Casa Del Sol #77 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #77

01. Raul Orellana – The Real Wild House
02. Ambala – Sergio’s Dance
03. Almadrava - Angel Del Mediterraneo (Cesar De Melero Duendeando Remix)
04. Cantoma - Talva Lumi
05. Dalholt & Langkilde - Afrique
06. Bongo Entp - El Rey De Pollo
07. Chris Coco - Portmerion Tide Flow (A Vision Of Panorama Rework Instrumental)
08. A Vision Of Panorama - Mosaic Xylos
09. Mark Barrott - Tagomago
10. Ibiza Air - The Secret In Me (Redlounge Orchestra Instrumental Remix)
11. Len Leise - Stars For Jorge
12. Broadway Sounds - Le Voyage D'Un Vagabond
13. The Swoolens - The Magic Bird
14. De La Roche - Thinking Of Tomorrow (Beachside Interlude Mix)
15. Aquarium - Slow Sunset Drive
16. Long Body - Endless Going

Casa Del Sol @ 10.06.16

Sometimes I’m offering you a PODCAST close to CD-R duration like this, for your maximum pleasure… And not only, this month I’m offering a DOWNLOAD LINK of the PODCAST as well… It’s summertime and it’s time to get away from your mobile phone and PC and hear music in other devices… Like me, who I still don’t have a smart phone, tablet or a small computer to take with me wherever I go… I take mp3 players, walkman and portable (or not) turntables. Anyway to the point, on this PODCAST new music Ambala, Cantoma, Bongo Entp., Mark Barrott, Ibiza Air, Redlounge Orchestra, Broadway Sounds, Swoolens, De La Roche, Aquarium and Long Body. A lot of music that never included on Casa Del Sol before and one XCLUSIVE UNRELEASED instrumental mix by A Vision Of Panorama.


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