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Compost Radio Show Playlist @ 27.11.13 By DJ Nova

LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20131127/

10 Years Anniversarry Session Vol.3 with Compost Records in focus this week. Munich’s Compost Records was first label, except Nova Records who sent me promotional material. Its 160th release, Beanfield’s ‘’Seek’’ was the first ever release which focused on Nova Planet Radio Show. Since then tones of stuff played in my show, exclusive broadcastings for my country, Greece, LIVE interviews with Michael Reinboth, Truby Trio, Christian Prommer, Eddy Ramich, Felix Laband and Intuit, to name few and Guest Mixes was often on the AIR. In this show i tried, their catalogue is really large, to play just few of my fave releases and characheristic Compost’s moments along UPCOMING (Juan De Dios/Blank & Jones/Elektromekanik/Bonobo), NEW (BoogieLabLDj Earl) stuff and Lord Echo’s TRACK OF THE MONTH … More: http://www.compost-rec.com/

Blank & Jones - Closer (Daylight Mix)
TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos - The Quiet Room
Juan De Dios - Missing You (Always On My Mind Mix)
Karma - Are We (Tony Nwachukwu Remix)
Robinn - Plastic People
Eddy & Dus - Dal Mare

Dj Earl - Now Breakk (Beardus Remix)
Intuit - Western Sunrise
Kyoto Jazz Massive - Endless Flight
Eddy Meets Yannah - Just Like...

BoogieLab - Fly
Steppah Huntah - Walk This Step (Seiji Black Forest Gateaux)
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo Houses
Black 80s - Such A Long Time
Shahrokh Soundofk - Love Happens
Beanfield - Close To You (Akustic Mix)
Lord Echo - Molten Lava

Robert Owens - Hearts & Soul (Christo Disco Rinse Remix)
Trickski - Hormony
Opensouls - In Your Hands (Main Mix)
Nico Gomez - Rio
Phreek Plus One - I Love You
Felix Laband - Whistling In Tongues (Vinyl Edit)

Elektromekanik – Don’t Stop
Bonobo - First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ & http://www.rodonfm.com/ GMT + 2

LMNKV 90 Los Fulanos - Discoteque (Lovemonk/SP)

Long vehicle 12’’. Love ‘’Inspector Rodriguez’’ sound like been on a 70s movie soundtrack. Love the real percussive Latin disco mixing with early house sound of ‘’Fourty Five’’, the bassline is killer on this one. NYC’s Sabo is doin’ his crazy Afro Latin dub things on ‘’Sobran Cueros’’ album track, dancers will love this. Their best (for me) album track ‘’El Que No Esti Se Lo Pierde’’ gets a freaky More Disco Than Disco Version. I told you long vehicle release pure DJ must have stuff, the only disadvantage, not radio friendly edits, Uncle Lovemonk will you take care of this please? – DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE Physical: 19.09.13
RELEASE DATE Digital: 07.10.13

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/lovemonk/sets/los-fulanos-discoteque/

BUY 12’’: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/los-fulanos-discoteque/506193-01/
BUY mp3: http://www.junodownload.com/products/los-fulanos-discoteque/2321994-02/

FOR MORE: http://www.lovemonk.net/

ALG051EP Tal M. Klein - Exhaustasaurus EP (Aniligital Music/US)

Balanced between retro, mostly eighties, sounds and experiments of the future design of music he is building nowdays an academy of dance culture basing to the primordial need of people dancing in rhythm and only. If you're good student will understand his philosophy on his album too, if not I'm sorry. The Remixers on the teaser EP got it well, ex-Hitop, now Lovenmonk’s Casbah 73 offers an excellent afro jazz restruction and Spiltmilk an equal to Tal M. Klein one. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 11.11.13

CHARTED: http://www.junodownload.com/charts/dj/326634-DJ_Nova_Rodon_FM_95/668881-Chart

PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/8dpromo/tal-m-klein-exhaustasaurus-ep

