Παρασκευή 31 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Tracks 2010 Radio Show Playlist @ 29.12.10 By Dj Nova

Part 1

Dave Brubeck Quartet Santa Claus Is Comming To Town
Mystic Diversions Angel Soul (Cool D:Vision Promo)
Boris Blenn Beachbar (Cold Busted Promo)
Brian Deady Over Like Mc Gyver (Machine Gun Promo)
Blauw Associates Manila Bay Sketchbook (Peacelounge Promo)*
Clyb Foster I Don't Want To Make A Mistake (Peacelounge Promo)
Slow Motion Replay Tropical Forest (Soulab Promo)
Funkyloco Bossa Flow (So Sound Promo)
Makala Ska Con Boogaloo (Love Monk Promo)
Shareholder Tom Feel Music Love Hate (Buro.9 Promo)
Una Mas Trio/Dusty Remix Mas Y Mas (Agogo)
Raphael Gualazzi/Gilles Peterson Remix Reality & Fantasy (Déjà vu Promo)
Incarnations Make You Mine (Love Monk Promo)
Yvette Rovira Let's Go Out Tonight (Wings Promo)
Julie Crochetiere Love Is Gone (Indie Soul Promo)
Louis Armstrong Zat You Santa Claus (Local Media)

Part 2

Emanative/Scrimshire Illusions (Futuristica Promo)
[re:jazz]/Mop Mop Remix Luv Connection (Infracom Promo)
Papik/Suonho In The Right Groove Remix Staying For Good (IRMA Promo)
Dj Center In A Song
Speedometer You've Made Me So Very Happy (Freestyle Promo)
 Les Loups I'm The 1 Who Loves You (So Sound Promo)
Mr Day/Patchworks Remix Small Fry (Favorite Promo)
Maestro Garofalo Nairobi (IRMA Promo)
DAO Anna (Peacelounge Promo)
Demarkus Lewis/ Deez Exit Plan Mix Time To Go (Grin Promo)
Amit Shoham The Bent Piano (Kapa Promo)**
Joi How Beautiful (Common Ground)
Dilek Taskin Breeze Of Summer (Peacelounge Promo)*
Flamingo Star Nothing Sweeta (Peacelounge Promo)*
Bahama Soul Club/Minimatic Remix Bossa Bop (Buyu CD-R)

* taken from my upcoming compilation @ Peacelounge

** taken from my Nova Planet House Session Vol.1 EP






Πέμπτη 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

7 με 9 μμ .... ΠΟΠ ALERT

play ... listed by Vasilis Dimokas

POPart 1
Coldplay - Christmas Lights
Get Well Soon - We Are Free
Lone Wolf - This Is War
Korallreven - Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)
U2 - Salome (Zooromancer Remix)
The Decemberists - Down By The Water
Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
Metric - Black Sheep
Best Coast - Happy
Frankie Rose And The Outs - Candy
Boys Boys Boys - Lovie
Boy Crisis - Dressed to Digress
Trophy Wife - Microlite (Acoustic)
Aeroplane Feat. Sky Ferreira - Without Lies
Tristen - Baby Drugs
Parenthetical Girls - Flowers For Albion

Parenthetical Girls - Flowers For Albion by Crossfire Music

Bishop Allen - You'll Never Find My Christmas
Lykke Li - Get Some
Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner & Hot City - Didn't Know What Love Was
Little Jackie - Mrs. Claus Ain't Got Nothin' On Me
Mariage Blanc - Whatever You Say I Am
Freebass - Not Too Late
Guster - Tiny Tree Christmas
Hercules In NY - Nightlight
Chromeo - Hot Mess
Goldfrapp - Alive
Oh Land - Sun Of A Gun
Black Kids - Im Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
Jim Noir - Car
Darker My Love - Snow is Falling
Suede - He's Dead
Modern Skirts - Soft Pedals
Crystal Antlers - 10,000 Watts

TDR11 Various Artists - The Boogie (Tokyo Dawn Records/DE)

