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Balearic For You: Claremont Editions Vol.2

Claremont Editions Vol.2 *

◉ ''Claremont Editions Vol.2'' is another mind-blowing blend of label's horizons which is keeping up with the shape of its predecessor. A special downtempo blend of electronic folk and jazz funk influenced goodness from the synth-laden and pure C56 Balearic disco of
Smith & Mudd
''Norway Stores'' 'til the piano driven cinematic ambience of Statues you will not find something less interest. The compilation has a captivating sequence and lot of suprices like the Ibicenco and Franco style tunes of Paqua's ''Escondido'' and Jpye & Leonidas ''Oui Non'' and extra exclusive
Joe Claussell
's Stripped Down Mix of Hillside's ''Walpole Days'' which is label next 12'' release and its Original included on the playlist here as well. A magic and warm synthed jazz funk tune like Kool & The Gang ''Summer Madness'' opposite, a kind of ''Winter Camlness''. Hard to choose a highlight here, the whole release is one of the Balearic highlight of the year but a lot of Balearic heads are 'talking' about Leo Almunia's ''Brillo De Luna''. - DJ Nova,
Balearic For You
* Claremont 56
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Τρίτη 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2021

17.27 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 21.10.20

LISTEN: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1727/

The merge of past, present and future lures the listener into full trip-py moments. From the ambient opener which taken from Tonarunur's UP&COMING release on our 
Cala Tarida Musica
 12'' 'til Schwarz & Funk's ''Alhambra'' in the end, show's TRACK OF THE MONTH, I'm pretty sure you might be start dancing while you are listening this week's show. It takes just 30 minutes to warm up and start moving gentle with modern funk, boogie, smooth jazz and soul on the first half while Italians who are doin' better are taking the wheel on the second one. Synth funk and pop tunes are not the right primer for full percussive and kind of tribal experience that follows by 
HELL YEAH recordings
Darker Than Wax
 but who cares? FORTHCOMING tunes by S-Tone Inc, Quiroga and Munir. EL MANGA's extract from his ''Another Week In The Tropics EP'' on Issamin which is my fave digital EP the last week and highly recommended too. On DESERT ISLAND RECORDS we host Luca Fani from Italy, well known as LucaEffeSunset…

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 – Laugaragur
Space Captain
 - Chester Springs
LucaEffeSunset - Bliss In Tuscany
Reinhard Vanbergen - Blast From The Past (Radio Edit)
S-Tone Inc. - No Meio Do Samba
Kutcorners ft. Amalia - The Finest (E. Live Remix)
E. Live - Shimmering Waters
MiraiCult - Bayside Blues
George Shaw - 6295 SW Fisher
Billy Bruner - Tulsa Song
Kenny G - Sade

 - Martinica Feelings (Whodamanny Reinterpretation)
A. C. Band - Good Feelings
Stupid Set - Don't Be Cold (In The Summer Of Love) (Instrumental Mix)
Pepin - 85
Bonnie & Klein – Sunconciuos
Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly (Mastermix)
Pedro Bertho - Abre Caminhos
MUNIR - Pit Stop
Michael Franks - When I Give My Love To You
EL MANGA - Playa Nostalgica
Schwarz & Funk
 - Alhambra (Kantare Remix)

Nova Planet Radio Show

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SNDWLP 139DB Felbm – Tape3/Tape 4 on Soundway Records


– Tape3/Tape 4 16.10.20
◉ OUT on
Soundway Records
◉ From the 100% organic 'you mighty need somebody' melody of the early single ''Filatelie'', to the folk-ish bossa and jazz ''Tartufai'', guitar driven lullaby ''Tiquetonne'', cinematic ''Veluwe'', ATARI remiinscent in jazz (rock) ''Herausweh'', almost Balearic ''Talmen'' ‘til the kind of its classic extension ‘’Heisei’’ are the perfect primer to introduce us the continues magic of the vibes over the folkish carpet of ‘’Brunnengasse’’ and the second part, better the fourth as named ‘’Tape 4’’. ‘’Colorists’’ looks like my highlight, gentle summer breeze upcoming smooth summer evenings. ‘’ Langeweile’’ next, sounds so familiar… You feel like you heard its melody before and it seems like the most ‘’wicked’’ tune of the release. ‘’Beaufort’’ the early digital single is another that may remind you something else, for Beverly Glenn-Copelan, classical piano and jazz on a field recording session. ‘’Somnambulant’’… Placid and beautiful parts like the first two ones. - DJ Nova,
, #NovaPlanetRadioShow, #RodonFM95
♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1728/ #NovAvoN #balearic #experimental #downtempo

TRUDD372 Hemai - Relight feat. Laura Roy & Woddy Green (Digital Single) on Tru Thoughts

