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17.07 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 19.02.20

Right from the start of the show you are not sure if you are in the right place and time. Nova Planet Radio Show? Valentine's day? In the opening a parade of modern and classic soul bedroom originals and covers, warming-up the 2 hours live show. Then ''Club Meduse 2'' PREMIERE sets the show on fire as the mega rare ''Vacation Day''plays. Things moved slowly on Balearics... And on the second half a symbiosis between them boogie and house. Balearic Beat, classics... I said classic and who else is better in Balearic classics than Dan McFarland who share with us the first of his Desert Island Records this week? A Man Called Adam's ''Barefoot In The Head''. TRACK OF THE MONTH Max Essa’s UPCOMING ‘’The Great Adventure’’.

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 

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Billy N' Dave - For Sharon
Bridge - Next To Me
Dead Horse Beats - Never Too Late
Dwight Druick - Georgy Porgy (Version Disco)
Passion Theatre - Vacation Day
Meo – Alturas
Symptoms Of Love - Freshwater People
A Vision Of Panorama - Time Capsule
Michael David – Onewish
Max Essa - The Great Adventure

J-Felix - Check feat. El Train
Buscrates - Lost & Found feat. Sally Green
Gop Tun - The White Calf (TYV Edit)
Wajatta – Tonight
A Vision Of Panorama – Vibechos
Space Ghost - Sea Snake Island
Jade 4 U - Rainbows (Midnight Mix)
Evo E - Esta Amour (Club Mix)
A Man Called Adam - Barefoot In The Head (The Head Mix)
Dan McFarland

Sensuround – Blind Faith (Aloof Mix)
Well Being – Deep Sea Exploration

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Balearic For You: Harks & Mudd ‎– Susta 2020

Harks & Mudd ‎– Susta *
The electrified slo-mo disco charge of the Original wins you immediately. Polished by synths allover and is blowing up your mind when its piano arrives as it takes you next to eclectic (jazzed) pop that already balearized since the 80s. They heavy intergalactic Mix of Emperor Machine has a strong profile, acid pseudo-illusions, boogie orgasms and hidden Afro cosmic t-shirt under its Balearic disco coat.Loved the vocals and their the Hispano bonus too... - DJ Nova, Balearic For You

Παρασκευή 22 Μαΐου 2020

EAS022-7 Pellegrino pres. Zodyaco - Caucciu 7'' on Early Sounds Recordings

EAS022-7 Pellegrino pres. Zodyaco - Caucciu 7'' 02.03.20 ◉ OUT on Early Sounds Recordings ◉ My favourite Mediterranean Don, Pellegrino is back on his Zodyaco star sign schema on the latest addiction from the slopes of Vesuvius, 7’’ releases. On his first 7’’ cosmic synths, mad percussions, funky guitar and anthemic sensual vocals lines starts things off on an upbeat note as ‘’Caucciù’’ recorded on a Damecuta Version. On Migliera Version moves on an emotional disco oriented jazz funk that armed by Italian charm. As the desire to go ahead, to explore the new limits of the past influences ‘’Caucciu’’ is miles away from his debut and even far from his first Zodyaco release but it is still under Libra’s sign delicate taste and do it on the right direction. I was libra too… - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1710/ #NovAvoN #balearic #mediterranean #disco #jazzfunk #organic #house

Πέμπτη 21 Μαΐου 2020

FVR162 Camarão Orkestra - NaCao Africa LP on Favorite Recordings

FVR162 Camarão Orkestra - NaCao Africa LP 23.03.20 ◉ OUT on Favorite Recordings ◉ A transparent glass bottle of cachaca which includes a kaleidoscope of Brazilian music fusion. Bahia, verao, Yoruba, Africa, Copacabana, Iemanja... Every 'little' word on album's titles explores the original vibe of the land and surfs on the big waves of Tropicalia, Brazilian funk and disco but surprisingly from France's capital! - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1712/ #brazilian #funk #disco #tropicalia