Real dope compilation so dope as so dope is the real eighties sound lately. Like lot of stuff here. Opolopo the main man who worked on those pure groovve boogie beats years now can be the first one on this. So I really enjoyed the new swing mix of his underground ‘’Life’s A Dance’’. Chacho bodas with ‘’Siente Mi Funk’’ got a great radio waves intro and a mad dirty p-funk sound. Saturn Never Sleeps, Favourite Flava on Sasac remix – already love this before - and Spinnery are going down, imagine Loose Ends beating beats on the year 2020. Stray is continue the downbeat session with the characheristic sound of Tokyo Dawn. Aybee pushes the modern soulful sound out of our stratosphere, Omega vocals are amazing on this one. Soulparlor is having one of the highlights in their hands on this new Tokyo Dawn compilation again. With Replife on vocals ‘’Planet Sex’’ sounds like a deep dynamite with tech keys and percussions over old school beats can be really hot. B Bravo and AD Brouke are following Opolopo’s soundpaths and Rah Band and Vindahl offers the dance weapon of the compilation any moment of this to remind you those days, especially Vindahl’s one, the guitar session after the second refrain. My last fave choice comes from Reeno, ‘’So Funky’’ an eclectic italo disco, building the bridge between the decades and edges of atlantic ocean. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 21.01.11

Digital Music Promotion Service

TRUFD003 Wildcookie - Heroine (Tru Thoughts/UK)

This ‘’new’’ project between Freddie Cruger and Anthony Mills looks spiritual, we can put the blame on ‘’live’’ jazzy sound of ‘’Heroine’’. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

Their upcoming ‘Heroine’ single, is out as a free download from http://wildcookie.bandcamp.com/ on 24th January.

Since his last release on Tru Thoughts in 2006 Freddie Cruger, has been busy travelling the world as a DJ and releasing music on his own label, Homegrown Records - one of these releases was the debut, and now extremely rare, Wildcookie 12”. The “Drugs EP” featured “Heroine” and received support from Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio1. Wildcookie is not a one man band though; Freddie’s ultra-crisp production skills and sophisticated synthline melodies are backed with the pitch perfect vocals of Anthony Mills.
Anthony Mills is no stranger to the world of music. In 12 short years he has toured extensively with Harry Belafonte's All-Star Band, recorded with Krs-One, Amy Winehouse, Leela James, Maxi Priest, Snow, Sizzla, Dead Prez, Doc (Esthero), Sly Dunbar, Chinna Smith and Grace Bumbry. Mills has written over 1000 songs in this time and recorded well over 100 studio and live albums, providing lead vocals for two other duos - Super Viral Brothers (Pope/Universal) and XXLARGEMILLS.
In the last five years Mills has lived in Stockholm, graciously penetrating Sweden's music and art scene including hooking up with Freddie Cruger, a native of the Swedish capital. Freddie remembers, “I met Anthony at this live venue called Lydmar in 2006 when he was in Stockholm performing as a background singer for Leela James. I got introduced to him as the man to work with.” Then in 2009 they started making tracks. “The way we get the music done is basically that we get in to the ‘zone’, I start playing beats and Anthony starts writing. He is amazing at finding melodies on the spot and also quick with lyrics so sometimes we lay down 3 or 4 tracks a day. The songs on the album were mostly done on the first take and that's how we like to work. Anthony is a kind of person that I feel I can play any type of styles to ‘cause I never know what he is going to do.”
The debut album, ‘Cookie Dough’, is out on 21st February. - Tru Thoughts,UK

RELEASE DATE: 24.01.11


FLFL11 Ned Coleman - Step Up LP (Flying Flowers/FR)

This is the first album on Flying Flowers label. IDM release, mixed many styles and moods that basically can feel that is coming from moon and earth. Heavy discotech of ‘’Undercovered’’ is full of stardust. On abstract breakbeats of ‘’Strange Days’’ track the jazzy piano string sound like oasis, on funky breakbeats of ‘’No One Can Hear You’’ a satellite broke down in earth ground, probably in an exotic place near the carribean, put the blame on flute. ‘’Step Up’’ will be love from dubstep lovers and deep techno of ‘’Vinyl Space’’ by minimal dance freaks. Everyone will find his tune here, modern jazz lovers choose ‘’No More Cry’’ & ‘’So Sorry’’. ‘’Lag In Sunrise’’ have a wilder chill out sense like an outerspace unknown fear and at last ‘’Take Me Home Love Me’’ will confused your innerworld. Not a usual release, not one that will understood by lot of people, but this Trans Francoise Express creature will be the most wanted for many of us next year. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show



Amit Shoham's "The Bent Piano" From Nova Planet House Sessions EP Vol.1 Played @ Artist of the Week Radio Show on sweatlodgeradio

Every week the Sweat Lodge crew selects one established or up an coming artist for a special feature. The show highlights one hour of the artist's music supported by an interview in the news section.

Every Tuesday at 18:00 repeats Wednesday at 12:00, and Saturday at 10:00.

