Kerbside Collection - Trash Or Treasure (Remixed) on Légère Recordings

LEGO 110 Kerbside Collection - Trash Or Treasure (Remixed) 11.11.16///Already OUT on Légère Recordings///The remixes of the Australian ensemble's sophomore album are following the rules of an evergreen mixage of styles and moods between nu jazz and beyond styles as we knew it, we know it, we will know it. Instrumental future jazz, future funk and hip hop beats philoshophy melted together on ''Trash Or Treasure'' remixed by JNBO and world music’s funk provided on Sampology’s delightful Remix on ''Strawberry Fields'' named as Sampology's In The Sunshine Remix while ''Bogangar'' on Paprika's Mountain Air Afro dub sounds like the best descendant of 00’s middle Europe experiments in heads and grooves styles… Best for me? Except Sampology’s Remix the same title track’s Trash Or Treasure new point of view by Paprika as Night Flight Bruk Re-work. - DJ Nova, NovavoN#NovaPlanetRadioShow#RodonFM95///#hamburg #jazz #beats #electronic #funk


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