Casa Del Sol #82 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #82

01. Casablanca - Mediterranean Sun Dance
02. Andrea Terrano - Autumn Symphony
03. Ambala – Zarago

04. Cantoma music - Clear Coast
05. Fuga Ronto - L’Uomo Invisibile
06. Long Body - Stay Vacation
07. Bongo Entp. - Spanish Winter
08. Peach Milk – Superambi
09. kurup - Semente de Angico
10. Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan
11. D.K. - Evening Shadows
12. Te'Amir & SETI X - Hopeful (Instrumental)
13. Aporia - Stereo Moon (Takumi Yanai Remix)
14. Prins Emanuel – Oran
15. A Vision Of Panorama – Seagulls
16. Phil Manzanera - Southern Cross (Instrumental)
17. The Pilotwings - Balearic Nordine

Casa Del Sol @ 13.11.16

Sometimes, it’s a trouble to name a PODCAST. When you are busy, when you are not have a lot of time for details and have many things (except names) in mind. Times like this always the title of an included track is very helpful, like last month’s PODCAST. In this Edition, ‘’Autumn Sympohy (Next To The Sea)’’ I’m offering a balance between new *, never included before **, unkwown (and baptized by me as Balearic) ***, and classics ****. Don’t waste time, open your players and enjoy an ‘’Autumn Sympohy (Next To The Sea)’’, an extended PODCAST.

* Andrea Terrano, Fuga Ronto, Aporia, A Vision Of Panorama, The Pilotwings
** Ambala, Cantoma, Long Body, Bongo Entp., D.K., Prins Emmanuel
*** Peach Milk, kurup, Te’Amir & SETI X
**** Ryo Kawasaki, Phil Manzanera

This upload was 1st in the Chill chart , 1st in the Chill Out chart , 6th in the Downtempo chart and 6th in the Eclectic chart .

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