CAP018 Q-Burns Abstract Message - QBAM RMX1 on Colour and Pitch

 CAP018 Q-Burns Abstract Message - QBAM RMX1 04.04.16///Already OUT on Colour and Pitch///It’s strange how this (Plastic) dreamy African continent’s percussive and soft breaks Remix journey of ''The Lobster’’ by Q-Burns Abstract Message on Japanese Insanity wasn’t out before… His Remix on Robert McCoy’s “Damascus’’ seems like a cruise of a Flamengo tune on Mediterranean Sea with Destination an open air party on peaceful Middle East, so nice. Antirealists - ''Absence (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) . His intelligent side of West Coast Remix also on Mathew Scot ''Trauma’’ is another his Remix exports his unique and weirdo East Coast sound… I think I have to add a full stop here, I can text for our hours about Q-Burns Abstract Message!!! - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95///Powered By 8DPromo #NEWRELEASE #HOUSE


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