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(10+099) Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 26.10.16 By DJ Nova

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What a show! I love it... Well, i was really unhappy after the system crushed while i was on AIR/online last week (now, replace by new) i came to studio this week with a bunch of tapes, vinyls, CDs and digital archives (promo the most of them) to broadcast. Always do but this week i left back for a while UPCOMING releases. So i created a show that first half+ looks probably like a sunset on a Mediterranean beach, then added some funk, boogie, Latin and Brazilian tunes, reggae as well and the result can be called Balearic @ its 50%. TRACK OF THE MONTH, forget to play it... So, bon synset...

And DON'T FORGET everyday, every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪#‎Balearic‬ Panorama and 17:00-19:00 on weekends Nova Balearic(o) as well, curated by me, will be ON AIR/Online via www.rodonfm.net 


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Fuga Ronto - Far Away
Χορες – Αφρική
Michalis Rakintzis – Arrest
Vangelis Katsoulis - Earth Beat
Χορες - Χόρες
Joan Bibiloni - Silencio Roto
Benedek - Angeles Vista
Finis Africae – Managua
Ambala - Last Swimmer
Bronze Savage - Waxed Apple
Free Arts Band – Inhouse
The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Sguardi
Chuk-A-Luck - That Kind Of Love
Uku & Maryn - Suggestive

猫 シ Corp. - 臨海都市ボーダム 52 アロエ
Dwight Sykes - Where Ever You Are
Pellegrino - South Wind
Bahama Soul Club - Let God
The Swan And The Lake - Bright Lights
Donati - Ele E' Ere
Ornella Vanoni, Toquinho, Vinνcius de Moraes - Samba Della Rosa
Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro - The Meaning Of Love
Kristi Tammik – Haldjalaul
Promise no Promises Meets Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution - Two Roads
Magdy El Hossainy - Music de Carnaval
misterT. & Lucy Lune Gillespe - Mental Playthings
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra - Mambajazz
Freeway - Help Yourself
Steve Watson - Born To Boogie
Prins Emanuel - Bike Chase

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SHNT003 Sampology - Natural Selections on Soul Has No Tempo

SHNT003 Sampology - Natural Selections 23.09.16///OUT NOW on Soul Has No Tempo//I can not get enough to hear it, it is wonderful. How is possible electronic instruments to intermingle so perfectly with nature, kalimba, live African percussion and the Tropic sounds? This is a magnificent polyrhythmic where future meets today, house meets soul, jazz, broken beat and hip hop. The Australian producer comes back with one of the EP’s of the year! - DJ Nova, NovavoN, ‪‎#NovaPlanetRadioShow‬,‪ ‎#RodonFM95/// PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20160921-10094/ & https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20160928-10095/#newrelease #african #deephouse #electronic#house #tropical #funk #hiphop #jazz #worldmusic #Brisbane

CAP024 Andrew Duke - Famous EP on Colour and Pitch

CAP024 Andrew Duke - Famous EP 07.10.16///Already OUT on Colour and Pitch///An amazing slo-mo house release which is serving Afro caring tunes like ‘’Famous’’and hip hop closer to deep house philosophy like ‘’Gonna Make It ‘’ for people who loves the sound of Mo Kolours. The release completed with ‘’Bread & Circus‘’, a late night affair, hypnotic and jazzy and a unique and quirky remix by the mastermind Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix, deeper than deep, emotional like a part of a movie soundtrack and world’s music influences. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow‬, ‪#RodonFM95/// #newrelease #dance #deephouse

BJLP 13 Manatee Commune - Manatee Commune on Bastard Jazz

BJLP 13 Manatee Commune - Manatee Commune 16.09.16///Already OUT on Bastard Jazz///Can i call this as one of the best future pop (not pop) of today? It brings again Spring in the north hemisphere and i'm totally positive surprised because the concept of the whole album works more to me than his singles before. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, ‪‎#NovaPlanetRadioShow‬,‪ ‎#RodonFM95/// #newrelease #bedroom #dreampop #electronic#chillwave #Bellingham

COUNT096 Pional Musiq - When Love Hurts 12'' on Counter Records

COUNT096 Pional Musiq - When Love Hurts 12'' 30.09.16///OUT NOW on Counter Records///Hybrid drive, passionate pop, compound of electronica, indie and even nu disco parlors. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, #NovaPlanetRadioShow‬, #RodonFM95/// #newrelease #alternative #dance #edm #electronic#pop #Madrid

Δευτέρα 24 Οκτωβρίου 2016

(10+098) Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 19.10.16 By DJ Nova

CHECK: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161019-10098/ 

This week’s radiio show includes among others NEW music by The Mystic Jungle TribeFelix LabandBronze SavagePolographiaDead Horse BeatsCall Super and UPCOMING by The KutiMangoesSarathy KorwarJay Daniel, Alogto Oho, iZemA Vision Of PanoramaQuantic Musicpresenta Flowering Inferno. CLASSICS by Peter Gabriel, The Igniters, Gianni Bella, Jose Mauro, Mike Francis and Future Sound Of London. TRACK OF THE MONTH didn’t playlisted, a technical issue appeared on 27th min. and fixed on 34th min. in between I play a bonus track by Ivano Fossati, I;m sorry for this but please have in mind that Nova Planet Radio Show is broadcasted LIVE.

