Casa Del Sol #83 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #83

01. Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn - Lichtung
02. Persona La Ave X Baraka - Bell Chimney
03. Capo Blanco - Intro
04. Donovan Hikaru Presents, Himself - Employee Trust Fall
05. bl00dwave - highway (6 AM)
06. Dwight Sykes - Where Ever You Are
07. American Online - Summer On Repeat (1996)
08. bbrainz - late delight
09. SASAC - The Doomed Man
10. 猫 シ Corp. - NüロビーΑτλαντίς
11. Mark Barrott - Cirrus & Cumulus
12. Romare - L.U.V.
13. Dominik Pointvogl - Pista Azzura
14. Ruf Dug - Tendacayou (2814 Remix)
15. A Vision Of Panorama – Seagulls
16. YAYA - Cult

Casa Del Sol @ 11.12.16

DJ Nova has something different this month but first of all thank you very much for your (heart) and share on the previous PODCAST. Casa Del Sol 82 was 1st in the Chill chart , 1st in the Chill Out chart . Did ever heard about Atlantis? Do you know where is Atlantis? Yes, sure it is (was) on Atlantic Ocean. But what of kind of music do they like there? This is all about the latest edition of Casa Del Sol, a future past virtual psychedelic nostalgia of experimental manouvres between today, urban and nature places, new age, electronica, vaporwave, soul, modern funk, Balearic and classic chill out sound. Few new releases, few 2016’s faves among Atlantis soundscapes and hidden treasure from 1986 in the beggining.
End of the year so I have to wish you nice holiday season and special NYE. 2017 looks like a challenge year to humanity (which lost its path) once again but for sure will not have the future of Atlantis. See U next year.

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