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16.18 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 05.06.19 By DJ Nova

◉ This week’s show opens its diversity and Balearic wings and starting with a deep house tune that arrived as promo some month ago here but still unreleased. Emblazed with tracks from Balearic compilations by Phil MisonInternational Feel - Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding (two extracts from their ‘’ Hostal La Torre Recordings Volumen Tres’’ included), Pascal Rioux and Beautiful Swimmers. Another tune from Kabasa’s reissue on BBE Music, Marcos Valle UPCOMING LP on Far Out Recordings, Azymuth’s demos of 1973-1975, teaser single from Bryony Jarman-Pinto debut on Tru Thoughts. New Italian trio Aura Safari and Malouane debut LP find their place in the playlist, names to follow. The recent Balearic releases by Blari French, Mark Barrott and Ferdi is here as well. New TRACK OF THE MONTH by Mogwaa, ‘’Camino De Los Vagabundos’’. Faced some issues in the show especially in the end with some digital promo so expect some little spaces as moving at the last minute to vinyls. Enjoy…

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Ben Dean - Take Two
Christoph Spendel Group - Forever
Marvin Franklin - Kona Winds
Kabasa - African Sunset
Nu Guinea - 'A Voce 'E Napule
Marcos Valle - Olha Quem Tá Chegando
Pacific Dreams - Mellow Out
Freeez - Keep In Touch
Mogwaa - Camino De Los Vagabundos

Blair French - Morning Sail
Carlo Maria Cordio & Franco Vinciguerra - Quips And Cranks
M5K - The One For Me

Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Saffron Yellow
Ferdi - Little River
Azymuth - Laranjeiras
Aura Safari - Saturn And Calypso
Malouane - Faith Hiva
Mark Barrott - Low Lying Fruit
Pacific Coliseum - Morning's At Made's
Band Aid - A Tour In Italy
Alex Simon - Runnin' Out Of Time (Instrumental)
Tullio De Piscopo ‎– Radio Africa (Club Mix)

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Balearic For You: Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - Echoes 2019

Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - Echoes 2019 *
It would be a mistake to call this release Balearic… ‘’Echoes’’ compilation’s concept is a fascination of jazz under world music view of synth fusion. It would be not a mistake to experienced this sound:result and its sequence as a vibrant new age record of polished, synthetic naturalism and human compelling vocals. Honestly this is the LP is that listening the most lately. The included rare and hard to find originals released as 7’’ and 12’’ singles in the heart of the eighties plus the unreleased tracks and unheard versions of Frank’s and Maria’s collaborations are flowing from lush to lavish. All moving through the breezy instrumental skills on parallel space and time of eighties actual releases we lived or discovered the previous years. South American echoes and smooth jazz notes combined with all those sun-drenched jazz pop and lounge sound from then ‘til now and reached the wider and unlimited border of the Balearic eclecticism. Finally, I think it wouldn’t be a mistake not to call this at least Balearic For You as many of you, if not all, you are not using genre’s name as a trend but you are deeply searching its extension heard or unheard. And one last word, missing ‘’Tenderly’’ from the sequenced listening pleasure. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

NUNSSS001V Summer Selections One 12'' on NuNorthern Soul

NUNSSS001V Summer Selections One 12'' 30.05.19 ◉ OUT on NuNorthern Soul ◉ This 12'' selection and teaser is a wavy journey through the sound of the White Island as shaped by its Balearic genre glory. Nick J Smith's is living the Italian dream house rebirth as his '‘Waves Take Hold’' is a fascinating multi-infuenced circa 1990 that may sounded extremely futuristic back in the day and absolutely future retro today. The duet from my country, Bonnie & Klein appears sweatily dance-friendly more uptempo than usual lately and their crafted ethereal "Ocean Leap'' is an unmistakable Mediterranean flavoured tune that surfs over classic, rare and hidden to the most Greek electronic vibes of their childhood and deep Balearic disco aqua manine shapes. Combining late eighties new age, synth-laden chilled of decades echoes, world-sourced rememberence and even Mystic Diversions magic the epic-long ‘'Endless Ocean’' by Mirage offers an old school Balearic journey. Officially #BalearicForYou. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95 ♫ #NovAvoN ‪#balearic #downtempo #chill #chillout #deephouse #dreamhouse #ambienthouse

Σάββατο, 9 Νοεμβρίου 2019

Casa Del Sol #113 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #113

01. Cantoma - Kasoto (Noche Espanola Remix)
02. Faze Action - Kubatana (Rudy's Midnight Machine Mix)
03. Mazzo - Purple Waves
04. Nick J. Smith - Waves Take Hold
05. Afterlife - Celluloid
06. Blair French - Lounsbury Gardens
07. Mellow Men – Sauber
08. Iorie Arutani - De La Vida
09. Blank & Jones – Grown Minds (KLar & PF Remix)
10. Dead Horse Beats - JJ's Groove
11. ind_fris - Blue moon
12. Feater - Time Million (Blood Shanti Main Version)
13. Lexx - Eye 1-2

