Casa Del Sol #80 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #80

01. A Man Called Adam - Duende
02. Funklovers & Mus Threee - Mediterranean Dream
03. Florito - Balearic Air (Beach Bar Mix)
04. DJ Maretimo - One Night In Rio (Ipanema Beach Mix)
05. Double M - Sunset/El Mismo Sol (Radio Edit)
06. Pochill - Francesca Road (DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager Remix)
07. The Swan And The Lake - Dive
08. Marble Girls II - When You Were Mine
09. Peter Visti - Besos (Kenneth Bager Remix)
10. Bestinspace - Emmanuelle Kant
11. A Vision Of Panorama - Back To Elba
12. Prins Emanuel - Oran
13. Quinn Lamont Luke - Verano

Casa Del Sol @ 13.09.16

End of summer, Quinn Lamont Luke’s ‘’Verano’’ is closing the PODCAST. Case Del Sol #80 Caffe Tramontana Edition is serving the classic café, granite, vino, panini, insalate session. Salad the magic word, a salad, a mixture of different style all under the Casa Del Sol’s aesthetics, a mixture of deep house, beach house, chill out, lounge, downtempo, nu disco and Balearic of cource, taste. In this PODCAST UPCOMING by A Vision Of Panorama, Ibiza’s summer 2016 best by Pochill, Music For Dreams summer’s and new faves by The Swan & The Lake, Peter Visti (on vinyl this year) and Prins Emanuel, CLASSIC by A Man Called Adam, NEW by Florito, DJ Maretimo, Double M, Bestinspace and one Mediteranean dream more. On Caffe Tramontana try the granita cafe among others…

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