BUY Exhaustasaurus ALBUM: http://www.junodownload.com/products/tal-m-klein-exhaustasaurus/2307115-02/


TRU283 Quantic & Nidia Gongora - Muevelo Negro/Nanguita EP (Tru Thoughts/UK)

New Quantic single takes me back in the day when he used to drop more ''club'' tracks. With the xylophone in focus on ''Muévelo Negro'' built a deep Afro house full of exotic images and on “Ñanguita” stays where he always be lately, the real Colombia. Nidia Góngora vocals on both tracks are gining the right dimension. I think Nidia Góngora is the most combatible vocalist for his Colombi adventures. Instrumentals works as well too. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 04.11.13

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBT9E0W-jAE

BUY 12’’: http://shop.etchshop.co.uk/releases/TRU283/muevelo-negro--nanguita-red-vinyl/761
BUY mp3: http://www.junodownload.com/products/quantic-nidia-gongora-muevelo-negro-aianguita/2323233-02/


Πέμπτη 28 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Beat Philosophy 109 Radio Show

Beat Philosophy Radio Show By Christos Kedras @ Rodon FM 95 
As it was broadcasted on Wednesday 27.11.13
SOON will be broadcasted on Fridays midnight

19:00-20:00 GTM+2
handpicked in Los Angeles | broadcast globally
Beat Philosophy 109 - 2013-10-29
01. Matt Prehn ft Dene Theron - Easy January (Max Lyazgin remix) - [Pole Position Recordings] PPR0052
02. Abstrakt Audio - Back 2 Basics (Vanilla Ace & Donny Bravo remix) - [Whiskey Pickle Records] WP014
03. Alan de Laniere - No more (original mix) - [Mycrazything Records] MCT19
04. DJ Fresh vs Chymamusique - Life of Congo (original mix) - [Big Dawg Productions] BDP201301
05. Christi Mills ft Mike Eyia - Spoken deep - [Broken Records] BR1309
06. NERD - Everywhere (original mix) - [Bounce House Recordings] BHEP46
07. Juan Hoerni - Move mountains - [Cha Cha Project Recordings] CCPR0014
08. Yogi & Husky ft Natalie Conway - Lost inside your eyes (original mix) - [Random Soul Recordings] RSR032
09. D Trax & Wallie - Drug effect - [Ausara Recordings] AUR009
10. Marcelo Vak - They dont know about - [Heavenly Bodies Records] HBS062
11. Bass Ace ft Alina Egorova - Drive into the night (extended mix) - [Clubmasters Records] CM037
12. Tortured Soul feat. N'Dea Davenport - I might do something wrong (John-Christian Urich & JKriv original mix) - [TSTC Records] DS013

LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/christoskedras/beat-philosophy-109/

Club Rodon - 27/11/2013

Michael Nyman - The Scent Of Love
Nils Frahm - Says
Dinah Washington And Max Richter - This Bitter Earth / On The Nature Of Daylight Mogwai - Fear Satan (Remix)
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
King Midas Sound - Meltdown
Vassillikos - The Look Of LOve
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
Ada - Maps (Micheal Mayer & Tobias Thomas Mix)
Stereo Nova - Mikro Agori (2013 mix)
Felizol & The Boy - Mother
Memory Tapes - Bicycle
Tracey Thorn - Oh, The Divorces!
Παυλος Παυλιδης & The Β-Movies - H Μαιρη
Tindersticks - If You're Looking for a Way Out
Python Lee Jackson & Rod Stewart - In A Broken Dream
Jackie Deshannon - Put A Little Love In YourHeart
The Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting Place
Pj Harvey - We Float
Apollo 440 feat. Billy Mackenzie - Pain In Any Language
The Rosebuds - Hold Me Tight

dj : mihalis emmanouilidis

Τετάρτη 27 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Club Rodon - 26/11/2013