Casa Del Sol @ 16.06.19

◉ Casa Del Sol ''Balearic Sunset Sessions'' Edition is moving between sun-baked prime dance floor material and lay back sunset's pick time soundmaking tunes as features the coolest Balearic house and grooves the early summer of 2019 could offer. White island's sound millioners like Cantoma, Faze Action, Rudy's Midnight Machine, Afterlife and Blank & Jones next to fresh Mediterranean decks tenders like Mazzo, Nick J. Smith, Blair French and some DJ Nova's Balearic For You choices by Mellow Men, Iorie & Arutani, Dead Horse Beats, ind_fris as Feater and Lexx latest and upcoming releases are completing a coastal influenced uptempo and vibrant sundown session. It's summertime and the living is partyin'.

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Balearic For You: Music For Dreams Summer Sessions RSD 2019 12'' on Music For Dreams

Music For Dreams Summer Sessions RSD 2019 *
I'm not sure if Balearic lovers would be so enthousiast with RSD without this release.
On the A Side the release is hosting an ambient and world music interface. The expansive and overprocessed remake by The Swan & The Lake himself on his ''Plastic Pacific Ocean'' which taken from his debut digital single and including like this on his second MDF album is an exploration journey to classic moments of Cafe Del Mar's resident DJs sets and its compilation series most atmospheric moments.
Troels Hammer in the heart of the side and sound is assembling this ambient soundscape and world music echoes ''Infinity'' as the marimbas are playing on his heavenly keys and pads and inclined on seductively Clara Valente vocals.
The world music Nordso & Theill's trademark organic sound on ''Castanos Azules'' should not antagonize Flamenco and Indian folk music but do it again. On this unrelease before composition sounded more Spanish than Danish like never before.
On the B Side things slowly transforms into beach friendly creations. The electrified-bossa nova of Mike Salta's ''Hey Moloko'' is holidayin' in Africa. This beautiful earlier digital single is a Balearic beach opener and sounds so pure MFD.
Then, you will discover Ambala's ''Morning Lights'' on vinyl! DJ Nova's most wanted digital track and release on vinyl. Best digital single of 2018, Nova Planet Radio Show August's TRACK OF THE MONTH, hightlight on annual's Mediterrane(o) Disco Mix and tune of my ''Gocce Di Capri - Pool Club'' DJ sessions. This 80s-obsessed track decidedly need no more introduction, to the White Island and Balearic lovers for sure.
Like no introduction, the legendary Dj Pippi Ibiza who his latest digital only “Hierba Buena" 2 x guitar driven house groove is a loved-up Music For Dreams brand of cocktail on the beach. Record Store Day. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You **
** We love to supply future Balearic classics For You...

NUNS016V Blair French ‎– Patio Pastels EP on NuNorthern Soul

NUNS016V Blair French ‎– Patio Pastels EP 26.04.19 ◉ OUT on NuNorthern Soul ◉ Blair French's latest 12'', its finest today and most familiar and clearly 100% Balearic For You is offering barefoot languid grooves which are featuring minimal synth rhythms that armed with soft percussive ageless White Island miniatures and 'whispered' soundscapes perfect for lazy Balearic use and sea water guide survival. Simply one of the most playable releases in my turntables the last weeks, day and night. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// #NovAvoN ‪#balearic #downtempo #chill #chillout

FARO 211 Marcos Valle - Sempre on Far Out Recordings

FARO 211 Marcos Valle - Sempre 28.06.19 ◉ OUT on Far Out Recordings ◉ The enormously gifted veteran has been quietly turning heads once again with his new album which is an unexpected detour into his early eighties boogie-sque influenced music. The album not only recalls a bit his milestone ‘’Estrelar’’ and beyond sound but also is moving things around Brazilian jazz funk, disco and pacific grooves, even today modern funk scene with the synth-laden ‘’Distância’’. All above influences and rhythms merge to form a harmonious whole by Marcos Valle. The organic boogie of the first digital single ‘’Alma’’ has AOR soul and all this palm beachside magic of Rio De Janeiro jazz funk we love, like do the second and third ones ‘’Olha Quem Tá Chegando’’ and same title ‘’Sempre’, while the soft percussive and deep ‘’Aviso Aos Navegantes’’ has a cosmic touch. On the other hand ‘’Vou Amanhã Saber’’ harkens back to a sound early of to the (Brazilian) disco and creates a party zone in the album.A personal highlight among others is pure Brazilian and exotique epic journey of ‘’Odisséia’’ which is a it's a vibrant sun-kissed affair of organic and synth sound. If you're driving, I suggest winding your window down, if you are at home do the same, people around you must listen this music. Looks like album of the summer here, feelin’ lucky that living in north hemisphere! - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #newrelease #Brazilian #jazzfunk #boogie #AOR PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1616/ and then (every week)

16.18 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 05.06.19 By DJ Nova

◉ This week’s show opens its diversity and Balearic wings and starting with a deep house tune that arrived as promo some mont...