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15.25 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 14.11.18

15.25 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 14.11.18

◉ Naturalism in the introduction, new age, exotic Balearic oriented house, synthwave shapes and boogie. 100% Balearic then, library music and Mediterranean jazz funk from Italy and vintage synth jams to running out the first hour. More Italians and their new releases in the first minutes of the second hour, London’s dance eclectism and Brazilian digitilized future jazz later, Mike Francis reminiscence and sophisticated deep house byColour and Pitchi, Ninja TuneNylon Recordings/Trax, two classics from France, one from Italy and November’s TRACK OF THE MONTH, Pellegrino’s ‘’Libra Position’’ are shaping the last part of the show, just before Bob James jazz (funk) fusion close it. Enjoy the diversity.

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Paolo Modugno - Un Petit Grillon Noir
Betina Bager & Brian O - Cap Verde
Munir - Evening Spa
Duett - Development
Max Essa - Rainbird's Alfalfa Jam
Hear & Now - Stella Dei Venti
Fabor's Orchestra - Soap Bubbles
Pellegrino – Zodyaco
Complesso Di Livio Chiarizia - Fast Food
Leon Lowman - Forest Of Fear
Il Guardiano Del Faro - Immenso Mare, Immenso Amore

DJ SCM - Balla Super (Con Me)
Rico Herrera – Pojama
Anchorsong - Testimony (Letherette Remix) (Radio Edit)
Rebello - Ilha Enorme Minúscula
Blank & Jones - Still The Same (With Mike Francis)
Sumsuch feat. Gavin Hardkiss / Hawke - Standstill
Little Dragon - Lover Chanting
Jaymz Nylon - Panther (Original Mix)
Steve Beresford - Comfortable Gestures
Serge Guirao - Combien De Vies
Mario D'Episcopo - I've Got The Music Of Your Love
Pellegrino - Libra Position (Reprice)

Bob James - Westchester Lady

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BBE450SDG Gabriele Poso - Awakening (Remixes) on BBE Music

BBE450SDG Gabriele Poso - Awakening (Remixes) 19.10.18///OUT on BBE Music///Glittering OPOLOPO’s full effects future jazz funk Remix on Roy Ayes masterpiece sounds fantastic! Seven Davis Jr’s take on the same tune offers a classic deep and soulful house vibe while his Remix on ‘’Mi Amigo’’ is a kind of percussive Latin madness after its frenetic rhythm. DJ Crab Remix is flirting With future (Balearic) sunset DJ sessions, ‘’Words Never Work’’ has a gentle jazz-tinged electronica to watch the sun goes down. Clap Clap! seems to be more closer than anyone else on Afro Latin principles of Gabriele Poso’s percussion school. Electrified Remix that sounds almost organic. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #newrelease #Latin #jazzfunk #soul #percussion #electronica #deephouse #house #AfroLatin

TRUDD263 Te'Amir - Abyssinia Rise EP on Tru Thoughts

TRUDD263 Te'Amir - Abyssinia Rise EP 19.10.18///OUT on Tru Thoughts///The feel good smooth melody and subtle percussive flourish of ‘’Blue Nile’’ captures you immediately. ‘’Blue Nile’’ may be the hot spot here but the whole EP is magnificent. I like a lot the vintage on VHS filmed vibe of ‘’Back To Abyssinia’’and the electrified North Africa funk of “Afar Hustle”. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///INCLUDED:https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-105/& PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1521/ #NovAvoN‪ #African #world #hiphop #chill #jazz #beats #house

BBE468ALP Koichi Matsukaze Trio + Toshiyuki_Daitoku - Earth Mother on BBE Music

BBE468ALP Koichi Matsukaze Trio + Toshiyuki_Daitoku - Earth Mother 12.10.18 REISSUE///OUT on BBE Music//////Thrilled to listen this extremely obscure and rare, hard to find deep jazz record from Japan even the digital way. In fact compositions like ‘’Images In Alone’’ and ‘’Don't Worry About Tenor Saxophone’’ don’t sound so much Japanese to me, but when you are playin’ the already known to the whole jazz community ‘’Mother Earth’’ and ‘’Zekatsuma Selbst’’ is obvious that you’re cascading on jazz patterns of the Island of the rising sun. Very intresting moment on the album is their take on the jazz standard ‘’Round Midnight’’, simply unique… – DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #jazz #reissue

