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Balearic For You: CTM001V A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast EP on Cala Tarida Musica

CTM001V A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast EP 13.03.20 ◉ OUT on Cala Tarida Musica ◉ A Vision Of Panorama on ''Sentimental Coast EP'' continues to cultivate his unique sound and deliver glistening soundscapes which characterized by a lush, enveloping jazz-tinged beachside blissed out. The four original tracks here are all stimulating a range of sun-drenched, constantly unfolding narratives, full of gentle sounds and chords.

Smooth and vibe-focused ''Atlantic Dawn'' is exuding a sensuality-tethered vibe that is highly intoxicating. Emblazed with mysterious deep breath and shimmering sonics that entrances the listener straight away to the whole release.

Disarmingly beautiful ''Mediterranean Tribal'' is an old school-fare downtempo jam and classic chilled out Mediderranean laid back instrumentation.

''Sentimental Coast'' distinctly deeper and visibly more emotive than his vintage synth-laden sounds is one of his most fragile and still moments within a delicate solo piano superbly arranged on it.

On ''Vibechos'' things get more upbeat and aquatic, featuring beautiful chords and textures that float into the track with a sun-kissed almost Italian dream house reminiscent. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 WORLD PREMIEREhttps://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1625/
INCLUDED: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-118/ ♫ #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #balearic #mdeiterranean #boogie #deephouse #downtempo #chill #chillout #lounge #balearicforyou #calataridamusica

Σάββατο 25 Απριλίου 2020

BBE581 Alex Attias presents LillyGood Party Vol.2 on BBE Music

BBE581 Alex Attias presents LillyGood Party Vol. 2 20.03.20 ◉ OUT on BBE Music ◉ From the organic dancefloor-jazz of 12 Senses ''Touch'' 'til the end second part of the series continues where the first one left us. Still a redefinition of the way the eclectic DJs must treat their dance-floor. Deep soul and jazz and beyond influenced by them sounds you will find hot tunes to light up your dance floors like Alex Attias do. Deep house sickness like ''Our Own Organization'' by Days of Old and classic deep and soulful tenderness like Stacy Kidd's ''How Bad I Want Ya'' on Glen Underground magic touch between a bunch of more ec(h)o-friendly natural grooves like David Murray and The Gko-Ka Masters ''Gwotet'' and Mausiki Scales ''Freedom Flight'', the last both on Alex Attias Edits. Best cuts for me the intergalactic boogie business of MJ Lallo's ''Star Child Going Home'' and the Medi-cosmo-terranean boogie of Pascal Viscardi's ''Archipelago''. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1711/ ♫ #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #compilation #dance #house #brokenbeat #soul #jazz #funk #disco

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17.05 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 05.02.20

A departure into more uptempo tracks this week but soon things turn to downtempo. Starting with latest reissues and moving slowly into lounge and smooth jazz. Then extracts from Symptoms Of Love's 12'' which placed on No1 position on my monthly Juno Records chart: https://www.juno.co.uk/charts/dj/326634-Dj_N_va_Rodon_FM_95/5975500-Chart/ and Max Essa's UPCOMING 12'' which is the TRACK OF THE MONTH move the sound to the Balearics. Radio Show's 00's fave Kentaro Takizawa's ''Gradual Life'' that will be released on next MUSIC FOR DREAMS compilation and some jazzy moments is closing the first half.

Some 2019 which recent released on was or digital among an amazing Danish reissue, a Lotte Krsa & Grsrodderne collection and a Μιχάλης Έψιλον DESERT ISLAND RECORD give the space to latest The Goods and Little Dragon singles while the epilogue this week is on a deep house state.

Open the door... Mediterranean hospitality is waiting for you...

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 
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every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪


Man Jumping - In The Jungle (12'')
Serious Intention - You Don't Know (Crissy Kybosh Remix)
Fifth Of Heaven - Just A Little More
Weber & Weber - Close To Nature
Ben Tankard - Eden Celebration
Craig T. Cooper - Nude Walkin'
Symptoms of Love - Foam (Seaside Mix)
Max Essa - The Great Adventure

Kentaro Takizawa - Gradual Life (Silent Dream Version)
Natural Lateral - Days With Amber
Jay Jay Johnson - Dancing On The Stars (Stargazing Edit)

Inre Kretsen Grupp - Loggia
Calm - Shade of Tree (Alex Vincent Remix)
Lotte Krsa & Grsrodderne - 12 Byen Er Stille
Alex Puddu - Don't Hold Back feat Gene Robinson Jr. (Radio Edit)
Islandman - Sem Voce
Prince And The Revolution - When Doves Cry
Mihalis E

The Goods – Voodoo
Little Dragon - Hold On
Darran Nugent - Everybody's Looking
Forteba – Aveda
Processing Vessel - Spacefaring

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Balearic For You: Max Essa - The Great Adventure EP