MORE: http://www.sweatlodgeradio.com/Track-Lists/167-Artist-of-the-Week-Amit-Shoham-30.11.10.html

CHECK & BUY Nova Planet House Sessions Vol.1 EP: http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=72907

RELEASE DATE: 01.12.10 (Traxsource 03.11.10)

SM005 Zoltan - Memories EP (Soupu Music/IT)

Zoltan’s EP reminds me the ambient dance experiments of early ninities, especially the same title track ‘’Memories’’ that is my choice too. Mad broken beat ‘’On Shakers’’ and jazzy influenced ‘’JzzlFzzl’’ sounds like drumbeats and percussions games. Pepesoup gives a little bit his dub wisdom on ‘’JzzlFzzl’’ and result is an uplifting club tune. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 15.02.11

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GNM 017 Demarkus Lewis - Mental Notes LP (Grin Music/UK)

It takes more than one hundred releases to Demarkus Lewis to release his first long player. As a result you can feel, before even heard it, that this album will be outstanding. ‘’Mental Notes’’ puzzle is completed with deep jazzy house moments like ‘’Again It Seems’’, ‘’Lady In Pink’’ and ‘’Without Pause’’, previous singles in new album versions, ‘’Retro Fusion’’ and ‘’Truth’’ ones and the detroitish deep tech works ‘’Section O’’ and ‘’Trackin’’. We can meet also Marissa Guzman vocals on ‘'Time To Go’’, surely a 2011 deep house highlight that included in ‘Mental Notes’’ in dub and instrumental versions and Eman on afro montser of 2009 ‘’Behind Closed Doors’’. At the end must not forget to mention that I like too much the chilled downtempo moment of the album. ‘’Beneath The Lines’’ is an unexpected suprice that from Demarkus Lewis. Space jazz over smooth hip hip beats that can arrest your ears, mind, body and soul. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 15.01.11

Digital Music Promotion Service

RVM 023 Burton L - Feel The Love (The Remixes) (Revolutionary Music/US)

One track of the best tracks from Organica Lounge compilation is coming out next year remixed. Loft Experiment offers a nice deep house rework with soft percussions, J-Boogie did cool slappy eighties like dub one, Bryan Ford one a downtempo funky one and Goulet a deep club jazz remix. The release is nice and my fave cut is Goulet ones. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 04.01.11

Digital Music Promotion Service

Τετάρτη 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Tuesday night 29 - 12 - 2010 playlist


First hour:
1. The Bird And The Bee - I Can't Go For That
2. Chk Chk Chk - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
3. Berlin Brides - Hit 'n' Run
4. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
5. School Of Seven Bells - ILU
6. Cherry Ghost - Finally (Time & Space Machine Edit Extended)
7. Five Star Hotel - This Sound
8. Imaginary Cities - Hummingbird
9. Cowboy Junkies - Flirted With You All My Life
10. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
11. Belle And Sebastian - I Want The World To Stop
12. We Are Action - So Happy
13. Dum Dum Girls - Blank Girl
14. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Time Of The Season

Second hour:
1. Abbie Gale - Mind The Gap
2. Fujiya And Miyagi - Yoyo
3. Le Futur Pompiste - Five Hundred Heartbeats
4. Yules - Absolute Believer
5. Scarlet Youth - Walls Of Freedom
6. Trembling Blue Stars - All Our Tomorrows
7. Vello Leaf - Bitter
8. Porcelain Raft - Tip Of Your Tongue
9. George Nikas - Christmas Time
10. The Dubrovniks - Holy Town
11. Electric Litany - The Dunes
12. The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are
13. Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Waiting For You
14. Cocoon - Comets
15. Days - Downhill
16. Mazzy Star - Flowers In December

Tuesdays @ 23:00
Γιώργος Βακούφης :)

Τρίτη 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

BSD021 Rubicon 7 & Merlyn Martin - Hold Me Back (Baker Street/UK)

Baker Street breaks the limit of the first twenty releases with an outstanding EP. Met Merlyn Martin sounds from his recently release on Baker Street, a release that I think was affected him a lot, especially Amit Shoham remix treatment. ‘’Hold Me Back’’ original bosoms the deep tech rhythm with the sound of percussions that usually Amit Shoham uses. The ethereal female vocals and techno hard synths on the breakdown are creating a unique and opposite soundtrack, this track is my choice from this EP. Jamie Anderson’s remix sounds more like a walking over the black continent. Tech rolling sounds and some added soft percussions are keeping the mood of the original but accelerates the sound to another level. Rubicon 7 and Marlyn Martin did a charismatic production also on ‘’Lie To Me’’. Starts deep and simply but minute by minute wall up its sounds and atmosfear. Sexy, with deep keys and soft percussions continue ‘’Hold Me Back’s’’ trip. On the remixes ‘’Lie To Me’’ get a weird deep tech soundscape by Angel Alanis & Kasper Weiss Edit and a amazing driving one by Torin. Torin’s can be my second choice from the release, his scuba diving into the water in the night sounds perfect. Baker Street promise an exciting twenty eleven. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 07.02.11

