Casa Del Sol #86 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #86

01. CFCF - Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix)
02. Special EFX - Hands Of The Healer
03. Mr Hermano - La Nina
04. Cantoma - Talva Lumi (Apiento Remix)
05. Adrian Knight - Soul Searching
06. Ambala - Union
07. Blue Jazz TV - Do You Hear What I Hear (Instrumental)
08. Bongo Entp. - Foto Feita Do Aviao (Selvagem Remix)
09. Calm - Journey To The Shadow Of The Earth (Kick In The Shadow Mix)
10. Miskotom - Tempelhof Kite (Kito Jempere Remix)

Casa Del Sol @ 12.03.17

I didn’t have any idea how to name this Edition of Casa Del Sol, so I titled it ‘’Unnamed’’. It is 100% Balearic and includes three classics, more last years standards that never include in the PODCAST, few new fave releases and some tracks that you may hear probably only by me as Balearic ‘til now. On way or another it is still time we are all still waiting for Spring, not?


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