 The Asphodells - Beglammered (Richard Sen remix)
Arcade Fire - Afterlife
Bonobo - First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Daft Punk - Get Lucky
Midlake - The Old And THe Young
Julia Holter - This Is A True Heart
David Bowie - Atomica
Savages - Husbands (Live In Bristol, Thekla)
World Of Twist - The Storm (12")
Juana Molina - Eras
Los Campesinos! - Avocado Baby
Strypes - What A Shame
Fuzz - raise
Parquet Courts - Master Of My Craft
Sleaford Mods - My Jampandy
Girls Names - Hypnotic Regression
The National - Sea Of Love
The Fall - Victoria
Mika Vanio - Cargo
Beak> - Pill
Aphex Twin - Nannou
Vincent Gallo - Moonchild
Bjork - Come To Me (Unplugged)
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning

dj : mihalis emmanouilidis

Τρίτη 26 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Jazzworks - 24/11/2013

01. Papik - "On THe Move" from Music Inside
02. Papik - "This Happiness" from Music Inside
03. The James Taylor Quartet - "Fuzzburn" from Closer To The Moon
04. The James Taylor Quartet - "Nightwalk" from Closer To The Moon
05. The Greyboy Allstars - "Profundo Grosso" from Inland Emperor
06. The Greyboy Allstars - "Inland Emperor" from Inland Emperor
07. The Soul Jazz Unit - "Pentatonic" from Old Scholl Recipes
08. The Soul Jazz Unit - "Need Your Funk" from Old Scholl Recipes

09. Rongetz Foundation - "Gogo Soul" from Brooklyn Butterfly Sessions
10. Stefano Bollani - "Anema E Core" from Volare
11. Donald Brown - "Just One of Those Things" from Born To Be Blue
12. Chano Dominguez - "Solea Blues" from Hecho A Mano
13. Terez Montcalm - "Superwoman" from I Know I'll Be Allright
14. Terez Montcalm - "Je Reviens Te Chercher" from I Know I'll Be Allright
15. Marcelo Zarvos - "Chance Meeting" from Labyrinths
16. Francois Salque , Vincent Peirani - "Le Grand Tango" (pt3,Piu Mosso) from Tanquillo
17. Quadro Nuevo - "Canzone Della Strada" from End Of The Rainbow
18. Javier Girotto - "San Telmo Hora Cero" from Aires Tango
19. Javier Girotto - "Il Senzo Della Vita"
  Επιμέλεια - Παρουσίαση : Τάσος Χατζηνικολάου

Peacelounge Tokyo Sessions Vol.1 Radio Show Playlist @ 20.11.13 By DJ Nova

LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20131120/

10 Years Anniversarry Session Vol.2 with Peacelounge & Massa Takemoto’s ‘Tokyo Sessions Vol.1’’ in focus. Since 2007 Peacelounge in the first line of the Show & my fave label on the scene and beyond. In 2011 I compiled the ‘’Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2’’ for the label, Vol.3 will be out next year, so Frankurt’s have to be a part of the sessions. Massa, one half of Echolocation, watch out soon their exclusive track for Nova Planet’s Anniverarry EP, presents his first compilation on Peacelounge so it was the right time to broadcasted it together. The selection of unreleased, recent and back catalogue label’s tracks impressed me. In the show included recent releases from downtempo to techno, specifically included Massa’s track ‘’Out After Curfew’’ from ‘’Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2’’, an unreleased track by Black Zone Ensemble from Vol.3, an UPCOMING Nylon Trax release by Leandro P & Lord Echo’s TRACK OF THE MONTH among others. Don’t lose next week show, with Munich’s Compost Records in focus., Jet Tricks and more.