Max Essa - The Great Adventure EP 2020 *
◉ There is no stranger to us his Balearic dancefloor representative vision that is provided here with ''Tombolo''. ''Tombolo'' is like a tune that is connecting his both Balearic directions. Take sound samples from nature and crowd and mixing them on a palette of Ibiza landing welcome soundtrack. Land in the White Island, rent a car and add your digital purchase of the track and you are on the right way. Synchonized percussion, scintillating synths and Balearic piano bliss. On the same title track, the sun-soaked ''The Great Adventure'' ** introduces us with immediacy to an energetic Balearic disco interference that is sounded more Max Essa than Max Essa. With his guitar as the guiding principle the synth funk Balearic groove armed with world music echoes as the hand drum meets the Latin influences. His Asian residency is the main inspiration on release's closing track, ''Fool In The Pool'' sounds almost totally pure and Japanese when its piano is arriving and the whole track it's a Pacific fascination with paradise sensibilities that can easily will be used as one of the main double20 summer sunset choice by sundowners DJ around the globe and who knows maybe in Ibiza and the whole Mediterranean territory. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You ***
*** We love to supply future Balearic classics For You...

CAP051 Latch - The Suspect on Colour and Pitch

CAP051 Latch - The Suspect 14.02.20 ◉ OUT on Colour and Pitch ◉ Latch's third digital single ''The Suspect'' ratchets up the drama of Colour & Pitch on a different level. As they leaving back or now their electronica compositions and moves to the main label's dimension presents a strong deep house track which soaked by deams of acid, cascading funky keys and hint of Ethio-jazz. It's a triumphant welcoming into double20 by the label. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1706/ ♫ #NovAvoN #newrelease #electronica #dance #house #deephouse 

Balearic For You: Blank & Jones - Waiting For What (Digital Single)

Blank & Jones - Waiting For What (Digital Single) 2020 *
◉ On ''Waiting For What'' Mick Roach's emotive passages and full-on near John Martyn and Van Morrison-like voice is not flirting with the typical chill out downbeat thing, as they say, but its blues chords, classic piano, a dark, heavy bass line and the never failed collaboration spirit between Blank & Jones and him is offering another magnificent 'Balearic' tune, As they continue to cultivate their collaboration on production and vocals looks like Mick Roach anchored on RELAX series port. As the tune is the result of twenty one years of planning, reflection and research by the side of Mick Roach its value is incalculable. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You
* Soundcolours
** We love to supply future Balearic classics For You...

WIP 7001LP Seven Wonders on Plug Seven Records

WIP 7001LP Seven Wonders 07.02.20 ◉ OUT on Plug Seven Records ◉ One more mesmerizing deep-jazz fusion, spiritual jazz storm and esoteric funk-driven soul and hip hop collection from Down Under after last year ''Sunny Side Up'' on Brownswood. On this Plug Seven goes even more deeper and their selection inspired equally by many and more corners of the world and other eclectic releases and reissues as the concept offers a must have dozen of tracks that can be next to and mixed with BBE Music reissues, Ninja Tune's fast forward thinking, Raw Tapes Tel Avin 'school' and those who follows the roots of Ethio-jazz worldwide. Another example that Australia micro-cosmos of jazz and soul has nothing to be compared of, as may has the same global flow but in fact exports a unique forms of creativity. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #soul #funk #deepjazz #jazz #hiphop

Balearic For You: My Friend Dario - My Friend Andrea/Horn

My Friend Dario - My Friend Andrea/Horn *
◉ My Friend Dario is one of the favourite project of mine lately. Every single track of his has heavy play, airplay and included here and there in my show and my PODCAST. His new digital can't be an exception. Already ''My Friend Andrea'' opened Casa Del Sol 121 and included on Nova Planet Radio Show. This semi-acid slo-mo and gentle percussive (Balearic) disco has a slice of progressive rock while its bassline appeared take the tune to the Afro cosmic dimension. ''Horn'' is a dark matter, better, something for the darker hours of day. Deep jazz and experimental, a piece of ambient jazz... Beautiful and familiar. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

BS223 DJ Jarle Bråthen - Fjernstyrt Mexicaner EP on Beatservice Records

BS223 DJ Jarle Bråthen - Fjernstyrt Mexicaner EP 10.01.20 ◉ OUT on Beatservice Records ◉ Trending future sunny deep (club) house retro under classic acid, Italo, funk and '90s-informed house ''Fjernstyrt Mexicaner EP'' is offering a vibrant and prominent Balearic (and not only) party zone. ''Likestilt'' which is not anticipating the accelerated of the rhythm of the whole EP, as it is running the EP drops an outstanding fauna early deep house, acid and boogie influenced Nordic delight. Hard to choose the best as the whole EP is all killer no filler. The same titled track is solid as its synth beauty is getting Afrotastic and ''Tropiske Strok'' is so exotic when its acid and flutes are so summerous. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ◉ POWERED by 8DPromo ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1708/ #NovAvoN #dance #house

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