BBE 389 SunPalace - Raw Movements/Rude Movements on BBE Music

BBE 389 SunPalace - Raw Movements/Rude Movements 18.11.16///OUT NOW on BBE Music///What a reissue!?!?!? I can easily call this the reissue of the year! ''Rude Movements'' seems not to be one of my favourite Balearic before Balearic tunes but one of all times favourite tune and i'm totaly amused here with its demo version. Extra funky raw sound:ed boogie sound of ''Palace Strut'' is a killer while the jazzed Latin late 80s house sound of ''Soul Vibes'' is another surprise on the release. Looking forward for the vinyl! - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// ‪#newrelease #reissue #BBE #soul #funk#protohouse #house #Balearic #boogie #disco


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