DJ Nova @ Rodon FM 95’s Vinyl Marathon

Friday 21.06.13
Cantina Social/Serres/GR


On the June the 21st (European Music Day) and 22nd Rodon FM 95 organized a Vinyl Marathon with Radio Station DJs and not only at Cantina Social/Serres City. I was djing about one hour and more and in my set I some favourite classics (Sade – DJ Nova’s best LP of 1988), (Jones Girls – Philadephia Records older fave label of mine), (Llorca – F Com, my fave label from 1994 – 2004), (Blue Camera/Double – The pop ‘’lounge’’ jazz side of Italo Disco and European music in the 80’s), (Style Council – One of my fave bands & a Balearic Classic) and Nova Planet Radio Show and DJ Nova’s standards (Pascail Rioux, Sandboy, Benjamin Devigne & Benson) and more…

Benson - Oceans & Whispers
Sandboy - Common Cause
Sade - Give It Up
Blue Camera - Golden War (12'')
Womack & Womack - Life Is Just A Ballgame
Style Council - Long Hot Summer '89
Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Sunshine 7'' Mix)
Llorca - True To Me
Pascal Rioux - Don't Outstay Outside 2 Night (Patchworks Deep Remix)
Benjamin Devigne - Mess Up
Himiko Kikuchi - What's Baby Singin'
Shakatak - Rio Nights
Jones Girls - Night Over Egypt


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