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Casa Del Sol #111 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #111

01. Rare Silk - Storm (Arp Duppy Chip Mix)
02. Ed Longo & The Applied Arts Ensemble - Arcadian Dream
03. Blank & Jones - Sweet Spot
04. Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza
05. S&W - Garden Of Cosmic Speculation
06. Seculos Apaixonados - As Velas Da Cantareira (DJ Guerinha Remix)
07. Blue Moon Athletic - Faded Memories Of The Milky Way (So Far So Good Mix)
08. Moon Tan - Eso Lux
09. The Smooth Commander - Bluezone Lounge (The Bossa Space Cut)
10. Social Lovers - The Light
11. Gallo - Sapori
12. Steve Bach - Rain Dance

Casa Del Sol @ 16.04.19

◉ With a dozen of tracks which are ranging from jazz to house to diverse Balearic directions, DJ Nova's Casa Del Sol #111 ''So Far So Good'' Edition, delivers another driving, White Island-influenced version of the PODCAST. Eleven instrumental tracks which carefully sequenced to transform into soundscape that starts and finishes into the eighties. Only the A Man Called Adam meets Beloved Social Lovers and Gallo tunes are breaking the limit of 111 bpm. The PODCAST which name after So Far So Good Mix of Blue Moon Athletic's ''Faded Memories Of The Milky Way'' on Jansen Jardin includes Nova Planet Radio Show TRACK OF THE MONTH Rudy's Midnight Machine's ''La Cadenza'', extracts from Blank & Jones upcoming ''Milchbar 11'', the first digital single of the compilation and Gallo's forthcoming EP on Hell Yeah Recordings, another one from S&W's debut album, Arp Duppy Chip Mix from Rare Silk's ''Storm'' reissue and more.

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BJ 727 The The Pendletons - You Do You 7'' on Bastard Jazz

BJ 727 The The Pendletons - You Do You 7'' 12.04.19 ◉ OUT on Bastard Jazz ◉ As they moved step by step from the soul paths of their early morning modern funk creations and as we already got their organic, even AOR directions on their latest Bastard Jazz 12’’ this 7’’ teaser from their upcoming album is an immediacy to an energetic retro and absolute synth-less interference to their sound. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovavoN #soul #funk #boogie

Σάββατο 18 Μαΐου 2019

16.14 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 08.05.19

◉ Back on AIR after Easter AND 1st of May radio off with a S P E C I A L radio show with Blank & Jones‘’Milchbar Seaside Season 11’’ compilation in FOCUS. which is containing a mix of Balearic beach grooves and poolside touch of lush dream pop, perfect to provide the idyllic soundtrack for sundowners once again. In the playlist included 9 tracks from ‘’Milchbar 11’’, extracts from Blank & Jones RELAX series which never broadcast before, from MUSIC FOR DREAMS Record Store Day Special 12’’, few new and upcoming release by Mathieu & Florzinho, The Pendletons, Mellow Men and a couple of classic. New TRACK OF THE MONTH Blank & Jones Remix on Afterlife’s ‘’ Clear Blue Sky’’ as features exlusivily on ‘’Milchbar 11’’. So B A L E A R I C... 

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Blank & Jones - Sweet Spot
The Swan and The Lake - Plastic Pacific Ocean (Remake)
Mathieu & Florzinho - Maha-Amba (Living Room Remix Instrumental)
Bel - Ready To Die (Mudd's Extended Mix - Blank & Jones' Milchbar Edit)
The Pendletons - Life To Me
Blank & Jones - Darlings (With Laid Back)
runSQ - Rancho Mirage
ROUGE CONGO - Monde Inverse
Satin Jackets - Out Of My Head 
Afterlife with Calladine - Clear Blue Sky (Blank & Jones Remix)

Mellow Men Sauber
Blank & Jones - So Eivissa (RunSQ Remix)