3B185 Mark Ryal - Martians 12.10.18 on 3Bridge Elements

3B185 Mark Ryal - Martians 12.10.18///OUT on 3Bridge Elements///What the f**K? What a release! I think this is one of the most brilliant digital house release of the year, label’s finest moment in 2018 so far. ‘’Virgo’’ which is opening the package is cascading throught weirdo keys and classic ‘’mellow’’ deep house ‘padding’. Somewhere between an eclectic progressive era, beat philosophy full of breaks that is taking back on early rave days a little bit, piano strings later helps for it, this soft percussive driven moment will make you realize that you will be not available to choose The track is driving me totally crazy as later modelized on a jazz shape The wonky ‘’Surface’’ complex of intricately programmed electro and synth work, full of old school NYC madness and broken not broken rhythm power is disarmingly strong house moment as almost three different styles of house are balanced in an epic long track. I have no words for the gentle percussive and jazz tinged ‘’The Iberian Martian’’ which is closing so beautifully the release. It reminds me a lot the sound of one of my fave producers out there, not in Red Planet, in Earth,Jaymz Nylon. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #newrelease #dance #house #deephouse

ZEN250 Marie Davidson - So Right 31.08.18///Already OUT on Ninja Tune

ZEN250 Marie Davidson - So Right 31.08.18///OUT on Ninja Tune///Killer single. Its Original hypnotic techno & rave echoes can move faster tectonic plates. John Talabot Remix rebukes everything. Heavy drum machines, fat bassline and hydraulic percussion built something that Andrew Weatherall would like, his fans as well. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #electronic #dance #house #techno

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Casa Del Sol #106 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #106

01. Max Essa - Twenty Types Of Dusk

02. James Bright - Roatan
03. Chillwalker - Le Filou (Mellow Guitar Mix)
04. Gallo - Deshalb (Original Dub Sax Mix)
05. Emerson Kitamura Featuring MMM - Rock Your Baby
06. Pellegrino - Libra Position (Reprise)
07. Fabor's Orchestra - Soap Bubbles
08. Carly Barton - Loading Screen
09. Axel Boman & Miljon - Forgot About You (Piano Version)
10. Minus Yogis - Long Shore Yellow (Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu Horizontal Yellow Mix)
11. Hiroyuki Namba - Tropical Exposition
12. Miskotom - Maat
13. Benedek - Climbing Vines

Casa Del Sol @ 18.11.18

◉ Recorded in the first rainy day since 24th of July, early morning. The rain helps me to combine laid back instrumental tunes with warm slo-mo Balearic rhythms, chill out flow, ambient textures and smooth downtempo heaps of melody. The first track included on the previous PODCAST as well. One of my favourite this year, it is included only in the digital version of Max Essa’s album ‘’Laterns’’, it is the best example of a track that has four seasons value as the most tunes in the PODCAST are providing the quintessential backdrop to winter season. But it is still autumn, Rain. Deshalb... Chill Out. This the latest Edition of Casa Del Sol, far from Balearic and beyond beaches, inside your living room but still#BalearicForYou.

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TRU360D Shapes Mountains on Tru Thoughts

TRU360D Shapes Mountains 12.10.18///OUT on Tru Thoughts///One more collection by Rob Luis of what Tru Thoughts released the about last twelve months on special vinyl full of only digital releases before can be more than welcome as always.… The futurist sound of TT was always the most wanted in these compilations, well, the most organic and past influenced which offered on fresh shapes like releases by Quantic are another part that is alluring through the years for me. On ‘’Shapes Mountains’’ tracks like the recent release of Aurora Dee Raynes “Passing Time” and Ivy Lab’s Remix on Rhi’s ‘’Night Driving’’ are my highlights as you can guess and two of the ones that I like the most this year. The Seshen’s ‘’Distant Heart’’ on WrongtomRemix, DJ Nova’s Balearic delight and TT best cut of 2017 to be included here, on the vinyl version as well, it is a big deal. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN#electronic #futuresoul #soul #funk #reggae #hiphop#worldmusic #beats

