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BBE486 Reach Up Disco Wonderland Vol.2 By DJ Andy Smith on BBE

BBE486 Reach Up Disco Wonderland Vol.2 By DJ Andy Smith 24.01.20 ◉ OUT TODAY on BBE Music ◉ Undoubtly another killer compilation. A future past disco journey, DJ MUST HAVE selection that could only come from an deeper understanding of the value of the whole. disco phasma as the compiler is not stays on the percussive string laden early disco cuts but moves into the proto house sound era. What to like first here. The recent 80's sound revival of Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler ''Lost Without You'' and Full Intention and Nick's Reach Up ''Night Of My Life''? The synth disco party weapon that sounds like Italian Full Time/F Team production by The New Jersey Connection? ''Love Don't Come Easy'' is so lovely, summery and funky! The pure Italian ''I'm In Love'' of Cela? The heavenly vocals of Ted Taylor's Afro oriented ''Ghetto Disco''? The love boat stormer that discover a half decade ago by Gregg Diamond? ''Star Cruiser'' will make you move and sweat. The Emotions heavy pure groove ain't '''You're The Best'' nobody that I'm not sure i heard it before? The exotic euro-italo touched disco sound of Ronnie Jones ''You And I'' rarerity? For sure I can't escape frpm Serious Intention ''You Don't Know'' Crissy Kybosh Remix, it's fire... I don't find any reason not to be included this in your record DJ collection. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1702/ ♫ #NovAvoN #disco #boogie #protohouse

MAR 0056 Winter Time Vol.8 on Maretimo Records

MAR 0056 Winter Time Vol.8 17.01.20 ◉ OUT  on Maretimo Records & Radio Recordings ◉ The second series of Maretimo Winter's season compilation is including mainly layers of intelligently melodic and simple piano driven tracks over diffrerent downtempo subgenres. Escaped from label's Ethnic releases and hidden here, Sofa Sweeper's ''Nordish Girl'' on its Ethnic Dream Mix seems like one of the new highlights. The instrumental hip hop heads will be really happy when they will discover Jazz City's ''The Jazz Cafe'' and Airstream's ''Let Me Go'' on Jazz City's Mix. Vladi Strecker's ''On The Night Road'' stated as my first choise from the compilation the last one, its warm smooth jazz vibe is accompanying the soft hip hop rhythm section. The older tune of the compilation, Frank Borell's ''Miramane'' will take you to the limit between classic chill out-lounge and new age from Germany. The contemporary side of electronica is not missing from the release, Cinematic's ''Steps Into The Light'' embazed with all these effects and minimalist echoes of today. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1631/ ♫ #NovAvoN #chill #chillout #lounge #chillhouse

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17.01 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 08.01.20 (some of) the Best of 2019

Like always the last years, its like a 'tradition;' new year opens with an after overprocessed playlist of (some of) the best of the year and features what I like and enjoyed the most from the promotional material I got as DJ Nova and the releases that I purchased during 2019. Spanning genres and mingles Balearic-minded, modern funk, boogie, downtempo, house, experimental, jazz, funk and Afro. Next week will continue with the (Balearic) label of the year, HELL YEAH recordings and more Balearic favourites that wasn't included on this 2 hours set. New, Janurary's TRACK OF THE MONTH A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast''. Detailed list of the best of 2019 will be publiced on my networking and rodonfm.com shortly but if you wanna have a taste Coastlines, Ed Longo & The Applied Arts Ensemble, Lexx, S&W, Space Ghost, Quiroga, ind_fris were some of the most played of 2019 in my players.

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Toshifumi Hinata - Sarah's Crime
ind_fris - Sink in
Coastlines - Maracas Bay
Quiroga - Amori Proibiti
Poolwave - Rollerblades (Flash Cut)
Lexx - Deep Blue
Mateis e. aqir - Del Rio
Calm - My Home Town (Mind Fair Remix)
S&W - Mondello Feat. Crocodile Funk
Lamellen – Railrunner
Ed Longo & The Applied Arts Ensemble - A Palm In The Closet

A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast

Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza
Space Ghost - Lavender Flower
Marcos Valle – Distância
The Goods - Peach (M5K Remix)
Mogwaa & Andre Gibson - I'm Just Sayin'
M5K – Eternally
Shimaali & Killer - Hoobeya (Somali Traditional Chant)
D' Rebel Band - Solid
Liquid Saloon - Polaroid Banana
Sefi Zisling - Happy Solar Return ft. Kutiman
KARU Project - Departures

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Δευτέρα 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2020