WOT008 DJ Whisky - Boni Mores (WOT! Recordings/ZA)

Nothing gets deeper and afro than South Africa releases. ''Boni Mores'' is a great example, all those afro elements match perfectly with those synth orchestral sounds. Original is simply emotional and perfect. ''Believe In It'' is going really deeper and the smooth afro drumbeats are the masters here with the deep keys. On the remixed side of the EP Atjazz touches gently the original ''Boni Mores'' and just give to it an acidic profile. On his Astro Dub its broken astro beats meeting perfectly the afro ones. Mphozas Boogy on the other hand created a electronic chant, more darker than the original ''Believe In It''. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 24.01.11


CGRD1001 Joi - How Beautiful (Common Ground/JP)

Joi’s ‘’How Beautiful’’ originally released back in 2008 on the same title EP for the japanese market and some months later in 12’’ single. Since then it is one of my favourite deep house tracks ever. ‘’How Beautiful’’ based on a beautiful piano melody, Joi’s sweet vocals and exotic gentle percussions sounds, absolutely a warm and emotional release. Sade’s and Maxwell’s music lovers like me found their dance extension last year album ‘’Allure’’, nomimated by me as one of the best album of 2009 Late December, just before Christmas, finally ‘’How Beautiful’’ see the light of global digital release. Common Ground releases on http://www.beatport.com/ ‘’How Beautiful’’ on a special digital EP that includes it on the original, instrumental and piano overture versions, included before on the 12’’ plus the beats dj tool. The EP includes also the ‘’Allure’s’’ brazillian influenced ‘’Allamanda Session’’ in a new Sax Dub house version and the lost in the nature ‘’Flamingos’’ in a new Ambient Mix. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 21.12.10

BUY: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/315157/?utm_campaign=bp_share&utm_source=bp_share_bitly&utm_content=bp_share_release&utm_medium=bp_share_release_315157#app=ab19&a486-index=2


GTR 003 Miguel Placensia & JC Carmona - Tribesmen EP (GATA/US)

Love the old school flava from early nineties in this EP and especially on ‘’Do It’’. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 21.12.10

Distribution, Promotion and Marketing Notes: All releases are promoted, marketed and distributed by BrokenRecords.us/DontFixItMusic.com in association with InGrooves.com.

BROAD017 Juan Zero - Zero (Broadcite/UK)

Power tribal house EP by Broadcite. Saxo mad uplifting ‘’ Zumbana’’ is a dynamite but lost in the african nature ‘’As A Dream’’ xylophone tune and the deepest side of afro house of ‘’Out Oh Phrase’’ are my tune here. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 20.12.10


Παρασκευή 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Τετάρτη 22-12-2010, 'Ωρα: 22:00-00:00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

Nightlands - Longways Homebound, 2010, album: forget the mantra, label: Secretly Canadian, 2010

Balam Acab - See Birds (moon), album: See Birds EP, label: TriAngle, 2010

Beach House
- Norway, album: teen dream, label: Sub Pop, 2010

Moon Duo - Silver Bells, album: Silver Bells-Winter 7'', label: Holy Mountain, 2010

Comanechi - Mesmerising Fingers, album: crime of love, label: merok, 2009

Soft Circle - Nerve Of People, album: Shore Obsessed, label: Post Present Medium, 2010

LA Vampires featuring Matrix Metals
- So Unreal, album: so unreal, label: not not fun, 2010

Harmonious Bec - Asahigaoka, album: her strange dreams, label: Monotreme, 2010

Gang Gang Dance - Amorphous History (Closing Seen), album: Kamakura EP, label: Latitudes, 2010

Forest Swords - Hoylake Mist, album: dagger paths, label: Olde English Spelling Bee, 2010

Magnitophono - The Robot Can't Swim (feat. Pleq), album: pleq - sound of rebirth, label: impulsive art, 2010

Iibiis Rooge - Skirling Birl, album: self titled, label: dekorder, 2010

Garden Sound
- Forbidden Paradise , album: black summit, label: digitalis, 2010

BvDub - Descent To The End, album: the art of dying alone, label: Glacial Movements, 2010

