Τετάρτη 31 Μαρτίου 2010

10 με 11 μμ ... POP ALERT

playlist by ... vasilis Dimokas

LMNKV48 Space Ranger - Star Wash EP (Lovemonk/SP)

Cosmic Funk !!! Really ace, future discoteque sounds, stardust boogie and new balearic summer madness that can make you feel sext and wet on the floor. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show


BUY: http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemID=191218

FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net

LMNKV46 Ezequiel Lodeiro - El Latinazo (Lovemonk/SP)

Broken beat Werst London is burning mix by Arni Kristjansson on the electro latino original make this really HOT. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show


BUY: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/384281-01.htm?highlight=LOVE%20MONK

FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net

LMNKV43 Speak Low - I Want My Money Back (Lovemonk/SP)

Speak loud and not low northen soul from the south, you will not want your money back. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show


BUY: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/384273-01.htm?highlight=LOVE%20MONK

FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net

Emanative's ''Time'' (Futuristica/UK) Radio Show By Dj Nova

Τρίτη 30 Μαρτίου 2010

WHR005 Hamza Guru Funk EP (Wind Horse/INDIA)

Far away from his Indian roots this time suprice us with his funky discoteque of ''Delhi 2 Paris'' and accelerate us with the cosmopolitan and fabulous ''Guru Funk''. Newcomer's Vipul remix of ''Guru Funk'' is a crystal synth:ed euroclub addicted house pleaser. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 20.04.10


PAPLUS04 Heiki - Paper+Sound (Paper+Sound/CA)

Interesting blend of different directions. Jazz, techno, breaks and more genre married with innersearchin' and industrial melodies under a genius brain called Heiki. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 18.03.10


CM 26 Alvaro Ernesto - Inside My Soul (Chillin/US)

Another great shot by Peruvian deep house maestro Alvaro Ernesto, his original pumpin' soul with the short piano breakdown is a dub demon and Pezzner's Dub set my soul on fire, exotic deep discoteque underground landscape, sounds like a de best choice from his new EP. Rob Slac's darkest side of his soul didn't touch me so much. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 30.03.10


TRU7213 Beta Hector - Payback (Tru Thoughts/UK)

Superfly volt:ed funk by Baby's Charles Simon Hill with Dionne Charles on vocals. You can get the feeling of a live concert in your system with this one. This 7'' is a teaser from Tru Thoughts upcoming compilation on Unfold ''Tru Thoughts Funk''. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 26.04.10


άγγελος κυρίου @ guest mixes

μεγάλη τετάρτη στις 19:00 μία διαφορετική εκπομπή για τα guest mixes του ρόδον fm από τον άγγελο κυρίου.
(πολύ σύντομο βιογραφικό:πολύ συχνές επισκέψεις απ'το 2007 στο angeloskyriou.blogspot.com.)

add some music to your day-beach boys
alleged-beta band
the sweetest disease-cosmic teds
you shook me all night long-arab strap
politicians in my eyes-death
το τανγκό της αθήνας(cover)-flight36-B
chicken shit-black dice
sally zero-burn this town
οι δρόμοι γυρίζουν-κτίρια τη νύχτα
I had to tell you-13th floor elevators
bicycle-masters of reality
rise-barbie's dead
baby I'm a king-devil dogs
(don't worry) if there's hell, bellow we're all gonna go-curtis mayfield
το δίδαγμα της ημέρας-δημοσιοϋπαλληλικό ρετιρέ
I will love you always(wild irish rose)-steroid maximus
τώρα-τζένη βάνου
audience design-hometaping
boss and nova-mrcantfind
το αίμα δε γίνεται νερό-χωρίς περιδέραιο
music will not last-jamie lidell
no name bar-issac hayes

SVEDKA Future Music Podcast # 4 By Benji B (GIANT STEP/US)

DOWNLOAD: http://svedka.giantstep.net/

Track Listing:

