(10+091) Nova Planet Radio Show Playlist @ 22.06.16 By DJ Nova

Heatwave attack in Greece... Closer to Summer break this week's Nova Planet Radio Show broadcasted LIVE in ENglish language. Monday's holiday after the weekend didn't offer time to check new releases or promotional material that came into my way, so includes tracks from latest fave and more teasers from UPCOMING releases among some exotic classics. Special greetings to my fave (good) listener RingiDingi with this show... TRACK OF THE MONTH Ibiza Air’s ‘’The Secret In Me’’ * on Planet Inspiration.


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Jero Nougues - Shadow Chaser (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
Jacob Gurevitsch - Secret Sorrows
Ibiza Air - The Secret In Me (Original Mix Instrumental)
Imarhan - Imarhan
Lionel Benjamin – Melodie
Dionisio Maio - Dia Ja Manche
Bongo Entp. - Santa Teresa
B.G. Baarregaard - Tokyo 1988
Long Body - On A Big Trip
King Midas - Coloursound (Vinny Villbass Diversion)
Kohib - Ut Paa Diskotek

Project Pablo - Follow It Up (Dandana Mix)
Elka - Silver Beach
More Heavy Soul - Magic Tonight
Workdub - Island Breeze
Azymuth - Maracana
Psychic Mirrors - Island Girl
Munir - Under The Sea (Original Mix)
Body-san - Picking Up Strange
XL Middleton - The Fonk Is Unfadeable
Diamond Ortiz - 1-900
Flamingo Star - Driverman (Loopaland Remix)
Jolly Mare - Universe Of Geometry
Max Graef & Glenn Astro - The Yard Work Simulator (Radio Edit)



Δημοφιλείς αναρτήσεις από αυτό το ιστολόγιο

Οκτώβριος 2016

FBNM015 291out - Ritorno Ad Urania on Fly Night Records

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