B07BF7BP1 G Nicola Conte Presents Cosmic Forest: The Spiritual Sounds Of MPS 1965-1975 on MPS

B07BF7BP1 G Nicola Conte Presents Cosmic Forest: The Spiritual Sounds Of MPS 1965-1975 05.10.18///OUT on MPS///Nicola Conte is offering an imposing selection from MPS catalogue. Worldcentric jazz kaleidoscope which is faithfully following deep, spiritual and cosmic paths, even dancefloor, as the title of the compilation says. A lot of rare and obscure choices from different directions that Nicola Conte is assembling perfectly. Spiritual Islam influenced jazz like George Gruntz "Djerbi’’, soulful and mellow like Smoke’s "Shelda’’ chillin’ and the Latin dancefloor jazz live version of ‘’Timbales Calientes’’ by The MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass are parts of this wider and African, Indian and Central Europe influenced and based state of jazz. The state of MPS. - DJ Nova, NovavoN,#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN#jazz #spiritualjazz #cosmicjazz #Latin #African

RS012 DJ Rocca & Leo Almunia - Rhythm Collision on Really Swing

RS012 DJ Rocca & Leo Almunia - Rhythm Collision 01.10.18///OUT on Really Swing///Fantastic 12'' *, another delightful pure Italian oriented release by Really Swing this year which featuring a great collaboration as well. The gleaming guitar driven Balearic sound of the Italian folk, rock and pop of ''Every Changing Bubbles'' will be played easily with next to old Italian gems and Claremont 56's unique Balearica. Jazz notes of ''Estate'' will take you straight on the most romantic sea shored and panoramic view places of Napoli's Sorrento and Amalif coasts. "Mbira Funk" which is running out the release is an uplifting Afro cosmic synth funk weapon. So f**kin' close to the sound to the percussive old disco funk, proto house and even acid jazz days in Italy. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #newrelease #Balearic #Balearicdisco #Afrocosmic #nudisco 

* Charted No1 in DJ Nova September's vinyl chart.

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15.24 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 07.11.18

15.24 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 07.11.18

Music from African tapes that recently reissued by Analog Africa and epic long African inspired – almost Balearic perfect for sunset Compost Record releases are shaped the first minutes of this week’s show. Slo-mo house, closer to the Balearic Beat circa 1990+ and Gallo’s ‘’Faron’’ (this time played from BALEARIC 4) and progressive (yes, you are still on Nova Planet) and deep house continues the show. Library music and modern funk from 1987 and ABC among November’s TRACK OF THE MONTH, Pellegrino’s ‘’Libra Position’’ – for those like me who were born around October. Mediterranean and world music met together on the second part. Experimental pop and FFWD (let’s call it) house from NYC then, before Sade’s Andrew Hale offered a slice of stronger than pride Tropical Weather (ασχετο) and three pieces of beach friendly lounge touched tunes played.That's was this week's show with few words.

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Dur-Dur Band - Intro Vol.2
Dur-Dur Band - Saafiyeey Makaa Saraayeey
Mr Raoul K - African Paradigm (Kaito Remix)
Kiano & Below Bangkok - Forest Giant (Dennis Spinn Remix)
Gallo - Faron (Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient Remix)
Weston Butler - Moonshadows (Mark Ryal Remix)
Anthony Mea - Sensazioni
Oscar Rocchi And His Keyboards - Stars' Sea
Pellegrino - Libra Position

ABC - Minneapolis

Ahmed Fakroun - La Ya-hob
Cambis & Florzinho - Shaneh (Florito Remix)
Domenique Dumont – Quand
Il Guardiano Del Faro - Non Una Corda Al Cuore
Nick Stevens - Inviting You (Into My Life)
Purelle - Gotta Have It!
Open Space - Hot Weather (Dub)
Schwarz & Funk – Chudera
Blank & Jones – Beach
Airstream - Salida Del Sol (Dos Caballeros Mix)

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