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(some of) the Best of 2017


Mystic Jungle Tribe – Plenilunio 

Riccardo Schiro – Aqua – Periodica

Riccardo Schiro - Mediterranea 

B-B-Boogaloo - Crest Of A Wave

Nu Guinea – Amore

KAY ZEE - Barny (Fuga Ronto Rework)
The Normalmen - Exotica Movements EP

Bobby Bricks Miskotom - Dreamtime III
Lamusa II - Club Mondo 2000
Club V-Bee – Regelbau


Lord Echo - Harmonies

Sefi Zisling - Beyond The Things I Know
Jex Opolis – Ravines

A Vision Of Panorama – A Vision Of Panorama
Midnight Runners – Rare Essense

S-Tone Inc. – Onda
Sabrina Malheiros - Clareia
B. Bravo - Paradise

Benedek - Bene's World
Blank & Jones - Relax 10

Gaussian Curve - The Distance
Pacific Coliseum - Ocean City

Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu - Some Backland Plaza


Roberto Aglieri - Ragapadani 2xLP


Out Of The Blue Compiled By Phil Mison
Outro Tempo Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992

Pop Makossa - The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976-1984

Sweet As Broken Dates Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa
Archeo Recordings 2014-2017 Vol.01
Balearic 3


Dazion - Don't Get Me Wrong
Bongo Ent. - Debut EP (Remixes)
Uncommon Species – Phantom Island
Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda - Expectations
Cantoma - Talva Lumi
Kiko Navarro – Twilight/Cranc
Mogwaa - Déjà Vu
Jex Opolis - Human Emotion

Paraiso - Teu Sorriso (Jex Opolis Remix)
Blank & Jones - My Island
Simon Cotter - Pianta Road
Modern Manners - Amor Y Odio

Leonidas & Hobbes - Web Of Intrigue
Azura - Paraiso '89
The Swan And The Lake - Summer In December


Sunset Sessions Vol.5
Massa Takemoto - The Moments Captured
Chris Coco - My Favourite Place (Before Sunset)
Bonnie & Klein - Ithaca
Florzinho - I'll Always Love You (Schwarz & Funk Remix)
Copenema - Te Faz Bem
Polished Chrome - In The Garden
Lost Midas - Kayla's Lullaby (Wrongtom's Skank)
Troels Hammer - Sunrise At Beira Beach
Ambala - Walk With The Dreamers (Dreamers Dub Remix)
Nick & Samantha - Sambala (Leo Mas & Fabrice Balearic Bossa Dub Remix)

Balearic For You: Bonnie & Klein - Ithaca

#Balearic #Mediterranean 

Bonnie & Klein - Ithaca

Not sure if this can be called just Balearic and can be only #BalearicForYou because for me it is definitely something Hellinic, Mediterranean as well. Bonnie & Klein debut album is an absolutely magnificent cocktail of their earlier on vinyl releases where its tracks sequence and listening journey has a pleasure flow. Their sound has that something of the classic Ibiza chill out vibe of the 90’s, an taste of Café Del Mar compilations of that period. On the other hand as they are coming from my country, Greece, I’m feeling in their music an aroma of old Greek big musicians and producers which melted after the hot summer sun with a Mediterranean bliss, a kind of sprinkling of the music we love, loved here when we are enjoying the summer heatwave lazyness in the afternoon or the colors of the sunset next to the sea after a hard working day. I can’t explain you more as it is something like a sense, an expererience and not a story to text but their ‘’Ithaca’’ is something bigger than what we are calling Balearic as it is something like a part of my living. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

LMNKV102 Chip Wickham - The Beatnik 01.12.17 on Lovemonk

LMNKV102 Chip Wickham - The Beatnik 01.12.17///Already OUT on Lovemonk////‘’The Beatnik’’ is a super funky weapon, Afro and disco influenced. The jazz B Side ‘’Rebel No.23’’ is like cherry on the cake of the end of the year for the jazzheads. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #funk #Afro #disco #jazz

TRUDD23 Hidden Orchestra - Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix) on Tru Thoughts

TRUDD23 Hidden Orchestra - Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix) 08.12.17///Already OUT on Tru Thoughts///I like Max Cooper’s Remix flow, the way he touches the cinematic jazz rhythm of the Original and added his elements time by time looks like the perfect orgasm. I think one of the best electronica Remixes on a non electronic original that had the chance to hear this year. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20171122-10140/ 
#NovAvoN #electronic #electronica #classical

OTCREP12008 Collocutor - Black Satin on On the Corner Records

OTCREP12008 Collocutor - Black Satin 15.12.17///Already OUT on On the Corner Records///Strong Collocutor's 12'' where their live takes and remixed tunes have that something of his moody jazz explorations and spiritualism. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// #NovAvoN #jazz #electronic #experimental