Echolocation - At Peace
Flamingo Star - There's A Place
Black Zone Ensemble - Late Night In Bahia
BoogieLab - Fly
Hyusfall - City One

Ojan - Beginnings
Machinedrum - SeeSea
Goloka - Millesime
Loopaland - Miracle In My Computer
Green Empathy - Do You Know

Suplington - Invisible Imagination
Levthand - Cadillac Track
Lord Echo - Molten Lava

Rubberlips & Jean Honeymoon - Warmer Than Sunshine
mister T - Sunshine Groove (Mr Chombee Remix)
Under Pressure - Near The Ocean
La Tirana - Calimero (m.age.project Naked House Remix)
Echolocation - Tomorrow On The Wind
OuD!n13 - 1618
Massa Takemoto - Out After Curfew
A Reminiscent Drive - Traveling Soul
Wiley - Born In The Cold (Instumental)
Chris Vano & Kathrin Wagner - Cosmopolitan Dreams
Alex B. Groove - Our Time
Mark Graham - Passion (Monodeluxe Mix)
Leandro P. - Take Control (Instrumental Mix)

live @ http://www.rodonfm.net/ & http://www.rodonfm.com/ GMT + 2

TRUDD092 Hot 8 Brass Band – Homies/Bingo Bango (Tru Thoughts/UK)

That’s the way we like it, ‘’Hommies’’ and ‘Bingo Bango’’ on vinyl… ‘’Bingo Bango’’ was a Basement Jaxx fave, Hot 8 Brass Band cover sound even better than the Original. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 28.10.13

PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20111106/

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-507JG8m4w



NUR22995 Yolanda Be Cool - To Be Alone (Nurvus/US)

Another masterpiece from down under force of Sweat it Outter’s Yolanda Be Cool, well this is package released on Nervus sublabel Nurvus already but whenever will be the Sweat it Out trademark of sound will follow it. The Original is a sweet drop of deep house and duet with the high acclaimed Omar makes it unique and not to be alone or to be alone on the top. Future garage of Urulu's Don't Let Me Down Remix sound excellent but James Curd onces again will take star with his eclectic Remix, indie dance as usual, tropical and folkish this time. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 15.10.13

PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20131030/

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/mixmag-1/premiere-yolanda-be-cool-to-be

BUY: http://www.beatport.com/release/to-be-alone-feat-omar/1167615


Δευτέρα 25 Νοεμβρίου 2013

BUSTED87 Blue In Green – Inner Funk (Cold Busted/US)

Blue In Green’s ‘’The Break Of Dawn’’ was selected by me as one of the best albums of the year of 2011. ‘’Inner Funk’’ comes not only as another Cold Busted delight but ready to be selected by me in this year’s list of best albums. ‘’Inner Funk’’ is more synth flavour:ed, more funky has drops of boogie, intergalactic dust and steps into the future. It will be not an excuse if you will not like this album… - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

RELEASE DATE: 12.11.13



PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/8dpromo/blue-in-green-inner-funk-cold

BUY Vinyl/CD/Digital: http://shop.coldbusted.org/album/inner-funk


WP013 S&M Music Company - Walk Away * (Whiskey Pickle/US)

OUTSTANDING! Another five stars rating release by Whiskey Pickle. This indie disco masterpiece ‘’Walk Away’’ Original is ace, light like a feather beat philosophy over a new wave guitar and live bassline can’t be wrong. Samantha Garrett’s vocals are exceptional. Freaky disco Remix by Cyclist with old school house roots and synth euphoria. Orthy Remix is a slo-mo monster an intergalactic part of a future cosmic disco massive comeback, the early house elements are here too. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show

* Nova Planet’s Radio Show TRACK OF THE MONTH OCTOBER 2013

RELEASE DATE: 29.10.13

PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20131002/
http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20131016/ **

PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/8dpromo/s-m-music-company-walk-away

BUY: http://www.junodownload.com/products/s-m-music-company-walk-away/2313547-02/


** Whiskey Pickle SPECIAL Radio Show

IVR008 Samuel Paradise - Refactory EP * (Intimate Venues/US)

Freakin’ and jackin’ nineties flavour EP, sounds like garage meets techno, especially on ‘’Restless’’, i like the broken madness of ‘’Love Is Gone’’ and choose as the best the ‘’Sonder’’ one, it a hypnotic old school based weapon with late night sound seduction, it is impressive the ammount of its different beat philosophy. - Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show


RELEASE DATE: 11.10.13

PLAYED: http://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/20131016/

PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/samuel-paradise/refractory-teaser-mix-out-on

BUY: http://intimatevenuesrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/refractory


Night Shift #6 - Esoteric Sob

 "Νυχτερινή Βάρδια - Night Shift "
Music Stories For The Midnight Hour
Κάθε Δευτέρα στις 24:00

 Τη Δευτέρα 25 Νοεμβρίου και λίγο μετά τις 24:00 στην εκπομπή "Νυχτερινή Βάρδια" καλεσμένος ο Esoteric Sob.


