomota /FR

Δευτέρα 10 Αυγούστου 2009

Yorgos Vakoufis' playlist 08-08-2009

First hour:
1. Jack Penate - Tonight's Today
2. Magic Wands - Black Magic
3. The Postmarks - No One Said This Would Be Easy
4. An Orange End - Dance
5. Daniel Johnson - Goodbye Silhouette
6. Niccokick - The Art Of Doing Nothing
7. Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink
8. Go Betweens - Love Goes On
9. Little Dragon - Looking Glass
10. Anya Marina - All The Same To Me
11. Blur - To The End
12. The Veils - The Letter
13. Mink Deville - Spanish Stroll
14. Wild Beasts - The Fun Power Plot
15. Infidelity - The Man You Can't Trust
16. The Holloways - Jukebox Sunshine

Second hour:
1. Beat Strings - Mornings Were Never Good to You
2. Nouvelle Vague - Blister in the Sun
3. A Broken Robot - This City Scares Me
4. Atlas Sound with Noah Lennox- Walkabout
5. Steen Thottrup - If You Were Here Tonight
6. Afterlife - Let It Go
7. Metric - Sick Muse
8. Tim Myers And Ane Trolle - Smile Inside
9. Kinks - A Well Respected Man
10. Ramones - Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio
11. Sad Day For Puppets - Last Night
12. The Twang - Encouraging Signs
13. Home Video - I Can Make You Feel It
14. Flunk - Common Sense

Saturdays at 19:00
Γιώργος Βακούφης :)

Πέμπτη 6 Αυγούστου 2009

Dj Nova's July 2009 Top 20

1. Root Soul – Feeling Free – Especial


2. Raw Silk – Just In Time & Space – BBE Promo


3. Bubba & T-Bone/Scoper & Bubba's Touch Of Disco Mix – I'm Satisfied – Elevation Promo*


4. Quantic Soul Orchestra – Undelivered Letter– Tru Thoughts


5. Azaxx – Pianissimo – Tru Thoughts


6. Joi – Tropicalrhythm – Common Ground
7. Martin East Project/Estranjeros & Jerry Flores Remix – We Could Be Friends – Kapa Promo*
8. Marisah – Find A Way – Futuristica Promo*
9. Kay Suzuki – Music – Mixed CD-R*
10. Andy Ash – Raindance – Universal Vibes Promo
11. Mustafa – Let It Rain – Staff
12. Black Zone Ensembe – Bossa Brasillia – Jean Records World Promo*
13. Loopaland – As You Want – Peacelounge Promo
14. Jeb Loy Nichols – Sometime Somewhere Someone – Impossible Ark Promo*
15. George Levin – Runaway – BBE Promo *
16. Five Star Hotel/Cayetano – Underground – CD-R*
17. Hawa – Dance– Favorite Promo
18. Yound David – Over Again – CD-R*
19. Amit Shoham – White Chocolate – Tarantic Promo*
20. Eric King/Pirahnahead – 2getherness – Whatsdat

(tracks marked with * are unreleased)


Quantic And His Combo Barbaro– Tradition In Transition– Tru Thoughts


Peacelounge Beach Club Vol. 2 – Christian Arndt – Peacelounge

Quantic and Combo Barbaro Radio Show Playlist @ 29.07.09 By Dj Nova

Download Show: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2009.07.29.rar

Part 1

phillippe sarde les choses de la vie
quantic and his combo barbaro the dreaming mind (tru thoughts)
quantic and his combo barbaro undelivered letter (tru thoughts)

azaxx pianissimo (tru thoughts)
impossible ark african mailman (impossible ark)
dalindeo mr jl (ricky tick)
quantic and his combo barbaro mas pan (tru thoughts)
litto barrientos cumbia en do menor
palov & mishkin/bnc block rock like this (cast-a-blast)
belen thomas/7’’ panama
otto de rojas/7 samurai choca la caderas (poets club)
raw silk/dub just in time (bbe)
rodney fraklin on the path
root soul feeling good
mano arriba you can make it
quantic and his combo barbaro arianita (tru thoughts)
mr president meet again (favourite)
cais sodre funk connection 7 days (cd-r)
bamboos make it real (tru thoughts)

Part 2

black zone ensemble bossa brasilia (jean records world)
bossa futura rios y rames (further out)
jeb loy nichols sometime somewhere somebody (imposible ark promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
jazzanova/suonho i can see (cd-r)
quantic an announcement to answer (tru thoughts)
quantic and his combo barbaro linda morena (tru thoughts)
nilo espinosa y su orquesta nuestra historia de amor (cool d:vision)
grupo veneno guarana guaranar (perfect toy)
beryl cunningham lover baby
akiko wada/dynamite soul mix furui nikki
oh penelope! i’m gonna miss you (cool d:vision)
blair nightlife (cool d:vision)
jazztronik sunshine
pat metheny group sleep away
mike francis/remix night time lady
mayer howthorne maybey so, maybe no
quantic and his combo barbaro un canto a mi tierra
una mas trio mas y mas (agogo)



live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ gtm + 2


Σάββατο 1 Αυγούστου 2009

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM


Part 1:

1.Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Reshuffle Remix)
2.Alberto Fracasso - Posillipo (Original Mix)
3.Charlie May - Demons Amongst Us
4.King Roc - A Pocket Full Of Prose (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
5.Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues - The Finger (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
6.Shigeru Tanabu - Adrian (Hideo Kobayashi Remix)
7.Mind X - Amygdala (Main Mix)
8.Umek & Tomy De Clerque - Reason Revealed (Monika Kruse Remix)
9.Oliver Koletzki - Since You Are Gone (Daso Remix)

Part 2: Guest Mix Valanti Pangea

1.Coyu & Edu Imbernon - El Baile Aleman
2.Manuel de la Mare - Mueve la Cintura
3.Dj Fist - Tic Tac (Milton Channels Remix)
4.Sebastian Leger - Jungle
5.LeRon , Yves Eaux & Luke Star - Raar Maar Waar
6.Umek - Pravim Haos
7.Muzzaik - Going Underground
8.Reset Robot - Do the Slot
9.Luetzenkirchen - Munich Clubbing Supreme
10.Dave Robertson and Jon Gurd - Salaman
11.Sebastian Leger - Marina
12. Timo Maas - Subtellite ( Argy Remix)

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