1. Jay Electronica – “Exhibit C” (Decon/The Dogon Society/Just Blaze)
2. DJ Center – “Strings” (Push The Fader)
3. José James – “Lay You Down” (Brownswood)
4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – “Kings Ballad” (Ubiquity)
5. Soul Lichfield – “Throw Ups” (Five Six Media)
6. Deela – “One Eyed Captain (Radio Citizen Mix)” (Switchstance Recordings)
7. Driis – “Please Be True” (Hevlar Recordings)
8. Si*Sé – “My Sol” (Si*Sé Records)

MORE: http://www.giantstep.net

Dj Nova is promotional partner of Giant Step since 2005

Κυριακή 28 Μαρτίου 2010

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM

1.Simon Garcia - Electric Zoo
2.Dyno - Serena (Emanuele Inglese Remix)
3.Dousk - Dirty Teeth (Kassey Voorn Remix)
4.16 Bit Lolitas - Cold Energy (Original Mix)
5.Fergie - Exit People (Kastis Torrau & Donatello Remix)
6.Ryan Mullin - Safe (Stan Kolev Dub Mix)
7.Shiloh - Landmine Hopscotch (Cid. Inc Remix)
8.Praveen Achary - Crossover (Manuel Sofia Remix)
1.Minilogue - Little Sisters ( D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
2.Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself ( Ben Clock Remix)
3.Dubfire - Rabid (Edit Select Remix)
4.Egbert - Dezelfde Weg
5.Gary Beck - Yah Yah
6.Maetrik - Paradigm House ( Maetrik's Dub Edit)
7.Depeche Mode - Fragile Tension ( Stephan Bodzin Remix)
8.Pig & Dan - Baked (Original Mix)
9.Pan-Pot - Confronted (Original Mix) 2009

Πέμπτη 25 Μαρτίου 2010

Tuesday 23 - 3 - 2010 late night playlist

1. Neko Case - People Got A Lotta Nerve
2. Ivy - Corners Of Your Mind
3. Charlotte Gainsbourg And Beck - Heaven Can Wait
4. Go Go Charlton - Song For The Here And The Hereafter
5. Playground Noise - Today
6. Belle And Sebastian - Dog On Wheels
7. Chairlift - Bruises
8. JJ - You Know
9. Tindersticks - Harmony Around My Table
10. The Gentle Waves - Falling From Grace
11. B-Sides - Queen
12. Midlake - Winter Dies
13. Zeus - Fever Of The Time
14. Psychic Stunts - High School Chemistry
15. Metric - Collect Call

1. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
2. Billie Holiday - Speak Low (Bent Remix)
3. DJ Day - Four Hills
4. David Byrne and Fatboy Slim feat. Santigold - Please Don't
5. Bat For Lashes - Pearl's Dream
6. Vello Leaf - Bitter
7. Efterklang - Scandinavian Love
8. Abbie Gale - Letters (Family Life)
9. Pale Sunday - Are You Scared To Get Happy?
10. Shearwater - Runners Of The Sun
11. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - More News From Nowhere
12. Electric Litany - A Dream Worth Dreaming
13. Infidelity - Silence

Tuesdays at 23:00
Saturdays at 19:00

Γιώργος Βακούφης :)

Saturday 20 - 3 - 2010 evening playlist

First hour:
1. Shout Out Louds - Show Me Something New
2. She & Him - In The Sun
3. Cats On Fire - Horoscope
4. Morley - Haunted By The Lies From The Past
5. Lars And The Hands Of Light - Hey My Love, Hey Love!
6. Metric - Sick Muse
7. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars
8. Sambassadeur - Days
9. The Incredible Flight Of Birdman - Where I Can't See You
10. The Candle Thieves - My Little Room
11. Lacrimal - Unfolded Stories
12. JJ - Into The Light
13. Bonobo Featuring Andreya Triana - Eyesdown
14. Gorillaz - Stylo
15. Caribou - Odessa

Second hour:
1. Electric Litany - Tear
2. The Fuzzy Nerds - 117
3. Spoon - Written In Reverse
4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devil’s Tattoo
5. Hoodoo Gurus - Crackin' Up
6. Zebra Tracks - Failed In Style
7. Nom De Guerre - Run Run Run
8. New Young Pony Club - Oh Cherie
9. Gabin - Lost And Found
10. Salvador Santana - Don't Do It
11. Goldfrapp - Alive
12. David Byrne and Fatboy Slim feat. Santigold - Please Don't
13. Film - Berlin (NTEIBINT Remix)
14. Hot Chip - Thieves In The Night