Tracks :

01.Your Hand In Mine - Please, Surrender
02.Figurant - Conversation
03.Anois - And You Are Okay
04.Amiina - Ásinn
05.Rökkurró - Skuggamyndir
06.Mum - Marmalade Fires
07.Efterklang - Mirador
08.Hior Chronik - Hiding your face (voc.Iris Waves)
09.Soley - Pretty Face
10.Arms and Sleepers - Matador
11.The Album leaf - The Outer Banks
12.Cars and Trains - We Are All Fire
13.The Notwist - Pick up the phone

Dj Darkhorse @ The Voice Of Cassandre

Δευτέρα 25/11/2013 - 23:00-24:00 

Dj Darkhorse @ The Voice Of Cassandre


Playlist :

The Cinematic Orchestra - Time &; Space feat Jack Kerouac
Phole - Oppositeland
Giyo - Summer Breeze (Set Sail)
Anitek - Cynical Being
Phontaine - Feels Like Home (Yellowsoul)
Nocide - Meat Robot
DJ Shadow - Mongrel Meets His Maker
Tourist - Stay
Kúra - Anchor
Cosmo's Midnight - Won't You Stay feat. JaysWays
Chet Faker - No Diggity
Anitek - Last Stop
Kognitif - Rocket Trip (from Music for Dining in Space)
Rainy Milo - Don't Regret Me
Mindpleasure & Friends - Où Es-tu mon Amour (Instrumental)
Shigeto - Huron River Drive
Major Lazer feat. Chronixx - Where I Come From
Nightmares on Wax - Flip Ya Lid

Παρασκευή 22 Νοεμβρίου 2013

9 - 10 pm .... POP ALERT

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

Japan - Quiet Life
The Communards - Disenchanted
Machines Are People Too - The Fever
Cut Copy - Let Me Show You Love
Client - Can You Feel?
Jaws - Gold
The Growlers - Dogheart II
The Young Knives - Owls of Athens
The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let The Day Begin
Jenny Wilson - The Future
Marsheaux - Inhale
Emiliana Torrini - Speed of Dark

Jarboe Live At Les Yper Yper (08/12)

Jarboe (US)

with P. Emerson Williams

Κυριακή 8/12 στις 21.30

στο Les Yper Yper

Μία από ιέρειες τις σκοτεινού ήχου των 80s έρχεται στη χώρα μας για δυο μοναδικές εμαφανισεις σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη! Τη γνωρίσαμε ως την φωνή των Swans και αργότερα μας εξέπληξε με τις δεκάδες guest συμμετοχές της σε σημαντικότατα συγκροτήματα όπως οι Neurosis, Oxbow και Lustmord μεταξύ πολλών άλλων. Με το προσωπικό της έργο να είναι ανεξάντλητο (17 solo κυκλοφορίες), θα έχουμε την ευκαιρία να μας παρασύρει στον σκοτεινό της κόσμο,με ένα ακουστικό σετ σε συνοδεία του κιθαρίστα και πολυσχιδή καλλιτέχνη P. Emerson Williams.