Begin - Wood Trees

Nordso & Theill - Castanos Azules
Joan Bibiloni - Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila I
Felipe Gonzalez - No Hablas Espagnol 
Cantoma feat. Hush Forever - Verbana
Blank & Jones - C'est Mieux Comme Ca

Blank & Jones - Good
Mike Salta - Hey Moloko
Countach - Aqua Marine (Original Studio Version)
Ind_fris Mean Time
TrumpetMan - Sharing & Caring

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HYR7201 Gallo - Colori EP on Hell Yeah

HYR7201 Gallo - Colori EP 19.04.19 ◉ OUT on Hell Yeah ◉ Gallo continues flourishing and refreshing his old school anxiety of ambient and chilled under his unique point of view. His latest green coloured EP is another Café del Mar and Ibiza inspired spot which blended with early 90’s Italian dream house and UK chill out and rave open air culture. On the opening and same titled track ‘’Colori’’, flute’s earth spirit evolved on cosmic-synth texture by Gallo and on ‘’Sapori’’ reshapes ‘’Colori’’ technique on an ethereal ambient house beauty where the crystalline piano riff and soothing pads sound so familiar like your father’s voice. Like chameleon on ‘’Odori’’ the above magically are morphing and shaped on glossy breakbeat, far from its old school piano setting. This tune has that something of nowadays, its only its beat sculpture that comes from past. At the end, the old mentor of these scenes and beyond, Chris Coco, he is launching the track into an orbit as its Deep Space Version is getting a code of communication between large mammals who live under the ocean and frequencies of other beings are stated hidden in our galaxy. That remix expected after Gallo’s collaboration with on his ‘’Something Everything’’. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1610/ INCLUDED:https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-111/♫ #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #Balearic #balearichouse #chill #chillout #downtempo #deephouse #ambient

Παρασκευή 3 Μαΐου 2019

16.13 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 24.04.19

◉ This week show aligns with a Great Wednesday. Moody choices, music from cassettes, mixtapes, experimental direction, jazz and guitar fusion, Japanese and Mediterranean explorations, classical orientations, ambient textures, reissues and Springtime's affairs are completing the show's puzzle. TRACK OF THE MONTH Rudy's Midnight Machine's ''La Cadenza''. So B A L E A R I C... Enjoy and Happy Easter...

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DJ Fiskars - Comfort Zone Side A Track 1
Nobuyoshi Ino - Window 
Joan Bibiloni - Nits De La Sultana (Versio Instrumental)
Okada Takuro – Mizu No Yukue
Ind_Fris – Guitar Under Water
Gallo - Colori (Chris Coco Deep Space Version)
Roberto Aglieri - Il Sogno Di Ghilli Du
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli – Bellatrix
Bonnie & Klein - Give It A Try
Elegia - What a night(part I + II )

Euphonic Traveller - Cabrillo Hwy
Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - Tonada De Ordeno
Labelle - Playing At The End Of The Universe
Blank & Jones – Fading
Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza

Kool Hersh - Attack of the Chicago Boogie Side B Track 10
Kool Hersh - Attack of the Chicago Boogie Side B Track 11
Il Guardiano Del Faro - ...Miss Springtime (...Mia)
Andrew Wasylyk - Flight Of The Cormorant
S&W - Ocean View Drive
Jolley & Swain - Autumn Leaves
Les Espions - Casse-Tête Jungle

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TRUDD289 Bryony Jarman-Pinto - As I've Heard (Digital Single) on Tru Thoughts

TRUDD289 Bryony Jarman-Pinto - As I've Heard (Digital Single) 29.03.19 ◉ OUT on Tru Thoughts ◉ It's an optimal blend of melodic guitar chords and mellow keys, an organic superb acoustic tune where the raw sax notes and performer’s natural vocals make you won't be too far away from the sun… I don’t know what to adore more, Bryony Jarman-Pinto voice or the organic composition? Balearic-fare orientations are doin’ circles in my mind as will. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #soul #futuresoul #organic

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