Saturdays at 19:00
Tuesdays at 23:00

Γιώργος Βακούφης :)

Τετάρτη 24 Μαρτίου 2010

10 με 11 μμ ... POP ALERT

playlist by ... vasilis Dimokas

We Made This (Fun Your Ears/UK) Radio Show Playlist @ 17.03.10 By Dj Nova

We Made This Radio Show Playlist @ 17.03.10

Check: http://www.digestmusic.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=6&Itemid=29

Download Show:


Part 1

jazz chronicles/K15 remix done it (futuristica promo)

surra alethia (fun your ears promo)

favorite flava/kan sano so cruel (upbeat promo)

fromwood/interanima summer departure remix drive (irma promo)

richard brown wonky (fun your ears promo)

emanative find you

deep space orchestra storm warnings (fun your ears promo)

mr beatnick dancing on ice (fun your ears promo)

onur engin no other way (fun your ears promo)

scrimshire say something (fun your ears promo)

midnight star/dj platurn & kat010 remix midas touch (bastard boots promo)

trizonna mcclendon shatter proof (4 thesoul-reciprocity inc. promo)

k schrieber roma (fun your ears promo)

nikey must make amends (fun your ears promo)

Part 2

vitamin d chilling in the land of make believe (cold busted promo)

eden poetry (batterie promo)

blend/kill emil remix press forward (cast a blast promo)

colm k basics (fun your ears promo)

clyb foster i don't want to make a mistake (peacelounge cd-r)

jules wells/florian muller project sofa remix the d (logos promo)

yasuo sato i will go to the place where you live on (logos promo)

k schrieber roma (fun your ears promo)

[re:jazz]/mop mop luv connection (infracom promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH

papik/suonho in the right groove remix staying for good (irma promo)

space ranger phase fever (lovemonk promo)

bergs disco for two (fun your ears promo)

d-reflection/ananda project extended mix wave of love (adaptation promo)




live @ http://www.rodonfm.net gtm + 2








Akanes is dead

Δευτέρα 23:00-01:00
με τον Γιώργο Ρούσσο

Playlist 22/03/2010

1η Ωρα
01 Whisper Room - 2
02 Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Spookin' The Horse
03 Toe - After Image
04 Best Coast - When I'm With You
05 The Koolaid Electric Company - SOS Sound of Sam
06 Retribution Gospel Choir - Poor Man's Daughter
07 The Decemberists - The abduction of margaret
08 The Decemberists - The queens rebuke the crossing
09 Rooftops - Era Falsity
10 Chavez - Flight '96
11 Camel - Freefall

2η Ωρα
12 Turzi - Soloromano
13 Thrushes - As much to lose
14 Leopold - Enemy Of The People (Killdozer cover)
15 Droids Attack - The Pig Was Cool (Killdozer cover)
16 Killdozer - Disco Inferno (The Trammps cover)
17 Bloarzeyd - The New New Song
18 Universe217 - Insane
19 Sam Black Church - Big Barbeque
20 Kepone - Loud
21 Arcwelder - Witness
22 Black elk - Pig crazy
23 Daughters - The Hit


Τρίτη 23 Μαρτίου 2010

sunset blvd @ guest mixes

Την Τετάρτη 24 Μαρτίου και λίγο μετά τις 19:00 στην εκπομπή Guest Mixes καλεσμένο το project των Sunset Blvd.