Scott Cortez - Part VIII, album: twin radiant flux, label: Line, 2010

Marta Mist - Distance / Skeletal / Union (part of), album: distance skeletal union, label: hibernate, 2010

Πέμπτη 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM



1.Guy J - Easy As Can Be (Original Mix)
2.Robert Babics - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
3.dPen - Panselinos (Earth Mix)
4.Marc Miroir - Sinus (Sebrok & Tassilo Tribute To The Horn Remix)
5.Roberto Bosco - Sci-Fi
6.Audio Injection - Ive Fallen
7.Alex Di Stefano - Mas Fuerte (Original Mix)
8.A Mochi - Restore (Original Mix)
9.Pig & Dan - Addiction (Original Mix)


1.Javier Logares - The Wrong Clue
2.Eelke Kleijn - Memoires
3.Wally Lopez & Ismael Rivas - Save Love (Original Mix)
4.Varoslav - Ghost Voyager (Carlo Lio Remix)
5.Roberto Bardini - Hate Me
6.Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio - Space (Flooms Clapped Out Remix)
7.Sergio & Benoit - Midnight People (Technasia Dub 1)
8.Numek - Card Gamble (Siwell Remix)

Ευχομαι Καλα Χριστουγεννα σε ολους & Ευτυχισμενος ο Νεος Χρονος.
Το PROGRESSIVE TUNES επιστρεφει το Σαββατο 8 Ιαν 2011, στις 9μμ
.....σε ενα 2ωρο με τα καλυτερα tracks που ακουσαμε τη χρονια του 2010!!


7 με 9 μμ .... ΠΟΠ ALERT

play ... listed by Vasilis Dimokas

POPart 1
Saint Etienne - Welcome Home
Violens - Spectator & Pupil
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It
Blur - Come Together
Super Furry Animals - God! Show Me Magic
The Rosebuds - My Punishment For Fighting
Surf City - Crazy Rulers of the World
Muse - Sunburn
Motorama - Compass
The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime #2.51
Veil Veil Vanish - Modern Lust
Animal Kingdom - Two By Two
Best Coast & Wavves - Got Something for You
Mirrors - Hide And Seek
Daybehavior - It's A Game
Patrick Wolf - Time Of My Life

Wavves and Best Coast - "Got Something for You" by ModernMystery4

POPart 2
Screaming Lights - Hello Tomorrow
The Doors - Take It As It Comes
The Black Keys - Tighten Up
The Mock Turtles - Watching the Waning Moon
Grouplove - Colours
Rumer - Slow
Lone Wolf - Buried beneath The Tiles
Wiretree - Big Coat
Bang Gang - The World Is Gray
James Peterik & Franck Sullivan III(Persepolis) - The Eye Of The Tiger
Destroyer - Chinatown
Winterpills - Broken Arm
Janelle Monae - Come Alive (The War Of The Roses)
Twin Sister- All Around and Away We Go
Nouvelle Vague - Marcia Baila (feat. Adrienne Pauly)

Christmas PODCAST By Dj Nova


Christmas PODCAST By Dj Nova

DOWNLOAD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0fyovs

Cleveland Orchestra Deck The Walls With Boughs Of Holly (Columbia)
Papik Christmas Snow (IRMA Promo)
Louis Armstrong With Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra Winter Wonderland (Hip-O)
Ella Fitzgerald White Christmas (Verve)
Alison Degbe/Alex B Groove Christmas Is Coming (Local Media)
Nat King Cole Trio/MJ Cole All I Want For Christmas (EMI)
Dario Daneluz Last Christmas (IRMA Promo)
Joe Pesci If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas (Columbia)
Pimp Daddy Nash/Jazzy Standard Mix It Doesn’t Have To Snow To Be Christmas (Eighth Dimension Promo)**

