Παρασκευή 13 Μαρτίου 2020

17.04 Nova Planet Radio Show @ 29.01.20

Living in the sunshine the most of the last days and the blue sky taking over the mood next to the Mediterranean beach cities. With their Afro cosmic oriented vibes sun-kissed vibes the first tracks takes you exactly there while next ones emblazed by colourful synthesizers... But all this magic is gone as the first half of the show is gone.

Smooth jazz and Sade from DESERT ISLAND RECORDS SESSION on Nova Planet Radio Show invite you to the jazzy aroma and African spirit of the second hour that you can find here.

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 
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Alessandro Alessandroni - Afro Darkness (L.U.C.A. Quirky Remix)
My Friend Dario - Sunset Outro
Space Garage - Space Garage (Extended Venom Mix)
MEO - Fiesta
Pender Street Steppers - Our Time (Vocal)
Beloved - You've Got Me Thinking
Francesco Messina - Fine Novecento
Luca Averna & Chris Coco - Mina (My Friend Dario Remix)
A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast

Ben Tankard - All Keyed Up
Something Special - Best Friends
Sade - Siempre Hay Esperanza

Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah (7'')
Space Ghost - Night Dive (Ft. Morgan)
Dufresne - Pick Up Galaxy
Sean Khan - Feel The Light
Ihsan Al-Munzer – Jamileh
The Mighty Mocambos - Golden Shadow
Dur-Dur Band - Ladaney (Woman's Name)
Zeca Di Nha Reinalda & Zeze Di Na Reinalda - Mocinhos
Vasco Rossi - Amore
The New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy

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Balearic For You: Symptoms Of Love ‎– Foam EP

Symptoms Of Love ‎– Foam EP *
Symptoms Of Love first release already balearized by me. Instead it that was offers three slice of disco oriented tracks the latest one climaxes the Balearic sound in a soaring retro approach. As ''Foam'' touches the sound of Art Of Noise served on a killer Seaside Mix and on Streetside Mix which sound like a pure Balearic - downtempo - Beat of Soul ll Soul, Electra, Enigma and tones of other Italo 'house' releases use. On B Side the Art Of Noise touch is now missing but the sound moved to proto house and NYC underground boogie magic. the digital Afro, Latin and dub echoes of ''Freshwater People'' offers one of the most strongest moment on the release as they can cover wider ''Sunset Years'' speaks to the analogue new age tendencies under a world and raw electronic dance, not so far from Free Zon-ity of DJ Morpheus. Add this next to Lucas Croon, Good Block or whenever you like... For sure if you are like us you will add it in your turntable... - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

FLIES DJ 06 Alessandro Alessandroni - Afro Discoteca (Reworked & Reloved) on Four Flies Records

FLIES DJ 06 Alessandro Alessandroni - Afro Discoteca (Reworked & Reloved) 17.01.20 ◉ OUT on Four Flies Records ◉ The whole release includes strong remixes but it the L.U.C.A. Quirky Remix that wins me the most. The remix boasts a hypnotic Italo - Afro Cosmic - disco sound that leads into the heart of eighties and our favourite productions by Daniele Losi, Roberto Lodola and Fabrizio Fattori. Worth checking, worth playing. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1704/ #afro #funk #cinematic #cosmic

Τρίτη 10 Μαρτίου 2020

Casa Del Sol #120 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #120

01. Weber & Weber - Close To Nature
02. Coastlines - Drifting Ice
03. Dancing Fantasy - Nautilus
04. Ben Tankard - Eden Celebration
05. Space Ghost - Sea Snake Island
06. b o d y l i n e - イマジネーション
07. Michael David - There In Spirit
08. Luca Averna & Chris Coco - Mina (My Friend Dario Remix)
09. Pender Street Steppers - Falling (Dub)
10. Warm - Blue Sunrise
11. Miskotom - Berenices Hair
12. Lusser - Touch Your Toes

Casa Del Sol @ 28.01.20

◉ It’s the end of January, I’m on delay again but it’s never too late to wish my listeners a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Winter, cold (not so cold like last year) but one way or another is the season we are far from the nature. January’s Casa Del Sol PODCAST called ''Close To Nature'' Edition and it is bring you back. It is a synthetic naturalism of different music directions. Chill out, lounge, downtempo, smooth jazz, new age, vaporwave, synth-pop... B A L E A R I C...

◉ Balearic Panorama ★ early morning radio zone by DJ Nova 
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TARTRE01 Lotte Kærså & Græsrødderne - Jubiiilæum on TARTELET RECORDS

TARTRE01 Lotte Kærså & Græsrødderne - Jubiiilæum 20.02.20 ◉ OUT TODAY on TARTELET RECORDS ◉ Ι'm excited with this one! It's an compelling release whether electronic or organic, Danish or global. When i started listening the promotional campaign I thought it was something from Africa, then I read the press quotes. ''Jubiiilæum'' is an exploration to the unlimited thirsty for life, love and progress between the teacher and the children, it's a school. African, jazz, Latin, funk, dub and electronic music here is a stair between 70's and 80's and connected under a seminal symmetry that children's idiosyncrasy and vocals only can offer. Lotte Kærså and her children are creating an imaginery world music sway for adults as well. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1705/ #NovAvoN #world #afro #dub #funk #samba #jazz