Sunset bulevard guest mix spot (24-3-10) by rodonfm

Ο Γιώργος Δουδός (Sunset Blvd) ξεκίνησε το 1995 δημιουργώντας το project Delay Exhibition. Το 1998 συνεργάζεται με τον Spikey Tee (Morcheeba, Bomb the Bass) και τον Michael Blake των Alphabet Soup. To 2000 συναντά τον Βρετανό Rootsman και την ίδια χρονιά κυκλοφορεί το "Little" με την συμμετοχή του επίσης Βρετανού J-Walk από την Grandcentral Records. Τον Ιούνιο του 2005 ηχογραφεί το πρώτο του προσωπικό album "Versions of Truth" και λίγο αργότερα ξεκινά το project με το οποίο και έγινε ευρύτερα γνωστός. Τους Sunset Blvd. Τον Οκτώβριο του 2006 κυκλοφορεί ένα από τα πιο άρτια jazzy-freestyle album που έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ποτέ στην χώρα μας στην Κλικ Records με τίτλο "Tell me About America" Ακολούθησαν συμμετοχές σε συλλογές όπως το "Buddha Bar IX", το "Life on Remix", δεκάδες dj sets και 2 χρόνια αργότερα κυκλοφόρησε το δεύτερο album του, "The Most Beautiful Girl", που όχι μόνο συνέχισε αλλά και δικαίωσε την επιτυχία του πρώτου.

mixtape for rodon fm :

1st hour

Nick Holder - Time (Manuel Tur Dub Mix)
Ozgur Can – Soulsearching (Original Mix)
Moloko - Forever More (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
Sunset Blvd - Loving You (Satoshi Fumi Remix)
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
Baggi Begovic vs. Groovenatics - The Music (Belocca and Soneec Mix)
Bongoloverz Feat An-Tonic - The Ministers (Big Room Vibe)
Dca Project - Sandcastles
Ben Coda - Reflections (Original Mix)
Kei Mohebi - Perspolis (Inkfish Remix)

2nd hour
Jerk House Connection – Each And Every Day pt.1 (Underground Mix)
D.Ramirez,Mark_Knight– Colombian Soul (Funkagenda Wombat Crossing Remix)
Ralf Gum feat. Diamondancer - All this Love for You (Rocco Spoken Mix)
Johnwaynes feat. Hubert Tubbs - Muzzle
Russell G-Solstice (Original Mix)
George Carrasco - Point Break (Original Mix)
Quentin Harris – Poor People feat. Monique Bingham (Pastaboys Main Mix)
Attik & LC Junior - Suave (Jj Romero Hot Mix)
Nacho Marco - Estefania (DJ Yellow Alienation Remix)
Silky Sunday – Friend (Sandy Rivera Remix)

RED018 Ilija Rudman - Call Me Tonight Remixes (Red Music/Croatia)

I discovered Ilija Rudman via his ''No One's Gonna Love You'' remix on Eddy Meets Yannah SOS Band cover back in 2008. This croatian guy with his enthousiastic pure grooves is satisfied my ears everytime is around. For once again with this packet of remixes bring me closer to my fave early balearic sound that establisted in eivizza way back in 80's. All the remixes can be categorized to new balearic sound and to the nowadays eclectic future boogie based to the old school days sounds. Rhythm Bases Loves 'Dub Me Tonight' Mix escape from Alferdo's dj selection, amazing percussions, 80's synths and game vocals. Revenge's pink floydish bassline super disco new balearic sound mix is totally a early nite spinnin’ party starter and at last Greg Wilso’s piano based mix with the clever ‘’Jingo’’ sampler and latinesque percussions is my fave. RED COLOURS is sexy RED MUSIC is hot. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 26.04.10


HTR008 Tres Gueros - Instead You Go (Headtunes/US)

Neo disco king Sleazy McQueen offers once again a big release. Dave Alison's balearic disco funk remix with the fat bass is my top choice from the remixes but Antony Mansfiled mix is touching me as well. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 26.04.10


Δευτέρα 22 Μαρτίου 2010

ZENDNLS254 Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (NinjaTune/UK)

One of the best Ninja Tune releases so far, and finally one so familiar to my ears. Mr Scruff, Flying Lotus, Theo Parrish and Bonobo singer, Andreya Triana, releases her debut single. A wonderful soul track with folk style and one warm future remix by Flying Lotus. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 05.04.2010


Clyb Foster - I Don't Want To Make A Mistake (Peacelounge/CD-R)