** http://soundcloud.com/eighth-dimension/

Compilations 2010 Radio Show Playlist @ 22.12.10 By Dj Nova


DOWNLOAD: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2010.12.22.mp3

Part 1

Lou Rawls/Away Team Remix Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
JAZZ LOUNGE CHRISTMAS Clyb Foster White Christmas (Local Media)
SEE THE LIGHT VOL.1 Sofa Attitude My Love Is Outside (XAL Promo)
Demarkus Lewis Beneath The Lines (Grin Promo)
EARLY MORNING BREAKS VOL.2 Dilek Taskin Breeze Of Summer (Peacelounge Promo)*
WE MADE THIS VOL.1 Colm K Basics (Fun Your Ears Promo)
MUSIC IS WHAT WE DO Pablo Fierro Night In Harlem (Elevation Promo)
JAZZ LOUNGE CHRISTMAS Eartha Kitt Santa Baby (Local Media)
THE IRMA CHRISTMAS BOX Ely Bruna All I Want For Christmas Is You (IRMA Promo)
CONTEMPORARY JAZZ Primo & The Groupe A Child Runs Free (Tramp Promo)
SOUL’S BACK AGAIN Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective 2 Of A Kind (Soulab Promo)
Julie Crochetiere Love Is Gone (Indie Soul Promo)
GET DOWN WITH THE PHILLY SOUND Teddy Pendergrass The More I Get, The More I Want (BBE Promo)
SOULSHAKER VOL.7 Baker Brothers Once I Had A Friend (Record Kicks Promo)
Speedometer Take On Me (Freestyle Promo)
NIGERIA AFROBEAT SPECIAL Mad Man Jaga Hankuri (Soundway Promo)
SOUND OF SIAM Waipod Phetsuphan Ding Ding Dong (Soundway Promo)
SHAPES 10 02 Kylie Auldist/Lanu Community Service Announcement (Tru Thoughts Promo)

Part 2

WE MADE THIS VOL.1 Scrimshire Say Something (Fun Your Ears Promo)
WE MADE THIS VOL.1 Richard Brown Wonly (Fun Your Ears Promo)

Pimp Daddy Nash/Jazzy Standard Mix It Doesn’t Have To Snow To Be Christmas (Eighth Dimension Promo)
THE IRMA CHRISTMAS BOX Maestro Garofalo Pure Imagination (IRMA Promo)
DISCO [MEETS] BOSSA VOL.2 Fil a Fil Just An Illusion (Peacelounge Promo)
M.age.project Café Solo (Peacelounge)
Shareholder Tom/Sosue Soulkomplex Remix Stopover Abeokuta (Buro.9 Promo)
CLUB COOKIES Andrea Barone Café (Holophon Promo)
WE MADE THIS VOL.1 Mr Beatnick Dancing On Ice (Fun Your Ears Promo)
THE JAZZ HOUSE INDEPENDENT VOL.7 Sabo & Zeb/J Boogie Remix Rise Again (IRMA Promo)
Opolopo & Amalia/Nu Opo Swing Mix Life's A Dance (Tokyo Dawn Promo)
Jazmine Sullivan Don't Make Me Wait (J Promo)

* taken from my upcoming compilation @ Peacelounge

** http://soundcloud.com/eighth-dimension/sets/pimp-daddy-nash-featuring-nica-brooke-it-doesnt-have-to-snow-to-be-christmas








01. Amit Shoham – My Favorite Things (Original Mix) – Noice Promo 2010/US
02. Rubicon 7 & Merlyn Martin – Hold Me Back – Baker Street Promo 2011/UK
03. Peckos & Colour Breed – Off The Record – Baker Street Promo 2011/UK

04. Bleep District – Don't Stop Now (Giom Remix) – Lost My Dog Promo 2010/UK
05. Michael McLardy – Spring – Pole Posistion Promo 2011/UK
06. Michael McLardy – Pressure – Baker Street Promo 2010/UK
07. Dominic Martin – Here And Now – Lost My Dog Promo 2010/UK
08. Murray Richardson – Risky Business – Baker Street Promo 2010/UK
09. Rubicon 7 & Merlyn Martin – Lie To Me – Baker Street Promo 2011/UK

10. Mr. Morning – Fire (Ronan Remix) – So Sound Promo 2011/US
11. Steve SoulBasics & Martijn – Lose It (Martijn Remix) – Baker Street Promo 2010/UK
12. D'Experiment – Mind Or Body (Deep Squad Mix) – Baker Street Promo 2010/UK
13. Roland Nights – Phazz (Vernon And Da Costa Remix) – Lost My Dog Promo 2010/UK
14. Alvaro Ernesto – For Yiannis – Kapa Promo 2010/US

BUY Baker Street:

ABOUT Baker Street:


UK label, Leeds based, that is making a lot of buzz with its releases on the underground scene the recent years.
In this mix include some of my fave Baker Street moments from 2010, the upcoming release, an exlusive upcoming
release and lot of Kahua Music among others like Alvaro Ernesto’s ‘’For Yiannis’’ from my selected EP in Kapa Music.

KAHUA MUSIC supports Baker Street


Kahua Music Free Sampler Vol.2

Kahua Music just released the second in their series of free samplers, featuring 5 tracks from Phil Weeks, Pete Dafeet, Yse, Moody B and Toomy Disco.  

