Casa Del Sol #81 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #81

01. Quinn Lamont Luke - Otoño

02. Jupiter Liberation Front - Thalassa
03. A Vision Of Panorama - Aquafusion
04. Mark Barrott - The Mysterious Island Of Dr Nimm (Nu Guinea Aquarium Mix)
05. Rudy's Midnight Machine - Shimmering Coast
06. Pochill - Francesca Road (DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager Bongo Dub)
07. Ambala - Sol Serra
08. Suso Saiz - Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
09. Michael E - 34 Degrees
10. Tiit Aunaste - Valgusesse
11. Depakote - Inhaling My VHS
12. The System - Find It In Your Eyes

Casa Del Sol @ 13.10.16

Summer is over and as we say in Greece κάθε κατεργαρης στο μπαγκο του, ετσι λοιπον και εγω I’m back to usual chilled, better to say Balearic Edition of Casa Del Sol. We are welcoming ‘’real’’ Autumn with Quinn Lamont Luke again, his tune ‘’Otono’’ is the title of the 81st Casa Del Sol PODCAST as well. The mood is getting different as the season changed and never included before Summer fave tunes like Jupiter Liberation Front’s ‘’Thalassa’’, Pochill’s ‘’Francesca Road’’ (again but on its dub) and Ambala’s ‘’Sol Serra’’ mixed in the LIVE! recorded, as always, PODCAST. UPCOMING music by A Vision Of Panorama, Nova Planet Radio Show September’s TRACK OF THE MONTH ‘’Aquafusion’’ and freshly released Mark Barrott, Rudy's Midnight Machine tunes along classics by Suso Saiz, Tiit Aunaste and The System plus few DJ Nova’s picks. Enjoy this Balearic yellow-orange sunset soundtrack any hour of the day even a cloudy morning and see you soon, next month.

This upload was 2nd in the Synth-Pop chart, 3rd in the Chill Out chart, 7th in the Downtempochart and 9th in the Ambient chart.

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