BJ 34 OSAGE - AlgoRhythm Vol.2 on Bastard Jazz

BJ 34 OSAGE - AlgoRhythm Vol.2 08.12.17///Already OUT on Bastard Jazz///''Right Now'' is fantastic, this piano based broken beat has a joyfull hip hop and funk blood in its veins. The soulful ''Anyway' is a soulful delight and another highlight on the package. ‘’Hot Sauce’’ looks like the surprise here, looks like a forgotten hip house record that remixed for 2017! Afro Latin The Sol Power All-Stars Remix on ‘’I Found You’’, from his ‘’Algorhythm Vol.1’’, it is a super house not house choice for DJ’S of the genre who are taking care with a lot of affection their sets as they don’t want be a part of the recycle industry of the sound. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// #dance #house #deephouse #brokenbeat #electronic #futuresoul

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14.02 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 10.01.18 By DJ Nova

14.02 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 10.01.18

CHECK: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1402/ 

Archeo Recordings Special on this week’s show as the label released recently a cassette compilation ‘’Archeo Recordings 2014-2017 Vol.01’’ * to celebrating its 3 years of releases. Archeo Recordings which runned by Manu Archeo specializes on releasing reissues of rare, obscure and lost Balearic, ambient, new age, experimental records, firstly from Italy and then from around the world. In the show included more tunes from Roberto Aglieri’s ‘’Ragapadani’’, DJ Nova’s best album re:issue of 2017. In the playlist UPCOMING tracks by The Cruising (I’ve been coordinator * of their ‘’Wise And Weird’’ that will be OUT soon on Whiskey Pickle), Hidden Orchestra, Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney reissue as well and Troels Hammer latest EP among others. TRACK OF THE MONTH Arp Frique’s ’’Nos Magia’’.


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Markus Stockhausen & Jasper Van'T Hof - Aqua Sansa 
Roberto Aglieri - Sogno Di Mezzogiorno
Paolo Modugno - Brise D'automne (Per Raffaella) 
Blindboy - I Dream (Joe Morris 'Wolves Of Asha' Mix)
Roberto De Simone - II° Coro Delle Lavandie 
(Leo Mas & Fabrice Balearic Voodoo Mix) 
The Cruising - Wise And Weird (Original) 
Arp Frique - Nos Magia

Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney - Painted Lake 
Hidden Orchestra - East London Street (Hidden Orchestra Remix) 

Troels Hammer - The Human Tree
Paolo Modugno - Danza Nell'Acqua
Voice Of Africa – Hoomba Hoomba 
Radio Rap - Radio Rap (Instrumental)
Jasper Van't Hof - Kiba 
Tony Esposito - Je-Na (Mario Boncaldo Mix) 
Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Como Me Miras (Allen French Remix)
Roberto Aglieri - Danza N. 1 #2 
Wally Badarou - Higher Still... 

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BBE458CDG BBE Staff Selections 2017 on BBE Music

BBE458CDG BBE Staff Selections 2017 08.12.17///OUT on BBE Music///BBE offered us another fascinated year full of reissues of rare releases, and honestly most of them I never heard before, new groovy jazz, soulful, house and hip hop releases as well among absolutely remarkable compilations. Now BBE is celebrating with us as like every end of the year with its staff choices. Truly, you don’t know what to love first… - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #dance #house #soul #jazz #funk #Afro #Latin #hiphop #disco #reggae

PIA 0290 Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - A Wonderful Experience on Planet Inspiration

PIA 0290 Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - A Wonderful Experience 01.12.17///OUT on Planet Inspiration/// Planet Inspiration retained its best release for the epilogue of the year. This classic guitar flavored experience it is a really wonderful one. Moody but wonderful ‘’organic’’ Original and harmonic grooved by label’s honcho Dom Paradise. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #newrelease #chill #chillout #downtempo #chilled #Balearic

PH45013 Guy One - Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself on Philophon

PH45013 Guy One - Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself 08.12.17///Already OUT on Philophon///Killer single! KILLER RELEASE!!! On the A Side looks like an electrified futuristc highlife meets sahel sounds and Ghanian ancestral rhythms. On the B Side things are moving straight to Frafra music which madly and triumphant connected with a synth! I'm excited! Looks like that the best Afro single of the year appeared in the last minutes of the game. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///PLAYED:https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20171213-10143/ #NovAvoN #Afro #frafra #African #highlife #kologo #Bolgatanga

(some of) the Best of 2017

VINYL ONLY Mystic Jungle Tribe – Plenilunio  Riccardo Schiro – Aqua – Periodica Riccardo Schiro - Medite...