TDR 11008 Opolopo - Mutants (Tokyo Dawn Records/DE)

Retroactive illustrated galactic pure eighties long player remixes collection made for future dancefloors and music player. Opolopo’s remix Collective is including a lot of brilliant producers who are maching with high acclaimed vocalists. The best remixes from the recent years from the retro:future soul, broken beat and house era are including here with some hot new like lowtempo jazz and funky on Theriak’s Tokyo Dawn classic ‘’The Crush’’, Lisa P soulish ON ‘’M.U.S.I.C.’’, acidic hip house on Replife’s ‘’Real Life’’ and from recent Colonel’s Red album ‘’Gimme A Minute’’ with Ursula Rucker on vocals. I enjoyed o much once again Soulparlor’s, Tomson & Benedict’s but my fave tune is the nu jazz rerub of George Porter’s classic ‘’1960 What’’ that Opolopo send to us, some of his promotional partner many months earlier and we all enjoyed it so much. Disavantage, it is not included here Blacktop’s ‘’Reserved’’. - DJ Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show





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Οκτώβριος 2016

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