Clyb Foster’s debut release will be available on Peacelounge Label from Frankfurt soon. They are French fries and their first track ‘’I Don't Want To Make A Mistake’’ is a beautiful jazzy and lounge downtempo track with euphoric synths, sweet and funky and gay guitar riff, hungry bass and warm vocals by Turkish bath Sibel Kose. Already playlisted in my last radio show on Wednesday, March the 17th. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show



CPT 347 Elaste Vol.3 Super Motion Disco Compiled By Dompteur Mooner (Compost/DE)

CPT 347 Elaste Vol.3 Super Motion Disco Compiled By Dompteur Mooner (Compost/DE)

Mooner, Elaste, Afro Cosmic, Comsic Disco that’s my childhood sound. Another change for anyone to get in touch with this so strictly known in Italy only culture when was happened back in late 70’s and early 80’s. Compilation includes tracks like Riccardo Cioni’s & D.J.F.T. Band "Fog’’, a slow motion italo disco gun that takes us back on first ELASTE compilation and straight to the point of Cosmic Disco. Cosmic disco and afro funky club cultura was addicted to the drugs and very closer to New Beat Belgian movement tracks like Deep Fix’s "Time Centre’’ are the proof of this hypnotic, sexy and ecstatic experience of those days. Compiler Dompteur Mooner is the german edition of italian djs that created that dj sound and this compilation another collected item from Compost Records. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 26.03.10


SR083 Delgui - One Step (Sunshine Enterprises/AT)

Another great 12’’ by Deglui. The sweet deep gia deep house version of ‘’This Is Where It All Begun’’ is so playful and gentle discoteque mix of Swell Session on ‘’One Step’’ is my choice here. Orininal broken beat version of ‘’One Step’’ included as well one club sandwich mix of ‘’Boogie Bridge’’ that I like only its gentle synths and the uplifting house tempo. - Dj Nova Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 26.03.10


Κυριακή 21 Μαρτίου 2010

PROGRESSIVE TUNES Every Saturday 9PM On Rodon95 FM



1.Tj Kong - The Centre Of The World (Suelo Mix)
2.Rainer Weichold - Infernal (Original Mix)
3.Marc Romboy - Talking Of That Jazz (Original Mix)
4.Asem Shama - Metroman
5.Riccardo Ferri & Daniele Papini - Fragments (Martin Eyerer
6.Behrouz - Feelin' Good (Alex Neri Remix)
7.Darius Syrossian & Nyra - Luis Conte (Original Mix)
8.Alan Fitzpatrick - Straw Hats (Dustyn Zahn Remix)
9.Soylent Green - La Forza Del Destyno (Radio Slave Remix) 2007

Guest Mix John Dalagelis

1.Steve Bug feat Gigi - Like It Should Be (Ribn’s Translucent Vox Remix)
2.Luca Bacchetti - Love Making
3.Alex Flitsch Meets Audiofly - The Conversation
4.Shinedoe - No Boundaries feat Mr Bumpy (Martin Bouttrich Remix)
5.Wollion - Largo Embargo (Jim Rivers Remix)
6.Neurotron - Akemi
7.Alex Flitsch Meets Audiofly - Long Way To Go
8.Erich Bogatzky - Murex (John Dalagelis Remix)
9.Spirit Catcher - Sedona
10.Simon Garcia - Hallucinogenic
11.Toby Tobias - Sehoon (Dave Ellesmere Remix)

Παρασκευή 19 Μαρτίου 2010

8TR009 Q-Burns Abstract Message - Chainsaw (Eight Tracks/US)

Another great release by Q-Burns Abstract Message, another beautiful soundscape. Q-Burns Abstract Message own Analog (exciting), Loose (less analogue, more disco) and Balearic (use of sunris:ed piano and how the other side of atlantic feel the mediteranean bliss mix – my fave offcource here) versions are all high recomended. Ajello’s italo disco lost in too house remix mix brazilian percussion and space sound with an extremely innovating way and is my highlight from the remixworks. Jota Wagner forgots his braz roots and going more into the real sound of Eight Tracks with a heavy underground club tool remix theory, less melodic synths, more weirdo space attacks and teck shots. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 13.04.10
PRE CHECK: http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1552354-02.htm


