BUSTED135 Funky Destination - Funkadelic Stereo Adventures on Cold Busted

BUSTED135 Funky Destination - Funkadelic Stereo Adventures 04.11.16///OUT NOW on Cold Busted///Boiled on the 90 degrees while a portable TV played a 70’s cult movie! Forget the tags and just imagine that an artist gave his demo to the record company that located next to your flat… You will probably think that you are in Milan next to Record Kicks offices and a live band preparing the last details of its next long player after listening tracks like Uh Yeah and Where Are The Blues Brothers. But OK, things soon wlll remind the magic of Cold Busted and 70’s passionate ‘’The Game Of Shades’’. Fave tune? I think ‘’Sweet Of Love’’… - DJ Nova, NovavoN, ‪‎Nova Planet Radio Show‬,‪ ‎Rodon FM 95‬///POWERED By 8DPromo#newrelease #funk #ColdBusted


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