Casa Del Sol #85 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #85

01. Joan Bibiloni - Sa Fosca (Unofficial In Flagranti Remix)
02. Sinan Mercenk - Dreamer
03. Body-san - Nitery Routines
04. Joe Morris - Sunlit Forest
05. Wilson Tanner - Long Water
06. The Swan And The Lake - Waiting For Spring
07. Mark Barrott - Brunch With Suki 
08. Jkriv - Horizonte (Rework)
09. van Bellen - Moorea
10. Tuccinelli – Solo Un Delay
11. José Ruiz "Sones negros" Del Tito - Tamunangue

Casa Del Sol @ 12.02.17

…And after Winter? Spring… We are all waiting for spring, Casa Del Sol as well. Inspired by the silent force of the same title The Swan And The Lake’s tune the latest Edition of the PODCAST is serving more never included before 2016 favourite tracks among some latest by Sinan Mercenk and Jose Ruiz Del Tito, a new discovery here. Joan Bibiloni under an unofficial Remix, Body-san’s little sister of ‘’One Million Brazillian Dollars’’, an Azymuth cover and Van Bellen progressive house head on a Braziilian journey from here: complete the puzzle of the 85th PODCAST. And it is so #Balearic.

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