Τιμή Εισιτηρίου 13 euro (περιορισμένα λογω ιδιαιτερότητας της παραγωγής)
100 διαθέσιμα στα παρακάτω σημεία

Σημεία Προπώλησης,
- Lotus Record Shop, Σκρα 7
- Tickethouse (Musicland), Μητροπόλεως 102

Club Rodon // 20-11-2013

Belle And Sebastian // Desperation Made a Fool of Me
Devendra Banhart // Für Hildegard von Bingen
Phosphorescent  // Muchacho
Rhye // Last Dance
Eyecam // Laser Chyld
David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)
Steve Mason // Fire !
Chromatics // Running From The Sun
The Verve // The Drugs Don't Work
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds // Jubilee Street
Fear of Men // Your Side

CFCF // Jump Out Of The Train
James Blake - Overgrown
Lana Del Rey // Young And Beautiful
Jim James // A New Life
The Smiths // Asleep
Κ.Βητα // Ατελειωτα Χρυσανθεμα
Kurt Vile // Wakin' On A Pretty Day
Παυλος Παυλιδης & Τhe B-Movies // Λαθρεπιβάτης
Suede // Europe Is Our Playground
Magnetic Fields // How To Say Goodbye

dj // mihalis emmanouilidis

Τετάρτη 20 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Beat Philosophy 108 Radio Show

Beat Philosophy Radio Show By Christos Kedras @ Rodon FM 95
Wednesday 20.11.13
19:00-20:00 GTM+2

handpicked in Los Angeles | broadcast globally
Beat Philosophy 108 - 2013-10-15
01. Nitro BoyDJ & ShakesDJ - Channel of thought (original mix) - [Sofa Lounge Records]
02. YSE ft Frank H Carter III - Someone like you (Rhythm Plate always deep remix) - [Lost My Dog]
03. G Spice - The way we were (Smok remix) - [Phat Elephant Recordings]
04. Tenebrio & Emmanuel D'Sotto - Going south (original mix) - [Zenzontle Records]
05. DJ Mark Brickman - Fly high (Jay-J Shifted Up remix) - [RaMBunktious]
06. Husky ft Andrea Love - Just dance (Jarred Gallo west coast dub) - [Bobbin Head Music]
07. Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the way (Marcelo Vak bootleg) - [white]
08. Deeflash - I see you everywhere (Micfreak remix) - [MK837]
09. Ron Carroll, Dany Cohiba & The Henchmen - Love sets free (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios remix) - [Caballero Recordings]
10. BoyGold - The beat (Hoxton Whores dub) - [BoyGold]
11. Thomas Mind ft Lucy - The vibe (original mix) - [Rewritable Records]
12. Deep Water - I can take it (Sherlock remix) - [Ancestral Digital]

LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/christoskedras/beat-philosophy-108/

Club Rodon - 19/11/2013

Boards of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden
The Growlers - One Million Lovers
Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road
Foals - Mathletics
Jack Penate - Every Glance
John Grant - Black Belt
Depeche Mode - Welcome To My World
Anna Calvi - ELiza
Nadine Shah - The Devil
John Maus - Believer
The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations
Atoms For Peace - Stuck Together Pieces
Spiritualized - Little Girls
Mark Lanegan - Pretty Colors
Frank Sinatra - Pretty Colors
Bill Callahan - Winter Road
Caitlin Rose - When I'm Gone
Valerie June - The Hour
Jessica Pratt - Dreams
Charles Bradley - Dusty Blue
Charles Bradley - Let Love Stand a Chance
Michael Kiwanuka - Bones
Darkside - Paper Trails
Majical Cloudz - This Is Magic
Midlake - This Weight
Sebastien Tellier - L'Amour Naissant
Arcade Fire - Brazil

dj : mihalis emmaouilidis

Τρίτη 19 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Casa Del Sol #46 By Nova

LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-46-podcast/

3D Summer (Dilek, Desire & Dreams) Edition

01. Dilek Taskin - Breeze Of Summer
02. Sven Weisemann - Inner Sunset (Finis)
03. Peter Pearson - Carried Away
04. Florzinho - A La Luna (Euphonic Traveller Remix)
05. Afterlife - Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix)
06. Echolocation - L.O.V.E. feat. Dilek Taskin
07. Dilek Taskin - Never (Voce)
08. Kian Ludvig - Bleeding Through
09. Dp 6 - Addicted
10. Dreamwax & Dip - Analog Dream (Ambient Mix)
11. Leo De La Rosa - Como Mi Cuerpo A Tu Piel
12. Tony Monteiro feat. Marko H. & Dilek Taskin - That's The Way ... I Like It