Πέμπτη 14 Μαΐου 2020

17.06 Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 12.02.20

More urban sounds and less Balearic and Mediterranean this week. Day is getting longer and facing the sunset while show is on. Starting with a legendary debut from Greece as selected by my radio manager Μιχάλης Έψιλον choice and part of show weekly DESERT ISLAND RECORDS sessions and move into the original Ibiza vibe of the past, some important reissues and classics among Ron Trent’s latest affair and one more extract from Natural Lateral jazz diamond. Pieces from DJ Nova’s NYC fave label Galtta Tapes, Yuri Shulgin from the the 3rd and the last 12’’ of Calm remixed tunes on HELL YEAH recordings, Rainer Truby’s ‘’Soulgliding’’, Blank & Jones and Mick Roach bluesy Balearica of their new single, Valentine’s 2020 tune, Devendra Banhart’s ‘’Love Song’’ remixed by Helado Negro Remix, Francesco Messina’s ‘’Plaza Tonal’’ and epilogue in the state of deep house with Intimate VenuesENYOI YouzelfNylon Recordings/Trax and Colour and Pitch. A wider genre blend. TRACK OF THE MONTH Max Essa’s UPCOMING ‘’The Great Adventure’’.

Balearic‬ Panorama curated by DJ Nova 
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Στέρεο Νόβα – Άστραλον
Στέρεο Νόβα - Ένα Κλεμμένο Ποδήλατο
Mihalis E

Symptoms Of Love - Foam (Streetside Mix)

Electra - Autumn Love (Future 3)
Warm - Blue Sunrise
Max Essa - The Great Adventure

Lotte Krsa & Grsrodderne - Prov og Gor Ligesom Jeg
Mark Barrott - Island Life
Natural Lateral - Safe As Sound
Mario Acquaviva - Ho Perso Tutto
Adrian Knight - Too Late
Serge Delisle - Germaine (Remix)

Calm - Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn (Yuri Shulgin Remix)
Billy N' Dave - Lovers Paradise
Cast – Sweetness
Blank & Jones - Waiting For What (with Mick Roach)
Francesco Messina - Plaza Tonal
Devendra Banhart - Love Song (Helado Negro Remix)
Salami Rose Joe Louis - Love The Sun
KARU - Before The Night Comes On
June Jazzin - Changes
Glass Slipper - The Climb (Deique Bleu Remix)
Latch - The Suspect

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Balearic For You: Blank & Jones - Desire (The Swan & The Lake Remix) (Digital Single) 2020

Blank & Jones - Desire (The Swan & The Lake Remix) (Digital Single) 2020 *
◉ ''Desire'', Blank & Jones baptism of chill out - as it was compiled on an Ambient Mix on ''Café del Mar 9'' on the first and golden Café Del Mar Music release of the epic compilations - and their RELAX era begining see the digital world with its recent The Swan And The Lake Remix. Released last summer of our favourite ''The Sunset Sessions'' vinyl series the even more ambient The Swan And The Lake version has a classical reflection as leaded by emotive piano. Classic Balearic sound like the one which played by resident Café del Mar Ibiza DJs and taken from soundtrack in the sunset hours. - DJ Nova, Balearic For You
* Soundcolours
** We love to supply future Balearic classics For You...

FARO216 Ricardo Richaid - Travesseiro Feliz on Far Out Recordings

FARO216 Ricardo Richaid - Travesseiro Feliz 20.03.20 ◉ OUT on Far Out Recordings ◉ The ''Travesseiro Feliz'' won't stroke your ears... On the contrary its psy-jazz-rock Tropicalia-laced fusion traversing the boundaries of his strictly Brazilian influences through not only musical inspiring sounds but tyrannized his country odyssey over today's or older issues as its press quotes is 'saying'. Impressed of how some of the tracks are running out like the first (digital) single ''Largado Nu''. - DJ Nova NovavoN #NovaPlanetRadioShow #RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #newrelease #Brazilian #jazzfunk