And DON'T FORGET everyday, every morning from 06:00-08:00 GMT+2 ‪#‎Balearic‬ Panorama and 17:00-19:00 on weekends Nova Balearic(o) as well, curated by me, will be ON AIR/Online via www.rodonfm.net 


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CHECK https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/ for Casa Del Sol PODCAST, 
early morning breaks show, Balearic Mixes and more

Jupiter Liberation Front – Thalassa
The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Terrazza Sul Mare
Nu Guinea - Stasis (Calm Before The Storm)
The KutiMangoes - Red Rain
Sarathy Korwar - Dreaming (Tenderlonious Remix)
Ivano Fossati & Oscar Prudente - Gil (Voglia Di Terra) Gil (Voglia Di Terra)
Felix Laband - Bag Of Bones
Uffe - Last Call
Jay Daniel - Paradise Valley
Peter Gabriel - Don't Break This Rhythm 1986
The Igniters - Hakka Suru 12'' 1984
Bronze Savage - Forgive Me

Alsarah & The Nubatones - Ya Watan
Gianni Bella - Dolce Luna 1978
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa
José Mauro - Obnóxius
iZem - Agua Viva
Mark Barrott - Driving To Cap Negret
A Vision Of Panorama - I Saw The Wind
Mike Francis - Survivor 1984
Polographia - Feels Alright
Dead Horse Beats - She Said
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - Shuffle Them Shoes (Wrongtom Reshuffle)
Call Super - Puppet Scene
Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q Mix)
Golden Ivy - Time Out

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CPT 484 Nils Penner - The One EP on Compost Records

CPT 484 Nils Penner - The One EP 16.09.16///OUT NOW on Compost Records///Nils Penner comes back on the parade of Compost's Black Labels with a kaleidoscope of sounds. Still on the early house era with the same title track, a killer deep house groove with an impressive bassline and Emilie Nana on vocals, ''The One'' is a soul charmer. An EP full for surprises, as it is running out with a #jazz introspective tune. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, ‪#NovaPlanetRadioShow‬, ‪#RodonFM95‬///#newrelease #deephouse #downtempo #Balearic

HK20 Hawke - Sunshine People on Hardkiss Music

HK20 Hawke - Sunshine People 16.09.16///OUT NOW on Hardkiss Music///Fully mad with the#Balearic Happy Hour Mix and Curious Yellow Mix - it's the second time the latest month that i like this Basement Boys homeless woman on a tune - super cool breakdown. Ethno oriented Gavin HardkissBarefoot Remix completes the package with a real Hardkiss house sound stamp... - DJ Nova, NovavoN ,‪‎Nova Planet Radio Show‬,‪ ‎Rodon FM 95‬///POWERED BY 8DPromo/// ‪#newrelease #house

PPR0082 AIMES - Take Me (Pete Herbert Remixes) on Pole Position Recordings

PPR0082 AIMES - Take Me (Pete Herbert Remixes) 03.10.16///Already OUT on Pole Position Recordings///Fantastic disco disco remixes by the Don - It's Ttime for ''Take Me'' vocaless versions. Pete Herbert's (ITalo) Disko Dub makes this funky and round classic disco, #Italodisco and nu disco in the house! - DJ Nova, NovavoN, ‪‎Nova Planet Radio Show‬,‪ ‎Rodon FM 95‬/// ‪#newrelease #dance #disco#nudisco

RWD001 Promise No Promises, Blend Mishkin,Roots Evolution - No Skylarking on Rewind Guaranteed

RWD001 Promise No PromisesBlend Mishkin,Roots Evolution - No Skylarking 28.09.16///Already OUT on Rewind Guaranteed///This roots styla tune can't be ingored, with its exotism and raw sound could be a Balearic tune as well. - DJ Nova,NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161005-10096/ /// ‪#newrelease #reggae #roots #Jamaica #Athens

Πέμπτη 20 Οκτωβρίου 2016

BBE 382ADG Nana Love - Angel Love: Obaatan Pa (REISSUE) on BBE Music

BBE 382ADG Nana Love - Angel Love: Obaatan Pa 09.09.16 REISSUE///OUT NOW on BBE Music///It's so amazing to discover and listen those rare Nana Love's Afro disco funk tunes on Ghanaian language. Super summer sound all over... Afrobeat ''Gyae Asisie'' is a solid DJ weapon! - DJ Nova, NovavoN,‪ #NovaPlanetRadioShow‬, ‪#RodonFM95/// PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20161005-10096/#newrelease‬ ‪#afro #disco #funk

BUSTED134 Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn - A Cosmic Safari on Cold Busted

BUSTED134 Jenova 7 & Eddie Shinn - A Cosmic Safari 09.09.16///OUT NOW on Cold Busted///I like and love those lovely space tunes here like the boogie groover called ‘’Cosmic Girl’’, the Afro chill ‘’Lunar Sea’’, the space jazz sound on hip hop beatz of ‘Moon Dance’’ and the soft percussive and heavy chilled beatz of ‘’Space Funk’’. I love space, I love space stories, films and soundtracks and this multispaced intergalactic release suggested to all who love space too. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, ‎Nova Planet Radio Show‬, ‪#RodonFM95///POWERED BY8DPromo/// ‪#beats‬ ‪#downtempo‬ ‪#hiphop‬ ‪##LosAngeles‬‪ #instrumentalhiphop

DC3077 Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra- Easy Living on ChinChin Records

DC3077 Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra - Easy Living 26.09.16///OUT NOW on ChinChin Records///Super single to the usual paths of Bebo Best, DJ Robert Passera added his breakbeat funk ala pure#Italiano 60’s party lounge bossa groove and as a result the single can be a bar’s future (classy/classic) classic. - DJ Nova, NovavoN,‪ #NovaPlanetRadioShow‬, ‪#RodonFM95/// #NuJazz #Bossa #Lounge #EasyListening #breakbeat #funk

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