130D037 Kyka - Mind Games EP (Onethirty/US)

Very intresting, as usual, deep house work on onethirty’s catalogue. Three original tracks plus two more remixes by Johnny Fiasco and Ariel Rodz are including. ‘’Mind Games’’ is a onethirty sound:ed deep driven house with a touch of old school tempo and euphoric synths that i like too much here. ‘’Firebird’’ is an uptempo dreamy deep house tune that makes me feel nostaglia and Ariel Rodz did nice remix on it, St Germaina and Shazz old school style.‘’More Than Friends’’ is another beautiful track, with deep rotation and galactic & trance spirit and Johnny Fiasco is for sure a more dreamy one. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 30.03.10


LABELOLOGY #6 Onethirty Mix By Dj Nova

FMCD009 Emanative - Time (Futuristica/UK)

Emanative’s debut album nominated by me as BEST ALBUM OF 2009, and Futuristica as the BEST LABEL of soul and jazz fields of music. Nick Woodmansey knows how to create music to satisfy the spiritual people of this planet totally. His adventures in space and time lead him to his amazing debut album ‘’Space’’ year and one year later is ready to landed his new one called ‘’Time’’ on april. This long player will include unreleased stuff and remixes, some already out and some new. ‘’Time’’ are stardust:ed instrumentals like the ones ‘’Lights On Off’’, ‘’Eastern Orbit’’ and ‘’Find You’’, the last one is one of the best jazz tracks that i heard this year, ‘’ Turn Your Lights On’’ a vocal vrsion of ‘’Lights On’’ plus a space dub version by Emanative himself of ‘’Space In Veda’’. Simon S’s alter ego Jazz Chronicles did an amazing vibraphonic crystal hip hop beat remix, London’s modern jazzer Scrimshire did an gorgeous and piano based remix on broken jazz of ‘’Illusion’’, already charted as my February No1 in my monthly charts, the harp gives a warm mood and as remix is continue is getting an orchestral masterpiece, strings and vibraphone makes it like a sleepless dream. Burntprogress’s future beat makers Soundspecies touched the incredible ‘’We Travel The Spacebeats’’ so well and the result is a space hip hop galactic game that slaps on the back the original. Already known from his Jazz Chronicles remix new producer K15 retouches with a Karmaceutical Mix ‘’Space In Veda’’, and innersearch mix of three parts in one, electromagnetic from outerspace the first one, earth view:ed the second and earth land:ed the last. Bipolar’s Kay Suzuki offers an eclectic future afro broken beat jazz work with a lot of conscious. Offcource remixes from ‘’Spacebeats EP’’* are including too, ‘’Naima’’ Coltraine’s cover - Marc Rapson’s and Tony Nwachukwu’s Wah-chu-ku Mtronix Version of lovely ‘’When On Earth’’ are completing the long player. I discovered many artists year by year but Emanative sound is the one that really feel so close to my jazz… ANOTHER MUST HAVE FROM FUTURISTICA AND PERSONAL HIGHTLIGHT. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

* http://www.rodonfm.com/2009/10/fm-017-emanative-spacebeats-ep.html


* http://www.rodonfm.com/2009/10/fm-017-emanative-spacebeats-ep.html
Tετάρτη 17/03/10, ώρα: 23.00-01.00
με τον Τάσο Τσιρίκα

archie bronson outfit - magnetic warrior, album: coconut, label: domino, 2010

nice nice - see waves, album: see waves 7'', label: warp, 2010

- proud evolution, album: sisterworld, label: mute, 2010

- save yourself (it's nice), album: make it real, label: not not fun, 2010

Jonas Reinhardt
- atomic bomb living, album: powers of audition, label: kranky, 2010


TRACKs list

Recovery Position, from ovations [Make Mine Music, 2009]

for engineers A, from for engineers 7'' [i/che, 1996]

Wrong french
, from popular mechanics [i/che, 1997]

music for rolex, from 7'' split with matmos [lissy's, 1999]

snowfall soon, from low birth weight, [rocket girl, 1999]

crown estate, from low birth weight, [rocket girl, 1999]

not fair, from low birth weight, [rocket girl, 1999]

password, from artist's rifles, [rocket girl, 2000]