 TRUDD372 - Relight feat. Laura Roy & Woddy Green (Digital Single) 15.10.20 ◉ OUT on
Tru Thoughts
◉ An pure Tru Thoughts flavoured, multi tempo and genre tune that moves between space jazz, jazz funk, soul, folk, drum n bass and hip hop so organic-aly like 100% organic cotton is. Love all those beautiful synths, effects and its natural samplers like birds. Promicing project. Lucky the ones who will attend him live soon. - DJ Nova
#NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95
#NovAvoN #soul #jazz #folk

RSWING014 Quiroga - Chords And Desire 12'' on Really Swing

- Chords And Desire 02.10.20 ◉ OUT on
Really Swing
◉ Quiroga's new 12'' is delivering an electrified wide-open minded jazz fusion. Its jazz funk inflected tunes is flirting with the most gentle 'sizes' of broken beat, adjacent deep house and drum and bass and the result is spectacular. ''Villa Lysis'' looks like DJ Nova's highlight, the fluted parts of the tune and its smooth keys over the shimmering slo-mo rhythm are providing a close to Balearics sound. - DJ Nova,
, #NovaPlanetRadioShow, #RodonFM95
#NovAvoN #jazz #fusion #brokenbeat #balearic

Τρίτη 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2021

Balearic For You: Pellegrino pres. Zodyaco - Morphe LP

 Pellegrino pres. Zodyaco - Morphe LP *

◉ It's another killer LP from the slops of Vesuvius and like another Italian album on the top of pops on Nova Planet Radio Show this year. Itstitle ''Morphe'' and the opening track ''Napoliterranea'' are two words that are sayin' all. Napolitans, progeny of ancient Hellenic culture can't have a temperament different than me and their music always to touch me less than this. Since the eighties and before - as i was diggin' later - the outstand boogie and jazz funk sound of Napoli and beyond has that magic Mediterranean temperament, the Napoliterranea... There's much to admire on this star creature LP which is a reminiscent of the halcyon days the genres above but sound so organic, fresh, uplifting, feel good, sexy and like wanna see Pellegrino and his band LIVE! as soon as possible. When ''Intrasatta'' is playin' is like having the band in your place. The synth fusion, Italian disco (not Italo Disco) sound of closing ''Ue Uaglio (Via Da Qua)'' will uplifting you, the electrified and percussive boogie (almost modern funk) ''Amaremai'' will make round in your mind, even you know Italian or not, so catchy, so tropicaterranean, so close to Piscopian, to the constellation of Tullio Di Piscopo. The emotional disco oriented jazz funk of the 7'' teaser is here on LP version, the super funky ''Nun Fa Niente'' is will be your desire on a 7'', a heavy piano and guitar driven disco full of Mediterranean funk, ahead Afro-Balearic funk. I have not forget to mention the Napoli Segreta influenced 'Tanta Gente'' which has a slice of French boogie on the rocks. Words are not enough. It's another delight release on Early Sounds catalogue, a double20 must have. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

Early Sounds Recordings

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17.26 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 14.10.20

A kind of different show this week even Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu sets the show nicely for what's to come, the usual and main Balearic tone replaced by tones of uptempo, dancefloor and beachside tracks. We meet different directions in different style and some un-expected expected by me tunes plus the classic Balearic vibe. Selected FORTHCOMING by Tibor Dragan on 
Colour and Pitch
, Quiroga's ''Chiaia Sunset'' remixed by My Friend Dario on 
HELL YEAH recordings
, Tonarunur's ''Island England'' (our second vinyl 12'' on 
Cala Tarida Musica
) and Boris B's ''Journey'' on 
Oh So Coy Recordings
. Larry Heard's ''Summertime Breeze'' played as part of the DESERT ISLAND RECORD session, TRACK OF THE MONTH Schwarz & Funk's ''Alhambra'' on its Beach House Mix.

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Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu - Mizugumi (Max Essa Extended Mix)
Larry Heard - Summertime Breeze
A Vision Of Panorama
 - Follow The Melody
Don Carlos & James Doman - Passage From The Moon (Classic Mix)
Tibor Dragán
 - Follow The Path (David Marston & 
My Friend Dario
 - In Gola
North Of Loreto - Prove Your Love
Eighth Wonder - Cross My Heart (House Mix)
Airstream & Phil Kinley - La Serana (Skyline Groove Cut)

 - Chiaia Sunset (My Friend Dario Remx)
David Nakedsson - Rolling Downhill Backwards
Kenny Keni Band - Ahausen '83
Coyote - Balearic Restrictor
Mental Generation - Cafe Del Mar (Original Mix)
 - Island England (Original Mix)
Cantoma feat. Luna Asteri - Closer (Apiento Remix)
Sleepy & Boo
 - Perception (Original Mix)
Boris B - Journey (Original Mix)
Schwarz & Funk
 - Alhambra (Beach House Mix)

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