Casa Del Sol @ 20.10.13

October’s Casa Del Sol is taking me up where I wanna be and lighting up my fire like a gentle breeze of summer. Dedicated to my favorite female vocalist Dilek Taskin and it is presenting her downtempo releases on Peacelounge’s catalogue. Her included tracks on early morning breaks compilations (‘’Breeze Of Summer’’ included on my ‘’Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2’’ too) and collaborations with Echolocation and Tony Monteiro on ‘’Disco Meets Bossa 2’’. In the PODCAST included also new tracks that I discover, like and bought by Sven Weisemann, Kian Ludvig, Dp 6, Dreamwax & Dip and an Afterlife’s Café Del Mar classic among new promos from Florzinho and Marga Sol compilations on M-Sol. 60 minutes of peace, desire and dreams which are always inspiring her and inspired me to record this indian summer PODCAST.


Samuel Paradise – Sonder – Intimate Venues Promo

S&M Music Company - Walk Away – Whiskey Disco Promo
Abstrakt Audio - Back 2 Basics – Whiskey Disco Promo
Vipul - Evolve (Ross Couch Remix) – Wind Horse CD-R
CKSNL – Orlando – Baker Street
Matt Prehn - Easy January (Max Lyazgin Instrumental) – Pole Position Promo
Ortz – We Don't Talk (Peter Visti Remix) - Lifted
Yolanda Be Cool - To Be Alone (James Curd Remix) – Nurvous Promo
Rotciv - Cash Pause – Krasawa Promo
Cruising – Dreamspeaker – Krasawa Promo
Tal M. Klein - Exhaustasaurus (Spiltmilk Remix) – Aniligital Promo
Honom – Vindruvan – Pole Position Promo
Silver City & Patriarca - Streets Are Like (Julian Sanza Caminito Remix) – Scandalo Promo
Tristesse Contemporaine - Fire (Daniel Maloso Fuego Mix) – Record Makers Promo
Bet.e & Stef - I'm There (King Britt Sylk130 Dub) – Compost Promo
Favored Nations - The Strain (Nora En Pure Remix) – etcetc Promo
Alice Russell - To Dust (Giom Remix) – Tru Thoughts Promo
Hot Natured – Isis
Radio Diffusion - BHVL (Radio Diffusion Tropical Remix) – Compost Promo
Rob Clarke - Different Levels (Frankie Soukal Mix) - Beat Me Music Promo
Anthony Kroytor & Kevin Lett - Passing Through (Instrumental Mix) – City Nights Tracks Promo
Prommer & Barck - Everything (Skwerl Remix) – Derwin Promo
Be Noir - Love Theme (Musumeci Techno Luv Reprise) – IRMA Promo
Robert Solheim - Slow Labyrinths (Main Mix) – Aquavit Promo
Beanfield – Alone – Compost Promo
Masaki Morii - In The Music – Adaptation Promo
Woodcut - Reptile (Kindimmers Break Up Remix) – Deep Edition Promo
Rey Aguilar - By All Means (Chris Luzz Remix) – bodytalk Promo
Stubborn Heart - Penetrate (Walter Ego Remix) – One Little Indian Promo
Max Volkholz – Particular – Bilanez Promo
Helder Teixeira - Paradise Lust – Something Different Promo
Rouge - I Got Love (Disrute Remix) – Micropope Promo
Juan Hoerni - Thru It All – Cha Cha Recordings Promo
Christi Mills - Spoken Deep – Broken Promo
NERD - Jazz In Catstown (Original Mix) – Bounce House Promo
Deepnut ft Koviwa Never - Mboi Mboi (Soulplate Rerub) – Soulplate Promo
Dave Dubbz - Smack It Up – Robsoul Promo
Kyodai – Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) – Local Talk
RÜFÜS - Tonight (Caseno Remix) – Sweat It Out Promo
Space Ranger – Intenzo – Lovemonk Promo
Tempelhof - City Airport – Hell Yeah
Sauly & Parker - Disco Biscuit – Pole Position FREE
Mikey V - Feenin (Sharper Image Remix) – Get Up Promo
SoulFunktion - Sexy Girl (SoulFunktion Deep Dub Mix) - Check It Out Promo
Daniel Brooks - Moving Up – B-tech Noir Promo
2NICA - Boomerang (Mr. Laz Remix) – Dash Deep Promo
DJ WestBeat - Wombat (Luis Pitti & Alex Roque Remix) – Whobear Promo
What So Not - High You Are (Motez Remix) – OWSLA Promo
Nick Wolanski - Esta Buscando Todavia – Supermarket Promo
Dave Azu - Black Knight – Supermarket Promo
Christian Berger - Go Home - Audionumb Music Promo
Si Brandon - Los Santos – Dash Deep Promo
Nicko & Disco B - Don't Lose It – Spincat Promo
80's Child - Plane Love (80's Child Player Groove) – Retrospective Promo
Blaxploited Orchestra - The Pursuit (Good Guy Mikesh Filburt Remix) – Compost Disco Promo


