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Casa Del Sol #127 Mediterrane(o) Seis By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #127

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01. Riccardo Giagni - Kaunis Maa
02. JUNA - Su Un Panorama Di Immagini E Acrilici
03. Belpaese - Di Chi Sei
 & Zodyaco - Caucciu (Damecuta Version)
05. Massimo Stella - C'e Una Donna Sola
06. La P'tite Fred - Stormy Love Affair
07. Antonio Sorrentino - Luna Lu
08. L - La Boite A Musique
09. Club Band - Club Is My Passion (Instrumental)
10. Stefano Ritteri feat. Pino Presti - Come Back To Me
Chill & Groove
 - Cada Vez feat. 
Angel Aggeliki
 (Original Mix)
Aura Safari
 - Saturn And Calypso
13. Hear & Now - Bellariva
14. Key Tronics Ensemble - Calypso Of House (Paradise Mix)
15. Aphrodisiac - Song Of The Siren (Mediterranean Mix)
16. Aura Safari - Slow Divers (Ambient House Dub)
16. Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble - Onda Blue (Strumentale)

Casa Del Sol @ 21.08.20

◉ Casa Del Sol's Mediterrane(o) series needs no introduction as contributes a proper summer-break of PODCAST sound. May CC days are over, but sixth Edition arrives at a time when a pandemic wave is teetering the world on uncertainty & the emonics of a Mediterranean country, torpedo its tranquility, its ecology. Starting with a Riccardo Giagni, moving throught with JU/NA's ''Su Un Panorama Di Immagini E Acrilici'', back in the 2nd half of the 80s via Belpaese, Vesuvian jazz funk 70s explosion of Pellegrino, 70s to 80s classics & extract from ''Club Meduse'' lead to Stefano Ritteri's extended version of Pino Presti, before Chill & Groove's beach house delight ''Cada Vez'' from Beirut. Next, offerings from Italy, including exclusively Aura Safari's ''Slow Divers'' from the forthcoming & Balearic compilation of 2020 ''Buena Onda - Balearic Beats''. Among them a Mediterranean Mix of NYC classic. Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble included again & named the PODCAST after their ''Onda Blue''.

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TRU389 Sly5thAve - What It Is on Tru Thoughts


TRU389 Sly5thAve - What It Is 18.09.20 ◉ OUT on Tru Thoughts ◉ This is the best album of the year on its genre. OK I'm not an adept on the soul, jazz, hip hop and beyond at the moment but ''What It Is'' as it is built gently and around a wider variety of the above can cover all. Its inspired rhythms, directions and while its progression which continually evolves a homogeneity. Arrived after a bunch of solid digital singles which are not the only highlight on the album. ''Bouleavards'' and its summer tinged ''Consequence'' are invite us on an expected/expected journey. The same title jazz hop, future ''synth funk'' boogie ''C-Side'', g-funk ''Daddy Warbucks'', futuristic Brasileiro ''Expatria'', perfect nightime venture ''The Night'', adio friendly West Coast tropicalia of ''Right Here'' and emotive groove of ''With You'' are all perfect for all, home listening, DJ sessions, radio airplay... - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1728/ #NovAvoN #soul #jazz #hiphop #gfunk #boogie #futurebeats

TRU396 Bryony Jarman-Pinto ‎– Sour Face (Dego & 2000Black Remixes)/Fish Factory Sessions 12’’ on Tru Thoughts

TRU396 Bryony Jarman-Pinto ‎– Sour Face (Dego & 2000Black Remixes)/Fish Factory Sessions 12’’ 11.09.20 ◉ OUT on Tru Thoughts ◉ The delicate folkish soul and jazz Original on its 2000Black Remix the rhythm does a bit of oldskool in shape, but gives it that future past vibe of future boogie, delicate broken beat and soulful Detroit. On Dego's Remix the sound explores his kind of Brazilian and electrified jazz funk with a slice of lemon on the rocks that sounded like a live session and epitomizes the way we attend the broken beat after is bruk re-innovation. The Fish Factory Sessions on the flip looks like more than welcome on TT wax lovers. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #bruk #brokenbeat #soul #folk #livesession 

Τρίτη 26 Ιανουαρίου 2021

17.25 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 07.10.20

This week’s show moves around the Balearic compilation of the year. ''BUENA ONDA - Balearic Beats'' released on 
HELL YEAH recordings
, compiled by 
Marco Gallerani
 and FOCUSED on Nova Planet Radio Show like last week. Still in rotation of Summer favourites while I was far from the FM, recent releases and some classics. Giovanni Santucci's 3nd DESERT ISLAND RECORD choice and one special edit that I did on Cantoma's ''Space For Us'' for Casa Del Sol 128 included in the show too. New TRACK OF THE MONTH, Schwarz & Funk's ''Alhambra'', couldn't escape from its Hispavox and guitara magic.