Download them from here: http://soundcloud.com/kahua-music/sets/kahuamusicfreesampler-volume2/

Albums 2010 Radio Show Playlist @ 15.12.10 By Dj Nova

CHECK & BUY: http://digestmusic.me/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=316%3A2010-12-15-albums-2010-radio&catid=39%3Anova-planet&Itemid=56

Part 1

Tony Bennet White Christmas
Papik E La Chiamano Estate (IRMA Promo)
2004 Nicola Conte A Time For Spring (Schema)
Gerardo Frisina Will You Walk A Little Faster (Schema Promo)
Mop Mop Hot Pot (Infracom)
Alison Degbe/Alex B Groove Christmas Is Coming (Local Media)
Mystic Diversions Angel Soul (Cool D:Vision)
2004 Donati A Casa Do Querer (Cool D:Vision)
Sun Circle If You Speak (Futuristica Promo)
Emanative Find You (Futuristica Promo)
Louis Armstrong Zat You, Santa Claus (Local Media)
2004 Cay Taylan Dalaaqui (Couch)
Bad Jazz Troupe/Dusty Rework Breakdown Treat (Jazz & Milk Promo)
Speedometer Again & Again (Freestyle)
Shareholder Tom Love Leaves You Blue (Buro.9 Promo)
Marcos Valle/Joyce Papo De Maluco (Far Out)

Part 2

Papik Christmas Snow (IRMA Promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH
Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair Figli Delle Stelle (IRMA Promo)
Mr Day Heaven Knows (Favorite Promo)
[re:jazz]/Metropolitan Jazz Affair People Hold On (Infracom Promo)
Bahama Soul Club True (Buyu Promo)
Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme The Dark End Of The Street (Stones Throw Promo)
2004 Simon Says Late @ Night (Nova Records)
Incarnations Make You Mine (Love Monk Promo)
Maestro Garofalo Samba E Amor (IRMA Promo)
Diesler Deepest Cuba (Social Beats Promo)
Christos Kedras One Night In V2 (Kapa Promo)
2004 Was A Bee On A Clear Day (Schema)*
Dario Daneluz Last Christmas (IRMA Promo)
2004 Beanfield Choosen (Compost)
Bas Lexter Ensample Light (Deja Tunes Promo)
Vitamin D No Love For Hard Times (Cold Busted Promo)
Ludovico Valoroso We Have All The Time In The World (IRMA Promo)
Creative Control Midnight Blue (Cold Busted)
Ivana Parnasso Breathe (Sobra Promo)

* taken from my Night & Day Compilation


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AM011 Tom Conrad feat. Jaidene Veda - The One (Adaptation/UK)

Orgasm of new releases as the year is ending and sometimes I feel that the labels are keeeping the shots for it. What to expect more from already my fave new deep house label from UK? Tom Conrad, who is running Adapation, collaborating with the fave female deep house producer, dj and vocalists of year, Jaidene Veda. The result is magic. On the original pushed the chilled and aesthetic deep chords and keys over the big bassline and born and re:born rhythm that walking by side of a balearic-like paino strings. New comer Paradice (already appreared on Asymmetric Soul previous release) & Rubrique laying over more deep chords, strong rhythm and soft percussions and creating one of the most wanted 2011 beached house work. Chris Brann, Ananda Project, take it to the top. A top deep maestro can offer only the real soul seduction between the beats and the feelings. Stonger but more soulful than the other is doing the best remix, with some heavenly synths, guitar, paino strings and beautiful breakdowns. Reelsoul accelerate the tempo and did a soft afro mix. South African’s Trancemicsoul appears here too with another soulful remix that inlcude the most beautiful synths that someone of the remixes added in this track. Villa Gombao did the most club edit of the release. Another personal fave is the jazz edit of Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor duet, that will be the for sure the best winter warm chill track of my radio show the cold days that is coming. Pure chill, pure beautifulness. As a result Adaptional steps into the future and 2011 with another rich release and value of time and money. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show



FLFL10 Ian Morbey - Infiltration EP (Flying Flower/FR)

Beautiful and hypnotic EP. Love the same title techno hybrid sound of ‘’Infiltration’’. Enjoy the lost in the gentle percussion deep sound of ‘’Beautiful Darkness’’. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show



SPH014 Replica - Burning Souls EP (Sofisticate/SP)

