Casa Del Sol #84 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #84

01. Prins Emanuel - Aquarius
02. Ambala - Bambari
03. Wilson Tanner - Pilot
04. Long Body - Fuzzy Logic
05. A Vision Of Panorama - Duality
06. Mark Barrott - Winter Sunset Sky
07. Joe Morris - Emerald Mountain
08. Fuga Ronto - Far Away
09. Free Arts Band - Free Arts Band - Inhouse
10. Visible Cloaks & Dip In The Pool - Valve (Revisited)
11. D.K. - High On The Sea
12. Bronze Savage - Body Glo
13. Jupiter Liberation Front - Stranded In Jupiter

Casa Del Sol @ 16.01.17

The first Casa Del Sol PODCAST of the year recorded in the heart of January during cold days and nights when Greece was under snow and low temperatures attack. This winter Edition, ‘’Winter Sunset Sky’’ Edition named after Mark Barrott’s teaser 10’’ track of his last album which was waiting the right time to be included on Casa Del Sol. The whole 84th PODCAST includes tracks from last year’s release which have never been playlisted on it. Beloved Balearic tunes which embrace the methodology of the undefined genre as sounded last year under a wide spectrum of producer and styles. Photo of the PODCAST comes from the wild heart of Mediterranean Sea during the winter season and tour guide of the Egadi Island of Marettimo, Horizon Marettimo. It's winter dress well and enjoy but have in mind that the PODCAST will work perfect in the summer as well.

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