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Double Fantasy - Food For Fantasy
Reuben Vaun Smith - Trip On New Shores
My Friend Dario - Salamon's Son
Museum Level - Hollow Mountain
Sergio Messina
 & The Four Twenties - Fly Away
Villa Dayze - Summers False Promise
Vincent Kwok
 - The Thrill Of Love (Extended Mix)
Cantoma - Space For Us (Summer Days Edit)
Coyote - Ranura De Marihuana
Black Spuma
 - Failure Day
Schwarz & Funk
 - Alhambra (Kantare Remix)
Afterlife – Summer Of Love
Pharoah Sanders - Soft Breezes
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Sunset
Mazzo - Natural Living
Love Chair - Missing You (Cut 4 Two Mix)
Cafe Americaine - Feeling Elephants (Slowback Mix)
Filthy Rhodes - Chill'o
Lucas Croon
 – Japon
 - Between Tides
Mιχαλης Ρακιντζης - Λιωνω Λιωνω
Jimi Tenor
 - Sugar And Spice
! - International Love Affair (Edit)

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Δευτέρα 25 Ιανουαρίου 2021

Balearic For You: Maras, Posillipo, Proietti ‎– Sfumature LP

 Maras, Posillipo, Proietti ‎– Sfumature LP *

◉ A tranquil and four dimensional album. Its dimensions are shaped by avant garde jazz, its reminiscent of the early and halcyon days of new age, Italian Mediterranism and nineties downtempo. ''Gomma'' and ''Dura Lex'' which are opening the two sides of the record have the Italian Mediterranean centrum sound as emblazed by African descent instruments and by Roberto Aglieri ancient Roman Empire flute-ism, as ''Ballo A Corte'' too. On the same level ''Trombe Di Alfredo'' merges traditional rhythms with jazz ambience, like ''Aura'' and ''Amori''' which the second one brings in mind the Mark Isham and Marianne Faithfull's collaboration on ''Trouble In Mind'' soundtrack. A diffrent moment Original's 1992 LP end track ''Alfredo Fantasy'' a tune that jams somewhere between ''Why Can't We Love Together'', Balearic Beat and acid jazz from Italy. The ambient jazz of ''Sotto La Cascata'' is another track that have to mention, we are in 1992 and new age was on its zenith. Archeo Recordings re-issue has a bonus track, ''Vertigini'' on an Ambient Remix, a liquid vocal ambient tune that will reminds you recent discoveries by Spanish guitarist Suso Saiz. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

Archeo Recordings

** We love to supply classic Mediterranean releases, Balearic For You...

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17.24 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 30.09.20


Summer (break) is over. Nova Planet Radio Show is back on FM and ONLINE. Gallo's Tropical Hinterhof Remix on J-Walk's '''Find Another Breeze'' - that was a world premiere earlier this year - starts things off on the point that was, Balearic... The show focused on the compilation that is making waves these days the Balearic compilation of the year ''BUENA ONDA - Balearic Beats'' which compiled by Marco Gallerani & Gallo and released digitally, on cassette and offer us a 12'' sampler. In the show UPCOMING releases by HELL YEAH recordings, summer's favorites, few classic and a bunch of JUST RELEASED tunes. Giovanni Santucci's 2nd DESERT ISLAND RECORD choice and another sampler from our Cala Tarida Musica FORTHCOMING 12'' among other. That was the first part, on next show more BUENA ONDA.

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 
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J-Walk - Find Another Breeze (Gallo's Tropical Hinterhof Remix)
Black Spuma - Failure Day (Ambient Mix)
Blank & Jones
 - Deepest Blue
 - The Zoist (A Vision Of Panorama Remix)
A Vision Of Panorama
 – Wildpath
Aura Safari
 - Slow Divers (Ambient House Dub)
My Friend Dario
 – Montalbano
Claudio Pascoli - Prendila Cosi
Monk Belize - Love Bathing
Cantoma music
 - The Mountain (Coyote Remix)
Γιαννης Πουλοπουλος – Ο Ανθρωπος Μου
 - Kuluvegen
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Sea Of Vapours
Giovanni Santucci
Coyote - Shimmer Dub
Juan Moretti
 - Moroboshi (Bjorn Torske Edit)
Arp Frique
 - Minina Bem Li
Rustəm Quliyev - Tancor Disko
Khruangbin - Connaissais De Face
Reuben Vaun Smith - Under The Thunder
Plunky - Tropical Chill (Jazz Mix)
Willie Graff
 & Tuccillo – Gliding
- Alhambra (Kantare Remix)
Francis On My Mind – Summer
Hidemi Ishikawa - もっと接近しましょ

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