Δευτέρα 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

TRUDD259 J-Felix - J-Freq Glide on Tru Thoughts

TRUDD259 J-Felix - J-Freq Glide 06.07.18///Already OUT on Tru Thoughts///‘’J-Freq’’ grooves has a classic and classy (jazz)funk and disco vibe. Afro effects, wicked bass and shape-shifting architecture are offering a multi-choice DJ weapon. ‘’Glide’’ on the other hand mingles his soul and hip hop influences on a kind of acid jazz and g-funk organic texture. The doze of the injected funk on J-Felix body was overdoze. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95//#NovAvoN #soul #disco #boogie #funk #gfunk

HYR 7187 Calm - By Your Side on Hell Yeah Recordings

HYR 7187 Calm - By Your Side 25.07.18///OUT on HELL YEAH recordings///Hell Yeah delivered this beautifully arranged album by Calm that seems one of the best of the year so far. From the first track you can imagine the concept of the whole album, the fusion of sounds of blending slow synth jazz motives and downtempo ambience. For sure I will never call this chill out. The genre is so richless for this. The only genre that covers its spirit is the diversity of the Balearic genre. We meet a Japanese kaleidoscope of synth culture and easy approach of avant-garde in the shape of our days. It's an album that overcomes Calm himself and easy balanced over his early spiritual and later classical, even electronic movements. ''Shadows And Lights '' in the heart of the album sounds like this, like a milestone of his career overview. Fascinating, emotion-rich ''By Your Side'' is exactly what its name says. It attends to be by your side the second half of the year and then and undouptly it is an album that will be loved and played by eveyone, everywhere, especially the more uptempo Balearic disco groove of ''Before Landing''. This is what I call Balearic For You. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #Balearic #downtempo #electronic #synth #jazz #organic

Πέμπτη 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

Casa Del Sol #103 Βy DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #103

01. The Gipsy Kings - Inspiration
02. Los Twangueros - Entre Dos Aguas (On-U Sound Dub)
03. Cantoma - Verbana (Original Mix)
04. ROBOT 84 - San Vorera (Breese Remix)
05. Ambala - Morning Lights
06. Phil Minoia - Sera D'agosto
07. Morandi Gianni & Dalla Lucio - Dimmi Dimmi
08. Tony Esposito - Veronica Song
09. Robert Mirza - With You (Florzinho's Shaceship Remix)
10. Pat & Pats - Tobago (Miro's Piano Paradise)
11. Cosa Rosa - Toledo Girl (Instrumental)
12. Love Nation - Lifetime
13. Noche Espanola - Noche Espanola
14. Antonio Sorrentino - E' Prumesse
15. Mina - Amante Amore
16. Enzo Carella - Amara
17. Gianni Bella - Io Canto E Tu (Strumentale)
18. Γιωργος Χατζηνασιος - Το Αγγιστρι
19. Hamid El Shaeri - Ayonha

Casa Del Sol @ 22.08.18

◉ The unique and signature cocktail of DJ Nova’s Mediterranean sound. Casa Del Sol Mediterrane(o) Quattro! ''Gocce di Capri'' Edition, the annual Disco CC * Mix is back like every August. A Mediterranean Experience which inspired by DJ Nova’s poolside sunset sessions at www.goccedicapri.net. A bunch of Italian classics which remixed or reissued and taken from compilations like ''Napoli Segreta'', ''Don Carlos presents Paradise House' plus releases on Archeo Recordings and Disco Segreta. Tracks that never included on the PODCAST before but played on August 13th at the same named most fun resort in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. Latest releases by Ambala, Cantoma, Phil Minoia, Los Twangueros and Robot 84 (both from BALEARIC 4) included in the mix, extract from the last year’s compilation '' Gocce Di Capri Vol.1 '' on Cyron Music & Art Productions as well along music from Spain, Greece and Egypt. Discover the older Mediterrane(o) Mixes via www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-91/ 

* Capital Controls

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Begin ‎– 01 EP on Love International

Begin ‎– 01 EP *

It sounds so promising the launch of a label from Love International Festival team. The Adriatic festival is totally #BalearicForYou. This year’s line up so hot as well but here we are taking care the music. Label’s debut 12’’ and digital release comes from the unlimited sound diversity of Begin project. The lay back indie rock sunshine groove of local talking ‘’Wood Trees’’ would your sound shadow when the temperature will rise more on the summer months, its fat bassline and guitar solo will win immediately before the same groove attitude full of effects and Brazilian flavor of ‘’Day Pulse’’ will reach you. On the B Side the old school piano madness and Flamenco guitar take to the late nineties and beyond dance tunes reprises while ‘’Into The Fun’’ will offer you what can’t do the tones of digital lounge compilations and their tracks. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

Love International Festival

FW174 Kaidi Tatham - It's A World Before You on First Word Records

FW174 Kaidi Tatham - It's A World Before You 29.06.18///Already OUT on First Word Records///The Afro, soul and jazz funk influences and vibes are triumphantly and perfectly shaped on this broken beat and beyond LP by the mastermind of the genre. Feelin’ the most the Afro-Brazilian funk of ‘’2Tone’’ where pure 70’s vibes of Azymuth’s direction reflected perfectly on Kaidi Tatham’s sound. The ‘’It's About Who You Know’’ solid deep flow that follows is another personal highlight. Smooth percussive-laden ‘’Cold’’ isn’t only its title says. Its warm and soulful keys that comes along its breaks is warning second by second about the magic that will follow when the broken beat value appeared later. It was a world before this album, a world that we can live with while we are listening this… - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #electronic #brokenbeat

CAP039 Twelvebitmusic - Life on Colour and Pitch

CAP039 Twelvebitmusic - Life 13.07.18///OUT NOW on Colour and Pitch///I'm totally obsessed with this digital package. TwelveBitMusic’s ‘’Life'' is the most uplifting and hands in the air release of the label so far. Full of synthesizer motifs, dreamy chords, delicate beats, acid reminiscent and progressive emphasis. ‘’Who We Are’’ is the ANTHEM of the summer. Worth checkin’, listenin’, playin’ and dancin’. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #dance #house #deephouse

AOTNLP 018 Hampshire & Foat - Nightshade on Athens of the North

AOTNLP 018 Hampshire & Foat - Nightshade 22.06.18///Already OUT on Athens of the North///Beautiful, cinematic and vintage compotitions. This mesmerizing concept of jazz and folk is head over heels when is reaching the diversity of Balearic side of music. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN #acoustic #organic #jazz #folk #library #chill #Balearic

PIA 0320 Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - Turipanu EP on Planet Inspiration

PIA 0320 Ibiza Air & Walter Silva - Turipanu EP 22.06.18///OUT on Planet Inspiration///It sounds AMAZING! So Casa Del Sol, so Balearic, so Mediterranean! Love mostly the Original but the Eastern influences of the Remix are offering something really beautiful even sad in my mind... - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95/// #NovAvoN ‪#newrelease #chillout #chill #downtempo #deephouse #chilledhouse

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