Casa Del Sol #75 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #75

01. Ruf Dug – Treatment 32 A1
02. Ex-Terrestrial - Blue Smoke
03. Body-san - Koko Chats Online
04. D.K. - Journey To The Sun
05. Kenneth Bager - Sunshine Stereo (Tuccinelli vs KBE Remix)
06. Jolly Mare - Want You Bad (feat De La Montagne)
07. バミューダ b e r m u d a - blazed
08. Eugene Tambourine - In The Good Life
09. Blank And Jones - Summer Trip
10. Jacob Gurevitsch - Mexican Margarita (Tonovi Remix)
11. CFCF - Arto
12. DJ Wave - Above The Clouds
13. Chris Coco - Dreaming Of Love (Ruff Dug Dream Dub)

Casa Del Sol @ 19.04.16

Quite busy so let’s keep it short. Even there was no time to inspired the title so I named it just ‘’Online’’ PODCAST… Because simply it is a PODCAST and will be online tongue emoticon. A little bit of everything here from weirdo experimental vaporwave, futuretro nineties, 100% Made For Balearic + Mediterranean Sea, exotic dub, trip, Margarita, blah blah blah… Chill out and thank you for FOLLOWing, (heart)ing and REposting...



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