OTCR12017 Penya - Penya na Msafiri Zawose on On the Corner Records

OTCR12017 Penya - Penya na Msafiri Zawose 24.01.20 ◉ OUT on On the Corner Records ◉ More impressive outernational dance sound by Penya as the project blends euphonic Msafiri Zawose's East African rhythms and its unique blast of electronica added experimentology. ''Heyyeh'' provided one of the main tracks as received three Remixes. Cervo Remix looks like my highlight as its early house party spirit and the naturality of percussive groove would be Balearic For You... - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #electronic #world

Σάββατο 7 Μαρτίου 2020

17.03 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 22.01.20

◉ Back to old routine this week, that is mostly a reflection of Balearic and beyond more sounds that emblazed with eclectic, jazz and funk interests. NEW and UPCOMING releases parade, tones of classics as Ι mentioned earlier to my FM listeners - as I'm having less time to check at time and update you with latest the promotional material that is arrving here - and more extracts from recent favourite releases. This year i will feature in my show my DESERT ISLAND RECORDS but i will invite you as well listeners or artist to know and listen yours. This week's choise is Wally Badarou's ''Echoes''. Sit back and enjoy it is a real Mediterranean blue and B A L E A R I C show.

TRACK OF THE MONTH, A Vision Of Panorama's ''Sentimental Coast'' on Cala Tarida Musica.

Regular listeners contact me for your DESERT ISLAND RECORDS.

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 
ON AIR/Online via www.rodonfm.net
every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪


KARU - Open Foyer
Grace Jones - The Crossing (Ohh The Action...)
Francesco Messina - Harem
Frunk29 - Kotik
Wally Badarou - Endless Race

Pascal Viscardi - La Chemise Versace
Bronze Savage - Lavender Waterfall
A Vision Of Panorama - Sentimental Coast

Ben Tankard - All Keyed Up (Time Capsule Seaside Mix)
Space Ghost - Aquarium Night Club
KARU - Pinecrest
Sumsuch - Don't Go feat. Matty Eeles
Masok - Right Up Your Alley

Ihsan Al-Munzer - Night Entertainer (Azef El Layl)
Sidiku Buari - Happy Birthday
The Armada Orchestra - For The Love Οf Money
JT & The Big Family - Moments In Soul
Djeneba - Better Day (Hard Soul Mix)
Michael David - Rain II (Jex Opolis Remix)
Sofa Sweeper - Senigallia (Deep Flow Cut)
Teebs - Prayers ΙΙ
Aktnuance - By Candlelight
Ambiance – Camouflage
Mario Acquaviva - Notturno Italiano
Peter Brown - Without Love

Nova Planet Radio Show
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Παρασκευή 6 Μαρτίου 2020

IVR036 KARU - The Mission Statement 2.0 on Intimate Venues Recordings

IVR036 KARU - The Mission Statement 2.0 06.02.20 ◉ OUT on Intimate Venues Recordings ◉ KARU is back in a very short amount of time with a powerful delivery, an emblazed version of his three years earlier ''The Mission Statement'' which was an incredible fusion of styles album far beyond from a typical jazz, downtempo and deep house album. Undoubtedly ''The Mission Statement 2.0'' version sounded absolutely fresh, like new. Its trademark of 'organic' like sounds could immediately transport you into his sonic field especially when you are listening his new tracks, especially smooth jazz echoed ''Pinecrest''. Jazz, hip hop, drum n bass, house, you really don't care, you just leave yourself in Karu unique sound. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1703/ #newrelease #electronic #jazz #smoothjazz #funk #jazzfunk #drumnbass #downtempo #experimental

FSRCD 129 Omar - The Anthology on Freestyle Records

FSRCD 129 Omar - The Anthology 31.01.20 ◉ OUT on Freestyle Records ◉ Omar is and living in the flow of UK (and worldwide) soul four decades now and his vocal sway is expanding to any genre and subgenre exist around it. This anthology is hustling and bustling on people hearts, mind and soul listen everywhere. From his indelible ''There's Nothing Like This'', to my favourite ''Feeling You" with Stevie Wonder, to magnificent millenium ''Be Thankful" cover with Erykah Badu, to Afro Broken Beat Latin dynamite "It's So''... '' Freakin' with his ''I Don't Mind The Waiting'' that i don't think i noticed before, which sounds so fresh 30 later... The Anthology is almost a complete work on his latest home, Freestyle Records, perfect for his free soul spirit...- DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow,#RodonFM95 ♫ #jazz #soul #brokenbeat

BBE480 Rainer Trueby Presents Soulgliding on BBE Music

BBE480 Rainer Trueby Presents Soulgliding 07.02.20 ◉ OUT TODAY on BBE Music ◉ Body to body slow danceable soul and boogie gems and jazz funk flavoured melodies that features wonderful vocals gradually builds and create an atmosphere of deep perfection of soul and beyond compiling, as expected by Rainer Truby. You'll find plenty of 70’s and '80s soul and boogie originals though his own soulgliding obsession. Soulgliding is about diggin’, discovering, rediscovering and looks like the first most wanted compilation release of 2020 even when I saw its cover for the first time when it was publiced. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 PLAYED : https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1703/ ♫ #NovAvoN #soul #disco #jazzfunk #boogie

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