Greece, from mort aux vaches [MortAuxVaches,1999]

music won't save, from writers without homes [4AD, 2002]

Saint Marie, from the troubled sleep of piano magic [GreenUFOs, 2003]

Love & Music, from disaffected [Talitres, 2005]

Deleted Scenes, from disaffected [Talitres, 2005]

Incurable, from incurable ep [important, 2006]

The Last Engineer, from Part-Monster [Important, 2007]

March of the Atheists, from ovations [Make Mine Music, 2009]

son de mar I(part)
, from son de mar o.s.t. [4AD, 2001]

Πέμπτη 18 Μαρτίου 2010

Reggae by RodonRadio 21:00-00:00

  • 19 ΚΑΙ 20 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ - ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ ΝΤΟΚΙΜΑΝΤΕΡ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ -ΑΙΘΟΥΣΕΣ ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΖΑΝΝΑΣ ,ΟΛΥΜΠΙΟΝ -ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗ: Rocksteady – Οι ρίζες της ρέγγε / Στάσα Mπάντερ -more info in tdf.filmfestival.gr

Tuesday 16 - 3 - 2010 late night playlist

First hour:
1. Polly Scattergood - Bunny Club
2. B-Sides - Kill
3. The Wombats - Lost In The Post
4. Northern Portrait - Criminal Art Lovers
5. Basia Bulat - Walk You Down
6. The Go-Betweens - Streets Of Your Town
7. Jónsi - Go Do
8. Slow Dazzle - Fleur De Lie
9. Lumiere Brother - Kate's Summer
10. Get Well Soon - Angry Young Man
11. MGMT - Flash Delirium
12. The Guild League - Mouse Vs. Mountain
13. Playground Noise - Last Cigarette
14. Tindersticks - Black Smoke
15. Electric Litany - Tear
16. Mazzy Star - Hair And Skin

Second hour:
1. Fun Lovin Crirminals - Classic Fantastic
2. Gabin - Lost And Found
3. The Sweet Vandals - I Got You, Man!
4. Kylie Auldist - Lookin For You
5. Bonobo Featuring Andreya Triana - Stay The Same
6. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
7. Air - So Light Is Her Footfall
8. Marsmobil - Magnetizing
9. Etten - Northern Lights (Rivontulet)
10. Vello Leaf - Now That We Are
11. Cowboy Junkies - My Wild Child
12. The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are
13. Chris & Carla - Love Sleeps Late
14. Sad Day For Puppets - All The Songs

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Saturdays at 19:00

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Music Is What We Do (Elevation/IR) Radio Show Playlist @ 10.03.10 By Dj Nova

Check: http://www.digestmusic.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=6&Itemid=29

Download Show: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/2010.03.10.rar

Part 1

roger gerressen truth be told (elevation promo)

El Provost/tONKPROJECT remix days and times (elevation)

jamie anderson & owain m/tONKPROJECT remix freerider (elevation)

pablo fierro mellow man (elevation promo)

haldo/juan fierro night city journey (J promo)

soul minority retroplex (elevation promo)

harold heath between the beats (elevation promo)

lonya & roi okev follow me (elevation promo)

baffa blackperry (elevation promo)

red rack em i have see (fun your ears promo)

scoper & bubba/touch of disco mix i'm satisfied (elevation)

Part 2

sleazy mcqueen fantasy (deep funk promo)

pablo fierro nights in harlem (elevation promo)

[re:jazz]/mop mop luv connection (infracom promo) TRACK OF THE MONTH

cbass & mikobene don't forget (elevation)

lomez & ivaylo nuno dos santos remix flies (elevation promo)

steve mill/jay tripwire higher self interpretation modele partouze (elevation)

elegia/innocent lovers & pleasure remix to become (elevation promo)

corrugated tunnel/chymera remix one night in barcelona (elevation promo)

sidearms/vince watson humantics (logos promo)

el prevost/tom taylor 2 in dub remix do you remember (elevation promo)




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