I like a lot Replika’a sound and this release can’t be an exception. Deep sound, deep chords, gentle vocals and crystal beats. This is the way that ‘’Burning Soul’’ same title tracks sounds. A groovy bassline and deep tech kids make it for sure one of the best releases of this field of deep house that hear during this year. Zuat-Zu’s remix on the original is not running away from it. The slap beats philoshophy and the little stronger tempo makes the only difference, as most of Sofisticated remixes that respect the original studiowork. Moonwalking and talking ‘’Space Walk On Grass’’ is a great track, love the background repeat key and stronger attitude as the tracks goes on. ‘’Tight Love’’ offers a different platform, still deep, but the percussions and the sweet keys make it like a fight between the heavy and the light, the day and the night. Love it. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 06.11.10



Τετάρτη 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2010




Asymmetric Soul - Now Is Our Time (Groove Assassin Main Mix) – Adaptation Promo/UK

Scoper & Bubba - I'm Satisfied (Kirby & Aruba Remix) (Jackspot feat. Darran Nugent Edit) – Elevation Promo/IR
Lomez & Ivaylo - Flies (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Darran Nugent & Pavel Lenchenko Edit) – Elevation Promo/IR
Re-Drum - Relax (Original Mix) – TFE Promo/DE
J+M Brothers – When – Onethirty Promo/US
Marc Vexar - Cactus Country Chords – Deep Edition Promo/UK
Artie Flexs - Nightwalk (Original Mix) – Stillnovo Promo/UK
AFMB - Backup Days – Drumpoet Community Promo/CH
Rithma – Benign – Intelligent Audio Promo/UK
Michael McLardy – Pressure – Baker Street Promo/UK
Replica - Burning Soul (Original) – Sofisticated Promo/SP
Håkan Lidbo & Miles Moore - Everywhere I Go (Original Mix) – Terraform Promo/CA
Alex V - Deep Blue (Original) – Sofisticated Promo/SP
Michael Woodruff - Class-E (Original Mix) – Streatown Promo/US
Siddhesh Sardesai - Auto Naksha – Broken Promo/US
Jevne - Between Gravity – Onethirty Promo/US
Phil Weeks - All Day Every Day (Instrumental Mix) – Robsoul Promo/FR
Mr V - It’s About You (Funkaducers Gift of Dance Mix) – Under My Skin Promo/US
John Gazoo - What Happened
Gavin Boyce - Rooftop Soul – Nordic Traxx Promo/CA


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Tom Lown (London/UK) Nova Planet House Sessions Vol.1 Digital EP (P) & © 2010 (Kapa/US) Collaborated Artist

Tom Lown

Tom Lown, this kind guy, who lived in both sides of the atlantic ocean, was one of mt ‘’new comer’’ picks of the year. Wel, he isl not new in music, he was compising music for TV and djing in many venues in London and New York, but discover him earlier this year via Kahua Promotions and his Lost My Dog release ‘’Love Potion’’ *. His first release was on Sudup Recordings, a warm sunlighted and chill deep house EP, then two remixes on Warmth Records and The Savant Guard star but his Lost My Dog EP’s with Harold Heath and Jay Tripire remixes on the plattform became big hits and licenced in many compilations. I love his sound from his ‘’Love Potion EP’’ so when I decided to start this sessions on Kapa Music, he was the name that came in my mind. And the result was more than my expectations. ‘’Sunflower’’ with its boogie bassline got a secret love with jazz funk and disco from the seventies. The deep synths and chords of the track over the elegant beat wins me from the time, and this is how the story started…

Nova Planet House Sessions Vol.1 EP released on Los Angeles based Kapa Music: http://www.kapamusic.com/

CHECK & BUY PROMO Nova Planet House Sessions Vol.1 EP:

RELEASE DATE: 01.12.10 (Traxsource 03.11.10)

About Tom Lown:

Following a live music background, Tom made a move to New York where he worked as a producer/composer for Ant Music. There he composed and produced music for TV and commercials including Colgate/Young & Rubicam (NY) and 1 hour documentary "Gangland Graveyard" for Optomen USA which was broadcast on PBS (USA) and Channel 4 (UK).

As a DJ he played at various parties and clubs in London in the early 00's including Peg, Plastic People and Sizzle. Then in New York City picked up a residency at SubKulture and played on online radio stations East Village Radio and Downshift Radio.

Now back in London, Tom continues to compose music for television and produces tracks for labels such as Lost My Dog, Sudup Recordings, Warmth Records and The Savant Guard.

Tom is represented by Tsunami Music and 2110 Music and has tracks signed to Felt Music Library. His music is published by Kahua Music.



* http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=325197316836&set=a.210565076836.143228.22329231836

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