(some of) the Best of 2019


Coastlines – Coastlines
Ed Longo & The Applied Arts Ensemble – The Other Fantasy
Space Ghost ‎– Aquarium Nightclub
S&W - A Weekend Far Out 
Lexx - Cosmic Shift
ind_fris - Sink in
Quiroga - Passages
Calm - By Your Side (Mellow Mellow Acid Versions & Remixes)
Pacific Coliseum - Blue Universe
Mateis e. aqir - Chrome Upon Guayota
Giovanni Damico - The Boogie Tracks
Club Paradiso – Esotica Erotica Psicotica
Robotalco - Callisto
Malouane - Daze Island
Aura Safari - Aura Safari
 Ivan 'Mamao' Conti - Poison Fruit
Laid Back - Healing Feeling
Mazzo - Sound For Gardening
Elegia - Father LP
Michael E & Tim Gelo - Bring It Back
Mike Murray - Vantage Point


Me Ibiza Music For Dreams The Sunset Sessions Vol.7
Milchbar Seaside Season 11
DJ Harvey The Sound Of Mercury Rising Vol.2
Elsewhere CDXLIV
Proper Sunburn Forgotten Sunscreen Applied By Basso
AOR Global Sounds Vol.4 (1977-1986)
La Torre Ibiza Volumen Tres
Radio Verde (Cape Verdean Dancefloor Music)
Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu - Somalia 1972-1991
Body Beat (Soca-Dub And Electronic Calypso 1979-98)
Night City Life
The Sound Of Love International 002

7’’/12’’/Digital Singles

Coastlines - Coastline EP 2
Pascal - Arcipelago
Blank & Jones - Relax (The Sunset Sessions 3)
My Friend Dario - Catania h24
Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza
Cantoma - Kasoto
Lucas Croon ‎– Ascona
Lamellen - Monty Roberts
Good Block - 4 Corners EP 
Afrodesia - Afrodesia Episode One
Mogwaa ‎– Till Dawn EP
Leon X Leon - Rokanbo EP
Mogwaa – Pilgrim
Miskotom - Aegean Cruise EP
Gallo - Colori EP
Michael David - There In Spirit/Rain II
Music For Dreams Record Store Day 2019 Summer Sessions
A Vision Of Panorama - Delicious Saw
Mark Barrott - Sketches From A Distant Ocean EP
Mystic Jungle – Jurakan
M5K - Time 2 Jam
E. Live – I'll Have You Tonight/Funktown Nights
Ourra Presents James Merriwether Jr. ‎– Platinum City
Jura Soundsystem - Monster Skies EP
Max Manetti - Papa Doc Aguila
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli - Tribeca Tapes Part Two
Lucas Croon ‎– Lucas Croon EP
Dazion - A Bridge Between Lovers
Blair French - Patio Pastel
Blank & Jones - Magnolia
Blank & Jones - Secret Hideaway
Joseph Terruel - Cozy Life


Relmer International – Nightingale
Glint - Tootle Around


Fabrizio Fattori - Mediterranean Africa
Giardino Dei Semplici ‎– Carnevale Da Buttare
Toshifumi Hinata - Broken Belief
Joan Bibiloni - Born
Riccardo Giagni - Kaunis Maa
Ben Tankard - All Keyed Up EP
Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - Echoes
Francesco Messina - Medio Occidente
Música Esporádica - Música Esporádica
Haruomi Hosono, Takahiko Ishikawa & Masataka Matsutohya - The Aegean Sea
Desmond Coke - Let's Chase The Sun
Zogo - Africa

Παρασκευή 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2020

Casa Del Sol #119 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #119

01. Juan Moretti – Flare
02. J-Walk - Find Another Breeze (Gallo Tropical Hinterhof Remix)
03. Miskotom - Aegean Cruise 1955
04. Sergio Messina - Round Robin (Altura Mix)
05. Santilli - Watching
06. Michael David - Rain II
07. Steve Hiett - More Rain In The Woods
08. Ourra Presents James Merriwether Jr. - Journey
09. Michael E & Tim Gelo - Turquoise
10. A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast
11. Tonarunur - Kuluvegen
12. Unknown Mobile & CFCF - A Windless March Ouest
13. Blank & Jones - Segel
14. Ambala - Road To Midnight

Casa Del Sol @ 23.12.19

◉ End of the year, empty beaches, cold days, long nights. But if a sun-soaked daytime appears turquoise colour is not missing of the sea. Starting with sparse Balearic jazz mood & continues with upcoming Gallo's Remix on J-Walk's ''Find Another Breeze'' things smell HELL YEAH recordings, the Balearic label of the year here. Label's recent release by Sergio Messina follows Miskotοm's cruise in Aegean Sea, Santilli's & Michael David guitar references which slowly transforms into unkwown Balearica of Steve Hiett continues winter's magic. Ourra's boogiesque jazz funk fade out to Michael E's ''Turquoise'' Casa Del Sol's ''Turquoise'' Edition main inspiration & then Cala Tarida Musica's debut release, A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast'' invites you to the second by Tonarunur, Canada's Unknown Mobile & CFCF played before Deutsche version of Blank & Jones latest ''Sail'' & Ambala's ''Road To Midnight'' is closing the mix. Thanks for being around in 2019 Best wishes for the double 20.

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