Δευτέρα 18 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Night Shift #5 - Thanos Hana

"Νυχτερινή Βάρδια - Night Shift " 
Music Stories For The Midnight Hour 
Κάθε Δευτέρα στις 24:00 

 Την Δευτέρα 18 Νοεμβρίου στις 24:00 αναλαμβάνει ''Νυχτερινή Βάρδια " ο Thanos Hana (http://www.thanoshana.com/)

tracks : 

der zyklus - elektronisches zeitechno
8bitrockers - untitled
charles manier - a/b infect
100 records - gesicht aus diamant
crystal maze - overture
omar s - broken bammalance Horn
frak - choosing format v2
black sites - prototype
red shape - Disco Marauder
Marcellus pittman - the mad underdog
frak - wobbler
add noise -  handwerk1
funkineven & delroy edwards - x
caltrop - lenny
dj bookworms - photogenic
svans - 303/303/303/606/606

Black Devil Disco Club @ The Voice Of Cassandre

Δευτέρα 18/11/2013 - 23:00-24:00 

Black Devil Disco Club @ The Voice Of Cassandre 


Playlist :

1/ Earth Message // Bernard Fevre
2/ Bee Boop // Black Devil Disco Club
3/ Night Fight // Eddie Warner
4/ End of the World // Aphrodite's Child
5/ Saturns Ambush // Giampiero Boneschi
6/ Superstition // Stevie Wonder
7/ Bumblebees Dance // Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
8/ Title Music from a Clockwork Orange // Walter Carlos
9/ Energy // Irving Martin & Brian Dee
10/ "H" Friend // Black Devil Disco Club
11/ Distrust ft. Faris Badwan (Daniel Avery Remix) // Black Devil Disco Club
12/ Dating Do's // Lebatman
13/ Maymallow // Black Devil Disco Club
14/ Our Love // Donna Summer
15/ Stay In Dub // Black Devil Disco Club
16/ Tomorrow Never Knows // The Beatles
17/ Weekee Way // Bernard Fevre

Παρασκευή 15 Νοεμβρίου 2013

9 - 10 pm .... POP ALERT

playlisted by Vasilis Dimokas

The Church - Reptile
The Silencers - Painted Moon
Amason - Algen
Best Coast - This Lonely Morning
Cage The Elephant - Come a Little Closer
Two Door Cinema Club - Changing Of The Seasons
Wiretree - Doctor
Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?
Cold Mailman - My Recurring Dream
The Cardigans - Hanging Around
Evripidis And His Tragedies - Just a Kleenex
Fur Trade - In Between Dreams
The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow
La Femme - Packshot
Leagues - Walking On Water

Γυμνή Νύχτα # 422 - 15/08/2023