AOTNLP032 Linkwood & Greg Foat - Linkwood & Greg on Athens Of The North

AOTNLP032 Linkwood & Greg Foat - Linkwood & Greg 28.02.20 ◉ OUT on Athens of the North ◉ The duo bring into sharp focus the simulation of been together the day and night, chill and dance, jazz and house, techno as well... And what's better than the Ibiza born Balearic sound to be the main reference and influence here but not really the true direction. Even from the start you know what it is in front of your 'ears' as the magnetic field of ''Es Vedra'', the opener track will capture with his eighties synthology and exotic jazz. Next ''Marina'' is an ambient piece of beauty, imagine something like Gigi Masin played on RUF DUG's ''Island''. ''Pressure'' is a deep house tune that may taken from Odysseus fave utopian compilation while was crusing in the Mediterranean Sea. ''Bentley 101'' is a synth-heavy cinematic piece of ambient, confused if it really need a beat philosophy or not. It looks like project most experimental step. On the other side ''Sa Talaia'' is a millenium revivalist anthem and looks as one of the Balearic highlight of the album. ''Neutrino'' is an alchemy made in the middle of the night hour, a perfect prime for the first sun rays of the next day that ''Push It'' brings, a shimmering jazz-laden house. ''Mysterious Richie'' melancholia which is running out the release, is characterized by its semi-boogie flow and I feel that is offering the most jazz texture on of the album. The whole album looks like a must have and an early best of 2020 here as its complex is moving between the most desireable sound of Nova Planet Radio Show and his home listens as well. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 ♫ #NovAvoN #balearic #experimental #downtempo #chill #chillout #ambient #techno #house #deephouse #jazz

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Balearic For You: Retour Au Club Meduse compiled by Charles Bals

STLKLP007 Retour Au Club Meduse compiled by Charles Bals 20.03.20 ◉ OUT on Spacetalk ◉ ''Club Meduse 2'' is sure going to find its way onto most people's record collection and must 'haves' of the year. If the first ''Club Meduse'' compilation was a female I would say to her that I loved her. ''Retour Au Club Meduse''? I would marry her!

Charles Bals collection this time can be described as an aural trip and DJ session through the magic of Mediterranean coasts summers back in the day. The overall effect of the retour Francocentric is laid-back, relax, erotic and groovy... With eight letters... B A L E A R I C. A crucial aspect on this retour is that is overbooked by extra rare and unknown and unheard to many of us extracts from 7'' and its B Sides releases.

Lili’s “Gitana Morena”, which is opening the collection, has the same indie mood that welcome us on the first one ''Club Meduse''. The slow-mo tropical-laden percussive and naturalist “No Vayas Al Sol” by Capco continues. Then Voyage De Charme's ''Hôtel Des Savanes'' Instrumental Version serves us sultry vibes, sun-kissed funk and eyes-closed synths, a perfect primer for one of the four tracks of the compilation that i knew or heard before, the only overseas track and most wanted Hispano flirt ''Vacation Day'' by Passion Theatre. ''Paco Yé Adama'' by Claude Miss is a sea drenched hymn to the sun, a Balearic beauty and blend of eighties electronica, guitar fusion, smooth jazz and new age flirt with Dip In The Pool sound. Thanks to Charles Bals we can have on wax and Cécilia's ''Si Me Olvidas'' B Side, as ''Chocolat'' Afro synth vintage colours included on the compilation too. I was a big lover of the jazzed-pop tunes released in Italy in France when i was young, even i didn't know what was jazz. Many of them find its pop or Balearic way those years... Some didn't. One of them is Nathalie David's ''Coup De Foudre''. Its Instrumental Version includes here and it my new discovery and love, it will be played next to Blue Camera, Viktor Lazlo...

Rereleased recently Jade 4 U's New Beat rawness of ''Rainbows'' offered here on its Midnight Mix and compilation diverse expanded. L's ''La Boîte À Musique'' is guiding us on its own a tour in Italy, sofisticated pop αλλα Γαλλικα... Jean-Claude Watrin's ''Game City'' is a kind of boogie offer on the ''Club Meduse 2'', image Tony Swain & Steve Jolley and Terry Britten produce together in French Studios. Marc Et Frank's ‎delicate boogie on ''Cap'tain Coke'' armed with raw New Order's new wave and Pseudo Echo's funk, a perfect French kiss. De Dion's ''Sexy Cola'' on Glu Glu Version is the only Italo Disco track on this chapter... An exotic, sexy and weirdo safari. The compilation is closing with two tracks that already discovered via ''Paris Tropical'' mixtape. The island life dub of Les 36'15's ''Zoulous ! (Remix)'' and the only one 7'' that included now in my record collection Week-End Millionnaire's ‎''Exit''. Something like Ahmed Fakroun from France... Do you still think that i'm exceeding when i'm sayin' that this must be in your record collection? - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95 PLAYED: https://www.mixcloud.com/NovaPlanetRadioShow/1707/ & INCLUDED: https://www.mixcloud.com/djnova/casa-del-sol-121 ♫ #NovAvoN #balearic #mediterranean #synthpop #pop # #jazzfunk #boogie #funk #newwave #italodisco

Γυμνή Νύχτα # 422 - 15/08/2023